Armchair Generals Dictators

Cartoon by Ali Ferzat
As usual,  every time I think that i am the first to think of something, I check Ali Ferzat cartoons. In this cartoon, he may not have intended arm-chair dictators, but the real ones. However, the image is suitable for both.

Anyone following the events of the Syrian revolution would notice repeated calls by some loyalists for the regime to go on the attack. These call may include bombastic violent posts on blogs, usually posted right after yet a new atrocious murder is committed by the regime, all the way to articles written by regime-loyal opposition advocating that the regime cracks on those the loyalists claim to be tearing Syria apart for daring to profess their faith, or for rising up after their natural rights. Sometime it gets really Kafkaesque, when someone you respect and like writes such a statement. Your first reaction would be to ask whether the much hyped Syrian Electronic Army has succeeded in hacking into their account and are now posting under their names. But these calls continue.

Fascist utterances, disguised as patriotic or law-and-order statements are not new to Syrians or to anyone living under dictatorship. The essence of dictatorship is to claim that the dictator, be it a single person, a family, or a fascist nationalist political party is the only one/group that knows, is capable of, or does what is good for the country such as safeguarding the national integrity, resisting an enemy, or protecting ethnic and religious minorities. In Syria’s case, all three are claimed by the regime and its loyalists despite of all evidences to the contrary. To the fascist minded brute, as well as to those law-and-order, resistance, and stability advocating intellectuals, such justifies any action against the “traitors”, who in this case, are most of the common folks and poor of Syria who are revolting for their dignity and rights.

A striking example of the intellectual brutality of regime loyalists was demonstrated right after an upsurge in the number of murdered demonstrators. It was in the form of a threat that a well-known general of the regime’s inner circle had then said, “well, i have not yet taken off my Pajama to wear my military fatigue”, which was meant to indicate that the regime has not yet used all levels of violence it is capable of.

So now, months later, we still hear and read arguments for the regime to go on the attack. I am yet to see anyone in the loyalists camp define the parameters of attack be it a militarily attack or a rhetorical one. From my naive perspective, it would seem that conducting wholesale arrest campaigns in almost every Syrian city and town qualifies as an attack (√). Firing on peaceful demonstrators is an attack (√). Invading cities and sending bands of thugs in both military uniform or in some hybrid brown-shirt reminiscent uniforms to roam the streets and destroy cars, shops, motorcycles, and homes is an attack (√). Assassinating political activists by snipers or by torture in custody is an attack (√).  Kidnapping and disappearing thousands in manners reminiscent of Pinochet and perhaps worst is an attack (√).  Clearly, the  regime has so far used all of these means of attacks and more, including preemptive ones such as loading streets with thugs and shabee7a and beating and threatening anyone who seems to think of voicing malcontent. Off course rhetorical attacks never stopped, the regime propaganda machine, starting with cheap bombastic stupidity of clueless or paid online warriors, all the way to most expensive operations of a cowardly media, which has been part and parcel; of the regime’s machination of oppression, and reaching across the boarder through Dollar (or is it now Euros) paid Lebanese intellectual prostitutes, all have been thrown at the revolution. In essence, with all of the check-done marks, isn’t it clear that the regime has been on the attack and a fierce attack at that.

Yet, when some still ask the regime to go on the attack, she/he is insinuating that the regime is not doing enough. So what is left, really, ….what is left?

  1. Mass rounding and executions (not that it did not happen, but seems that some people think not enough of it has happened)
  2. Use of chemical weapons Halabja style
  3. Indiscriminate wide-scale air Bombing raids Qaddafi style

To answer the question, I propose to follow a fun practice that exists in many democratic countries. Middle school kids go participate in mock elections every year through school and civil society civic programs. The winner gets to become a president or a prime minister for a day.  Now i will ask those armchair generals dictators, to imagine that they have been the winners of such an election in Syria. So for now, if you are one, then ….you have been elected (that is approved by a 99.999% referendum) president chief thug. Therefore, if you think that not enough has been done to quell the “terrorists”, then please decide, publicly whether you want to use 1 or 2, 3, in combinations, or all together. Name the location/s, towns, cities, or neighborhoods you think are infested by those the regime and its loyalists call terrorists and suicide bombers and go ahead and sign and issue the decree for the attack. After all, some loud regime horn  claimed that Syria is not a lawless country, well go a head, use the law and tell us what is your choice?. Just remember that taking off ones Pajama means that one stands in ones dirty   underwear……or  simply stark naked.


  1. Dear Annie
    Good point, it is hard to write the first comment. And I would like to reiterate my thanks for the note on subscription. It took me a couple of trial to get it right.

    Dear SYR.EXPAT
    It is a pleasure seeing a comment from you on this blog. You are absolutely right. The world is enraged. And thanks for the link, which had a few that I had not seen in the past. I loved the politico one because it takes from Ali’s own spirit and from a couple he drew in the past.

    PS. Sorry for the latency in approving your first post. From now on your post will appear instantaneously.


