Farewell to Syria, for a while: في وداع سورية… مؤقتا

Farewell to Syria, for a while: في وداع سورية… مؤقتا.

I don’t usually re-blog. But my friend Alisar Iram’s translation of the latest farewell letter from Yassin Haj Saleh, is worthy or repeating here. It is of course important to remember that Yassin’s temporary exile from Syria is safety related decision (as referred to by another friend) and not much political position should be read into it. It remains however heart breaking that Yassin had to remain in hiding in his “liberated” city of Raqqa and that he could not find safety in the liberated areas of Syria.

Thanks to Alisar for her translation and for allowing 7ee6an to republish the translation. I strongly encourage friends to visit Alisar Iram’s blog

Farewell to Syria, for a while

By Yassin Al Haj Saleh

October 12, 2013

I have tried hard for the last two and a half years to stay in Syria. It was important for me as a writer to stay in the country  and live the events I was writing about, and it was doubly important for me as a man of culture to live among the people I belong to, like they live, trying to understand their concerns. I wanted to stay not because I was doing something invaluable, but because that was my place which I could not replace. I wished to see Syria change after spending half a century of my age watching it immune to change.

 To stay in the country demanded great efforts from me in order to avoid falling in the sinister hands of the Assadi regime. After two and a half years of the Revolution I was compelled to also leave Damascus where I had lived for twelve years, the last two years of them in hiding. I was smuggled out of Damascus to the suburbs (gouta), then after 100 days I set out to Raqaa, the city where I had spent my childhood and teen age years and where my brothers live or those left of them. The journey to Raqqa was extremely hard, not because it took 19 days of travelling in the sweltering heat of the summer amid considerable dangers, but because even before  the journey had ended and during the several stages it took, I was becoming aware that my destination and the last expanse of my journey were falling gradually under the influence of the State of Iraq and the Levant ( Daesh داعش ), this name which invokes the specters of the figures of horror, the ghouls, of our childhood.  A few days before leaving Ghouta, it came to my knowledge that the ghoul captured and imprisoned my brother Ahmad.  Then at Ruhaiba in Qalamoun, while I was trying to get news of my brother Ahamad, I also knew that my second younger brother Firas was captured by them too.

 The journey lost its meaning for me, never the less, I had to proceed with it. I needed to come to the end of a hard journey which was only made bearable by the company of some defecting young men and a cameraman friend who was recording some stages of our journey.  As the trip neared its completion, my interest in it waned and the prospect of the journey’s end lost its thrill.

 In Raqqa, I spent two months and a half in hiding without succeeding in getting one piece of information about my brother Firas. Nothing could be worse than this. Therefore, instead of celebrating my arrival at Raqqa, I had to keep in hiding in my own liberated city, watching strangers oppress it and rule the fates of its people, confiscating public property,  destroying a statue of Haroun Al-Rasheed or desecrating a church; taking people into custody where they disappeared in their prisons. All the prisoners were rebel political activists while none of them was chosen from the regime’s previous loyalists or shabiha. With the exception of this flagrant oppression of the people, their property and symbols, the new rulers have shown no sign of the spirit of public responsibility which is supposed to be the duty of those who are in power.

 I wished to stay in Raqqa for the longest possible time to understand why events had taken this turn and to form an idea about the new leaders. I was able to collect some useful information but not as much as I had wished because I was not able to explore the city’s streets and listen to the people tell me their stories, not to mention holding interviews with the Emirs of the State of Iraq and the Levant and their mujahideen.

Not to walk in the streets of Raqqa in autumn? This is not an adequate reason for leaving, yet it is quite important on its own for me. At the onset of the Revolution, I used to say jokingly to my friends: I wish to topple the regime so as to get a passport. I wanted a passport to feel free and to travel where I wished. Today I leave behind comrades who will carry the struggle on. Our presence together inside the country used to give us courage and the strength to continue. I do not feel bitter, but I am a little angry. I realize how impossible our situation has become, yet notwithstanding,  I feel that whenever I am able to understand something or shed light on another, I believe I am taming the brutal multi- headed monster which wants to keep us in darkness, without the right to speak up, and not desiring but what it desires.

What frightens me most now is not to be able to understand the world outside Syria and for things to lose their clarity for me. I used to understand things Syrian. Syria was my country. I do not know exactly what I am going to do in exile. I always felt ill at ease with this word. It seems to me to be making a mockery of the people still inside the country. Perhaps its meaning will change and expand to include the whole of our terrible experience: the experience of uprootedness, seeking asylum, dispersion then eventually the hope of return. I do not know exactly what I am going to do, but I am now part of this massive Syrian exodus and the dream of return, although it feels right now as an amputation.

This is our country which is all that we have. I know that there is no other country that can be as merciful to us as this terrible country.

Translated by Alisar Iram

في وداع سورية… مؤقتا

ياسين الحاج صاح
October 12, 2013

 بذلت ما أستطيع من جهد طوال عامين ونصف للبقاء في البلد. كان هذا مهماً لي ككاتب يريد أن يعيش الأوضاع التي يكتب عنها، ومهما لي كمثقف يريد أن يعيش بين الناس ومثل الناس الذين هو منهم، ويحاول فهم أحوالهم. أردت أن أبقى ليس لأني أقوم بعمل لا غنى عنه، ولكن لأن هذا مكاني الذي لا غنى لي عنه. أريد أن أرى سورية وهي تتغير، بعد أن قضيت نصف قرن من عمري وهي لا تتغير.

