The Expert’s Lense

The Expert’s Lens

Many “Syria Experts” in the US academia portray the Syrian Revolution through what Elias Muhanna recently termed as the “sectarian lens”. In a guest comment on Elias Muhanna blog about Lebanon (Qifa Nabki) Joshua Landis, President of the Syrian Studies Association and the publisher of Syria Comment blog, presented a “theory” which makes analogy between the events in Syria and surrounding countries and the events associated with recent Ethnic Cleansing in Europe, which have taken place subsequent to world wars and resulted in more “ethnically pure” composition supporting the post WWI framework of nation states.  Landis argument is best summarized by his concluding words:

In sum, we are witnessing the rearrangement of populations in the region to better fit the nation states that were fixed after WWI. Some new borders are being drawn, such as those around the Kurdish regions of Iraq and perhaps Syria, but mostly, what we are seeing is the ethnic cleansing of much of the region to fit the borders.

The validity of a theory depends on its ability to explain as much as possible of the facts on the ground. While outliers may eventually come up and result in refining theories, the fundamental structure should still be able to connect actions to forces and motivation. The simpler the connection, the more elegant is the theory and the more likely it is to receive recognition and acceptance.  The process is easier in physical sciences than in social and political science. But at the fundamental level, it remains the same.

The situation in Syria is very fluid and highly complex. But we can try to test the “ethnic cleansing” by wearing the “sectarian lens”, through which the primary motive for each actor would then become the creating of the largest possible “sectarian” homogeneous region that would provide the sect/ethnicity with security, safety, and increase its chances of survival. This of course assumes also that these sects/ethnic groups are acting as coherent units with well-defined criteria for survival, even if such assumption is furthest from the truth, which is the case especially for the Sunni Arab population of Syria.

Please note that much of the discussion below relies on news, interacting with activists who have been to Syria as well as with activists who have strong connections to internal opposition groups in Syria. I remain appalled by sectarianism, but I am finding it increasingly hard to discuss Syrian affairs without addressing sectarian issues after the “Syria Experts” have successfully forced the regime’s narrative as the only salient analysis framework.

Assad regime, backed by Iran has inflicted more than 500 civilian casualties in its recent campaign of terror by crude explosive barrels against Aleppo.
Assad regime, backed by Iran has inflicted more than 500 civilian casualties in its recent campaign of terror by crude explosive barrels against Aleppo.

This is very important in the way it serves the regime’s propaganda campaign. For most in the west, especially those who take the “Syria Experts” seriously, thinking of ethnic cleansing brings a flood of false images of Syria’s minorities being massacred and/or expelled from their homeland on massive scale.  The Assad regime and its backers welcome such narrative because it assists the regime in presenting the Syrian Revolution as nothing less than a crime against the minorities of Syria. In that framework, the Entire Sunni Arab population of Syria would become the aggressors, who deserve international condemnation. The regime and its backers would then be eligible for international support to prevent those “Sunni Terrorist’s” from accomplishing their horrific goal even at the cost of raising to dust cities large and small and causing the worst humanitarian crisis we have known in decades.

I will try, from within this distorted framework, to investigate how fraudulent it is. This is in hope of returning the discussion to to its appropriate framework and that is the historical crime against humanity being contemplated by actively supporting the prolonging of the Assad regime’s miserable and misery causing despicable life. I will start by highlighting that when talking about ethnic cleansing, one should look at both sides as potential agents and not only by the real victims of the regime, who are being fraudulently portrayed as the aggressors. 

An Irrational Regime?

For the Assad regime, the most rational and cost-effective choices would have been to solidify its gains after its sectarian-motivated destruction of large parts of Homs and promptly move to establish said state by transferring manpower and weapons for the protection of the “homogeneous proto-statelet” in the Alawite heartlands in the Coastal mountains. As rational decision makers, acting in fear of being expelled,  the regime and its backers should have embarked on a wide scale cleansing, not only through horrific localized massacres as it happens in Banyas and Baida, but through large-scale forcible removal of Sunnis from the entire coastal zone. This would also mean that the regime and its allies in Iran, Russia and the plethora of sectarian gangs of thugs in Iraq and Lebanon would have had to recognize that: (a) there is no realistic condition under which they could entertain the possibility of sectarian cleansing of the entirety Syria of its Sunnis, or (b) the error of endlessly maintaining their forces in a bleeding war-zone.

Assad-forces-in-homs aftert destruction
Assad regime forces enter Al-Khaldyya district in Homs after destroying it through arial bombardment and artillery shelling. Many analysts argued then that the Assad regime was trying to increase the size of its potential Alawite statelet . Similar images of brutality emerged later during Hizbulla thugs assault on Qasir.

The Assad regime and its supporters have been successful, through a sustained terror campaign to cause a massive and horrific humanitarian disaster as manifested by the scale of the refugee crisis in much of the country side of Syria and in rebellious areas in cities like Homs and Aleppo. With unmatched brutality and criminality, they have emptied many villages, fully destroyed entire neighborhoods and small towns and villages, and flooded both the countryside and neighboring countries with refugees. However, carrying out these series of war crimes to their ultimate conclusions requires committing  an additional war crime, which is the colonizing of these areas by regime’s sect and/or its allied groups on a massive scale required to establish permanent “absolute sectarian majority”.

No sane person would argue that the regime and its Russian, Iranian, Lebanese and Iraqi backers are above such depravity. But it is highly improbable, and they know it, that those allies can execute such undertaking. Ethics have nothing to do with this but logistical and political reasons beyond their control that remain insurmountable. First, rebel groups remain active in these areas, and second none of the neighboring countries including Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon, would tolerate permanent Syrian Refugee communities, with the latter two being least likely to allow a second community of refugees to establish a permanent presence.

Short of annihilation, a massive scale conversion of Syria’s Sunni Arabs into Shia faith, remains the other theoretical option to establish Syria as a more pure and homogeneous Alawite-Shia state, but Iran’s very active decades long campaign to convert Syria’s Sunni and Alawite population into Shia faith has miserably failed. One must not ignore also the ultimate devastation of the Alawite community itself being viewed by hardline Shias as an apostate، if they continue to play into Iran’s hand.

The regime and its Iran controlled backers know well that they cannot establish a homogeneous or even a minority-soup state over the entire land mass of Syria.  But they are still executing a policy of atrocious and murderous genocide against the largely Sunni population in Syria’s countryside and in rebellious cities. The genocide against Sunni Arabs in these areas would therefore seem a pointless crime with only hateful punitive “Assad or we burn the country” campaign being a much more likely and far simpler explanation.

Unable to establish a homogeneous sectarian state through sectarian-cleansing of predominantly Sunni Arab areas, the only option left for the regime and its Iran controlled backers under the “ethnic cleansing” theory would have been to cut their losses and retreat into areas they can defend over the long-term.  The current situation, despite of the much hyped “military success” of the regime and its Iran controlled sectarian militias backers, has proven catastrophic not only to the Alawite community of Syria, but increasingly so to Hizbulla and to the sectarian gangs of Iraq. Both allies have received substantial beatings in many parts of Syria with Hizbullah risking weakening both the cohesion of its own base and its political clout in the Lebanon.  Any further erosion of that clout would mean that Nasrallah (in reality Iran) would need to use brute militia force to sustain a veto over Lebanese sovereignty at the least opportune time.

It would have appeared more rational, once more assuming one is wearing “sectarian lens”, for the regime’s allies to halt their bleeding, and to force the regime to retreat to its base without additional losses. Yet they persist in their indulgence in Syrian blood, and continue to risk the highly probable of horrific consequences including the potential expansion of the war into their own bases in Iraq and Lebanon.

