Just a Statistic- By Syrian Hamster

Yesterday, Bashar Al-Assad, or as I would call it  dog-poop athad to indicate my infinite contempt to this entity, was placed at the top of war criminals list that was handed to the International Criminal Court. While the dynamics on the ground in the region do not assure anyone that this “ass-hole”  will at any time soon face the court, it would be a great fantastic day when a judge would tell it to suck an egg, eat shit, or just simply go fuck itself and stop its blathering sophistry.

Two assholes together.

The dog and its evil master. Both have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of murders in the region and beyond.

Many Syrians dream of that day. Most, however, have much more than court on their mind, their plans for dog-poop include impaling and other forms of “reciprocation” they believe would be the minimum standard for punishing the asshole. I recall one hyper “assad is popular” menhebbakji who would use what I wrote above to masturbate its smart-ass (half truth here) brain, into a climatic tantrum of deceitful and ugly sophistry, mixed with and fake sectarian indignation about how hateful this rat is. But you know, I don’t give a rat’s ass about this kind of creatures any more. The Syrians waiting to see the asshole assad impaled re not psychopaths, nor are they merely hateful (they should be), they just recognize that with that son of a bitch being alive, there is no future, not for Syria and not for the region. But they also have at hundreds of thousands of far more serious reasons to want to see the asshole assad impaled. Here are some numbers as of the end of May 2014 that were published by the Democratic Republic Studies Center (DRSC).  Let us start by enumerating the duration of this sadist asshole crime against humanity


 38.5 Months
1,173 Days
28,152 Hour

Now the Numbers

Number of fully documented martyrs (I prefer the phrase assad victims at least from the legal point) 118,863 including 2,250 Palestinian, 12,130 child victims, 11,475 women, and 6,495 murdered under torture

Estimate number of martyrs 230,000 (80% civilians) including

  • 2,400 Palestinians
  • 15,000 child victims,
  • 14,000 women and
  • 18,500 murdered under torture (which include those whose emaciated photos were smuggled out)

Approximate number of wounded: More than 187,370
Approximate number of detainees: More than 258,2600 (including those few who were recently released)
Approximate number of missing: More than 99,4400
Number of refugees outside Syria : More than 3,566,740
Number of internally displaced refugees: More than 7,650,000

Total number of victims of violence (11,880,673) including murdered by weapons, wounded, detainees, disappeared, refugees and displaced.

Syrian families that have been affected amount up to 60% of the total population of Syria, the total number of family members affected is 15,627,402. These are the families of those murdered by weapons, wounded, detainees, disappeared, refugees and displaced.

The number of families who lost the main earner of the house hold is 125,000 families (nearly 868,000 people)

Some math

  • Every 4 minutes, the assad regime detains a citizen
  • Every 10 minutes, the assad regime wounds a citizen
  • Every 13 minutes, the assad regime disappears a citizen
  • Every 15 minutes, the assad regime murders a citizen
  • Every day, the assad regime murders 8 children
  • Every day, the assad regime expels as refugees 3,040 citizens and internally displaces 6,521 citizens.

ISIS is a major threat to the revolution, so is Al-Nusra, but the most significant enemy of humanity remains the asshole assad and its clan. Anytime someone tries to bring ISIS to equivocate for the asshole, my only answer would be similar to that of the imaginary Judge talking to the asshole assad “i,e. GFYS”.  ISIS is an historical issue that needs to be dealt with, but it can only be dealt with after we get rid of the criminal rulers, after we return their sectarian thugs in hizbulla to their rightful places in jail for their crimes, and after Iran is fully neutered as a source of evil and of terrorism in the region. If Obama does not understand this, then he is welcomed to meet my foul mouthed judge.

Some links (recent)

New UN report describes horrific and systematic torture of Syrian victims

Full report May 2014 in pdf (Arabic with figures) 

CNN links on torture in assad’s dungeons of murder 


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  1. Here are quotes from Palestinian youths, who were born under the brutal occupation and a corrupt dictatorship self-serving political regime. These Palestinian, their aspiration + motivation + action are no different than their Arab brethren. They are fed up with Evil controlling their lives. They are taking action. These are NOT terrorists, they are men fighting ‘White Terror’.