 اقتضى البقاء في البلد جهدا كبيرا أيضا لتجنب الوقوع في القبضة الإجرامية للنظام الأسدي. وبعد نحو عامين من الثورة اقتضى أيضا أن أترك دمشق التي عشت فيها أكثر بقليل من 12 عاما، متواريا في العامين الأخيرين. قصدت الغوطة تهريبا، ثم بعد نحو 100 يوم اتجهت نحو الرقة، المدينة التي عشت فيها سنوات من الطفولة والمراهقة، ويقيم فيها إخوتي، أو من بقي منهم.  كانت الرحلة نحو الرقة شاقة جدا. ليس لأنها استغرقت 19 يوما في عز الصيف، وكانت محفوفة بالمخاطر، ولكن لأني قبل بداية الرحلة، ثم وأنا على الطريق المتعدد المراحل، كنت أتابع ابتعاد محطتي الأخيرة، الرقة، التي وقعت تحت احتلال قوة أجنبية عدائي، “الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام”، أو “داعش”، الاسم الذي يبدو مناسبا جدا لغول في إحدى الخرافات التي كنا نسمعها صغارا. قبل مغادرة الغوطة بأيام قليلة علمت أن الغول اعتقل أخي أحمد. وفي الرحيبة في منطقة القلمون علمت، وأنا أتصل للاطمئنان على أحمد، أن الغول اختطف فراس أيضا. هذا زائد على الحد. لم يعد للرحلة معنى، لكني ما كان بوسعي إلا المضي فيها. كنت راغبا في انتهاء رحلة شاقة، كان يخفف من مشقتها رفقة مقاتلين شبان منشقين، وصديق شاب مصور، كان يوثق جوانب من رحلتنا بكاميرته.

لكن لم تعد نهاية الرحلة غاية شخصية، ولم يعد لانتهاء المشقة بهجة خاصة. قضيت في الرقة شهرين ونصف متواريا. ولا معلومة واحدة عن فراس خلالها.

لا شيء يمكن أن يكون أسوأ. بدل أن أصلها محتفلا، أعيش متواريا في مدينتي “المحررة” بعد عامين ونصف من الثورة. هذا بينما يتحكم أغراب فيه وبحياة سكانها، فيحطمون تمثالا متواضعا لهرون الرشيد، ويعتدون على كنيسة، ويستولون على أملاك عامة، ويعتقلون بشرا ويغيبونهم في سجونهم، ومن الناشطين السياسيين حصرا، وليس أبدا من خدم النظام السابقين وشبيحته. وعدا هذا العدوان على البشر والرموز والأشياء، لا يبدو أن القوم يعرضون شيئا من روح المسؤولية العمومية التي يفترض أن تقع على عاتق من يشغل موقع السلطة.

أردت أن أبقى في الرقة أطول وقت ممكن لأفهم كيف جرت الأمور على هذا النحو، ولأكون فكرة عن المتحكمين الجدد. عرفت أشياء مفيدة، لكن ليس بقدر ما ينبغي لأني لم أستطع التجول ماشيا في شوارع المدينة، وسماع القصص من الناس، دع عنك مقابلة أمراء “الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام” وعموم “مجاهد”ـيها.

ألا أمشي في شوارع الرقة في الخريف… ليس هذا سببي للرحيل، لكنه كبير وحده. في مطلع الثورة كنت أقول مازحا لأصدقائي: أريد إسقاط النظام كي أحصل على جواز سفر! كنت أريد جواز سفر كي أشعر أني حر، أسافر حين أريد.

 اليوم أترك ورائي أصدقاء مستمرون في الكفاح، كان وجودنا في الداخل يؤنس ويشد أزر كل واحد منا.

لست مريرا، غاضب بعض الشيء. أدرك كم حالنا مستحيلة، لكن كلما ظننت أني فهمت شيئا أو استطعت إضاءة شيء أشعر بانتصار صغير على الوحش البهيم متعدد الرؤوس الذي يريد أن نبقى في الظلام، ألا نملك الكلام، وألا نريد غير ما يريد.

أكثر ما أخشاه الآن هو ألا أفهم خارج سورية. أن تستبهم علي الأمور. كنت أفهمُ في سورية. كانت وطني.

لا أعرف بالضبط ماذا سأفعل في “المنفى”. طالما شعرت بالضيق في السابق من هذه الكلمة. كانت تبدو أشبه بسخرية من الباقين في البلد. اليوم ربما يتغير معناها، لتتضمن تجربتنا المهولة، تجربة الاقتلاع واللجوء والتشتت، وأمل العودة.

لا أعرف ما سأفعل، لكني جزء من هذا الخروج السوري الكبير، ومن العودة السورية المأمولة.   وإن يكن أشبه بمسلخ اليوم، وطننا هذا ليس لنا غيره، وأعرف أنه ليس ثمة بلد أرأف بنا من هذا البلد الرهيب.

Yassin Al Haj Saleh *

About Yassin Haj Saleh (note from Alisar)

Yassin Al Haj Saleh is a well known Syrian dissident and activist . He was imprisoned at the age of 21 by the Syrian authorities in 1980 without trial and remained in prison until 1996. When the Revolution started he went into hiding. He became a fugitive travelling for safety in Syria, but when he became wanted too by the by the Qaeda affiliates, in addition to the Syrian authorities, he had to flee his beloved country. The above note is his farewell to his Syria, even if for a while.

Yassin al-Haj Saleh (born in Ar-Raqqah in 1961)[1] is a Syrian writer and political dissident. He writes on political, social and cultural subjects relating to Syria and the Arab world.[1]

From 1980 until 1996 he spent time in prison in Syria for his membership in what he now calls a “communist pro-democracy group”.[2][3] He was arrested while he was studying medicine in Aleppo and spent sixteen years in prison, the last in Tadmur Prison. He took his final examination as a general medical practitioner in 2000, but never practiced.[1]

He has been granted a Prince Claus Award for 2012 as “actually a tribute to the Syrian people and the Syrian revolution. He was not able to collect the award as he is living hiding in the underground in Syria.[4]  Wikipedia

Alisar Iram



  1. another farewell to Damascus

    Since the very beginning of the Syrian revolution, the actress May Skaaf got involved as a peaceful activist in the popular uprising of her country. As May rapidly took publicly position with the opposition movement against Bashar Al Assad and its regime while living in Damascus, she was subject to continuous harassment and threats by the security forces. Though having experienced several short arrests, May was always determined to stay in her home country. Eventually, in June 2013, the imminent threats of a longer arrest forced her to leave Damascus. But several days before her departure, Azza Al Hamwi documented with her camera some intimate insights into May’s feelings and thoughts before doing her farewell to Damascus.
    via Qunfuz http://pulsemedia.org/author/qunfuz/


  2. I love Yassines writing for its cool detachment but without leaving out the heart of the matter which never fails to draw you into imagining the horror that Syria -the Syrian people- is going through. I hope that when the phtographer,video artist who documented the trip from the Damascus Ghouta to al-Raqqa brings out what he took, I hope he will not make the mistake made by others by setting it to music! Anyone who is able to read Arabic should read Yassine’s Arabic original aloud to him/herself to hear and feel the weight of those words and sentences.


