Just a Statistic- By Syrian Hamster

Yesterday, Bashar Al-Assad, or as I would call it  dog-poop athad to indicate my infinite contempt to this entity, was placed at the top of war criminals list that was handed to the International Criminal Court. While the dynamics on the ground in the region do not assure anyone that this “ass-hole”  will at any time soon face the court, it would be a great fantastic day when a judge would tell it to suck an egg, eat shit, or just simply go fuck itself and stop its blathering sophistry.

Two assholes together.

The dog and its evil master. Both have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of murders in the region and beyond.

Many Syrians dream of that day. Most, however, have much more than court on their mind, their plans for dog-poop include impaling and other forms of “reciprocation” they believe would be the minimum standard for punishing the asshole. I recall one hyper “assad is popular” menhebbakji who would use what I wrote above to masturbate its smart-ass (half truth here) brain, into a climatic tantrum of deceitful and ugly sophistry, mixed with and fake sectarian indignation about how hateful this rat is. But you know, I don’t give a rat’s ass about this kind of creatures any more. The Syrians waiting to see the asshole assad impaled re not psychopaths, nor are they merely hateful (they should be), they just recognize that with that son of a bitch being alive, there is no future, not for Syria and not for the region. But they also have at hundreds of thousands of far more serious reasons to want to see the asshole assad impaled. Here are some numbers as of the end of May 2014 that were published by the Democratic Republic Studies Center (DRSC).  Let us start by enumerating the duration of this sadist asshole crime against humanity


 38.5 Months
1,173 Days
28,152 Hour

Now the Numbers

Number of fully documented martyrs (I prefer the phrase assad victims at least from the legal point) 118,863 including 2,250 Palestinian, 12,130 child victims, 11,475 women, and 6,495 murdered under torture

Estimate number of martyrs 230,000 (80% civilians) including

  • 2,400 Palestinians
  • 15,000 child victims,
  • 14,000 women and
  • 18,500 murdered under torture (which include those whose emaciated photos were smuggled out)

Approximate number of wounded: More than 187,370
Approximate number of detainees: More than 258,2600 (including those few who were recently released)
Approximate number of missing: More than 99,4400
Number of refugees outside Syria : More than 3,566,740
Number of internally displaced refugees: More than 7,650,000

Total number of victims of violence (11,880,673) including murdered by weapons, wounded, detainees, disappeared, refugees and displaced.

Syrian families that have been affected amount up to 60% of the total population of Syria, the total number of family members affected is 15,627,402. These are the families of those murdered by weapons, wounded, detainees, disappeared, refugees and displaced.

The number of families who lost the main earner of the house hold is 125,000 families (nearly 868,000 people)

Some math

  • Every 4 minutes, the assad regime detains a citizen
  • Every 10 minutes, the assad regime wounds a citizen
  • Every 13 minutes, the assad regime disappears a citizen
  • Every 15 minutes, the assad regime murders a citizen
  • Every day, the assad regime murders 8 children
  • Every day, the assad regime expels as refugees 3,040 citizens and internally displaces 6,521 citizens.

ISIS is a major threat to the revolution, so is Al-Nusra, but the most significant enemy of humanity remains the asshole assad and its clan. Anytime someone tries to bring ISIS to equivocate for the asshole, my only answer would be similar to that of the imaginary Judge talking to the asshole assad “i,e. GFYS”.  ISIS is an historical issue that needs to be dealt with, but it can only be dealt with after we get rid of the criminal rulers, after we return their sectarian thugs in hizbulla to their rightful places in jail for their crimes, and after Iran is fully neutered as a source of evil and of terrorism in the region. If Obama does not understand this, then he is welcomed to meet my foul mouthed judge.

Some links (recent)

New UN report describes horrific and systematic torture of Syrian victims

Full report May 2014 in pdf (Arabic with figures) 

CNN links on torture in assad’s dungeons of murder 


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  1. One of Syria’s traitors, Mohammad Naseef, is dead.

  2. Majedkhaldoun

    The Turkish decision to interfere in Syria militarily will be discussed tomorrow , at the meeting of Turkish National Security

  3. Majedkhaldoun

    Turkey is unlikely to intervene directly in Syria, Assad will assassinate Farooq AlShraa, Russia and US reached agreement to divide Syria

  4. An impudent former Israeli ‘ambassador’ takes aim at Obama..

    1.“Obama has deep feelings about Islam. And I wanted to know where it came from.”

    2.“Obama determines who is in the Muslim world and who isn’t. He’s said it. ISIS is not a part of Islam.”