Ethnic cleansing usually requires rapid waves of forcible “disengagement” of warring ethnic groups through expulsion, which would subsequently allow for more stable conditions in cleansed areas. This has not been the case so far in Syria, despite of the massive refugee crisis and it seems that even as the regime and its backers continue to suffer losses, they continue to appear as irrational actors when primacy is given to the “sectarian lens”

It is hard to argue against “ethnic cleansing” when 7 million Syrians are now refugees. But to use this tragedy to present a justification for the real criminal whose barrels of death, missiles, and hoards of imported terrorists backed by Iran have caused this tragedy appears to many, including this writer as sinister. The main consequence of accepting this theory, in its presentation context, is to rationalize the actions of this brutal gang as being defensive, by presenting the Syrian Revolution as an “ethnic cleansing” operation.

Rhetoric and Realities

On the rebels’ side, we also see no serious undertaking aiming to cleanse Syria of its minorities. I am sure that the old “secular-sectarian” group of Assad propagandists are by now howling in anger at me, but I would argue that the real anti Assad forces have not yet taken any concerted action in the direction of rearranging the populations to suite their vision. True, the presence of Islamists has amplified the sectarian aspects of the militant side of the conflict. But that is due to several reasons, among which are the simplicity of their mobilizing message (see Yassin Al-Haj Saleh, 27/12/2013), and its appeal in the marginalized rural areas, which have suffered significantly from the regime’s brutality. Yet, an earlier attempt in the summer of 2013 by the highly suspect ISIS to spread its actions into the coastal mountains, seems to have faded and ended with the murder by ISIS of one of the key FSA commanders in the region.

It is now obvious that the actions in the coastal mountains, even with the highly publicized instances of ugly sectarian murders, were primarily aimed at boosting ISIS and Al-Nusra sectarian credentials and secondly to decimate and/or absorb FSA forces, who were starting to build up their presence in the region in anticipation of future large-scale attack on regime forces and fortifications as well as to defend villages that may get out of the regime’s control.

In essence, and despite of their increasingly rabid sectarian rhetoric, sectarian actions by ISIS and similar groups have aimed primarily to boost the credibility of these groups as avengers for Sunni victims of regime massacres and as defenders of the Sunni population at large and not to cleanse Syria of its Christians or Alawites. These are both recruiting campaigns and campaigns to establish hegemony of sinister radical Islamists over the rebellion for their own agendas in the already “liberated” areas and not concerted campaign to “ethnically cleanse” Alawites or Christians.

Peddling regime's propaganda, Agnes de la Croix continue to spread lies about the victims of the chemical weapons massacre in Ghouta. She continues to argue that these are fake photos.  Notably, even some of the most fearsome antiwar activists are starting to recognize her for the propagandist she is. Several activists an politicians threatened to  pull out of a British Stop the War conference if she shows up next to them.
Peddling regime’s propaganda, Agnes de la Croix continue to spread lies about the victims of the chemical weapons massacre in Ghouta. She continues to argue that these are fake photos. Notably, even some of the most fearsome antiwar activists are starting to recognize her for the propagandist she is. Several activists an politicians threatened to pull out of a British Stop the War conference if she shows up next to them.

Even when some ”Syria Experts” give credence to regime’s spokespersons such as the despicable Agens de la Croix, they know well that Syrian Christians, well-known as conflict-averse communities, are leaving their homes in Syria more because of the conflict in the areas they reside in, which is destroying all of Syria (largely through regime actions) and  causing a massive scale deterioration of personal security to everyone, than because of specific actions targeting them directly. Many members of the Christian community of Homs, for example, who now reside in Christian and mixed villages in the mountains, such as Mashta El Heleu, fled their homes as a direct result of the regime’s vengeful bombardment of their district including historical churches in the city. It is noteworthy that the bleeding of Syria’s Christian community has continued to occur with acceleration under the forty years of the Assad brutal regime.

Furthermore, also based on actions and results to-date, targeting few predominantly Christian towns by various units of rebels has mostly been a response to abusive regime forces and Shabeeha militia in the area. These were tactical operations aiming to demonstrate force and weaken the regime and its forces. On the other hand,  One could argue that the recent kidnapping of nuns by rebels is part and parcel of an ethnic cleansing operation, but from the chatter going around concerning attempts to release the nearly 60 thousand female detainees in regime torture dungeons, the kidnapping seems to be a part of a “prisoners’ swap” game with the rebels having been given the impression, by the west and by regime allies such as Russia, that a dozen Syrian Christians would be far more valuable to the west than the hundreds of thousands of other Syrians, including women and children, who are threatened by eminent death in regime torture dungeons every day. The chatter indicates that the rebels hope that a higher level of pressure would be exerted on the Assad regime to free the thousands of female hostages it holds under the threat of torture, rape, and death when they hold a few valuable hostages.

Agnes de la Croix continues to peddle regime's propaganda arguing, like Iran controlled press TV , Manar, and Mayadin that photos of the victims of the chemical massacre in Ghouta are fake.
Agnes de la Croix continues to peddle regime’s propaganda arguing, like Iran controlled press TV , Manar, and Mayadin that photos of the victims of the chemical massacre in Ghouta are fake.

In summary, there is yet to emerge the outlines of large scale concerted “ethnic cleansing” campaign by the rebels on the scale seen in central European countries Joshua Landis cites as examples bolstering his hypothesis. These are facts, no matter what Agnes de la Croix  and her followers in Canada, France, UK, and the US try to spin it otherwise.

Serving the Regime’s Narrative

In no way should the above be taken as an attempt to whitewash the sectarian context of the message of the regime and its Iran controlled allies, or of ISIS, Al-Nusra and/or other rising groups with constantly shifting alliances and names. As indicated above, these groups do need the sectarian message for recruitment and mobilization. But the context of “cleansing” remains less applicable in the rebels’ case than in the light of the numerous “massacres” conducted by the regime and recently by its Iran controlled backers.

After withdrawal frin Tal Hasel, activists accused ISIS (Da'esh) of collusion with the regime to hand back the city to Assad and Hizbulla militias. Activist showed photos of ISIS headquarters in Tal Hasel, unscathed by what the regime claimed as major battle with Terrorists.
After withdrawal from Tal Hasel, activists accused ISIS (Da’esh) of collusion with the regime to hand back the city to Assad and Hizbulla militias. Activist showed photos of ISIS headquarters in Tal Hasel, unscathed by what the regime claimed as major battle with Terrorists.

To serve their main purpose of deceptively framing a victory of the Syrian Revolution as a victory of Sunni terrorism, ISIS and similar groups are mainly concerned about establishing bases for training and recruitment. These will also serve in launching regime-narrative supporting media coverage through specific “horrific” actions such as decapitation and torture.  To do so, they do not need full control of Syria, but only a small part, which seems to be what ISIS is actively doing by solidifying its presence in Northern Syria. The “Syria Experts” never mentioned that ISIS is doing so unmolested by a regime, who has thrown its most recent campaign of terror bombardment through barrels of death against civilians and not against the well-known headquarters and camps of ISIS and its cronies. The meticulous and seemingly deliberate avoidance of real confrontations between the regime’s Iran funded and backed alliance with ISIS is beyond suspicious. None of the esteemed “Syria Experts” have tried to analyze this ominous fact. To the contrary, they seem to jump on the regime’s bandwagon and preach its deceptive slogan (me or terrorism). When confronted with the reality of collusion of interest and actions between regime and ISIS and by the clearly regime-favorable outcomes of ISIS’s actions, these experts try very hard to dismiss that by insinuating that ISIS is merely preparing to launch attacks on “Alawites” at later point. These detached and aloof “intellectuals” seem to have blinders on when reading the infamous threat “Assad or we burn the country”. A phrase that rarely, if ever, shows up on their radar or prophesies.