  2. Dear OTW

    I thought you would get a kick out of this slogan
    ألف باء بوباية، سطل دهان و فرشاية، أنا بكتب على الحيط، والأمن بيمسح وارايي


  3. NEW TREE?

    Good people seem to gather here. I like that, I’ll be around too. good rats hang around good people.


  4. Hi OTW, great post. Would you mind emailing me again on the email I’ve specified? I just want to make sure the first email I got from you a few days back was genuine. Thanks 🙂


  5. Dear OTW,

    No problem about the delay. I expected that the first comment was going to be moderated, but wanted to double-check in case I was doing something wrong. Good to see Annie, NK, Syrian Hamster, and Aboud comments.

    By the way, how can I change the image that appears next to my name?


  6. Dear SYR.EXPAT
    I don’t yet know how to change the image, but you may need to subscribe to Avatar service. I think it is called Gravatar. Annie and NK may have an answer. I will also check if there is a need for a setting change. I am also trying to find out how to allow editing ones own comment. But this may require changing the type of service, which I will do once I am more familiar with WordPress coding. (Lots of php)


  7. For a long time, was heavily moderated, especially in the Comments section. However, lately, many anti-government comments are being allowed. Actually, in the article about Imad Mustapha’s disgraceful interview with CNN, almost all of the comments, and there were many, were critical of him and the Syrian government. Are the electronic shabeeha giving up?


  8. Dear SYR.EXPAT

    This is a very interesting development. I Don’t think Shabeeha will ever give up or change rules of engagement. It is the nature of this regime not to tolerate singing even a single note outside the flock. This was very clear from the orders to arrest Amin Samman for his intervention in one dialog session.

    BTW. I sure hope Mr. Ayman Abdel-Nour changes the image of father and son in the header of his site under the title “كيف تم تحضير بشار الاسد للرئاسة والظروف المحيطة بذلك”. It makes his site look like a menhebbakji site, which it is not. There are many other more important issues. And by now, the methods of preparing a dictator are less important than the methods of the dictator himself.


  9. Good morning ! Found this very moving clip on twitter

    A gallery of shouhada

    I feel like crying; ihtiram and love


  10. Hello ! Looks like SC is closed. you get an ***INVALID*** anti spam word and it is an unbridgeable obstacle.

    Josh did a fine job; but right now, I feel more comfortable here. The menhebaks are leaving us alone.

    I am not much of a debater. And writing in another language makes one feel clumsy.

    Syrian in exile continues to post ( I wonder where he will go from there.


  11. Hi Annie
    Seems that your comments are still getting directed into the moderation queue. I apologize for that and will check ways to fix that.

    I believe Joshua and his team are working very hard on getting that problem resolved.

    Joshua’s site is one of the most influential sites on Syria, especially in the US. This explains why they targeted it with increased vigor. Our little corner, which I am happy you feel comfort at, will hopefully remain a welcoming corner but is unlikely to be as influential. I will off course exercise my right as owner of the site to set the policy. But I intend to seek guidance and advice from friends and hopefully those who become regulars.

    One day Annie, and soon. I hope that we all will be able to post under our real names.


  12. Dear OTW
    Your wordpress options might have to do with the model you choose. I shall explore the matter.


  13. Dear OTW,

    Correction: the theme counts but the options are in the admin page.
    I would love to have the edit possibility we had at Josh’s but have not found it so far.


  14. I have been trying hard to post on this blog,,since Syria comment closed,I believe it is going O,K, now.
    I wonder what do you think about the conference which was held inside Syria, in Ma3raba,and what will the Russian try, and I doubt they will be successful.
    Do you believe that closing SC was due to pressure on Joshua,I believe that Imad Mustafa told the Menhebbakjies to abandon the blog,it is suspision ,I do not have proof.


  15. Dear OTW, I think you have to setup this addon to allow comment editing, I’m pretty sure it’s the same one Landis was using

    Dear SYR.EXPAT

    I don’t know about annie, but personally I have a account and through it using ( which OTW mentioned earlier you get to choose avatars.
    If I remember correctly for this to work properly you need to register on both sites ( and ( using the same email address.

    For extra security (if you need it), I suggest you register a new email address on say Yahoo with no personal information and use that email to set up your other accounts, just make sure you remember all these user names and passwords in case you want to make changes to your account in the future 🙂


  16. Dear Majed Khaldoun
    Welcome to 7ee6an and sorry for the initial inconvenience. I have not yet followed up much on the conference in Syria. But I think the Russian are trying to play a role now in initiating some sort of dialog. I have followed the news of some of these farcical dialog sessions and it is clear that Baathists are dominant and when others are involved, little or no real dissent is tolerated. I will try to catch up.