    Oren: —I was trying to figure out what are the origins of his feelings toward Islam. He has deep feelings about Islam, obviously. [He] talks about them—I’m not making them up—and he has a high regard for Islam. And I wanted to know where it came from. If George Bush all of a sudden came out and expressed very strong feelings about Islam, you’d want to know where they’re coming from. I think these were legitimate questions for an ambassador to ask and to inquire about, and think about.

    Oren: I know there are people saying things that I didn’t say in the article, such as that Obama abandoned Israel to embrace Islam. It’s not there, it’s just not there. I wanted to show in this article how you go about analyzing his worldview. I thought what was interesting was the degree to which Obama’s relationship to what he called the Muslim world has not changed in light of all the profound changes that have swept across the Middle East over the past few years. For example, this is a very disciplined administration when it comes to lexicon. So you have violent extremists; we do not have Islamic terrorists. And I suggested in the opening article that one of the reasons the United States didn’t have much representation at that Charlie Hebdo march was because the march was against Islamic extremism, which would have been a problem.

  5. When hatred is bred in the bone

    “..what was revolutionary about [Obama’s approach to the Muslim world]. First off was this very basic assumption that there’s a thing called the Muslim world, which is actually an Islamic concept.”


  6. قالت إحدى المجلات الأمريكية، إن ثروة رأس النظام السوري، بشار الأسد، بإضافة الأصول الثابتة، والأموال المسجلة، بأسماء مقربه إليه، تصل إلى 122 مليار دولار أمريكي، وفق موقع «أنفستوبيديا».
    وكشفت مجلة «فوربس» العالمية أن ثروته دون ذلك، تصل إلى 1,5 مليار دولار أمريكي، منوهةً أنه وفي حال تم توزيع الثروة على الشعب السوري، سيكون المبلغ، نحو 3500 دولار لكل شخص دون استثناء، أي ما يعادل الراتب المتوسط الذي يتقاضاه المواطن السوري من أصحاب الدخل المحدود لمدة ستة سنوات متتالية.
    وأضافت، أن أربعة أشخاص، من يديرون أموال الأسد، وأصوله المالية في الداخل السوري، وهما: رجلي الأعمال «زهير سحلول» و«نبيل الكزبري»، إضافة إلى «محمد مخلوف» ووالد زوجته «فواز الأخرس»، بحسب وثيقة سرية نشرها موقع «ويكيليكس» في وقت سابق.

  7. Majedkhaldoun

    Kurds are making mistakes, their support to Assad, their opportunistic attempt ,to take advantage of Syrian revolution, their support to Saleh Musallam, and their rhetorics, they have never been a strong force, and Turkey can easily take over most of the area they control, , the problem people do not remember the past, the Kurds are very weak,

  8. Majedkhaldoun

    Very rude, using a language close to be threat, Kerry says no need for safe area in Syria, five years and US is quiet about the crimes of Assad, , it is a crime , as bad as Assad crimes

  9. Majedkhaldoun

    US will not allow for a solution in Syria, what is needed is a revolution involving countries who are now considered allied with US, Turkey and KSA , this must involve limited action, I mean thirty Km safe zone without troops invasion,

  10. Majedkhaldoun

    US is not afraid of supporting safe zone in southern Syria, asء US is not afraid of the Jordanian king, who is America puppet, US is afraid of northern Syria safe zone as US is afraid of Mr. Erdogan

  11. @lebouss

    انت يا شب يلي أرسلوك تقاتل بسوريا لو عّم تقصف الزبداني ما تقصف هيدا البيت لانو كنت انت واهلك لاجئين فيه بحرب ال٢٠٠٦


  12. Published on Jul 1, 2015
    A song for Syria.

    Our goal is to express solidarity towards those who are struggling for freedom, health, and safety in Syria. Syria is the country where 18,000 civilians have signed up to be volunteer first responders to rescue people from daily barrel bomb attacks, where doctors risk their lives in underground field hospitals to save patients from chemical weapons, and where people play music on piano as the government starves their neighborhood in austere siege policies. We hope to at least share the story of Syrian heroes while sending positivity and love to the children, mothers, and fathers, who have to fight for basic human rights. These people are #MoreThanFaces, and this is a humble contribution to them. If you like the video, we hope you share it to raise awareness on Syria and show solidarity with the Syrians.