    Here is a sample from the world’s bravest and fearless.

    “We have a new generation, they are smart and clever. They can’t sustain the humiliation. They think: if you are going to kill us in the end, we should attack first. You have to understand that this generation is well educated. It is well informed and globalised. They can’t be fooled, like we were fooled in the old days. They have their own way of finding out what is going on. Social media and the internet are educating them.”

    “This is a pure intifada. It is pure because it is about individuals’ personal motivation. They are the ones who sparked it.” The other uncle adds: “The last ones were political. This is not political; it is spontaneous.”

    “When a person thinks death may be imposed, then he wants to die in a heroic way.”

    “I used to think, when I saw him and his friends spending so much time on Facebook, that you are the generation that gave up hope, but he proved me wrong. He showed that they are different. They are the generation that will change things.”

    “I am posting news on my [Facebook] page due to the absence of real media, and also to refute Hebrew media which some consider credible but is certainly not,” wrote Allyan at the weekend. “Without real media our truth will be lost.”…“I ask that the political parties do not claim responsibility for my attack. My death was for my nation and not for you.”

  2. The occupation essentially is a system of discipline and control of millions of disenfranchised people by a foreign army whose main task is to facilitate and protect a predatory programme of ongoing and illegal colonisation. This reality is ugly, and many westerners recoil from acknowledging it. But it is a fact. For most Palestinians living under the occupation, this core reality now defines everything, since there is no longer anything to offset the violence built into the occupation.


  3. The video that showed Assad meeting Putin in Moscow, clearly shows Assad is very weak, may be tired from this trip, six hours, , Russian interfering in Syria was because they were afraid Assad is just about to fall, for Russia to keep Assad they must send troops, Assad was brought to Moscow to approve what Putin is planning , complete occupation of Syria by Russia, Assad has to agree, further Russia is afraid of defeat, , Russia is not going to back up and leave , Russia will expand its forces in Syria, Assad is becoming a puppet ruler, he will never be able to get rid of Russian forces, Iranian forces has to obey Russian generals , HA has to obey Russian Generals too,
    This occupation is contra to American interest, so US most likely will support the rebels in Syria, at the same time fighting ISIS
    but remember your friend today may be your enemy tomorrow

  4. Colonization by invitation.
    The Russian Bear is a widespread symbol used to imply that Russia is “big, brutal and clumsy”, rightly so.