    I also think that the Menhebbakjies on SC were a combination of self-styled shabeeha, freelancers, and volunteers with some sort of connection to a network that seems to have formed in a few countries along with the occasional ignorant Syrian Electronic Army kid. But I doubt that their abandoning the blog is organized by Imad Mustafa. I think many of them came to recognize that they lost the moral case both on style and substance, and if they were told to abandon the site, it is because they were doing more harm to the regime than benefit even when they were handed some winning cards due to mistakes made by some in the opposition. Off course I am talking about the hard core group, which to a large extent had a real shallow and sophomoric style and substance.

    As for pressure on Joshua, while all what I am going to write below is true, to my knowledge, it may also be interpreted as attempt from me to rationalize my own rejection that an American Academic will not be intimidated by regime bullying. Although I am more inclined to think that it is not rationalization.

    My own experience make me inclined to believe the main part of the story. Please notice that Joshua is up for promotion to Full Professor . This is not “in rank” promotion and it requires that the faculty member demonstrates significant intellectual output. Interviews, articles in the press, and blog don’t count much as intellectual output, they only count as community service. Publications in contemporary history journal, political science, and other theoretical journals would be important, along with books, and editorship of peer reviewed journals. Joshua has managed to put his Center on the map, both as associate director and as director and with that he has significantly raised the bar for himself. It is my hope that he succeeds in getting his book finished and published as soon as possible, and that he also manages to satisfy the high requirement. Bare in mind that while in-rank promotions require case review by colleagues in the same university. Between ranks, require case review by peers from other universities, sometimes worldwide. Joshua has to have an air-tight case, and I am very supportive of that.

    An added complexity is the fact that the revolution in Syria is also exerting a lot of pressure on Joshua’s time. Given that most of us on SC have been commenting using fake identities, we can not claim to represent organized opposition or viable blocks. On the other hand, there are real blocks forming or at least trying to form. We are outside and have little real influence on what happens on the inside. While much is happening elsewhere inside Syria and in key places such as Paris, Istanbul, and DC. Joshua has to make a triage and cost and benefit (intellectual as well as career wise) decisions. Professionalism demands that he focuses on the real action especially after the quality of discourse on Syria Comment has deteriorated substantially.

    This blog has been alive for less than a month. And it does take a significant amount of time, even with the fact that I am no expert, which means that I do not have to compile news or analyze trends. I can simply be an emotional ranter and nothing will change in my own professional career.

    I am eager to know your opinion of what I just wrote as well as the opinion of others.


  17. Dear NK

    just make sure you remember all these user names and passwords in case you want to make changes to your account in the future

    How prophetic. Tell me about that…

    I think the Ajax comment editing extension requires a higher level of subscription than the one I have now, which I will do very soon once I am more familiar with some details.


  18. I very much agree with you and I have full respect and appreciation to Joshua,and I wish him great lock for him and his family,We all love him,and I expect the return of Syria comment,What I meant is that he is under pressure, I did not mean any specific person exerting pressure on him,
    I was having difficulty starting on your blog, and I expect others would and will have the same difficulty,I hope we avoid ranting and using vulgar words,after all we are to respect ourselves,I always admired your comments,and wanted to be here,


  19. Dear Majed
    Thank you for the kind words. The admiration is mutual.
    Can you please give me a little more hints about what type of difficulties you encountered? I would very much appreciate that and try to avoid them. They may be related to theme choice. There are plenty of themes to chose from.

    Like you, I am vulgarity averse, which means censoring vulgar comments. Suggestions for policy would be more than welcomed and they can be sent to if you do not want them to appear as comments. But I think if they appear as comment, it would also be a chance for others to complement them.


  20. Its good to see the familiar names again. I was beginning to experience withdrawal symptoms (unlike the online Shabeehs who are already narcotic addicts anyway.)

    Once again thanks to OTW. Much appreciated.

    I was surprised at hearing an opposition meeting was allowed to take place near Damascus. The security people remained at a distance only to watch who attended.


  21. Hello CSI HAMA
    I was not very surprised. It is another way out. The final statement of the conference was not as strong. And some of the participants like Louai Huassin have already hinted their willingness to settle things with Assad. So the regime has a hint that the conference will not call, at least in a very concrete way for the its head, which is the only taboo left.

    Here is the final statement of the conveners.

    البيان الختامي

    هيئة التنسيق الوطنية في سوريا
    on Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 8:24pm
    في أجواء الثورة الشعبية من أجل الانتقال بسوريا من واقع الاستبداد إلى رحاب الدولة الديمقراطية التعددية المنشودة, وعلى إيقاع الصمود الرائع لشعبنا بمواجهة المجازر الدموية , وما يقدمه شباب الوطن من تضحيات كبرى تشكل ملحمة نضالية رائعة , اجتمع المؤتمر العام ( المجلس الوطني الموسع ) لهيئة التنسيق الوطنية, والذي ضّم ما يزيد عن ثلاث مئة شخصية يمثلون أحزاباً وتيارات سياسية من مختلف الاتجاهات الوطنية الديمقراطية ومن فعاليات المجتمع السياسية والثقافية والاقتصادية والاجتماعية ومن شباب الثورة وتنسيقيات الحراك الشعبي من كافة المناطق السورية الذين أصّروا على الحضور رغم المخاطر الأمنية .