  13. The leading lights of the West love to celebrate themselves as beacons of civilized, progressive rationality..

    Tony Blair today took a little time off from serving the world’s despots in order to exploit the 10th anniversary of the July 7 London train bombing. He did so by casting blame on “radical Islam” for the world’s violence while exempting himself, pronouncing:

    This is a global problem… we’re not going to allow anyone to excuse themselves by saying that the slaughter of totally innocent people is somehow a response to any decision by any government.

    The proposition Blair just decreed invalid – “the slaughter of totally innocent people is somehow a response to any decision by any government” – is exactly the rationale which he himself repeatedly invoked, and to this day still invokes, to justify the invasion and destruction of Iraq, as in this example from December, 2009:

    Tony Blair has said he would have invaded Iraq even without evidence of weapons of mass destruction and would have found a way to justify the war to parliament and the public. . . . “If you had known then that there were no WMDs, would you still have gone on?” Blair was asked. He replied: “I would still have thought it right to remove him [Saddam Hussein]”. . . . He explained it was “the notion of him as a threat to the region” because Saddam Hussein had used chemical weapons against his own people.


  14. ليس من المبالغة في شيء القول إن الفرق بين الثورة والمعارضة هو كالفرق بين غياث مطر وأحمد رمضان. أي هو الفرق بين الشهيد والمستفيد


  15. This piece is shocking.

    إحصائية ليست بالجديدة بقدر ما هي صادمة للموالي قبل المعارض، لما فيها من إشارات على كم التآكل الذي تعاني منه بيئة النظام الطائفية التي مثلت خزانه البشري على مدار سنوات حكمه الخمسة والأربعين.

    صحف بريطانية، أكدت أن ثلث أبناء الطائفة العلوية القادرين على حمل السلاح إما قتلوا أو أنهم اصيبوا بعاهات مستديمة تمنعهم من العودة إلى القتال، ما أحدث تململا لدى العلويين من خسائرهم الفادحة، وارتفاع عدد قتلاهم.

    الأهم في ما حملته تقارير الصحف، هو إشارتها إلى أن القتلى والمصابين يمثلون الفئة العمرية المنجبة للنسل، ما يعني بشكل أو بآخر ووفقا لتلك الصحف أن عدم تخلي العلويين بشكل نهائي عن الأسد بات يهددهم بالانقراض خلال الأعوام القادمة، خاصة وأن احصائيات دولية قدرت نسبة العلويين بما لا يتجاوز عشر سكان سوريا.

    إحصائيات الصحف، دعمتها شهادات الناشطين على الأرض والذين أكدوا أن أكثر من 100 ألف علوي من أصل 300 ألف يقاتلون إلى جانب النظام، قتلوا خلال المعارك، وهو الرقم الذي يمثل نسبة 25 بالمئة من إجمالي ذكور الطائفة بما فيهم الاطفال والعجائز غير القادرين على الإنجاب.

    صحيفة ” التلغراف” البريطانية من جهتها لم تختلف في إحصائيتها عن الاحصائيات السابقة، حيث كشفت في آخر تقاريرها عن الوضع في سوريا، أن 30 شابا علويا يعودون يوميا إلى قراهم بالأكفان بعد أن قتلوا في معارك لم يعرفوا فيها لهم ناقة ولا جمل.

    يبقى الصادم أكثر في حديث الصحف، أن عددا كبيرا من أبناء الطائفة القتلى لم يقتلوا برصاص الثوار وإنما برصاص الحرس الثوري الايراني الذي استقدمه النظام للدفاع عنه، والذي يتحول شيئا فشيئا الى قوة مستعبدة للعلويين أنفسهم حتى في الساحل لتصل انتهاكات عناصره المرتزقة بحق الطائفة إلى حد الاقصاء والتهميش ، وبعض الأحيان إلى الإعدام بتهمة التآمر كما حصل في اللواء 82 بدرعا مطلع العام الحالي.


  16. Majedkhaldoun

    N. Z
    They are just like flies they see the fire they go directly there, and there they die, Assad is rich and they are getting poor, he sits in a comfortable chair and sit on the ground, they do not think about the risk, about the future, about their children, I just do not understand how they think , they never had any civilization to be proud of, their image is going to be remembered as savage criminal, destroyed Syria, killed Syrians

  17. Majedkhaldoun

    I believe Syrians are more comfortable with Erdogan than they are with KSA king, we yearn for civilization , not to return to the corrupt epoch, Turkey is the natural leader to Syria, we separated during the chaos period that Turkey was going through, with Turkey now is a democratic country, and it’s leader is pro Islamic, Syria must have good relations with Turkey, provided there would be no domination

  18. Nice analogy Majedkhaldoun..

    “Like a moth to a flame” is an old saying, implies that someone got too close to someone they were attracted to and got burned, or hurt, in the process.

