On the Kidnapping of Razan Zeitouneh, Samira Khalil, Wael Hamada, and Nazim Hamadi

A statement by the Violation Documentation Center (VDC) and the Local Development and Small Projects Support Office (LDSPS) regarding the kidnapping of activists Razan Zeitouneh, Samira Khalil, Wael Hamada and Nazim Hamadi




An unknown armed group kidnapped last night 9/10/2013, human rights lawyer and activist Razan Zeitouneh, activist and ex-political prisoner Samira Khalil, activist and Razan’s spouse Wael Hamada, and the lawyer and poet Nazim Hamadi from the office of the VDC and LDSPS in Douma, Damascus suburbs.

Besides being an icon of the Syrian revolution, Razan cofounded the Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCC) and the Violation Documentation Center (VDC), which documents all human rights violations in Syria. She co-founded the local development and small projects support office (LDSPS) as well which aims to help the people in Syria generally, and in Eastern Ghouta more specifically, to provide basic needs and essential services and support to medical and development centers. Her and her colleagues work is very well recognized by the inhabitants in Ghouta.

Her kidnapping and the kidnapping of her colleagues indicates yet again the endeavor of some to undermine any form of civil action to help Syrians in the liberated areas to rule and provide for themselves.

We, at the VDC and LDSPS, condemn with the strongest words this kidnapping and ask for the immediate release of Razan, Samira, Wael and Nazim without any conditions.

We also hold all armed groups operating in the area accountable for the safety and safeguard of the Ghouta inhabitants and Razan and her colleagues. We hold them accountable as well for the safe release of Razan and her colleagues and their safe return to their homes. Such armed groups should ensure that such kidnapping in never repeated again in the future in the area they control.

The Dignity and Freedom revolution is undergoing one of its most critical moments now and we hope that it will be able to avoid this trap set from its enemies to undermine its credibility and stray its path.


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  1. Dear Sami
    No we should not ignore the 10% , infact they are the most noble people,they benefit of nothing by opposing Asad(Aswad) they lose the most, they are most admirable and respected people to me, but 90% is too high some of those who say they oppose Aswad they are not telling the truth,they are against this revolution from day one, they are against freedom, they don’t believe in dignity and equality, they want to maintaing the hegemony and superiority of the current regime, those are included in the 90%, and you know who I am talking about, Ossama Suleiman is not a trustworthy person

  2. Dear Majed,

    Those that want this regime should be shunned for just that.

    I know exactly of who you talk about, but they do not represent their sect just as thugs like Jolani do not represent you.

    I have read your comments for years now Majed, and well aware of your opinions. I know where your heart stands and feel the pain in your words.

    Your courage in going to Syria to help the wounded and less fortunate show the man you really are, you have nothing but my respect for that.

  3. Thank you Sami
    I believe you are from Damascus , from the same area as I am,
    On another point
    كنت اتوقع الثورة في العراق منذ سنة, فالمالكي استشرى شراً,و هو اخطأ اليوم بمهاجمة الاعتصام السلمي, و سير الأمور تختلف عن مخططها, و لكن المثل يقول لا تصغر حتى تكبر

  4. Dear Sami
    Thank you
    Not only Jolani does not represent me, Da-esh is my enemy as much as Assad is,
    they are the one who kidnapped Razan Zeitouneh, and Samira Khalil, and their friends, this is a contr revolution act , it is despicable act,freedom of speech must be respected and justice is necessary .
    Syria must be free

  5. Majed,

    If I remember correctly you’ve mentioned that you live close by Shami Hospital. I live close to the Vatican Embassy (Safarah Al-Babawiyeh) just off the river. Ya3ni wulaad 7ara almost! Maybe we’ll share a shawarma at Farouks next time we’re both there.

    “Not only Jolani does not represent me, Da-esh is my enemy as much as Assad is”

    Very well said, cannot agree more. Assad and his henchmen do not represent Alawites either, both the Sunnis and Alawites of Syria are being held for ransom by extremists trying to destroy our beautiful country. The sooner our country is wrested from under the mercy of these thugs the sooner the healing starts.

    Personally, I cannot wait for us to identify each other as Syrians and just that.

    “لا تصغر حتى تكبر”

    I truly hope Iraqis avoid this and come to an understanding. Alas, with the latest assassination and arrest add to it the recent events in Lebanon are painting a very grim outlook for the region for time to come.

  6. Sami
    if you walk up from the babawiya embassy then cross the malki street, you enter abdul Munem Ryad street then you get to Majd square, there is my house, this whole area used to belong to my Family several of my family live in this area, in fact my cousins live two building up from that embassy, we must meet one day

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