    أفتتح المؤتمر بالنشيد الوطني العربي السوري والوقوف دقيقة صمت على أرواح الشهداء وقد توصل المؤتمرون في نهاية مناقشات ساهم فيها عدد كبير من الحاضرين إلى التوصيات
    التالية :
    1. يؤكد المؤتمرون أن هيئة التنسيق الوطنية للقوى الوطنية الديمقراطية بجميع عناصرها وقواها تعتبر نفسها جزءاً من الثورة الشعبية وفي قلبها , وهي ليست وصية عليها ولا تدعي قيادتها بل تعمل لتجسيد طموحاتها في مشروع سياسي وطني , وان هذه الثورة بما تحمله من مطالب مشروعة هي تعبير عن إرادة الشعب السوري بجميع أطيافه .

    2. يرى المؤتمرون أن العامل الحاسم في حصول التغيير الوطني الديمقراطي بما يعنيه من إسقاط النظام الاستبدادي الأمني الفاسد هو استمرار الثورة السلمية للشعب السوري , ولذلك يدعو المؤتمر جميع القوى والفعاليات المشاركة وأصدقائهم ومناصريهم إلى الاستمرار في الانخراط فيها وتقديم كل أشكال الدعم لها بما يساعد على استمرارها حتى تحقيق أهداف الشعب السوري في الحرية والكرامة والديمقراطية .

    3. إن استمرار الخيار العسكري _ الأمني للسلطة الحاكمة وتغول القوى الأمنية والجيش وعناصر الشبيحة في قمع المتظاهرين السلميين هو المسؤول الرئيسي عن بروز ردود أفعال انتقامية مسلحة, وهذا ما حذرنا منه مراراً , لذلك فإن المؤتمر في الوقت الذي يدعو فيه إلى الوقف الفوري لقمع المتظاهرين, فإنه يشدد على ضرورة الحفاظ على سلمية الحراك الشعبي وعدم الانجرار وراء دعوات التسّلح من أي جهة جاءت , كما يؤكد أنه لابد للجيش العربي السوري وللقوى الأمنية من مراجعة عميقة لممارساتها حيث أنه لا انتصار لجيش على شعبه , ولا مستقبل لشعب لا يصونه جيشه .

    4. يرى المؤتمر أن المدخل يبدأ بإنهاء الحل العسكري-الأمني بكل عناصره وتفاصيله بما فيه السماح بالتظاهر السلمي وانسحاب الجيش إلى ثكناته, ومحاسبة المسؤولين عن قتل المتظاهرين, وإطلاق سراح جميع المعتقلين السياسيين , واجراء مصالحة بين الجيش والشعب , وتشكيل لجان مشتركة من تنسيقيات الحراك الشعبي ومن رجال الشرطة لضبط الاستفزازات وحماية التظاهرات السلمية .

    5. يؤكد المؤتمر أنه حتى تحقيق لحظة التغيير لا يمكن تجاهل العمل السياسي من حيث المبدأ, إلا أن الحل السياسي لا يمكن أن يتحقق ما لم يتوقف الحلّ الأمني ـ العسكري ليفتح الطريق إلى مرحلة انتقالية تجري مصالحة تاريخية وتوفر الظروف والشروط الملائمة لبناء الدولة المدنية الديمقراطية البرلمانية التعددية .

    6. يؤكد المؤتمر على ضرورة التمسّك بأسلوب النضال السلمي, ويحّفز الحراك الشعبي على ابتكار أشكال من النضال السلمي تحافظ عليه وتمكنه من تحقيق أهدافه . كما يؤكد المؤتمر على تمسكه بالثوابت الوطنية برفض التدخل العسكري الأجنبي , ورفض استخدام العنف في العمل السياسي , وإدانة التجييش الطائفي والمذهبي . ويرى المؤتمر في استمرار النهج الأمني للسلطة تحفيزاً خطيراً لتلك الميول والنزعات .

    7. ومن أجل أنجاز المهام المذكورة يؤكد المؤتمر على ضرورة العمل على توحيد المعارضة ويوصي المكتب التنفيذي لهيئة التنسيق بالعمل على انجاز (الائتلاف الوطني السوري ) وفق الرؤية المشتركة والثوابت الوطنية والآلية التنظيمية التي يتفق عليها , وذلك خلال أسبوعين من هذا التاريخ ويؤكد المؤتمر على انه في مقدمة مهام هيئة التنسيق العمل المستمر من أجل توسيع قاعدة الائتلاف الوطني المنشود ليضم أوسع قاعدة شعبية من جميع فعاليات المجتمع السوري .