  3. Syrian Christians network for the support of the Syrian revolution
    حمدي شريف

    النظام بدأ بتغيير أسلوبه بالمعركة و لكن هل سينتصر !!!

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    يتمسك بإيران و روسيا و يتقرب من الجميع و نحن نبتعد عن الجميع خوفاً من أن نتهم بالخيانة و نطالبهم بنفس الوقت بدعمنا !!!!
    النظام انشغل بتفشيلنا بدل أن ينشغل بإصلاح أخطائه طيب بشار بك نحن فشلنا ماذا ستربح أنت ؟؟؟؟
    هل فشلنا يحميك ؟؟ هل فشلنا يحمي مؤيديك و شعبك ؟؟ هل فشلنا يحمي مستقبل سوريا ؟؟ هل فشلنا سيعيد لسوريا أمنها و استقرارها ؟؟ و الأهم من هذا و ذاك هل فشلنا سيحافظ على حكمك !!!! أنت واهم يا سيد بشار نحن بالأصل لم نكن موحدون!!! و لم يكن لدينا غطاء دولي و لا عربي !!! و نحن بالأصل يوجد بيننا خلافات و انقسامات على أشياء اصغر بكثير من الوطن !!! أما عن مناطقنا التي دمرتها فألف ألف شكر لك لأنها بالأصل مناطق مخالفات لا مخططات تنظيمية لها و لا مستقبل و نحن نعدك أننا سنبنيها مجدداً على أسس عصرية متطورة و الأهم من هذا وذاك من استشهد منا سبقنا إلى الجنة و من هجر سيبقى خنجر في خاصرتك لأنه يشكل تلفزيون متحرك ضدك و لكل مؤيديك أقول إسرائيل و قوتها و الغطاء الدولي التي تتمتع به و رغم كل قتلها و اختراقها للفسطينيين هل استطاعت أن تقضي عليهم !!! هل استطاعت أن تنعم بالأمن و الاستقرار !! نحن نكتسب خبرة و شمسنا مشرقة و شمسك آفة و لن يصلح شياطينك ما افسد الدهر و انتصاراتك الوهمية لا معنى لها لأنها بالأصل انتصرت على سراب ….
    بالنهاية إلى بشار و إلى كل من يتخذه قدوة له أريد أن أقول لكم معركتنا ليست معكم معركتنا مع ثقافتنا التي انتجتكم فإن لم ننتصر على جهلنا لو انتصرنا عليكم سيأتي أشخاص مثلكم لذلك على الجميع أن لا يضيعوا وقتهم بمعارك جانية لا يعلم إلا الله من يدفعنا لها و لا يستفيد منها أحد إلا أعداؤنا ما نحن به هو ابتلاء من الله بسبب سوء أعمالنا فإن لم نتوب و نصحح أخطائنا لن يرفع البلاء علينا العمل على عودة الاستقرار و الأمان للمناطق المحررة لا تسيروا بطرق الشيطان تحت شعارات جميلة نحن أمة مؤمنة الرزق مقسوم و العمر مكتوب و الملك بيد الله يؤتيه من يشاء و إن كنا مؤمنين فهذا يعني أننا نعمل و نرضى بقضاء الله و قدره لا أحد يستطيع أن يقصيك و لا أحد يستطيع أن يسرقك و لا أحد يستطيع أن يجلس مكانك إلا بإذن الله مهمتنا هي بناء المؤسسات الرقابية و الخدمية و العلمية و العدلية و التربوية و حض الناس على العمل و بناء ثقافة العمل و الله و المؤمنين يرونا أما الصراعات و الفتن و التخوين و السير بطرق سار بها قبلنا كثر و فشلوا فهذا جريمة سيعاقبنا عليها الله …

    See Translation
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    اكسر القيود

    اكسر القيود: قرأت وهززت رأسي موافقا إلى أن وصلنا الى الخطوط الأخيرة وللاسف لم يتمكن الكاتب من إنهائها بخير دون خرط الآله والقدر السماوي، يعني مهما حاولنا لانستطيع إلا أن ندخل الدين بكل شيء…أمة مؤمنة رضيت بقضاء الله ولكن هل سنرضى إن قضى علينا بأربعين عاما من حكم الإبن المجرم بعدما سبق وقضى أن نعيش تحت بوط الأب في الأربعين التي سبقتها ؟ أنا لن أرضى…أبداً !


  4. After turning a third of Syrians into homeless refugees, asshead has been described to be in an ‘upbeat’ mood! After Gassing his people he wants to be awarded the Noble Peace Prize. With morally depraved world-leaders, no doubt, this asshole fits the criteria.

    … doesn’t believe a proposed Geneva Conference will take place because the foreign-backed armed opposition to his rule is disintegrating and only “terrorists” are left.

    He said it was unlikely that a “Geneva II” meeting would be convened because the rebel Free Syrian Army’s members were abandoning the mainstream opposition for the ranks of hard-line Islamist groups or turning themselves in to the authorities.

    When asked about CW:
    .. abandoned its production of chemical weapons more than 15 years ago because the country opted to develop its traditional missile technology and because protective equipment allowed soldiers to neutralize their impact on the battlefield.