Despite of the evidence implicating the regime and its Iran controlled backers in numerous massacres, proponents of the “Ethnic Cleansing” theory have repeatedly failed to highlight the regime “sectarian” actions and its cleansing, for whatever reason, of 7 million Syrians from their homes. Their assertions, as seen from their obsessive focus only on “Islamists” rebel groups and figures, apply only to the revolution’s side (although most supporters of the revolution do not consider ISIS as part of the revolution) as the only side motivated by their theory. There is no coincidence in this, and it is consistent with the context of presenting, as the ultimate prediction of the theory, the current situation in Syria in a bipolar mode consisting of two, they claim, mutually exclusive options: that is Assad (the so called secular regime) or Terrorism (all who are against this  abominable regime). However, to Syrians, who are suffering the brutality of the Assad regime and the iran controlled militias, and perhaps to many in the region, who recognize Assad’s and Iran’s hand in their own national tragedies, the mere distinction between Assad and terrorism is a historical dishonesty. Characterizing such regime as a “secular-regime”, notwithstanding anemic attempts to sound “objective” by attaching to it the characteristics of being “brutal, but tolerant and protective of minorities”, is fraudulent,  deceptive, deluding, and to the families of the countless victims of nearly half a century of brutal and criminal regime, is outright sinister.

Vindictive and Delusional

The slogan Assad or we burn the country provides a simple, yet clear explanation of the regime and its Iran controlled militia backers crimes against humanity in Syria, It remains the single most operative phrase in their campaign of murder against Syrians.
The slogan Assad or we burn the country provides a simple, yet clear explanation of the regime and its Iran controlled militia backers crimes against humanity in Syria, It remains the single most operative phrase in their campaign of murder against Syrians.

Behavior on the ground, especially by the Assad regime and its imported thugs clearly indicate a highly vindictive motive against anyone daring to oppose it, despite of the increasingly evident sectarian tone of Iran’s clients. Actions, including political statements, also indicate a delusional conviction of the regime’s long-term survival and return to the pre 2011 conditions, intact, to rule over all of Syria.  Brutal vindictiveness are well-known and documented characteristic of more than four decades of thuggish ruling mafia clan and their goons. The delusional conviction is a necessity for a regime, which, despite of its reliance on a particular sect, knows well that it cannot rule a homogeneous (sectarian/ethnic pure) society for reasons intrinsic to its thuggish and conspiratorial nature and to the formative and normative structure of its deployment of sectarianism. The political utility of the regime’s deep rooted sectarianism disappears in such societies, which endangers the primary core value of the regime’s strength as argued rather flawlessly by Hani El Sayed a year ago in a well thought and highly informed study. It also robs Iran, the main culprit in prolonging the suffering of Syrians of its primary medium of regional malfeasance, which is exercised by taking countries in the region as hostages to groups of well-armed terrorist gangs acting on directly on its behalf, or indirectly for its benefit, towards the realization of a Persian, religiously-masked empire of hegemony.



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    ام هي عدة هويات .
    If my identity is religion or ethnic background then I am sectarian, if my identity is my ideology then I am not sectarian.
    Sectarianism will lead to division or hegemony of one sect over the others. while sharing ideology with a group or party will lead me to join other sects to live togather


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    Unlike the Americans, Germans and British, “we are close to the chemical weapons in Syria and the Iranian nuclear program, over which Russia has a decisive influence, and so a clash with Moscow could hurt our security.”


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    The people of Deir ez-Zor offered the Armenians fleeing from death safety and a new beginning.
    Today, 100 years later, the Armenians of Deir-ez-Zor have to go once more on a painful journey: this time not because of the Ottomans, but as a price for demanding freedom, just like many people from Deir ez Zor and allover Syria demanded a decent life without ongoing humiliation. In his first short film “1915 “, Gerard Agabashian tells the story of the Syrian-Armenian opera singer Kevork who fled to Lebanon to find a safe place in this difficult and painful time, trying to smile in spite of all the sadness. “From Armenia to Syria to Lebanon, the road is full of obstacles, but we’re going to continue our journey until everything becomes the way it should be” says the young film director.

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    May I draw your attention to a serious problem facing Syrians who have been allowed to enter the US and who are waiting for their asylum cases to be processed, and which I was reminded of through a post I read on fb. Here it is for you to read and maybe if you can help in the effort to unify all the disparate and sometimes disjointed aid work, when it exists at all.

    توفيق الحلاق‎ shared Eiad Charbaji’s status.

    لعلنا نحتاج البوح منذ زمن بعيد لكننا آثرنا أن تأت المبادرة من إخوتنا السوريين الأمريكيين للوقوف بقوة مع القادمين الجدد , وللحقيقة فإن المبادرة لم تأت حتى اللحظة .
    See translation
    هااااااااااااام للجالية السورية في الولايات المتحدة
    هناك موضوع تمنّعت عن الخوض فيه مراراً كي لا يساء فهمه، لكن اعتقد أن الوضع بلغ مبلغاً صار لزاما أن نجد له حلاً عاجلاً.
    هناك عشرات العائلات التي وصلت الولايات المتحدة هرباً من الموت في سورية وتقدمت بطلبات لجوء ومنهم من حصل عليه ومنهم لا، طبعاً الغالبية سيظنون أن هؤلاء وصلوا الجنة، متأثرين بما يسمعونه عن أخبار اللاجئين الذين وصلوا اوروبا.
    طبيعي أن يظن السوريون خارج الولايات المتحدة ذلك، لكن أن يعتقد به السوريون المقيمون في امريكا فهذه مشكلة، ذلك انهم يعلمون تماماً أن الوضع في امريكا مختلف جداً والحكومة لا تقدم شيئاً ذي اعتبار للاجئين بعد حصولهم على الموافقة، فكيف قبل حصولهم عليها والتي قد تطول لعامين لا يسمح خلالها لصاحب الطلب حتى بالعمل إلا بعد مضي ٦ أشهر؟!.
    بالتأكيد السوريون و بعض منظماتهم سدّوا جزءاً من الاحتياجات، انما حصل ذلك على نطاق ضيق جدا وفردي وغير منظم، ذلك أن مجمل ما يقدمونه من جهود و تبرعات موجه للداخل ودول الجوار السوري، و نسوا وتجاهلوا أن هناك لاجئين سوريين بين ظهرانيهم وصلت بهم الحاجة إلى مرحلة من اليأس والقنوت التام ، وقد قابلت حالتين منهم على الاقل يفكرون بالخروج من امريكا إلى أي مكان آخر، لكن كل الأبواب أقفلت في وجوهههم لأنه بمجرد تقدمهم بطلب اللجوء في امريكا يسقط حقهم في تقديم اللجوء في اوربا فضلاً أنهم لا يستطيعون الحصول حتى فيزا عبور لأوروبا بسبب تشديد الاجراءات على السوريين، وهم الآن في حالة بائسة جداً، ولدينا الكثير من الحالات منها أم لطفلين مقيمة منذ عام ونصف في نييورك وتتنقل كل فترة بين اصحاب الخير، لكنها لا تملك في جيبها دولاراً واحداً لتطعم أولادها الطعام خارج إطار التحنن والشفقة أو لتدفع أجرة المحامي الذي يتولى قضيتها، و أحاول منذ قرابة الشهر أن نساعدها لكن لم أستطع إلا القليل.
    للأسف المشكلة ليست المال، فالجالية السورية في الولايات المتحدة جالية غنية و هي أكثر من تبرعت على الإطلاق للثورة من بين جميع الجاليات في الدول الأخرى، وهذه الأرقام مثبتة بتقارير دولية، المشكلة تحديداً هي مشكلة كل السوريين حول العالم وهي تنظيم وتوحيد الجهود وتوجيهها بشكل صحيح لتصبح مؤثرة، وفي هذا الإطار أسسنا مجموعة عمل شبابية في واشنطن منذ فترة لأجل سدّ هذه الثغرة تحديداً، لكن الموضوع أكبر منا ويحتاج أن تضع المنظمات السورية يدها بأيدي بعض لإطلاق برنامج شامل وخاص لهذا الموضوع، هناك الآن بعض المنظمات التي تقوم بسدّ بعض هذه الاحتياجات ضمن نطاقها الجغرافي كما في دالاس وشيكاغو، لكن يبقى تاثيرها محدوداً ويشمل فقط المتواجدين في تلك المناطق، والولايات المتحدة كما يعرف الجميع شبه قارة والسوريون متناثرون على كامل رقعتها الجغرافية.
    إننا نحتاج باللحظة والساعة اهتماماً وجهداً وتعاوناً كبيراً بين السوريين لحل هذه المشكلة، من العار علينا كسوريين في أمريكا أن يحصل ما يحصل.


