Just a Statistic- By Syrian Hamster

Yesterday, Bashar Al-Assad, or as I would call it  dog-poop athad to indicate my infinite contempt to this entity, was placed at the top of war criminals list that was handed to the International Criminal Court. While the dynamics on the ground in the region do not assure anyone that this “ass-hole”  will at any time soon face the court, it would be a great fantastic day when a judge would tell it to suck an egg, eat shit, or just simply go fuck itself and stop its blathering sophistry.

Two assholes together.

The dog and its evil master. Both have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of murders in the region and beyond.

Many Syrians dream of that day. Most, however, have much more than court on their mind, their plans for dog-poop include impaling and other forms of “reciprocation” they believe would be the minimum standard for punishing the asshole. I recall one hyper “assad is popular” menhebbakji who would use what I wrote above to masturbate its smart-ass (half truth here) brain, into a climatic tantrum of deceitful and ugly sophistry, mixed with and fake sectarian indignation about how hateful this rat is. But you know, I don’t give a rat’s ass about this kind of creatures any more. The Syrians waiting to see the asshole assad impaled re not psychopaths, nor are they merely hateful (they should be), they just recognize that with that son of a bitch being alive, there is no future, not for Syria and not for the region. But they also have at hundreds of thousands of far more serious reasons to want to see the asshole assad impaled. Here are some numbers as of the end of May 2014 that were published by the Democratic Republic Studies Center (DRSC).  Let us start by enumerating the duration of this sadist asshole crime against humanity


 38.5 Months
1,173 Days
28,152 Hour

Now the Numbers

Number of fully documented martyrs (I prefer the phrase assad victims at least from the legal point) 118,863 including 2,250 Palestinian, 12,130 child victims, 11,475 women, and 6,495 murdered under torture

Estimate number of martyrs 230,000 (80% civilians) including

  • 2,400 Palestinians
  • 15,000 child victims,
  • 14,000 women and
  • 18,500 murdered under torture (which include those whose emaciated photos were smuggled out)

Approximate number of wounded: More than 187,370
Approximate number of detainees: More than 258,2600 (including those few who were recently released)
Approximate number of missing: More than 99,4400
Number of refugees outside Syria : More than 3,566,740
Number of internally displaced refugees: More than 7,650,000

Total number of victims of violence (11,880,673) including murdered by weapons, wounded, detainees, disappeared, refugees and displaced.

Syrian families that have been affected amount up to 60% of the total population of Syria, the total number of family members affected is 15,627,402. These are the families of those murdered by weapons, wounded, detainees, disappeared, refugees and displaced.

The number of families who lost the main earner of the house hold is 125,000 families (nearly 868,000 people)

Some math

  • Every 4 minutes, the assad regime detains a citizen
  • Every 10 minutes, the assad regime wounds a citizen
  • Every 13 minutes, the assad regime disappears a citizen
  • Every 15 minutes, the assad regime murders a citizen
  • Every day, the assad regime murders 8 children
  • Every day, the assad regime expels as refugees 3,040 citizens and internally displaces 6,521 citizens.

ISIS is a major threat to the revolution, so is Al-Nusra, but the most significant enemy of humanity remains the asshole assad and its clan. Anytime someone tries to bring ISIS to equivocate for the asshole, my only answer would be similar to that of the imaginary Judge talking to the asshole assad “i,e. GFYS”.  ISIS is an historical issue that needs to be dealt with, but it can only be dealt with after we get rid of the criminal rulers, after we return their sectarian thugs in hizbulla to their rightful places in jail for their crimes, and after Iran is fully neutered as a source of evil and of terrorism in the region. If Obama does not understand this, then he is welcomed to meet my foul mouthed judge.

Some links (recent)

New UN report describes horrific and systematic torture of Syrian victims

Full report May 2014 in pdf (Arabic with figures) 

CNN links on torture in assad’s dungeons of murder 


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  1. Majedkhaldoun

    Turkey is going to have new election in November, there is the possibility that things may stay the same, Turks has to decide their future, Erdogan must do something to increase his popularity, fighting ISIS is not the answer, defeating ISIS is the answer, the same for defeating PYD, it is a terrorist organization,

  2. Majedkhaldoun

    Which front is more important for the Rebels? Ghab front and Fawa front?, I believe Fawaa front is more important, Rebels have arming problem, while Assad has soldiers shortage problem, Rebels are not United , we have called to unite the Rebels for long time but they still not working under one leadership, this is benefiting Assad, people are always stand behind the victor, it is important to achieve victory, unity will achieve victory

  3. Majedkhaldoun

    Two major stories I thought they should be mentioned by the other blog, yet no one talking about them
    Suleiman Maher AlAssad killed General Sheikh, because sheikh passed him in traffic, the Alawis got mad they asked to arrest Suleiman, and punish him, after short arrest, the government released him, and now he is free roaming in Latakia, they said. Not enough evidence, The family of the victim revealed that the government asking the family of Al Sheikh to drop charges, and Bashar will get someone to admit to the crime, Bashar is afraid to punish his cousin

    The second story is about Douma Massacre, the number of dead now reached 180, , in Charlie Abdu two died , it received condemnation from all over the world , in Douma two hundred died and no one talk about it
    Silly world

  4. Majedkhaldoun

    Plan A for Assad failed, plan A was to defeat the revolution, plan B is to have a mini state of Alawistan, plan C is to have what he termed as useful Syria, this is il defined border include Damascus and Homs and northwest Syria, plan D is to leave Syria and accept defeat
    Plan A failed, the question , can Assad keep Damascus, it will be vey costly for him , financially and he lacks the troop to do that, and the international pressure will continue, the war certainly will continue, plan B means he will have much smaller army,I. Doubt will reach hundred thousand, and he will become less influential in Lebanon, he may lose his influence all togather, this means a major retreat to HA, and further plan B means he will become unuseful to Iran, Damascus is more important to Iran than Lebanonfinally Turkey will not accept Alawi state just like Turkey will not allow Kurdish state

  5. Majedkhaldoun

    Assad said the properties are for who occupy them , not for previous owners, this means Iranians and HA member will own houses in Homs and Zabadani,
    Ahrar Al Sham who defend Zabadani, are in active negotiations with Iran , not Assad,
    This demographic changes prove that the only way to protect the people rights is military solution, not political solution

  6. It was not an easy decision to share a brutal image of a drowned child. But I care about these children as much as my own.

  7. Compare to ISIS

  8. “At that moment, when I saw the three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, I was petrified. [He] … was lying lifeless face down in the surf, in his red t-shirt and dark blue shorts folded to his waist. The only thing I could do was to make his outcry heard.”
    – Nilufer Demir


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