  5. أعرف بشار الأسد، الرئيس السوري، منذ أن كان طالبًا في كلية لندن، وقضيت ساعات طويلة في التفاوض معه منذ توليه منصبه. كان ذلك في الغالب بناءً على طلب من حكومة الولايات المتحدة، خلال تلك الأوقات الكثيرة التي انسحب فيها سفراؤنا من دمشق بسبب الخلافات الدبلوماسية.
    اتبع بشار ووالده حافظ، سياسة عدم التحدث مع أي شخص في السفارة الأميركية خلال فترات القطيعة، لكنهما كانا يتحدثان معي. لاحظت أن بشار لم يطلب أبدًا مشورة أو معلومة من أحد موظفيه. وكانت السمة السائدة لديه هي العناد؛ كان من المستحيل تقريبًا من الناحية النفسية لديه أن يغير رأيه – وبالتأكيد ليس عندما يكون تحت ضغط.
    قبل انطلاق الثورة في مارس (آذار) 2011، كانت سوريا تمثل نموذجًا جيدًا للعلاقات المتناغمة بين الجماعات العرقية والدينية المختلفة، بما فيها: العرب، والأكراد، واليونانيون، والأرمن، والآشوريون، واليهود، والسنة، والعلويون، والشيعة. وتحكم عائلة الأسد البلاد منذ عام 1970، وكانت فخورة جدا بهذا الانسجام النسبي بين مجموعاتها المتنوعة.
    وعندما طالب المحتجون في سوريا بالإصلاحات التي طال انتظارها في النظام السياسي، اعتبر الرئيس الأسد ذلك جهدًا ثوريًا غير قانوني للإطاحة بنظامه «الشرعي»، وقرر بشكل خاطئ القضاء عليه باستخدام القوة غير الضرورية. ولأسباب كثيرة معقدة، تلقى بشار الدعم من قبل قواته العسكرية، ومعظم المسيحيين، واليهود، والشيعة، والعلويين، والآخرين الذين يخشون استيلاء المتطرفين على السلطة. وأصبحت آفاق الإطاحة به بعيدة المنال.
    ينخرط مركز كارتر في سوريا بعمق منذ أوائل ثمانينات القرن الماضي، وقد شاركنا أفكارنا مع كبار المسؤولين في واشنطن، ساعين للحفاظ على فرصة للحل السياسي لهذا الصراع المتنامي بسرعة. وعلى الرغم من احتجاجنا المستمر، لكن بطريقة سرية، كان الموقف الأميركي في البداية هو ضرورة أن تتضمن الخطوة الأولى لحل الصراع، الإطاحة بالأسد من منصبه. ورأى هؤلاء – الذين عرفوه – هذا الأمر بمثابة طلب غير مثمر، لكن تصرّ أميركا عليه منذ أكثر من أربع سنوات. وفي الواقع، كان تنفيذ شرط أميركا الأساسي لجهود السلام مستحيلاً.
    حاول كل من كوفي أنان الأمين العام السابق للأمم المتحدة، والأخضر الإبراهيمي وزير الخارجية الجزائري الأسبق، إنهاء الصراع، بصفتهما ممثلين خاصين للأمم المتحدة، لكنهما تخليا عن الجهد باعتباره غير مثمر، بسبب عدم التوافق بين أميركا وروسيا ودول أخرى بشأن وضع الأسد خلال عملية السلام.
    وفي مايو (أيار) 2015، زارت مجموعة من القادة العالميين، المعروفين باسم «الشيوخ»، موسكو، أجرينا خلالها مناقشات مفصلة مع السفير الأميركي، والرئيس الأسبق ميخائيل غورباتشوف، ورئيس الوزراء الأسبق يفغيني بريماكوف، ووزير الخارجية سيرغي لافروف، وممثلي المراكز البحثية الدولية، بما فيها فرع موسكو لمركز كارنيغي.
    أشاروا جميعهم إلى الشراكة طويلة الأمد بين روسيا ونظام الأسد، والتهديد الكبير الذي يفرضه تنظيم داعش لروسيا التي يعتبر نحو 14 في المائة من تعداد سكانها مسلمين سنة. وسألت الرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين في وقت لاحق عن دعمه للأسد، وعن الجلستين اللتين عقدهما هذا العام مع ممثلي الفصائل السورية. وأجاب بأنه لم يتحقق تقدم يذكر، وأنه يعتقد أن الفرصة الحقيقية الوحيدة لإنهاء الصراع السوري هي بانضمام إيران وتركيا والسعودية إلى الولايات المتحدة وروسيا من أجل إعداد مقترح سلام شامل. وكذلك اعتقد بوتين أن كل الفصائل في سوريا، باستثناء «داعش»، سوف تقبل تقريبًا بأي خطة تفرضها تلك الدول الخمس بقوة، حيث تدعم إيران وروسيا، الأسد، وتدعم الدول الثلاث الأخرى المعارضة. وبناء على موافقته، نقلت هذا الاقتراح إلى واشنطن.
    وعلى مدى السنوات الثلاث الماضية، ظل مركز كارتر يعمل مع السوريين من مختلف الطوائف السياسية، وقادة المعارضة المسلحة، والدبلوماسيين من الأمم المتحدة وأوروبا، لإيجاد مسار سياسي لإنهاء الصراع. واستند هذا الجهد إلى بحث يعتمد على بيانات بشأن الكارثة السورية أجراه المركز، والذي يكشف عن موقع الفصائل المختلفة، ويظهر بوضوح أنه لا يمكن لأي من الطرفين في سوريا الهيمنة عسكريًا.
    وساعد آخر قرار لروسيا بدعم نظام الأسد عبر الضربات الجوية والقوى العسكرية الأخرى على تفاقم القتال، ورفع مستوى التسلح، وقد يزيد ذلك من تدفق اللاجئين للدول المجاورة وأوروبا. وفي الوقت ذاته، ساعد القرار على توضيح الخيار بين العملية السياسية التي يكون لنظام الأسد دور فيها، والمزيد من الحرب التي يصبح «داعش» فيها تهديدًا أكبر على السلام العالمي. وفي ظل هذه البدائل الواضحة، قد تصوغ الدول الخمس المذكورة آنفًا اقتراحًا بالإجماع. لكن للأسف، لا تزال الاختلافات بين تلك الدول قائمة.
    حددت إيران سلسلة من أربع نقاط قبل عدة أشهر، تتكون من: وقف إطلاق النار، وتشكيل حكومة وحدة، وإجراء إصلاحات دستورية، وإجراء انتخابات. ومن خلال العمل في مجلس الأمن التابع للأمم المتحدة، والاستفادة من اقتراح الدول الخمس، يمكن العثور على آلية لتنفيذ هذه الأهداف.
    ويعتبر إشراك روسيا وإيران ضروريًا. وكان التنازل الوحيد للأسد خلال أربع سنوات من الحرب هو التخلي عن الأسلحة الكيماوية، ولم يفعل الأسد ذلك سوى تحت ضغط من روسيا وإيران. وبالمثل، قال إنه لن ينهي الحرب عن طريق قبول التنازلات المفروضة من قبل الغرب، لكن من المرجح أن يفعل ذلك إذا حثّه حلفاؤه على ذلك.
    وحينها، يمكن لسلطة الأسد الحاكمة أن تنتهي في عملية منظمة، وتأسيس حكومة مقبولة في سوريا، ويمكن حينئذ بذل جهود متضافرة للقضاء على تهديد «داعش».
    إن التنازلات المطلوبة ليست من جانب المقاتلين في سوريا، لكن من جانب الأمم الفخورة بنفسها التي تدّعي أنها تريد السلام، لكنها ترفض تعاون بعضها مع بعض.
    * خدمة «نيويورك تايمز»