    8. يؤكد المؤتمر على أهمية صياغة عقد اجتماعي جديد يرسم صورة مشرقة لوحدة المجتمع السوري انطلاقاً من مشروع عهد الكرامة والحقوق بعد إجراء التعديلات المطلوبة عليه , وطرحه للنقاش العام مع مختلف أطياف المجتمع . كما ينوه المؤتمر بأهمية القوى الكردية و ضرورة إيجاد حّل عادل للقضية الكردية على قاعدة وحدة سورية أرضاً وشعباً , وأنها جزء من الوطن العربي كما ورد في الوثيقة السياسية التأسيسيه لهيئة التنسيق الوطني .

    9. يعتبر المؤتمر أن الوثائق المقدمة من اللجنة التحضيرية تحتاج إلى تعديلات أساسية في ضوء مناقشات أعضاء المؤتمر والاقتراحات التي تقدموا بها , وكلّف المكتب التنفيذي بإعادة صياغتها بصورتها النهائية وتقديمها للمجلس المركزي لإقرارها .

    10. وفي نهاية أعمال المؤتمر انتُخب أعضاء المجلس المركزي من الفعاليات الثقافية والسياسية والاجتماعية , كما اختار الشباب وتنسيقياتهم والأحزاب السياسية ممثليهم في هذا المجلس .

    11. بالنشيد العربي السوري اختتم المؤتمر أعماله .

    عاشت سوريا حرة ديمقراطية ..

    دمشق 17\9\2011

    True, they talk about the security regime, but they do not talk as powerfully as Burhan Ghalyoun’s statement on the 16th, in which he says the following:

    رسالة من برهان غليون اليوم صباحا:

    كثرت في الآونة الأخيرة الأحاديث والإفتراضات عن تسريبات صادرة عن مبادرة الدوحة، أو عن آرائي وتوجهاتي الشخصيه، وبناء على طلب العديد من الأخوة النشطاء في الداخل والخارج على حد سواء، وكونهم من يمثل الثورة بشكل حقيقي، رأيت أن أجاوب وبشكل مباشر عن النقاط التي طلب مني توضيحها:

    ١- المطلب الأول هو إسقاط النظام القمي والإستبدادي بكل مكوناته، بدء من رأس النظام ومرورا بجميع أركانه وأفراده
    ٢- رفض الحوار مع جميع أركان النظام عن أي تنازل أو تفاوض على حقوق ودماء الشعب السوري الشريف، وعدم الموافقة على أي توجه للإبقاء على أي من أركان النظام حتى ٢٠١٤

    ٣- رفض سياسة الإقصاء لأي طرف أو توجه أو حزب أي كان انتماؤه السياسي وتحت أي مسمى كان، والترحيب بهم بما فيهم القوى السياسية الجديدة والقوى الثورية والشبابية في قيادة العمل السياسي إلى جانب القوى السياسية التقليدية للعمل على توحيد الجهود وتأسيس ائتلاف وطني مستقل يمثل الشعب السوري.. ويعبر عن مطالبه

    ٤- الشعب السوري بثواره وشبابه وتنسيقياته وتجمعاته على اختلاف أسماءها لها كلمة الفصل الأولى والأخيرة.

    ٥- لا نية لي بالترشح لأي منصب سياسي في سوريا في الدورة الأولى بعد إسقاط النظام.

    نرجو أن يكون ما سبق.. توضيحا لجميع الملابسات حول ما أشيع في الآونة الأخيرة، وجوابا وافيا لمن راسلني مشكورا.

    مع خالص تحياتي:

    برهان غليون
    ١٦ سبتمبر ٢٠١١

    I think Ghalyoun’s statement is much more in tune with the streets.


  22. Dear NK,

    Thank you for the info. By creating an account with WordPress, I was automatically logged in to Gravatar where I was able to choose an image. It was very straight forward.


  23. Majed,

    I did not get the memo from the Ambassador,
    I am probably fired,

    Things are becoming very tens and people finding it difficult to stay neutral, i just hope things will move in the right direction and all will be satisfied not excited but satisfied somehow.


  24. Rodents are special
    Anyone read Qunfuz’s (a distant relative) exchange with one side of the “new-old” regime on Syria Comment.

    Got to love them Rodents…..


  25. Ya Hamster : I cannot find Qunfuz in the last two chapter at SC.
    What is OTW going to do with this blog ?
    Of course, it can pursue its own road and we’ll be frequent visitors, but as long as some of the better people are still commenting at SC, I’ll continue to drop in regularly there too.


  26. Hamster : I had not read that exchange and I am happy you pointed to it.
    I cannot stand and I skip all the remarks from اكبر


  27. Norman
    I was in Morroca and spain whe the NAAMA had a meeting there, I believe you said you were there
    There is intense investigations about Imad Mustafa,and I believe he will be expelled finally,he knows he is in trouble.


  28. Majed,

    I went to Spain for 10 days, i felt so proud to be an Arab from Syria, they are very proud of Abd Al Rahman the immigrant and what he did in Spain.


  29. Guys:

    What do you think about my compaign to unveil the internal fear of the islamophobic Christians.