    On the Noble Peace Prize:
    “This award should have gone to me.”

    On Hamas:
    They are guilty of lying and treachery since the outset of the Syrian uprising in March 2011.
    “It wasn’t the first time they betrayed us,”
    decided to abandon resistance to Israel and become a part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    On Iraq and Egypt:
    relations with Iraq were “very good” and was more enthusiastic about discussing ties with Cairo! Much better than during the days of Hosni Mubarak.



  5. فيصل القاسم

    الرئيس السوري يقول إن الجيش الحر قد انتهى إما بالانضمام للجماعات الاسلامية أو للجيش النظامي، وإن بديل النظام الآن الجماعات الإرهابية

    In plain Arabic, an asshead..


  6. “There are many more, including children, who remain in the town, which has been under siege for almost 10 months,” said Magne Barth, head of the ICRC delegation in Syria. “We are particularly concerned about those who are sick or wounded. It is imperative that humanitarian aid and personnel be allowed into the town – and that is what we have been requesting repeatedly for the past two months.”

    Those who were allowed to leave Moaddamiyah were taken to shelters in the nearby town of Qudsaya, where the ICRC and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent delivered food rations, potable water and other emergency items. The situation they described in the besieged town is alarming.

    The ICRC estimates that there are thousands of people left in Moaddamiyah, including hundreds who are sick or wounded and require urgent medical care. “We call on the Syrian authorities to allow the urgent delivery of medical supplies to all areas under siege in Rural Damascus,” said Mr Barth. “In addition, all parties must ensure that the civilians remaining in Moaddamiyah are protected, that the sick and the wounded receive proper medical treatment and that those who wish to leave besieged areas can do so safely.”



  7. Ikea Sends Its New Flatpack Refugee Shelter to Syria

    Ikea, known for its affordable flatpack furniture, is moving into new territory: refugee housing.

    The Swedish retailer has teamed up with the United Nations’ refugee agency (UNHCR) to develop a flatpack shelter that can be quickly assembled on site. Recently 50 prototypes, all packed into standard Ikea cardboard boxes, were shipped to refugee camps and crisis regions in Syria.

    The modular shelters, built to house up to five people, are made of lightweight, insulated plastic panels that snap into a metal frame. The structures also come with solar panels and USB ports to provide electricity, as well as a fabric shading sheet that reflects heat during the day and traps warmth at night.

    The prototypes are still being tweaked, but they’re already a vast improvement over the standard shelters previously distributed by the UN, according to Olivier Delarue, the head of innovation for the UNHCR. “Our tents have not evolved very much over the years,” he says (see Ikea Foundation video). “They still rely on canvas, ropes, and poles—and they usually only last for around six months, due to harsh climate conditions.” Ikea’s modular shelters, by contrast, are built to last up to three years.

    According to the UNHCR, 3.5 million refugees around the world currently live in tents and shelters, and most spend an average of 12 years housed in a camp. The UN reached out to Ikea to design a better shelter because, as Delarue says, “We also realized that Ikea had expertise in certain areas—such as logistics and flatpacking—that we could learn from.”

    Ikea’s philanthropic arm, the Ikea Foundation, has reportedly invested $4.8 million toward developing the shelters. The project comes as the Ikea empire continues to expands into all sorts of new markets, applying its no-frills modular design strategy to hotels, homes, and even entire city sections.

    It’s unclear whether the modular refugee shelters will be given a Swedish moniker, but as far as I can tell, their construction doesn’t seem to require an Allen wrench.



  8. Dear Friends
    The new report by ICG on the Syrian Opposition is out, it is titled Anything But Politics: The State of Syria’s Political Opposition

    An executive summary is also available and an Arabic press release .

    From the English version of the press release, i find the concluding paragraph highly informed and informative.

    “Any viable resolution of the war requires a representative opposition”, says Peter Harling, Project Director for Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. “But to endlessly search for a more credible and coherent political opposition is to mistake cause and consequence: only a political process viewed as credible and coherent by the opposition’s base will produce viable representatives – not the other way around”.


  9. I hate to admit it but it is becoming clearer by the day that in fact there is some sort of grand plan for the whole Arab world and particularly the countries of the Levant and Iraq to set them back hundreds of years, in education, social affairs, way of thinking and personal conduct, economy and all facets of life in general. The saddest thing about this state of affairs is that the very people affected by the events are in part aiding these developments by allowing themselves to be used by people whose hearts are filled with indiscriminate sectarian hate as well as those who care very little for anything except their own and family’s wealth and well being.

    In the past we have argued that Syria is not Iraq and will not turn into Iraq, but now I am not so sure. That is why it is becoming clear to me that there are dark forces hard at work to turn all of these countries into ignorant, backward societies that are only consumers of foreign products but forever unstable and dependent on the whims of major international powers for their safety and security. The tragedy is that it does not take much to perpetuate a state of continuous chaos and you do not need a huge number of active participants to realize it. What is worse is that it allows idiots like Bashar al-Assad to go on tv and tell us with a straight face that the only way to stamp out this chaos would be to return to return Syria to the folds of totalitarian and oppressive police state rule. We are helping him with this argument by allowing ourselves to succumb to extremist views, those that see groups like ISIS and JA as the only ones able to confront and win against the Assadist tyranny.


  10. Dear mgb
    Yesterday, Yassin published a new article on the Collapse of the National Framework in the Syrian Struggle. انهيار الإطار الوطني للصراع السوري

    What I understood from the article is that there are two “Extra-national” coalitions fighting. The regime, with its support base in Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon, and Alqaida, with is global multi-national framework. The fight is now multi-layered where the “Syrian” part of it has been obliterated by both sides. Given that both sides are extreme in their backwardness, the only part they appeal to among Syrians is the sub-national (tribe, sect, region, city, and so on). And therefore they both represent, as you have accurately stated, backward movement of society, not only in syria, but in the entire Levant region.