  38. Oh Dear! MGB..

    We are all living breathing a nightmarish existence, with no ending insight!
    You are doomed if you stay in your homeland, and doomed if you escaped with your life..
    Under Assadism, your worst nightmares become real.
    Young men, someone’s child, are forced to kill their kinship in order to save the Slaughterer in Damascus? If these young men were lucky to flee, their next of kinship, father, brother or even mother will be taken instead, tortured or humiliated!

    Oh, but asses are secular!
    We are constantly reminded, as if under the despicable there is any difference.. For goodness sake -a question for the ‘enlightened’ : how different is their asshead’s regime from Taliban?
    Both are mass murderers. Both are godless warlords robots.

    Our role, those of us who stood with the uprising fro day one, is to step up to the needs of our brothers and sisters, with whatever little we can. Many of us are well off, we have the means, and the majority is doing what they can.
    The needs are overwhelming, but with deeds and not only with goodwill we will overcome our nighmares


  39. Peter Beinart’s on Israel’s Apartheid, great article, with one omission, Gaza.

    Kerry was wrong: In Israel, there may never be apartheid. In the West Bank, it’s already here

    Kerry is confusing time and space. The problem isn’t that at some future date all of Israel will turn into an apartheid state. It may not. The problem is that there’s a territory—the West Bank—where Israel is practicing apartheid right now. The International Criminal Court defines “apartheid” as “an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups.”  Yes, Jews and Palestinians aren’t races. They’re peoples. But what matters is that the boundary between them is sealed. For all practical purposes, West Bank Palestinians cannot become Jews and because they cannot, they are barred from citizenship in the state that controls their lives, cannot vote for its government, live under a different legal system than their Jewish neighbors and do not enjoy the same freedom of movement. That’s “systematic oppression and domination” by one group over another. And it’s been going on for 46 years. 

    I sympathize with Kerry’s efforts to awake Israelis to the dangers of perpetuating the status quo. But apartheid is not a problem Israel must avoid in the future. It’s the reality West Bank Palestinians face today. For Jews and non-Jews who care about justice, that should be all the incentive we need.


  40. (@mollycrabapple) tweeted at 9:48am – 2 May 14:

    Question: are there any examples of “first world” countries that have treated mass influxes of refugees as humanely as Turkey has Syrians?

    Turkey’s hosting 1 mil refugees, offers free medical care for all , good camps for a substantial minority.


  41. :وضاح خنفر

    يعبر الشرق بأممه الأربع: العرب والترك والكرد والإيرانيون أعمق تحول إستراتيجي منذ نهاية الحرب العالمية الأولى*

    مشكلتنا نحن العرب أننا لا نجد من يمثل مصالحنا في واقع إقليمي متغير، فنحن منشغلون بمعارك صغيرة تزيدنا وهنا على وهن*

    مناعة الوعي العربي تهتز تحت مطارق الشحن السياسي والطائفي والأيدلوجي. الإعلام يؤدي أسوأ دور في تقطيع أرحام مجتمعاتنا*

    مرحلة تحول إستراتيجي تحدث في ظل تدني هائل في مستوى القيادة السياسية العربية، وانشغال تام بمخاوف مصطنعه وانتصارات *


  42. Who knows Syria best
    Someone who came from US spent three years in Syria.?
    Someone who is born in Syria and raised there?

    who can tell us the truth ?
    Someone who is Neutral and is not effected by his ideology when he reports the news. or someone who attacks others who disagree with his ideology?
    Someone who believes in freedom of speech? or a dictator who eliminates his opposition?

    I think the answers are clear


  43. Demonizing a whole nation? ” يا أمة ضحكت من جهلها الامم ” Are you part of any nation?

    Ghufran, your multiple aliases are not the issue, nor the multiple lineages you claim to have, nor your profession. Whether you are part of the Arab nation or not, does not concern me either. In every nation, you have the good, the bad and the ugly.
    Bush was elected twice by his people. I was against Bush’s wars -vehemently so, more importantly against the polarization that came with Bush Jr presidency. The bloodletting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the images of torture coming out from Abu Ghraib, were gruesome, barbaric.. to say the least. Yet, he was elected for a second term. Those who voted for him, and who supported him for a second term are no different than those who are watching what Syria’s Asshead is doing to his own people and turning their heads the other way.

    I find this article fitting in lieu of a personal response!

    جرت، بعد الحرب العالميّة الثّانية، محاولات التوصل إلى نموذج استطلاعٍ، يتضمن معايير لقياس الشخصيّة السلطويّة، القابلة للانجراف خلف دعاية الأيديولوجيات الشموليّة، بغضّ النظر عن مستواها الثقافي، أو وضعها الاقتصادي. وقد وُجّهت الى هذه المحاولة انتقاداتٌ كثيرة، وكاتب هذه السطور أحد منتقديها. ولكني، على الرغم من ذلك، لم أتحرّر، يومًا، من محاولة فهم تمكّن الإنسان من التهليل للقتل بالجملة، والتحمّس للاعتقالات الجماهيرية من دون حقوق مدنيّة، والدفاع عن التعذيب، في خدمة قضيّةٍ أو فكرة.
    لا أقصد من يصمت على هذه الجرائم خوفاً، والأصح ربما رعباً، مما قد يتعرّض له لو اتخذ موقفاً ما من هذه الأمور. فقد يعود الإفراط في الخوف، هنا، إلى أَن صاحبه معادٍ للظالم في قرارة نفسه، إلى درجة المبالغة في توقّع وحشيّته، وتقدير ما قد يقدم عليه من جرائم. فهو يخشاه، وذلك ليس جبناً فحسب، وإنما إدراكاً منه لطبيعة النظام القادر على ارتكاب هذه الجرائم.