  19. ما كشف عنه الأرشيف العسكري الإسرائيلي من وثائق سرية قبل عدة أيام يقطع الشك باليقين ويؤكد الخيانة العظمى التي إرتكبها حافظ الأسد بحق سوريا وأهلها الذين لا زالوا إلى يومنا هذا يدفعون ثمنها الباهظ


  20. A new TV satire program has become a hit in the Arab world by mocking some of the region’s most serious issues, from the intractable Sunni-Shiite divide and religious extremism to the brutality of militants like the Islamic State group.

    The show, “Selfie,” has also brought a backlash. Islamic State group sympathizers have made death threats against its Saudi star and top writer on social media. One mainstream Saudi cleric denounced the show of heresy for mocking the country’s ultraconservative religious establishment. That has made it the buzz of the current Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which is the peak television viewing season in the Middle East.

    Naser al-Qasabi, the series’ star, and its writer Khalaf al-Harbi told The Associated Press in their first interview with foreign media that they expected the backlash, but weren’t prepared for the popularity. It’s one of the top shows on MBC, the privately owned Saudi network that airs it, and has been the talk of the Gulf press.

    Al-Qasabi says the series’ dark humour reveals just how tragic the situation across the Middle East has become.

    “What’s coming is darker,” he said. “Maybe I am a bit pessimistic, and I hope that I am wrong, but I don’t think I am.”

    In one of the show’s episodes, al-Qasabi plays a would-be “caliph” starting his own Islamic State group-style militia, but he’s surrounded by buffoons and hypocrites. His “mufti,” or top cleric, never finished school. He struggles to find ways to differentiate his group — his group’s flag is the same as IS’s notorious banner but with the black and white colours flipped. When one of his cronies boasts of plans for a mass beheading, the “caliph” complains that he wants a new form of execution.

    “Behead, behead, behead. That’s all you got?” he groans, before suggesting the captives be put in a freezer. It’s particularly bitter humour, given the increasingly grisly ways IS has used to kill its captives.

    In the show’s most popular skit, al-Qasabi plays a Saudi father whose son has run off to join IS. He smuggles himself into Syria, pretends to be a jihadi joining IS and tries to convince his son to return home. It’s a more serious episode, showing his horror at IS “perversions” of Islam and at the group’s atrocities — and his torment as he tries to avoid committing atrocities himself in his disguise. But it has comic moments as well, as he fumbles his way through militant training and is chased around the bed by a militant bride who is forced on him by the group and who has dedicated her life to pleasing jihadis as a means of going to heaven.

    Other, lower-budget Iraqi and Syrian TV shows have mocked IS and other militants. But “Selfie” stands out with its high production values — and the fact that it’s a show with Saudi actors on a Saudi network at times mocking attitudes on religion in the kingdom, where there is little tolerance for discussing the many taboos.

    In one episode, two Saudi men meet at an airport in Europe and bond over their love of women, alcohol and hard partying. But, though neither is religious, their budding friendship takes a nosedive when they discover that one is Sunni and the other Shiite. They argue until airport security detains them. When police discover they are fighting over a split that happened 1,400 years ago, they send the two a mental hospital.

    Another skit lampooned Saudi Arabia’s powerful ultraconservative religious establishment and its stance against music. That was the show that prompted cleric Saeed bin Mohammed bin Farwa to accuse al-Qasabi and MBC of heresy.

    Columnist Hamad al-Majed also criticized the show in the Asharq al-Awsat newspaper, saying that in its attempt to ridicule extremism the series also disrespected Islamic traditions and made generalizations, especially about Saudi Arabia.

    Al-Qasabi told the AP he views his acting career as his own form of “jihad” — which in Islam literally means any struggle in the path to God.

    “Offering something positive that raises awareness of issues, I see this as jihad,” he said. “Jihad is that you raise your children well. Jihad is that you work and are on a path to doing things well. Jihad is that you are good at your work … Life is one great jihad.”

    Al-Qasabi and al-Harbi are no strangers to controversy. They both worked on “Tash ma Tash”, a long-running comedy that ruffled feathers for its handling of sensitive issues in Saudi society.

    Al-Harbi says he wanted to kick it up a notch with “Selfie.” He explained the title, saying the show is trying to give a snapshot of Arab society today.