    Yet, Yassin concludes by asserting that Assad, while attempting to present himself as the National Solution, is in fact anything but that. And that the first step towards recovery has to be the removal of the regime.

    I share Yassin’s understanding and do agree with him.


  11. Thanks OTW. It probably takes a psychiatrist, a catholic priest well versed in exorcism, and a Sheikh that knows how to deal with Jinn to fully grasp Dr YHS diagnosis of the Syrian situation (and here I would like to use two emoticons 🙂 😦 at the same time يعني مضحك مبكي ). Nevertheless the conclusion is very clear: the very first step towards returning Syria to health from its current terrible illness is to excise the Assadist cancer from the Syrian body.

    Boy am I glad I don’t have to translate his article 🙂
    It’s like, Translate This!

    في كل ذلك ما يوحي بأننا حيال عملية إعادة تشكل واسعة، زوال الشكل السابق (المكاني والزماني والاجتماعي والسياسي والنفسي) مروراً بانعدام الشكل، وربما وصولاً إلى شكل جديد. الإطار الوطني الذي انهار يشمل أيضاً مدركات التحليل السياسي والاجتماعي التي توافقه: الدولة والوطن والشعب والمجتمع والمواطنون والسياسة والحكومة والأحزاب السياسية… المدركات التي تشكل بمجموعها «العقل»، أو «الوعي الوطني». انهار الوعي، وظهر من تحته اللاوعي أو اللاشعور على السطح. واللاشعور لا شكل له، عالم اختلاط وفوضى، ربما يتركّب فيه رأس امرأة على جسم أسد على أجنحة نسر على قوائم فرس. إن تشكلات مثل «داعش» («الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام») هي أشبه بكائنات اللاشعور هذه، وهي وليدة وقوع المجتمع السوري في قبضة الجنون واللاعقل على يد النظام الأسدي وحلفائه، وتمام تحول سورية إلى ساحة مكشوفة، إلى لا وطن.

    هناك واحد من منهجين فقط لاستعادة عقلنا وترميم إطارنا الوطني، الاجتماعي والسياسي والجغرافي والزمني. الأول هو الاستمرار في ضرب الجسم الاجتماعي السوري لطرد الشياطين الساكنة فيه. هذا هو المنهج الأسدي في العلاج الوطني. هناك منهج آخر، التحرر من شرط المجتمع المعنّف، وتخليص المعنَّفين من قبضة العنيف العام. ونرى أن هذا وحده ما يمكن أن يضع السوريين في وضع أفضل لمواجهة أي معنِّف جديد، أو أي شيطان انبعث من جسده أو من لا شعوره المكشوف. أما بقاء العنيف العام لمواجهة العنيفين الجدد فلا يمسّ في شيء وضع المجتمع المعنّف، وليس من المؤكد حتى أنه يعالج أعراض المرض، مثل «داعش». لطالما لاعب المشعوذ الأسدي شياطين، يعرض اليوم نفسه كمحارب لهم، بغرض أن يستمر في السيطرة على الجسم السوري المجهد.

    يقول النظام إننا مجتمع مجنون، وإنه وحده من يقدر على شفائنا من الجنون، ويطالب بتجديد انتدابه الدولي على البلد استناداً إلى هذه الرسالة الطبية. لكن هذا الطبيب محتاج إلى مرض سورية أكثر حتى من حاجة المريض السوري إلى الشفاء.


  12. Former Senator Weicker says he was ‘lobbied’ to be silent about Palestinian suffering

    “When I think of Israelis, Palestinians and today’s wall I’m reminded of yesterday’s East German wall and when that obstruction came down I remember an America that stood up and cheered. What then is the difference between that wall and the one that stands as an abomination in the holy land today? The difference is a resigned silence.

    “It is one thing for a nation to defend itself against nonstop murderous sallies, as was the case in the early times of Israel. Quite another to use history as justification for an ongoing policy of isolation, internment, deprivation and humiliation as waged against today’s Palestinians.”

    “Instead of insisting that Israel get to the business of peace in short order, the United States fuels indifference to Palestinian suffering by continuing a steady flow of aid, military and economic, to Israel as if they were the sole aggrieved party in the present standoff.”

    “The United States Congress past (and that included me) and present has been successfully lobbied to close its eyes to the travesty that consumes the holy land.”



  13. أهم الشخصيات السورية ممن يمتلكون بعد نظر هو من أطلق هتاف: يا الله مالنا غيرك يا الله

    Ḱ@яℯℯм ℒαḯł@н


  14. Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud served as the former Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United States between 2005 and 2007, and as former Director General to the General Intelligence.

    Here is the speech he gave in Washington. I urge you to listen to it in full.

    He failed miserably by not mentioning the Saudi Shiite population that is ill treated in the kingdom. He diagnosed the Bahraini uprising wrongly. He rebuked Obama on his stance vis a vis Mubarak in Egypt and failed miserably in sidelining the Egyptian population! I have respect for this prince as an individual, but, as a politician he can only fool a few. Had this speech been given a decade ago, it would have been considered ‘a change’ in the right direction. After Bou Azeizi it is ‘a much a do about nothing..

    Your thoughts..?



  15. Refugees bound for Sweden
    “My children were swallowed by the sea”

    “We only had one life-vest. I held Haya in my arms, the other girls clung to me, but I did not succeed in keeping them above the water, the waves swallowed us and when Haya was no longer breathing, I let go of her to save the others. ‘Goodbye my daughter, may god be with you’, I said. The others – Sama, Julia, and Sarah held on to me, but one after the other, they lost their grip and I couldn’t save them,” she told Swedish Radio.

    They floated in the water for six hours before finally getting rescued and now they face deportation along with the other survivors. They broke Egyptian law by trying to leave the country without permission.



  16. Dear all,
    I think all of our efforts now should be concentrated on rallying public opinion to put pressure on governments and the UN to take action to stop the policy of siege that the Syr. regime is practicing against whole towns and neighborhoods. Why is it enough to give an ultimatum to bomb unless CWs are surrendered but not an ultimatum to immediately lift a siege, one that is specifically designed to force submission through starving a whole town to death. Come on, folks, this is really critical now.