    كما لا أقصد ذلك النوع من البشر الذي ينكر حصول الجرائم، وقد يبلغ الإنكار عنده حد تصديق غيابها بنفسه. والإنكار، هنا، تعبير عن شخصيّة مراوغة وضعيفةٍ، لا تستطيع تبرير ما يجري، والاعتراف به، والدفاع عن الموقف على أساسه، أو عن شخصٍ يرتبط بالمجرم، ارتباطاً عاطفياً يجعله ينكر الجريمة، حتى حين يراها بأم العين. والإنكار ليس كذباً، إنه آلية دفاع نفسي، تغيّب الوقائع، وتصدّق هذا الغياب.
    ويبدو الكذب المباشر، لبعض النوع من الناس، أسهل من الدفاع عن القتل، ولكنه لا يدري أنّه غالباً ما يرتكب الخطيئتين، الكذب والدفاع عن القتل؛ لأنّ الكذب، هنا، مجيّرٌ في خدمة القتل. فليست أنواع الكذب سواسية، فأن تكذب على مشغلِّك بشأن الغياب عن العمل، ليس كالكذب بإنكار مقتل الآلاف، وأنت تدري أن ذلك وقع.
    ثمة من ينكر، لأنّه لا يستطيع تحمل تبعات الحقيقة، أي أنّ الإنكار، هنا، ذاتي، مثل الأب (أو الأم) الذي ينكر أنّ ابنه ارتكب الجريمة، لأنه لا يريد أن يصدّق، وثمة من يستسهل الكذب، ولا يحتاج إلى الإنكار، فهو يعرف الواقع، ومستعد أن يكذب لإخفائه، وثمة من يتفهّم قيام الشخص، القريب له عاطفياً، بالقتل العشوائي بالجملة، ويتهم الضحايا، لأن ابنه لن يقدم عليه، بلا سبب وجيه.
    هذه ظواهر قائمة، ولا أتحدث عنها.
    يهمني، هنا، الشخص المتحمّس لنظامٍ بعينه، ولقضية بعينها، إلى درجة الاستعداد للدفاع عن الجرائم، بغض النظر عن فداحتها، وكلما كان الظلم أفظع، ازدادت بلادته الشعورية. هذا هو نوع الشخصيّة التي أوافق على تسميتها بالشموليّة، أو السلطويّة، بمعنى أنّها على استعدادٍ لإخضاع الحكم الأخلاقي، أي التمييز بين الخير والشر، لمسائل مثل التقسيم بين عصبياتٍ طائفيّةٍ، أو قوميّة، حيث يصبح الشرّ خيراً، إذا ارتكبه من في ملّتي؛ والخير نفسه ينقلب شراً إذا قام به الآخرون؛ أو تتملكّه فكرةٌ مجرّدة، تستحوذ عليه، وتجعله يعتقد أنّ فعل أي شيء في خدمتها مباح. وغالباً ما لا تكون الفكرة التي ينقاد إليها أكثر من كذبة، هي، في الواقع، أيديولوجيّة، تبريريّة لنظام حكم إجرامي فاشي. هنا، نقع على شخصيّةٍ مسطّحةٍ ضحلةٍ سهلة الانقياد، فقدت صورة الإنسان، وفقدت مقومات الشخصيّة الإنسانيّة، مثل التفكير المتعدد الأبعاد، وإمكانية رؤية الفكرة التي يتحدث عنها عن مسافة وإدراك موقعها في خدمة نظامٍ بعينه؛ والأهم من هذا وذاك فقدان البعد الأخلاقي في الشخصيّة الإنسانيّة، والحساسيّة للظلم وغيره.
    وليس مهماً لهذا الغرض، إذا ما كانت عصابية هذا الشخص انطوائيةً، وتنطوي، أيضاً، على كره للناس، وإعجاب بقتلهم من أناسٍ أجهل منهم، أو إذا كانت عصابيةً، استعراضية، تهتف مرحى للقتل والقاتل، في نرجسيةٍ تتحدى العقل والمنطق والخير والشر، أو عصابيةً مهووسةً، تبتسم بخبث، وهي تدافع عن القتل، وتتوعد الزمانَ بالمزيد. يهمني، هنا، أن العصابية تصل حداً مرعباً في اعتبار عملية استبدال الشعب، بواسطة القتل والتهجير، أفضل من استبدال الحاكم؛ بل وقد يعتبر تخفيض عدد الأغلبية، وتحويلها إلى أقلية بالقتل والتهجير، نصراً انتخابياً، لأن الحاكم، هنا، ينتخب له شعباً، وذلك بقتل الأغلبية وتشريدها، حتى يمكنهم أن يشربوا نخب مثل هذا الحاكم. ولا يهمني كيف يُسمَّى هؤلاء الناس، هل يُكنّون يساريين أو يمينيين، قوميين أو إسلاميين، أو غيره؟ فمن يقبع ما قبل الخير والشر، ويفقد الأخلاق والعقل الإنساني المركب، والمتعدد الأبعاد، لا يستحق أن يصنّف إلى يمين ويسار، وقومي وإسلامي، ووطني وغير وطني. لأن هذه التصنيفات يفترض أن تكون للبشر.
    من اللافت أنك تجد بين مؤيدي الثورات العربية، والمتحمسين لقيم الشباب الذين خرجوا عام 2011، من ينتقد هذه الثورات، وينتقد تجاوزات المسلحين، وحتى جرائم فصائل مسلحة في سوريا وليبيا وغيرها. ولكن، من الصعب أن تجد مؤيداً للنظام السوري يدين حتى إلقاء البراميل المتفجرة على المدن المأهولة، أو يدين التعذيب… هذا عدا إنكار المذابح، وعدم الاعتراف بوقوعها.
    إن عدم إنكار إلقاء البراميل المتفجرة، ورفض إدانتها، على الرغم من ذلك، مؤشر ذو دلالة على نوع الشخصية التي تدعم نظاماً كهذ


  44. Never forget that Iran is killing Syrians, this monstrous criminal beast Khaminei and his gangs Hassan Nasrallah,Nouri AlMalki and the Iranian revolutionary Guards, all conspiring with the murderer Assad, they are the friends of the Devil


  45. General Ni3meh committed treason, he gave Kherbet Ghazaleh back to the regime for money.
    Bread will be unavailable in Damascus except for the wealthy and powerful.
    Turkey sentenced turkish officers who stopped aid to syrian ,sentenced them to life in prison


  46. Assad policy after losing his CW ,is clear starve and seige torture and kill destroy Syria to smithereen, Assad must have turned to a mad crazy man


  47. Never forget that Iran is killing Syrians,
    Hussain Hamidani said he is forming HA II in Syria and sending 120,000 fighters from Iran, this is ominous sign to Assad,this is Iran occupying Syria, Assad is becoming captive of Iran, this reminds us of Abbasid Khalifah who became a toy in non Arab powerful sides, mostly persians


  48. hussain Hamidani will form HA2, 120,000 Iranian fighters well trained in Iran, trained militarily and will be sent to Syria to kill Syrians, they will be there in addition to HA fighters that are well trained an count over 10,000, in addition to Maliki militia that add another 30,000 fighters, Assad as tricky as he is thinks that at the end he can ask all to leave Syria, depending on Russia and yes Israel, what he did not calculate is that Iranian will act quickly , and before Assad can kick them out,and will get rid of Assad and appoint Shiite person as president.
    Iranians know Assad intention and will do as we say in Syria بدي آكله على الغداء قبل ما يتعشّى فيني


  49. الشامُ جَنَّتنا ..وتجري تحتها……أنهارُ عزٍّ بالدّماء تبوحُ

    تسقي الكرامةَ كي يظلَّ نخيلُها…..بغصونه للثائرين يَلُوحُ

    شقّتْ ظلامَ الغدر عاصفةُ الهوى ……روحا تسابقُها لحسنكِ روحُ

    أنا كيف أشرحُ حبَّها بقصيدةٍ…… أو كيفَ تُكتَبُ في الدماء شُرُوحُ

    جاءَ اللعين ابنُ اللعين يدكّها……بمدافعٍ..وعلى الدمار ينوحُ

    ما كان يحظره اليهودُ ببطشهمْ……..في عُرْفِ بطشك جائزٌ مسموحُ

    أتظنُّ أنك تعتلي صرح العلا……..بجهنمٍ للظالمين صروحُ

    وإذا جَمَعْتَ على صعيدِ عداوتي……….كل الطغاة فجمعُكُمْ مطروحُ

    إنْ تسألي يا شامُ _ كلَّ جوارحي ….ستجيبُ في قلبي الكليم جروحُ :

    ثمنُ المحبّة يا شآمُ شهادةٌ……والمسكُ من دمنا النقي يفوحُ

    وطيورُ أشواقي تجوب فضاءكم……منكم إليكم تغتدي وتروحُ

    اسمعها يابشار يا ابن الخنا—قسما سنجعل دمكم مسفوح
    وغدا بعون الله نترك جمعكم –يبكي ويلطم وجهه وينوح


  50. In many parts of the world today it is Mothers Day. See what Syrian children say the word “mother” means to them:


  51. The conflict in Syria is an existential conflict, that means the military solution is the only solution, It is existential to Iran, and to the Shiaa, with all its branches, the revolution success in Syria will certainly diminish Iran influence, Iraq conflict is future conflict, it will follow the Syrian revolution success, and at that time power will shrink and a revolution in Iran is a certain sequala


  52. Before the brunches, before the gifts and greeting cards, Mother’s Day was a time for mourning women to remember fallen soldiers and work for peace.