    “Selfie’s” biggest success, said al-Harbi, is in exposing how extremist groups manipulate religion. He said the show delivered that message to the Arab public more effectively than lectures or government-controlled newspapers.

    “I felt this is a weapon that will reach the audience,” he said. “If it was just something comical, we would have focused on easy societal issues that aren’t dangerous and are guaranteed safe.”

    – See more at: http://www.coastreporter.net/saudi-star-of-hit-tv-show-poking-fun-at-islamic-state-group-says-this-is-the-real-jihad-1.1992844#sthash.D8ADA3lz.EnRM7IBl.dpuf

  21. Majedkhaldoun

    Could the fight today between Kurds and Turkish soldiers change the course of crisis in Syria?

  22. Majedkhaldoun

    عيد الهناء و النصر و السرور، عيد الخلاص من الطاغية، عيد التحرر من سجون الاسد، عيد عودة اللاجئين الى الوطن الحبيب، عيد فرحة الأمهات لروءية أولادهم و بهجة النساء لروءية أزواجهم، و عيد عودة الابتسامة الى ثغور الأطفال، عيد السكينة و انتهاء الظلم و الخلاص من حكم جاءر ظالم طاءفي، الله يخلصنا منهم

  23. Majedkhaldoun

    US wants Iran to participate in Syria talk, but US wants Assad to leave, Iran must give concessions, would Iran change? HA is insisting that Assad stay but Iran has the upper decision

  24. Ameen Majedkhaldoun to every word you said. Eid mubarak to you all :)

  25. Majedkhaldoun

    What has been attributed to Jaish Al Esslam, was media confusion, it should be Jaish Al Fateh, accuracy is important, Jaish Al Isslam is headed by Zahran Alloush who is American puppet, US ordered him to pull out of the southern Storm, and pull the arms, that weakened the storm, US ordered all its allies to stop arming the Rebels so the Rebels are stopped from taking over Deraa, , Jaish Al Isslam is not helping the Rebels supporting Zabadani, , Zahran Alloush is standing idle, not doing anything

  26. The Islamic Republic of Iran is in Syria in the name of: defending religious Islamic shrines, or, liberating Al-Quds Al-Shareef. According to Hizballah, the road to Al-Quds passes through Zabadani.

    باللطم والعويل .. إيران تشيع نائب قائد الفيلق الأول للحرس الثوري بعد مقتله في الزبداني

  27. For 1,500 years, different religion, not only lived side by side in the Arab and Muslim world, they thrived.

    When the first Islamic armies arrived from the Arabian Peninsula during the seventh century, the Assyrian Church of the East was sending missionaries to China, India and Mongolia. The shift from Christianity to Islam happened gradually. Much as the worship of Eastern cults largely gave way to Christianity, Christianity gave way to Islam. Under Islamic rule, Eastern Christians lived as protected people, dhimmi: They were subservient and had to pay the jizya, but were often allowed to observe practices forbidden by Islam, including eating pork and drinking alcohol. Muslim rulers tended to be more tolerant of minorities than their Christian counterparts, and for 1,500 years, different religions thrived side by side.


  28. Majedkhaldoun

    Turkey started its war against ISIS and the terrorists Kurds, in return US can use Ancerlik base, and creating no fly zone deep to 50 Km inside Syria, this coincide with Deraa storm re ignited, , yet Alloush is not moving , if he does not , then he is finished
    It will not be Turkey who will fly over Syria to attack Assad aircrafts and apply no fly zone, it will be US Air Force , and it will be limited,
    Turkey is fighting ISIS and the terrorists of the Kurdish fighters, the murder of two Turkish soldiers was a turning point in Syrian conflict, And Turkish strategy aimed at increase Erdogan popularity when he fights Kurds and ISIS, in preparation to next election
    Attrition and exhaustion of the Syrian army in multiple fronts will expedite the collapse of the Syrian regime, things seem more serious now.