    The int’l community through the UN must force the Russians and the Iranians to pressure the Syrian regime to lift the siege and allow humanitarian aid in now. Lets work towards that.

    لابد من تركيز كل جهودنا تجاه الضغط على المجتمع الدولي كي يضغط بدوره على النظام الأسدي ليفك حصاره القاتل على مناطق . .كثيرة في سورية ومن بينها أكثر حاجة منطقتي داريا والمعظمية في ريف دمشق فإن كان جون كيري حقا يهتم بالشعب السوري ومعاناته فلماذا لا يتكلم هو وأوباما عن تهديد النظام بضربات إن لم يفك حصاره التجويعي عن مناطق عديدة في سوريا ؟ نريد أفعالا ولا كلاما فارغا

    I can be contacted through my facebook page if necessary



  17. Oh, and that sectarian shill for the regime, mother or sister Agnes (she should be defrocked, imo) apparently is touring the US drumming up support for the criminal dictatorship by spreading lies and misinformation. She needs to be countered and debunked… wherever she goes to speak AND collect money!


  18. MGB,

    The UN intervention is not choosing the victims over assad, It’s choosing international law over genocide.

    The opposition did nothing till this moment. It is a burden on the Syrian people. They have become like the PLO, but at a much faster pace.

    1. They MUST GO to Geneva stating that this is not political.
    2. They MUST GO to Geneva ii stating that they want international law over genocide.
    3. They MUST GO to Geneva ii

    No matter what the Saudis tell them, threatning them or whatever, they must go, they have people bleeding, refugees all over the world, hunger, torture, cold, hunger, gassing,


  19. TO ALL ‘IMPARTIAL’ FREEDOM SEEKERS, wanted to share with you this poetic sensitive vignette.
    Too all martyrs..

    بياعة الزنبق بساحة الميسات..

    باعت خمس باقات..

    وحدة إلي ومني إلك

    بس تنزلي سبع سموات

    ووحدة لمين.. مدري لمين

    بس عالأكيد مو حزين

    ووحدة لأرملة الشهيد

    شاريتها قبل الغلا

    صبحية يوم العيد

    To all martyrs..


  20. Wa lak tfouh..Abdelaziz Bouteflika to seek a fourth term in the next Algerian presidential elections!?

    May the angel of death sweep them all, ASAP, to jahanam,amen.


  21. Aung San Suu Kyi “falling from grace” for her ambition-laden belittling of Burma violence against Rohingya Muslims.

    ” Nobody bears responsibility. Instead, “fear” is blamed. Everyone suffers “equally”. Does this sound familiar?

    In Ms Suu Kyi’s world, victims and offenders are the same.

    As political heroes go, few rank higher that Burmese opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi. Most people know her as a modern-day saint – the diminutive democrat who defied Burma’s ruthless military leaders. Yet an increasing number are beginning to question Ms Suu Kyi’s judgement.

    Remarks made in a BBC television interview this week in relation to that country’s brutal ethnic conflict between Buddhists and the minority Muslims have earned particular criticism. Observers and activists have accused Burma’s “icon of democracy” of factual inaccuracies and a surprising shortage of compassion.

    Ethnic violence erupted last year in Sittwe, the capital of Burma’s Rakhine state. Rohingya Muslims bore the brunt of the violence with an estimated 142,000 now living in a series of squalid camps. In April, Human Rights Watch accused government and military officials, as well as local extremist groups, of ethnic cleansing.

    When asked about HRW’s findings by the BBC, Ms Suu Kyi dismissed them out of hand. “It’s not ethnic cleansing,” she said. “What the world needs to understand (is) that the fear is not just on the side of the Muslims, but on the side of the Buddhists as well.” This is her standard response to questions about the violence. Nobody bears responsibility. Instead, “fear” is blamed. Everyone suffers “equally”. In Ms Suu Kyi’s world, victims and offenders are the same.



  22. @Almayadeennews 8m

    سورية : جميل: سأعود إلى سورية فور إنتهاء أعمالي في جولتي التي أقوم بها

    @Almayadeennews 8m

    سورية : جميل: إذا انتهت الأزمة السورية سأعود إلى منزلي

    He said these two sentences, seconds apart.The real Kadri Jamil, please, stand up!

    Same scenario with Sharif Shehade the “journalist” who left/defected to Belgium, mind you, he announced he left Syria for his family security, then, the next day he reversed and said he is returning to Syria?


  23. “Israel releases 26 measly prisoners who fit their narrative then builds 1000’s of illegal settlements while Abbas fiddles.” Maysoon Zayid

    This is why the ‘old guards’ are indispensable.


  24. Hellish conditions in Syria? Yep, and now starvation!

    A disease once thought, at least in the civilized world, to be eliminated is back — for Syria is now in the throes of uncivilized chaos and unimaginable suffering. Refugees, chemical weapons and disease are not easily isolated: “Health workers have warned that the unsanitary conditions in which many of the millions of displaced Syrians live are breeding grounds for diseases such as polio, which is transmitted through contaminated food or water supplies. With as many as 4,000 refugees fleeing the country every day, the risk of the disease spreading is particularly serious.”

    To those, such as Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.),who seemed to believe we should stay out of Syria in large part because Bashar al-Assad was “good” for Christians, we wonder if they understand our inertness has permitted hellish conditions to fester that threaten children of all faiths.


  25. Canada and Australia are NOT a homogenous population, but why do they rank top?

    The World’s Happiest (And Saddest) Countries, 2013

    Are you better off than you were five years ago? Is the world? The Legatum Institute seeks answers with its 2013 Prosperity Index.

    Everywhere you look in this world there are signs of instability, destruction, hopelessness.