    When the holiday went commercial, its greatest champion gave everything to fight it, dying penniless and broken in a sanitarium. Of course, Mother’s Day marched on without her and is today celebrated, in various forms, on a global scale.

    “Mother’s Day,” Not “Mothers’ Day”

    Moved by the 1905 death of her own mother, Anna Jarvis, who never had children of her own, was the driving force behind the first Mother’s Day observances in 1908.

    On May 10 of that year, families gathered at events in Jarvis’s hometown of Grafton, West Virginia—at a church now renamed the International Mother’s Day Shrine—as well as in Philadelphia, where Jarvis lived at the time, and in several other cities.

    Largely through Jarvis’s efforts, Mother’s Day came to be observed in a growing number of cities and states until U.S. President Woodrow Wilson officially set aside the second Sunday in May in 1914 for the holiday.

    “For Jarvis it was a day where you’d go home to spend time with your mother and thank her for all that she did,” said West Virginia Wesleyan’s Antolini, who wrote “Memorializing Motherhood: Anna Jarvis and the Defense of Her Mother’s Day” as her Ph.D. dissertation.

    “It wasn’t to celebrate all mothers. It was to celebrate the best mother you’ve ever known—your mother—as a son or a daughter.” That’s why Jarvis stressed the singular “Mother’s Day,” rather than the plural “Mothers’ Day,” Antolini explained.


  53. Daesh is allied with Iran who is supporting Assad and killing Syrians, Iran support to Assad is because he is helping Khaminei to spread Shia-ism in Syria, this explains that Da-esh is not fighting Assad regime and instead fighting FSA, Jarba job is to seek help from Obama to help FSA fight Da-esh


  54. Iran is occupying Syia, HA2 will count over 120,000 fighters, add to it HA 1 from Lebanon, and Malki militia you will reach 175000 fighters, in the future the Alawis in Syria will seek help from Syrians to fight the Iranian army in Syria


  55. General Ryad Al Asaad yesterday visited the troops in the Coastal area and he felt very comfortable, God bless him


  56. يقول الله تعالى
    و ما كان ربك ليهلك القرى بظلم و اهلها مصلحون
    و يقول
    و لا تركنوا إلى الذين ظلموا فتمسكم النار


  57. A proud Syrian, who works tirelessly, “ give the children of Syria a voice through the power of art and music, to raise awareness and humanitarian aid…“through my music, I’m trying to preserve and present my cultural identity and what my ancestors contributed to humanity,”

    Composer Malek Jandali, whose work has riled the Syrian regime, takes his international benefit tour, The Voice of the Free Syrian Children, to Stockholm this weekend.

    I add my voice to Malek Jandali’s voice, in THANKING @RadioSweden in Stockhokm for giving Syria’s children a voice for #peace #justice #freedom #love..


  58. Andalusia: Islamic Spain (711-1492)

    In the 10th century, Cordoba, the capital of Umayyad Spain, was unrivalled in both East and the West for its wealth and civilisation. One author wrote about Cordoba:

    ..there were half a million inhabitants, living in 113,000 houses. There were 700 mosques and 300 public baths spread throughout the city and its twenty-one suburbs. The streets were paved and lit…There were bookshops and more than seventy libraries.


  59. “If you think you’re too small to make a difference you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito.” African proverb


  60. One of the greatest dangers is secular religion – state worship. .
    That’s a far more destructive factor in world affairs than religious belief, and it’s common on the Left. Noam Chomsky ‏


  61. Since 3 July 2013, the day of the coup, the military regime under former Field Marshal Abdul Fattah al-Sisi’s leadership has murdered well over 3,000 people. Currently there are more than 21,000 political prisoners that are being held with and without charges, and the torture of detainees is rampant in Egyptian prisons.

    In November 2013, Egypt issued a new law that all but bans any and all protests. On 28 April 2014, the Court of Urgent Affairs banned the April 6 Movement – a movement that played an instrumental role in the 25 January 2011 revolution and the 30 June 2013 protests against President Muhammad Morsi. But after the April 6 Movement became critical of the military’s repressive measures, the Movement was accused of “espionage,” “defaming Egypt” and of undermining state institutions. Many of its members who played such an active role in bringing down Mubarak and in criticizing Morsi find themselves in prison on trumped up charges.

    In short, the Egyptian military and the judiciary have curtailed, suppressed and eliminated all revolutionary groups, persons, activists, and intellectuals. They have killed, imprisoned, or charged any person who has opposed Sisi’s regime.

    It is a foregone conclusion that Sisi will become Egypt’s next unfreely and falsely elected president in make-believe elections not unlike the electoral vote that ratified the post-coup constitution with a fictitious 99% of the vote. I am also sure that, regardless of how atrocious and deeply despotic the processes that will lead to his presidency, none of the Western governments will let something like moral principle get in the way of a chummy relationship with someone who is as thuggish, brutal and despotic as Sisi. (In fact, Sisi reminds me a great deal of another former ally of West, who started believing the propaganda he dished out to his people and dared to exercise a measure of criminality, impinging upon our interests, without our specific authorization or consent. I am, of course, referring to Saddam Hussein.)


  62. The World’s Most Humble President Just Opened His House to 100 Syrian Refugee Children

    One hundred children orphaned by the Syrian civil war could find a home in Uruguayan President José “Pepe” Mujica’s summer retreat, “a mansion and riverfront estate surrounded by rolling pastures,” according to Yahoo News. That would be a welcome sight for any of the hundreds of thousands of refugees displaced by Syria’s political turmoil.

    The children could arrive as early as September, coming from refugee camps in the Middle East. The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) does not relocate orphans without a family member; each child would arrive with at least one relative — like an uncle, cousin or sibling. The exact number of children expected at Mujica’s summer residence is still being worked out, particularly since the Uruguayan government will be responsible for all of the expenses.

    Lucia Topolansky, Mujica’s wife, said that the move to take in the Syrian orphans is to “motivate all the countries of the world to take responsibility for this catastrophe.”

    Originally, Uruguay’s president planned to consult with the Uruguayan people about admitting the refugees into the country. But Mujica proceeded without doing so and without congressional oversight.


  63. Tayyip Erdogan’s aide who made front page news around the world after being filmed kicking a protester in the wake of Turkey’s worst ever mining accident has been sacked.

    Compare with al el WAHSH in Syria! The Wahsh excuse for not sacking his cousin, after torturing the children of Der’aa, is that his aunt phoned and asked not to!?

    Revolutionizing the minds of Ass’ supporters is as important as regime change in the Arab world.. including Sissy supporters in Egypt..and..


  64. NZ
    I think Urugway president is worthy of Noble prize

    Syrian revolution is lacking serious leader, it has taken very long time, this great revolution has been betrayed by Iran and Russia as well as USA and Europe, we became hostage to the source of money and arms,as Iran and Russia are flowing arms with huge quantities to Assad.

    Those who are against this great revolution are Evil, and they will be acountable for their stand

    Jarba did not ask for arms from Obama, as he was told ahead of the meeting it will be definitely rejected


  65. Christians in Jerusalem formed one-third of the population (1948). Today they count for less than 1% of the population!

    In 2011, around 800,000 peoples live in Jerusalem, two-thirds are Jewish, less than a third Muslims, and only 14,000 Christians.


  66. Palestinian Archbishop Atallah Hanna, who is Eastern Orthodox (as are most Christians in the Middle East) said he hopes Pope Francis will “see the suffering of the Palestinian people.”