  30. Haytham, fear is at the root of a lot of evil.

    In Damascus, I heard repeatedly Christians say they wished the Assads well because they fell protected. If Muslim authorities could reassure them about their future safety that would help but only experience will do that. The protests I attended insisted on the wahda.

    Christians who are islamophobic are lost cases.


  31. re the ABOUD affair on SC; so, he has been banned for a week because, in answer to 718 SNK he replied
    “722. Aboud said:

    “after she is dead he is going to steel her Coach bags.”

    Hey man, I hear you loud and clear. Don’t worry, we will save her dresses and panties for you. That is after we have done unto her what her husband has been doing unto the country; cut off her arms and head after torturing her for a month.

    [admin: You are banned for a week for this comment]

    OK, that is strong language, but others have written much worse without being banned. I told the powers that control SC that I would not post until ABOUD is back. They said that he keeps posting offensive stuff from different IP’s. How do they know it is Aboud posting ?

    Reaction from
    847. ziadsoury said:

    How come Aboud is banned? What did say about Asma? I have the right to know and judge for myself.

    For over six months, bashroubies have written extremely vulgar and very offensive posts. Some even asked for the killing of 10,000,000 Syrians and still no one condemned them. Is Asma untouchable? No.

    Me : I do not know how many of us are still reading SC but I would like your opinion about the affair; the site is again infested with menhebaks and notably with that Ariel new person.


  32. I am so sorry for Aboud.
    Aboud even when he says strong language, he does not mean it.


  33. Dear Annie
    It will be SC’s loss not to have you around. I hope that Aboud comes back soon. And I urge you to keep visiting the site. Should not allow it to be Shabeeha territory.

    While Asma in not untouchable, I personally am against banning and I have made that quite clear in the past even with respect to an Israeli poster with whom I had bitter arguments (AIG). At the same time, and while I am in no position to name Alex’s motivation for having reacted this way, I was personally offended by Aboud’s comment. For the following reason:

    Rape as a weapon of war is one of the most serious, and sadly, prevalent war crimes. There are possible evidence to its use by regime thugs, and Aboud’s comment, while not explicit in that regard, could be interpreted as an implicit threat of using rape as a weapon. I reject that and would be furious at anyone who paints the Syrian revolution as such, not even to antagonize those who have supported and/or condoned such crime by the regime’s side. Same about torture, which is also being threatened in Aboud’s comment.

    I hope Aboud will be able to post again, and I sure hope that he would not leave space for misjudging his comments or motivations. It is easy for me to write what I wrote above, because I am not in the middle of things like Aboud is.


  34. Guys,

    I warned Aboud in the past about his violent language. Aboud may not mean it. However, banalization violence of everything starts by using violent language (even if the person does not mean it) without discretion.


  35. I know for sure that Alex is regime spokeperson,he is close to the regime,I found it offensive to hear people like Aboud talking about rape,and I think Aboud has to avoid such language, I know Alex will allow him back, but I do think that Aboud is funny,he can criticise Asma, as much as he wants,and yes he can make fun of her ,but never should he talk about raping her.

    I like to have your opinion about Alex suggestion of dialogue,I found it very unreasonable,,,,,,,,,when Damascus spring suggested dialogue ,Bashar put them in jail for long period of their life,how could you have dialogue with somone who is on a rampant spree of killing his people? you just can not.


  36. What dialogue is that. The litany of the regime oppression is too big. Further, with the crimes against humanity, there is no moral grounds for dialogue.


  37. My impression Alex is either an Islamophobic Christian or an aristocrat that despises the populace.


  38. Dialogue with whom ? and under shooting ?

    I worry about Aboud. Hope he is not being held in some dungeon.
    Alex, I have no real opinion. I must confess I read SC selectively, mostly pple I like and the occasional menhebak. Lack of time.


  39. Alex wants us to vote on this


    Moderation of the comments section at SC should be
    MILD: no restriction on language, violence or frequency of posts. (16%, 3 Votes)
    BALANCED: Tolerate mild violations. Warnings, followed by editing highly offensive comments, then banning persistent violators of SC rules. (42%, 8 Votes)
    STRONG: One warning followed by banning for one week, then final banning of those violating SC rules. (42%, 8 Votes)


  40. Dear Annie
    I am not participating in this poll as I don’t like the motivation. It is a reaction to divert attention from Alex’s own mistake. With every post he does in response to his initial error, he is making things worse. I am taking your same attitude. But I am reading and I like some of the new posts today. There was a superb article from the UK that was linked.


  41. Dear Haytham
    I just read your article and I like it that you have highlighted the role of civil right workers. I aml not in contact with any member of the new council, but I take the position of supporting them like you do for as you have highlighted, we need a unified body that can talk on behalf of Syrians. We also need such body to coordinate donations and contributions from Syrians and to ensure that the process of helping is well organized.

    Supporting our people on the inside should be our priority now. I have it on good sources that the extent of the regime’s crimes are far wider than what has been reported even by those supporting the revolution. I hope that the council will be working on putting together dossiers that will embarrass both Russia and China. Brazil is already finding the regime to be distasteful despite of the strong lobbying by a powerful Pro-regime Syrian and Lebanese communities. I would very much appreciate if anyone has contacts with that community to see exactly what is happening there.