    Norway has ranked first on Legatum’s list in each of the past five years. It’s helped along by the fact that its homogenous and egalitarian population of 4 million is economically bolstered by vast troves of offshore oil and gas. State-owned Statoil has become one of the world’s most capable oil companies, and Norway’s sovereign wealth fund has been filled with more than $400 billion in oil and gas royalties. That funds a big social safety net. Lucky Norwegians. A small population amid vast natural resources has also benefitted Canada and Australia?

    The oil-soaked Middle Eastern nations don’t rank particularly high on the index. That’s in part because colonial powers drew borders on maps with no regard to historic tribal territories. But especially because fundamentalist Islam is antithetical to Legatum’s “personal freedom” subindex. It’s impossible to achieve a high level of prosperity when women are often not allowed to vote or drive or speak their mind and where “infidels” are not just scorned but put to death. Little surprise that 8 of the 15 worst countries for personal freedom are found in the Middle East and North Africa.

    Gallery: The 40 Happiest and Saddest Countries In The World

    Is it racist or prejudiced to assert that Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan will never be as prosperous or happy as Norway because of the way that those countries treat their women? Maybe so. Some critics have called Legatum’s index racist — it’s all white countries on the top and black ones on the bottom. Ugh. Don’t blame Legatum for the devastating effect of 400 years of imperialist colonialism and slavery. History matters. Tragic histories take centuries to overcome.

    The good thing is, human prosperity and happiness is not a zero-sum game. Sub-Saharan Africa doesn’t not have to be destitute in order for Europe to be comfortable. Indeed, with so many African countries starting from so low on the rankings, the potential to bring about vast improvements in prosperity is within reach. Infant mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa was 79.1 per 1,000 births in 2009, according to Legatum’s data. It has since fallen to 56.2 — a meaningful improvement, though still considerably worse than the 20.1 world average and 4.9 European average. Perhaps the easiest way to improve mortality and reduce childrens’ suffering is through generous funding of immunizations.



  26. Even a brief scan of the situation makes it clear that all conditions are there for a Palestinian mass to rise up. Enormous tensions and frustration are building up within Palestinians who feel their land is being taken away from them, who see new settlements built every day, and who realize that the state they so wish for is moving away. They can’t even take much solace in the economy anymore. Feelings of oppression and discrimination intensify as…

    So, let’s give the Palestinians ‘HOPE’?!! Hope will not change the status quo.
    Israelis and the forces of darkness are the only ones interested in maintaining status quo by prescribing cosmetic changes. ENOUGH. Take your bullshit and ** off, Yuval Diskin



  27. N.Z.,

    Shareef Abu Nus Shahatah was denied asylum in Belgium that is why he is returning. I am willing to bet he’ll end up in the Gulf, like the hypocritical rat bastard he is he’ll cower and kiss the feet of those he so arrogantly pretends to hate.


  28. Sami,
    I sense something. Why now?

    Countries like UK and France will be more than happy to give them refuge. Their hospitality towards Hama’s mass slaughterer, Rifa’t ASSad is a testimony to their despicable behaviour


  29. Jesus stands, arms outstretched, on the Cherubim mountain, overlooking a route pilgrims took from Constantinople to Jerusalem in ancient times. The statue is 12.3 meters (40 feet) tall and stands on a base that brings its height to 32 meters (105 feet), organizers of the project estimate.

    Jesus statue made it to Syria, arms outstretched, on the Cherubim mountain. Went up without incident on October 14, 2013


  30. N.Z.,

    I don’t think Abu Nus Shahata has the same illegitimate wealth as the Asshats. Billions are always nicer to tax than a million or two and worth the trouble and headache they may or may not cause.

    That would be my guess anyhow…


  31. So many Syrians have lost loved ones in this stupid and senseless war that Assad and his fellow criminals have imposed on the people, and our family too have suffered the loss of extended family but today in the explosion near the Hijaz station 9 more young Syrians have perished and among them my nephew, a former prisoner in Assad’s dungeons and a young promising surgeon…just so that the criminal Assad and his cohorts can stay in power a little longer.

    May his parents and the parents of all of his companions be given strength to deal with their tragedy, a tragedy that is being repeated all over Syria every day.


  32. mgb, wholeheartedly with your family in your loss.

    A friend from one of the quieter neighbourhoods in Damascus told me today that at least the dead are at peace and that she envies them. How utterly sad.


  33. Najati Tayyara

    سالني صديق حميم: ابو ناجي هل أخطأنا عندما دعمنا هذه الثورة وشجعنا شبابها على المضي قدما، فوصلت إلى ما وصلت إليه ، وصارهناك كل هذا الخراب والضحايا.
    أجبته: لقد خطر لي هذا السؤال مرارا ، وكنت وما زلت أراجع نفسي وأشك دوما كي أتأكد من صواب موقفي… يا عزيزي ، وهل صنعنا نحن الثورة، وهل يستطيع ألف مثقف مثلي ومثلك أصلا أن يحرك العديد من المدن السورية وشبابها بتلك القوة والكثافة والحمية، خذ مثال بيان الـ 99 و الألف مثلا، ماذا حركا ؟ … أماالجماهير التي خرجت في درعا وحمص وبانياس وحماه ودير الزور وغيرها، فقد خرجت تعفويا كي تتضامن مع نفسها، وفي ظل الربيع العربي الذي أيقظها من سباتها وصمتها الطويل، خرجت لتطلب مكانا لها في عالم الإنسان والمواطنة ، وما كان بإمكاننا أن نتأخر عنها وإلا صرنا في مزبلة التاريخ كما صار آخرون… ولقدحاولنا الإصلاح طويلا قبلها في ربيع دمشق وغيره، وشخصيا قلت مرارا في إطلالاتي التلفزيونية العديدة أوائل الثورة: على الرئيس أن يقود حوارا وطنيا، إن فاته في أول الطريق، فالآن منتصفه، خوفا من أن يفوته في آخر الطريق… وحقا فقد فاته اليوم، واصبح مجرما مطلوبا للعدالة. و قد تأكد درس: أن الثورة لو تأخرت أعواما أو مائة عام، فسيدفع شعبنا نفس الثمن مع نظام بلغ هذا الحد الأقصى من الطغيان والبريريه. وهكذا ، يا صديقي لم يكن هناك فائدة من الانتظار والتأخير، فالتاريخ لايسير وفق أمنياتنا الطيبة، لكنه يسير مجبولا بالتضحيات وآلام الولادة


  34. Michael Heart is Rime Allaf’s brother

    Michael Heart – What About Us (Song for Syria)


  35. “If aid blockages don’t end before winter, Syria deaths from deprivation could exceed those from violence.” George Soros

    Billionaire financier George Soros is pledging $1 million for humanitarian efforts in war-ravaged Syria.