    “We are misrepresented and are unfortunately seen by some to be criminals and terrorists,” Hanna said. “I hope they can see that we are a civilized, peaceful and well-educated people seeking freedom and a better future.”

    John Esposito, an expert on international relations at Georgetown University, said the Pope’s meeting with Christians in Bethlehem could open some eyes about the Israel-Palestinian standoff.

    “It will underscore the fact that it’s not just a Muslim-Jewish conflict,” he said.


  67. Syrian revolution must be lead by experienced educated people, and not by young emotional Islamic zealots, we need people who really understand freedom, and value it, Communists, Baathists, Islamic radicals, and ugly mouth nationalists are pro dictatorship, they are not pro freedom, those who value freedom ,justice are the one who deserve to lead


  68. Totally agree with you Majedkhaldoun.
    The ones who started this popular uprising, as you said, and I concur, are non from the groups you’ve mentioned.
    They wanted a free Syria for all Syrians!
    Unfortunately, the majority of city dwellers failed them, as well, the leaderless world we live in. We all lost. But the revolution will not stop.


  69. …it would be a mistake to ignore the significance, symbolically and materially, of what Pope Francis’ visit to Palestine heralds. To begin with, just below the surface of what is avowed by words and style, is the contrast between the humility and sincerity of this religiously oriented initiative and the recently acknowledged breakdown of direct negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel that was the ill-advised and contrived initiative of the U.S. Government, and became the personal project of the American Secretary of State John Kerry. In effect, the Pope epitomizes the moral and spiritual dimensions of the unresolved situation in Palestine while Kerry’s muscular diplomacy called partisan Alpha attention to the political dimensions.

    Undoubtedly more relevant is the degree to which Francis lent his weight to fundamental Palestinian grievances. By referring to the territory under occupation since 1967 as ‘Palestine,’ Francis affirmed the status conferred by the UN General Assembly in 2012, and since then angrily rejected by Tel Aviv and Washington. In doing so, Palestinian statehood was affirmed as a moral reality that should be endorsed by people and governments of good will everywhere, thereby strengthening the call of global solidarity.

    Most dramatically of all, by praying at the apartheid wall that separates Bethlehem from Jerusalem, and bowing his head prayer while touching with his hand that hated metaphor of Israeli cruelty, illegality, and oppressiveness, Pope Francis has made an indelible contribution to the Legitimacy War of nonviolent resistance and emancipation that the Palestinian National Movement has waged with increasing militancy, and is being embraced throughout the world.

    Such moments of moral epiphany are rare in our experience of the torments afflicting the world. We need to remind ourselves that this pope has imparted a spirit of justice and spirituality. We are responding to his call because of who he is as well as what he is: his warmth, sympathy for the poor and oppressed, and identification with those brutally victimized by war. We are responding to the concreteness of his commitments and the actualities of his performances whether he points to the atrocities of war in Syria or the ordeal that has so long confronted the Palestinian people.

    The Pope challenges all of us to act as citizen pilgrims, having a personal responsibility to act as best we can against bastions of flagrant injustice. The Pope, the most universally acclaimed moral and spiritual authority figure on the planet has spoken by word and deed, and now it becomes our privilege to act responsively. By this means alone can we discover the ecumenical nature of religious authority in our times.


  70. Assad did not comply with his promise to get rid of Chemical weapons, infact he still has several factories that can produce CW anytime, ,so what is good the CW agreement between USA and Assad has done?


  71. Assad has 18 chemical weapons production facilities. He shut down… 5.


  72. إدلب هي المعركة الثالثة , المعارضة قد تغزوها


  73. Each spring, a competition is held at Harvard University to find one undergraduate and one graduate orator to deliver five-minute speeches from memory. SARAH ABUSHAAR, one of many deserving undergraduate student, was selected to deliver Harvard’s Commencement speech. Read more of what inspired Sarah.

    Sarah Abushaar

    Born in the United States but raised in Kuwait, Sarah Abushaar has always had one foot planted in the East and one in the West. The daughter of a Syrian father and a Palestinian mother, Abushaar spent her childhood roaming the hallways of a Sheraton hotel in Kuwait City, where her father worked, surrounded by visiting political dignitaries from the West. It was there that at age 7, upon meeting George H.W. Bush, she dutifully informed the former president that she planned to take his job someday.

    An economics concentrator with a strong interest in politics, Abushaar, 21, said that Harvard initially seemed like a nation unto itself, with its own government and museums and even a bus system. But soon, it wasn’t just the historic institutions that moved her, but the creative and social vitality, driven by the formal and informal groups and connections on campus that seemed to embody the University’s soul.

    Her speech, titled “The Harvard Spring,” is an homage to the 2010 political uprisings known as the Arab Spring. The address draws on the everyday freedoms that students take for granted, such as public debates in the pages of The Crimson, along with cultural events and artistic performances. She calls upon graduates to bring such esprit de corps back home with them and initiate change.

    “I think each of us comes here, and we encounter something that strikes us or something that’s so different from the status quo back home,” said the Leverett House resident. “The little revolutions that happen behind Chipotle burritos or Starbucks coffee cups in Harvard Square. I saw revolutions happen at tables where I saw some of my Palestinian and Israeli friends eating and working together on projects, and then you sit down and think: Why can’t our governments act this way?

    “My whole idea about Harvard as an agent for change comes from the fact that it changed my family a lot. It pushes whatever frontier that was initially set a bit further out. After one person comes here, it changes the way their family thinks, and it changes the way their school thinks.”


  74. I am proud of Syrian women ,like Sara Abushaar,great speaker and thinker


  75. US is on the brink of intervention in Syria according to the new york times, I still doubt it


  76. لا تنسو ان تغسلوا ايديكم عدة مرات اليوم


  77. A proud Damascene. Rana Kabbani, writes about her first encounter with the safistic morbid gangsters that came to rule Syrians..sickos. The story of Camillia, Abu Mustapha and Joseph..