  42. dear otw, I really miss Aboud and I have stopped spending much time on SC,
    I always liked your comments nevertheless

    Is it too much trouble to tell here what I really should not miss ? I looked for “There was a superb article from the UK that was linked.” and did not find it.

    I wrote a mail to True who announced he is leaving SC


  43. Dear OTW:

    Nobody knows what is going on exactly. The country is big and the regime is not anymore in control. The local security forces are acting on their own with no central directions. Of course, it is the horror inside. The horror will increase with the announcement of the council. This is the most mature political umbrella of the opposition. I am very optimistic. I will write to Dr. Ghalioun shortly regarding some proposals. I will keep you posted.


  44. @ ABOUD

    Howz going mate?

    OTW has my email, can you please take it of him and email me?

    @ Annie

    Thanks for the email, it’s always good to hear from ya.

    Just a question, I’ve received two emails from ya from two different email addresses! Is that you in both cases?


  45. I’ve emailed Joshua clarifying how on earth a moderator can be a hardcore biased commentator?

    He basically said it’s not his business while he’s busy working on his book!!!

    He mentioned Ehsani is on holidays. I think that explains why the self-obsessed horn is playing his game eh


  46. Now back to business 🙂

    @ OTW

    Very thoughtful mate, well done.

    I reckon in Menhebak’s dictionary “attack” means torture to death.

    @ Haytham Khoury

    “I am very optimistic. I will write to Dr. Ghalioun shortly regarding some proposals. I will keep you posted”

    Can you please elaborate more what kind of proposals are you refereeing to?

    Is Dr.Burhan still using the same contact details?

    Tel: 33-1-45-85-79-54 (W),
    M: 33-6-18-39-44-43
    Fax: 33-1-44-24-00-17


  47. The proposals are regarding: the committees that they are planing to form: Foreign affair, media, security, constitutional and administrative reforms.

    His contact is the same.


  48. Teslam bro kelak zo2

    I’m really happy to see most of the heavyweight commentators are already graffiting on your Walls 🙂

    I do hope to address all of them at the same time


  49. @ Haytham Khoury

    I hope you’re still maintaining your high spirit and dodging the Menhebaks as usual 🙂

    How difficult would it be to extract a recognition from major countries?


  50. Major countries are very ready to accept the council. France did already. Obama in a bad shape for this reason he is not committing fast.
    There are already plans to establish no-fly zone. The Europeans will go for it.

    I am doing well on SC.


  51. True : Just a question, I’ve received two emails from ya from two different email addresses! Is that you in both cases?

    Not to worry; I have several addresses.
    About Aboud : I wonder if he will be interested in returning. I admire OTW, Sheila and Haytham et al. holding the opposition fort.


  52. Today, we will have the security council vote for decision against the regime.
    I am very opitmistic. My impression Russia may vote “yes”. It would be the first results of the Council formation.


  53. Rime Allaf

    The Zeinab story: the lie is the regime’s and the regime’s alone. The regime first came to arrest her (the real Zeinab), then first returned the body of her brother to the family (he died under torture), then told the family come take your daughter too – and gave them a burned beheaded body, unrecognizable, in pieces. That body, of course, still is a martyr, we just don’t know whose it is. The family was told by the regime that this was their daughter, they didn’t just find the corpse in the street, and it’s not the opponents of the regime who made this up. And after everyone got all worked up, they deliver “the victim who simply ran away” because – to boot – her brothers (who must be “extremists”) were abusing her.

    The point is that the regime is not only criminal but criminally stupid, as if these games can prove anything about the “armed terrorist gangs” and about the “lying activists” and as if we’re supposed to forget the whole sequence of events, and only watch the Syrian television clip like idiots and say oh, the opposition lied. (Ironically, the criminal Taleb Ibrahim the other day claimed on television these same gangs had killed Zeinab.)


  54. I am sure you all know about her, Rime Allaf. Here is a comment on her facebook about Zeinab

    Rime Allaf
    LOL! So, is her brother also not dead? Was he also not arrested by the security services? Perhaps he also simply ran away? In fact, maybe the 3000 people who disappeared over the last 3 days in Rastan simply ran away!
    لقاء مع زينب عمر الحصني على التلفزيون السوري 4 10 2011
    لقاء مع زينب عمر الحصني 4 10 2011 -شبكة منقول الاخبارية- يرجى دعم مقاطع الفيديو بلايك على اليوتيوب


  55. True
    SC is not for Alex,Aboud will be back, you have been the voice of truth,please come back to SC.
    I like to get your E Mail,along with all the good opposition