  6. The decision to send fivty American soldier to Syria is a month old , as Obama began sending twenty nine military jet now he is sending fivty soldier, ,some believe that is an act of frustration, , it is not a co incidence that such action and Russian military intervention a months ago , and Geneva meeting all occurred just before Turkish re election, which in my opinion is the most important , if Erdogan wins

  7. Ahmad Chalabi, the George W. Bush administration’s favorite Iraqi — at least until the U.S.-led coalition invaded Iraq in 2003 — has just died in Baghdad at age 71.

    Chalabi’s “entrenched hatred and revenge-seeking, in my humble opinion, even at the expense of his country and his people, is a wholesome character of a traitor.”

    For anyone who cared to ask at the time, Chalabi had an obvious motive to use the United States for his own ends. He had fled Iraq at age 14 in 1958, when the Hashemite monarchy was overthrown in a military coup. Imad Khadduri, who attended school with Chalabi from kindergarten onwards and later became a nuclear scientist, said today in an email: “I recall his father barging into our high school class at 9:15 a.m. with Father Sullivan, the principal of the Jesuit-run Baghdad College high school in Baghdad, and ordered Ahmed … to leave the class.” Khadduri now believes that Chalabi was driven by a deep desire for “exacting revenge” against the revolutionary regime of Abdul Karim Kassim, which confiscated his father’s considerable assets. “Ahmed exacted all of them back to him upon his return to Baghdad riding high on American tanks,” Khadduri wrote.