    رنا قباني: القدس

     الخوف يشوه
    الأعصاب والملامح. تحت المجاهر
    الحديثة، يمكننا الآن رؤية مدى
    تأثير هذا الشعور القبيح على
    الدماغ، إنسانياً كان أم
    حيوانياً، الذي لا تتركه أبداً
    أول بصمة من بصماته المريعة. الخوف
    لا يؤسس الا بلاداً فاسدة وفاسقة.
    كمرض الجذام، يأكل جسد وأطراف
    المجتمع وكل قطعة من وجهه
    المشرق.هل هناك عربي من
    جيلي عاش بدون أن يُحكم بالخوف؟
    خوف من أن يُكتب به تقرير بقلم من
    اعتقده صديقاً. خوف من أن يختفي
    لأنه عبّر عن رأي، حتى لو كان رأيه
    بريئاً أو حتى بليداً. خوف من أن
    يُفصل من وظيفته بدون تعويض، بعد
    عمر من الخدمة، لأنه لم يركع
    لصعلوك مخابراتي نال رتبته لمجرد
    أنه يتقن الأمية والوحشية، أو يمت
    بصلة قرابة للمافيا الحاكمة. خوف
    من أن تُؤخذ منه ممتلكاته التي
    نالها بعرق جبينه، لأن المسؤول
    الفلاني قد أعجبه بيته، أو
    استهوته سيارته، أو طاب له محله،
    أو اشتهى زوجته أو
    ابنته.في عام1973 ، كنت
    خارجة من مدرسة دار السلام (أو
    «الفرانسيسكان» كما كانت تُعرف
    قبل التأميم البعثي للمؤسسة
    التربوية التي ألغت، ولأجيال،
    تعليم اللغات الاجنبية، لأنها
    اعتبرتها لغة «المستعمر») مع
    صديقاتي، نتحدث عن فحص الجغرافيا
    الذي كنا قد قدمناه منذ ساعة عن
    جزيرة كوبا ومحصول السكر النباتي
    فيها. وقفت واحدة منا لتشتري
    الجانرك مع رزمة من الملح الصخري
    من بائع متجول في اول طلعة شارع
    أبو رمانة في دمشق. كانت الفتاة
    شقراء خجولة اسمها كاميليا،
    مسيحية من مذهب الروم الأرثودكس.
    لم ننتبه، ونحن نمشي مشية الفتيات
    المتمتعات بيوم كان الطقس فيه
    بديعاً، أن سيارة ميرسيدس سوداء
    لا تشبه السيارات الأخرى، قد وقفت
    أمام كاميليا، وهي تعد نقودها
    لتدفع ثمن الخوخ الأخضر الحامض.
    خرج من السيارة عدد من الأوباش،
    حاولوا غصبها على الذهاب في
    «مشوار» مع قائدهم زير النساء،
    أحد أقرباء حافظ
    الأسد.ولكن ابو مصطفى،
    الذى رأى المشهد من محله الصغير
    لبيع الغاز، انتبه فوراً، وخرج
    على «المرافقة» الخسيسة تلك،
    حاملاً بيده أداة معدنية طويلة،
    كان يستعملها ليركب ويفك قوارير
    الغاز المطبخي النيلية اللون،
    والتي كانت تستعمل في كل بيوتنا.
    وقتها، لم تكن قد مضت ثلاث سنوات
    على النظام الأسدي، فكانت سوريتنا
    ما زالت مليئة بأناث لا يخفن الا
    الله عز وجل. وعندما صرخ أبو مصطفى
    بوجه حثالة ذلك المسؤول (الذي كان
    في بدايات تاريخه الإجرامي في
    وقتها)، هربت السيارة بسرعة البرق
    بمن فيها. و شربت كاميليا، التي
    كانت ترتعش كالورقة من هذه
    الحادثة، قليلاً من الماء من
    «طاسة الرعبة» القديمة التي كانت
    دائماً موجودة وراء أبوابنا،
    محفورة بآيات من القرآن الكريم،
    لكي تبعد الخوف عن الشارب، كما كان
    يُعتقد آنذاك. فالخوف كان له حجمه
    الطبيعي في حياتنا، ولم يكن قد
    أصبح ذلك الشبح الشبيح السافل
    المرتزق المجرم، الذي استطاع، بعد
    41 سنة، أن يُهجر نصف أهل سوريا عن
    بيوتهم المدمرة أو عن بلادهم
    كلياً، وجعل منهم سكان الخيام
    والمعدمين في الأرض، التي شكلوا
    حضارتها على مر60 قرناً على
    الأقل!بعد أذان صلاة
    العصر، وقبل ان يقفل محله
    المتواضع ليعود الى داره في حي
    المهاجرين الفقير، عادت السيارة
    نفسها لترغم أبو مصطفى على الذهاب
    في مشوارها، لتقوده الى مصير لا
    يزال حتى هذه اللحظة مجهولاً.
    أدركنا كلنا، والدرس كان
    لمدينتنا، أن شهامته ونخوته
    وشجاعته وقعت باهظة الثمن عليه
    وعلى عائلته، وعلى كاميليا وأهلها
    وصديقاتها. فقد اختفى الرجل،
    وخُتم محله بالشمع الأحمر،
    وأُخرجت الفتاة المتفوقة
    بالرياضيات من المدرسة، وفي ظرف
    أسابيع هاجرت مع أهلها الى كندا،
    وتزوجت من أول من طلبها. كان زوجها
    مهندساً مهاجراً أيضاً، ترك سوريا
    وراءه لأن المشاريع الهندسية كانت
    قد بدأت توزع على حسابات سريالية،
    تتناسب مع حجم موالاة المهندس
    للنظام، لا لمهارته التقنية او
    مفهومه لفن العمارة واحتياجات
    المواطن السكنية المتغيرة. عرفت
    بعد سنين طويلة، ان هذه الفتاة
    التي كانت تحب دمشق وربيعها
    الأبدي مثلنا كلنا، أصرت ان تزيد
    على اسم جوزيف، ابنها البكر، اسم
    أبو مصطفى، خلال لحظة التعميد في
    كنيسة من الكنائس الكندية، لكي
    تشهر ولاءها لذكرى ذلك الدمشقي
    المسلم الذي اختفى أثره من على وجه
    الأرض حين دافع عن شرفها، ولم يختف
    يوماً من ذاكرتنا
    الجماعية.هاجر عن سوريا
    خيرة أدمغتها، وأصبحوا من أنجح
    الأطباء والعلماء والباحثين
    والمهندسين والعاملين في مجالات
    الكمبيوتر والفن والموسيقى
    والغناء والشعر والتمثيل
    والسينما والكتابة والصحافة
    والفن الفوتوغرافي في العالم،
    وأصحاب مطاعم ومعامل تنتج
    الحلويات وكل ما بقي لنا من ذاكرة
    المائدة السورية العامرة.
    والجاليات السورية المهاجرة،
    يهودية كانت أم مسيحية أم مسلمة،
    لم تنس جذورها، ولن تنسى
    مسؤوليتها، في إعادة إعمار وطننا
    حين تزول عنه هذه الفترة الوجيزة
    من تاريخنا الطويل. سيتكاتف كل
    سوري حر ليبني وطناً يليق بحضارة
    هي ملك كل سكان الارض، لا مزرعة
    لآل الأسد والمخلوف وشاليش ونجيب
    وغيرهم، وأعوانهم من المماليك
    السنة والشيعة، الذين اغتصبوا
    نساءنا ودمروا بيوتنا وبتروا
    أعضاء أطفالنا، ولكنهم لم يهزموا
    الحلم المستقبلي


  78. Assad won the Farce Election again, but failed miserably as a leader, and proved again that he can not, never, unify the Syrian people, his falsified results has to be devided by 5 at least, We know he has a criminal base Alawi Sunni and minorities,but leading Syria by blood, by massive help from Iran ,HA, and Shiaa Maliki, and by Russian unwavering total help ,providing money arms and forces, but is this enough to rule Syria, the answer is definite NO
    Was this farce election democratic?, NO
    Were these numbers correct?, NO, with 12 million displaced, there is no way Assad could get 10,million vote unless every baby and dead voted for him
    Assad failed to get military victory, and failed to achieve political victory, He succeeded in deepening the sectarian ugly divide, a sedition, which will hurt his sect and cause hatred that will last for generations if not centuries.
    the revolution will continue, and at the end the people of Syria wil win


  79. Obama said he does not want to do stupid shit, he should have known that doing nothing he is doing stupid shit,while he is in a powerful position,that he can do great thing


  80. The minorities feel safe if there is stability, where if there is no stability the minorities feel threatened, it is not true that Christians support Assad, the truth is that they are afraid of instabilities


  81. Susan Rice hinted that there is change in American policy, and US is going to provide the rebels with Lethal weapons


  82. داعش تستولي على منابع البترول , الجيش العراقي غير جاهز لحرب, ستقسم العراق, هذه اخطاء اوباما


  83. US will not send troops or aircrafts to Iraq, Maliki must go first,so US gain the tribes friendship, it is sectarian civil war, and will effect Syria, Obama hesitancy prolonged the war in Syria and now sectarianism spread to Iraq,with Malki stoking the fire of sectarianism,
    Sectarianism is stronger than secularism


  84. I doubt very much that Da-esh has anything to do with this liberation of Iraq, Iraq is returning to its legitimate owner, and the era of Haliki is about to collapse, the forces of Evil that controled Iraq has to be eliminated from this great country, .
    This takeover by the good and rightful people will get to Baghdad, and this will help the rebels in Syria as Anbar province will be taken over by the good people
    Imam Rafe3 AlRafi3e has made a good speach,everyone should hear him, God bless him.


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