    On another point HA offered to evacuate the Shiites living in Fawaa and Kafrayya , he said in return he will allow the people of Zabadani to leave peacefully, this is naive and stupid, it will not be accepted, HA will not be able to save the Shiites,
    DeMistaura left Damascus without meeting Assad, as his message was not accepted to Assad

  29. Majedkhaldoun

    Southern storm is more important than most people think, Assad will defend Deraa as much as he can, once he loses Deraa he needs to think about Damascus
    Today Aasad said he had to give up areas in Syria to concentrate about important areas, he also admitted that he has shortage of soldiers, and admitted that HA is helping him to withstand some defeats, today statement by Assad is clear , he is now beginning to face reality, he can not control all of Syria, the question how much he can control, ? If he loses Deraa, can he afford to keep Damascus?, would he be able to destroy Damascus just like he destroyed Homs and Aleppo? What will happen to the rest of Syria ? Who will control it? US is not going to allow Daesh to control that part of Syria, can the Druze maintain neutrality? Especially if the Rebels took over Deraa
    The war will reach Damascus, sooner or later, Assad can not survive in the Alawi area, that is why Deraa is important to Assad, losing Deraa could mean the end of Assad, some predicted this May happen before the end of this year

  30. I just stumbled on this piece, dated January 1st, 2015

    قلم رصاص مع حمدي قنديل

    زار أردوغان تجمعا كبيرا للسوريين الذين يستضـيـفـونـهـم فى تركيا و القى فيهم

    خطاب يحييهم و يرحب بهم فى بلاده …… فـتـحـمـســوا و هتفوا له شـــــاكــرين

    فـبـكـى بـالـدمـوع قـائـلا : ” لا تشـكـرونى و لكن أشـــــكــروا الله رازقـنـا جـمـيـعــا

    لقد أنفقت تركيا على إستضـافـتـكم أربعة مليار دولار فرزقهـا العلى القدير بأربعون

    مليار دولار جاءوا زيادة من تحت الأرض ( من النفط و الذهب ) لم نكن نتوقـعهم ولم

    يكن هذا المبلغ الزائد مقدرا فى الميزانيه و أضاف أردوغان : إن ملوك و أمـراء الخليج

    العربى حاولوا أن يسقطوا حزب العــدالة و التنمية و صرفوا على ذلك 80 مليـار دولار

    و لكن حفظنا الله و تم القبض على التنظيم الممول من الخليج وهم الآن بالسـجون

    و الأموال التى جــاءتـهـم من الخـلـيج صـودرت منـهم وهى الان بخـزيـنـة الدولـة “.

    فتحقق قوله تعالى : إن أحسنتم أحسنتم لأنفسكم وإن أسأتم فلها . [ ص 197 ]

    وقوله : يُنْفِقُونَ أَمْوَالَهُمْ لِيَصُدُّوا عَنْ سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ فَسَيُنفِقُونَهَا ثُمَّ تَكُونُ عَلَيْهِمْ حَسْرَةً

    ثُمَّ يُغْلَبُونَ [ الأنفال 36 ] …………………………………….. فسبحان المعز المذل

  31. One of the few uplifting experiences to be had in any Syrian context these days is to meet with young Syrian activists, as I recently did in Gaziantep, Turkey. A young lawyer said something striking: “This is not just a revolution against Bashar al-Assad. It is a revolution for self-government. Replacing Bashar with someone else issuing decrees from Damascus — even someone much better than Bashar — is not acceptable.”

    From the beginning of the Syrian uprising, unarmed activists have formed, under the worst security conditions imaginable, local councils to provide governmental services to their neighbors. This is revolutionary. For 40 years the Assad family had concentrated in its own hands, in Damascus, the direct governing of all Syrians. Officials assigned to Syria’s outback were, at best, order-taking clerks. At worst they were active members of a clan-dominated police state and terror network. Unless Iran helps its client re-subjugate Syria, the days of Damascus-dominated governance are done.


  32. Libyan Court Sentences Qaddafi Son to Death. Awaiting the capture of another son’s pariah in Syria!! Inshallah very soon. To Jhannam all these dictatorial regimes and their supporters.

  33. By either directly or tacitly fostering the rise of ISIS, he’s taken international attention off his own violence to the point that the U.S. seemed on the verge, just a few months ago, of admitting he would stay in power. All the while, he’s continued to terrorize the people of Syria with barrel bombs and chemical weapons.

    But for the first time in a long time, recent developments seem not so great for Assad. This week, rebel groups are pushing into the Sahl al-Ghab plain in northwest Syria, an area that, as Reuters puts it, is “crucial to the defense of the coastal mountains that are the heartland of Assad’s Alawite sect.” This follows fighting in May in which government forces lost most of northwestern Idlib province to fighters from the al-Qaida-linked Jabhat al-Nusra. Assad admitted on Sunday that his military is short on manpower and will have to pull back from some strategically important areas.

    It’s also bad news for Assad that Turkey and the United States now seem to be on the same page when it comes to Syria.


  34. Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an “Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery”, Carter’s statement to a growing list of politicians acknowledging that money controls politics.


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