    So certainly Iraqis (as well as Americans) legitimately have every reason to hate Chalabi. Soon after the invasion Glen Rangwala, a British academic, visited the new headquarters of the Iraqi National Congress — in what had been Uday Hussein’s Hunting Club in Baghdad. Rangwala remembers it as “bizarre,” with “waiters bringing you free cocktails under [Uday’s] elaborate chandeliers, whilst an INC goon tells you about how stupid Arabs are.” Khadduri writes that Chalabi’s “entrenched hatred and revenge-seeking, in my humble opinion, even at the expense of his country and his people, is a wholesome character of a traitor.”


  8. قرأت مجدك

  9. نزار قباني كل دروب الحب توصل إلى حلب

  10. @anosmassoud

    كان الله قبل اي راية تحمل باسمه

  11. Erdogan victory is a great failure of American policyUS policy in Syria was always to prevent Erdogan from gaining more power, U.S. Knew that victory of the Syria revolution mean more power to Erdogan , U.S. Tried everything to defeat him , U.S. supportedGullen movement, stirred up Kurds and helped Kurds to get to the parliament, to weaken Erdogan , U.S. Supported the Kurds by providing them with arms, and U.S. Supported Russian involvement in Syria, but Erdogan continue to win, U.S. Policy to contain Erdogan failed
    Erdogan is a great danger to all Arabic presidents and kings they lack the popularity he enjoys, he is even liked by the Arab people who like him more than they like their own rulers.
    We do not know the future but all indications that he will have better future

  12. http://www.cbc.ca/radio/popup/audio/player.html?autoPlay=true&clipIds=2678456505

  13. ISIS has no support and has many enemies, it will be defeated, it is a matter of time, but we are waiting to see what Putin will do after the Russian plane was downed and 224 Russian died, he must respond

  14. The terror in Paris should change the course, U.S. And Europe must send troops to Turkey and all must invade north east Syria and northern Iraq and get rid of ISIS, and safe zone must be established, if Obama is a true leader that what he must do, it is stupidity not to do that, terrorism must never be allowed to succeed, nor it should be right to fight terrorism slowly, , Obama strategy is dead wrong , Assad must be removed and establish strong central government in Syria is necessary to end this terrorism

  15. What is happening in Paris Beirut ! Egypt is an example of butter fly theory

  16. Just few months after the Noble Uprising in Syria, Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddine Hassoun, a state-appointed cleric and Assad loyalist, issued a clear warning to the West.

    “I say to all of Europe, I say to America, we will set up suicide bombers who are now in your countries, if you bomb Syria or Lebanon…From now on, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

  17. In Vienna , U.S. Gave many concessions to Russian Putin, they gave Assad 18month at least to stay in power, , they allowed Russia to materially change Genieve 1 , they threaten to add in the future groups in the free Syrian army to the list of terrorists, they did not require all foreign troops to leave Syria , like HA, and they threaten to punish those who support the FSA with weapons
    The only thing they kept is to have this so called credible ,internationally monitored election, while keeping the Syrian intelligence agencies,Mukhabarat, with no change, to run such election
    We do not know if the the new government which will be formed and will be called national government ,is going to be with complete power, nor we know who the opposition that will be there ,They stated Russia and Jordan will chose this opposition,
    I am not sure rebels will accept this agreement, and I doubt it will succeed,

  18. The best solution for. Syrian refugees is to create safe area, where refugees are placed there so they do not have to go to Europe, what happened in Paris will support this idea that Erdogan suggested long time ago, I believe it is coming, , president Holand will push for it while he visit Washington next week.
    As for Vienna agreement, we in the opposition , in order to join talk with the regime and form a national government we have to have guarantees of safety once we go to Syria, we need assurance that Assad will not send his agents to assassinate us, we know he will deny that but his words are not enough , we need a. Mechanism to assure our safety, the opposition can not take chance, while Assad in power and his security people are still in place
    Putin needs Obama to help him get out of his wrong decision when he sent his military to Syria, this is now his nightmare, he realized it was a mistake , and only naive Obama can help him , the next president may not be as soft as Obama, the timing of Putin concession is directly related to Putin fear of the next president

  19. Listen to Anas Al-Ayoubi, a witness to Parisian kindness in light of the Paris attacks.

  20. Turkey expects safe area in northern Syria before the end of November

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