  56. How to Topple a Regime in Ten months

    Written by syrian mondasseh on 1 September, 2011

    The Syrian uprising is going to soon hit its sixth moth as I write this post, with no sign of a close solution showing up in the horizon. However, no one can deny the fact that the Syrian regime is exhibiting signs of irrational acts from international insults to prominent nations ( by the foreign affairs minister Waleed Almualim who said Syria will pretend that Europe doesn’t exist on the map if they maintain their pressure on Syria) to ignoring advices of traditional allies ( Russia and Iran who grew sick and tired of the Syrian regime’s attitude and waste of funds).
    So the million dollar question is, how can the Syrians topple this regime in ,let’s say, ten months?
    The answer lies in understand what are the obstacles that are obstructing the collapse of Assad’s mafia, and this is of course as I see it :

    1- The everlasting conflict between the opposition characters: Syria is rich with variable political currents despite the fact of forty years of political “clinical death” as I like to call it. These currents and movements didn’t get the chance to experiment and collect fans in the streets of Syria. Therefore, they remain represented by few individuals. You have the seculars (liberals-socialists-communists and many others), the Islamist(the muslims brotherhood movement and many others) and the liberal muslims, I think of those as the Syrian libertarians ( like the justice and development movement).. In addition to many other independent individuals who carry a mix of different ideologies and visions of Syria.

    2-The future Syria: Again, given the fact that non of these parties, movements, and individuals got the chance to promote or apply their visions on the Syrian ground there is no way to know which one will be eventually capable of winning parliamentary elections.This,I think, keeps Syria in the circle of danger that haunts around half of the Syrian population; a future religious state. These fears magnify given the fact the most prepared party between the ones mentioned above is the Muslim brotherhood that was established earlier in the twentieth century.

    3- Representation of the revolution: even after around 6 months in the streets, The Syrians around the world can’t agree on who represents the revolutionaries. many councils and committees were formed for that purpose( especially what the Syrians inside call Tanseeqeeyat meaning organizing committees in Arabic). Syrians now stand in front of two councils and one committee (the unified national Syrian council- the general committee of the syrian revolution- and the Syrian transitional council) in addition to earlier groups working on the strategies of forming these groups.
    In short, it is a salad! all the councils and the committies claim that the others don’t represent the Syrians in the streets. There is also the idea that the Syrian opposition outside is a second degree opposition despite the fact that many of them were either exiled or imprisoned for such a long time before seeking asylum outside Syria

    4- the Direction of the revolution: Syrians inside and outside from all types of opposition are wavering between continuing in the path of heavy peaceful demonstrations around Syria, limited international intervention and arming the citizens, all the way to the extreme of a NATO complete intervention just like the Libyan case.

    I think the problem in making this decision is the different short term goals, some Syrians think that stopping the bloodshed is a priority regardless of what implications this could have on the future of Syria, others think that the priority is a slow transition by the hands of Syrians and Syrians only no matter what the cost is. It is a very hard choice indeed to make.


  57. Dear All
    Again, I have been very busy. I will be more than happy to post a main post from any one interested in writing a post.

    TRUE: Cool, i like my friends to be able to embed videos and images in their posts. I would have liked the piano to be a little softer. It is making the words hard to hear. But a good attempt and the lyrics aren’t bad.

    Thanks for Rim’s post.


  58. الجيش السوري الإلكتروني: وسيلة لقمع الناشطين السوريين على الانترنت

    ونقلت الصحيفة عن جوش لانديس وهو أكاديمي أميركي يكتب في مدونة على الإنترنت عن التطورات في سوريا قوله، “إن إيران تقدم مساعدات إلكترونية هائلة للسوريين الذين يقودون حملة الجيش الإلكتروني، وإنه عندما بدأت المظاهرات المعارضة في سوريا كان رد الحكومة السورية هو محاولة إغلاق الاتصالات داخل سوريا وعزل سوريا إلكترونياً عن العالم الخارجي ومنع الصحافيين الأجانب من دخول سوريا”، مضيفا أن خبراء إلكترونيين واستخباراتيين إيرانيين ساعدوا في ذلك.

    and this is for Alex

    كما تعتبر “وحدة العمليات” أن هناك طرقاً أخرى للهجوم على المواقع عبر اختراقها، “حيث يتم التواصل مع مدراء الموقع أو مدراء الصفحة” من أجل التنسيق لعملية هجوم جماعية حسب ما يذكره الموقع الرسمي لهذا “الجيش”.


  59. Dearest OTW,
    Great to see that you create your own blog, well done my friend!


  60. Dear True
    I agree with Josh, without outside help the Syrian Electronic Army is a bunch of losers. Their biggest success is writing 5000 copies of the same comment (off course bout their blue eyed imbecile besho) on Amnesty International face book page.

    I believe that there are also Chinese and Russian hackers in the employ of the Syrian Regime. But last week Anonymous gave them a licking. One guy defaced the Central Bank page for 16 hours before the sys-admins could do anything. And how could they, Anonymous reported that the password for the Sys-admin of the central bank web was “password”

    Hacking is not the real issue, it is the blue coat servers. It is clear that outside experts are helping integrate the system


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