  36. Thank you Annie, for your kind words
    It hurts more to think that the RPG that felled the nine, most of whom are doctors and former detainees for their anti-regime activities, could have been fired by the rebels (nobody is sure where it came from) in a rather haphazard attempt to somehow show the regime that they can strike into the heart of Damascus, but only managing to kill fellow pro-revolution Syrians. I know for a fact that my nephew and his mates had made the decision to work in regime hospitals consciously knowing that they could be more effective by staying on the inside.

    I am becoming more and more convinced that the overall strategy is to prolong the conflict to destroy the whole country and render its people into homeless beggars within small fiefdoms run by warlords. Pictures and reports of huge ammunition and weapons stores falling into rebel hands reach us all the time, but how come the regime makes no attempt to destroy them either before retreating or afterwards? We all know the regime has fighter-bomber aircraft as well as long range scuds and other types of Russian and Iranian rockets, so it just seems odd that they would let all that ammunition go to the rebels unless the plan is to give them more fire power to continue the war but not get the upper hand. There are reports also of such warlords extremely pleased with the way things are turning out as they happily sit atop a small hill of gains, riches, and power that this war has gifted them, and are reluctant to let any changes spoil their good fortunes. The regime, on the other hand is consolidating its grip on Damascus and the coastal strip while letting the warlords have the other areas and even feeds them weapons and ammunition from time to time to make sure the fires of the conflict are never completely out.

    Meanwhile, both the West and Russia and China are watching from afar, their weapons makers and sellers laughing gleefully while counting the profits.



  37. Egyptian ambassador talking to Swedish radio journalist about Syrian refugees being forced out of Egypt, the journalist breaks down while describing the plight of the Syrians who drowned after they were kicked out of Egypt.


  38. Robert Ford mission to Syria ended. The Syrians are faced with two choices: either Ass or ISIS – both made in the USA, both exported to Syria by racist opportunist individuals, nonetheless..

    Our struggle is long, we know, we are bloodied not only by our declared enemies, but by those who call themselves ‘friends of Syria’..

    ‘تعاطف’ روبرت فورد مع انتفاضة الشعب السوري؛ أو بالأحرى ذلك الاستعراب الذي يمارسه السفير، صباح مساء، على جمهرة أصدقائه المعارضين السوريين الإسطنبوليين



  39. Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French.
    Mahatma Gandhi

    Just as a man would not cherish living in a body other than his own, so do nations not like to live under other nations, however noble and great the latter may be.
    Mahatma Gandhi


  40. A group of Syrian, Arab and international activists launched the Global Campaign of Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution to create an open and diverse platform to support the Syrian revolution.

    What you can do

    Find out more about the Global Campaign of Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution on its Facebook page


    Solidarity with the Syrian revolution
    May 1, 2013

    Yet the revolution for freedom and dignity remains steadfast. It is for this reason that we, the undersigned, appeal to those of you in the global civil society, not to ineffective and manipulative governments, to defend the gains of the Syrian revolutionaries, and to spread our vision: freedom from authoritarianism and support of Syrians’ revolution as an integral part of the struggles for freedom and dignity in the region and around the world.

    The fight in Syria is an extension of the fight for freedom regionally and worldwide. It cannot be divorced from the struggles of the Bahrainis, Egyptians, Tunisians, Libyans, Yemenis and other peoples who have revolted against oppression and authoritarianism as well as against those seeking to usurp or destroy the uprisings and divert them for their own agendas. It is connected to the Palestinians’ struggle for freedom, dignity and equality. The revolution in Syria is a fundamental part of the North African revolutions, yet it is also an extension of the Zapatista revolt in Mexico, the landless movement in Brazil, the European and North American revolts against neoliberal exploitation, and an echo of Iranian, Russian and Chinese movements for freedom.

    The Syrian revolution has confronted a world upside down, one where states that were allegedly friends of the Arabs such as Russia, China, and Iran have stood in support of the slaughter of people, while states that never supported democracy or independence, especially the U.S. and its Gulf allies, have intervened in support of the revolutionaries. They have done so with clear cynical self-interest. In fact, their intervention tried to crush and subvert the uprising, while selling illusions and deceptive lies.

    Given that regional and world powers have left the Syrian people alone, we ask you to lend your support to those Syrians still fighting for justice, dignity and freedom, and who have withstood the deafening sounds of the battle, as well as rejected the illusions sold by the enemies of freedom.

    As intellectuals, academics, activists, artists, concerned citizens and social movements, we stand in solidarity with the Syrian people to emphasize the revolutionary dimension of their struggle and to prevent the geopolitical battles and proxy wars taking place in their country. We ask you to lend your support to all Syrians from all backgrounds asking for a peaceful transition of power, one where all Syrians can have a voice and decide their own fate. We also reject all attempts of any group to monopolize power, and to impose its own agenda, or to impose unitary or homogenous identities on the Syrian people. We ask you to support those people and organizations on the ground that still uphold the ideals for a free and democratic Syria.



  41. :الائتلاف السوري
    إذا ابتليتم بالمعاصي فاستتروا، تقول العبارة المأثورة؛ على نقيض ما يفعل الائتلاف وأهله: كلما زادت المعاصي، خاصة تلك التي من صنع أيديهم، وتفاقم افتضاحهم في أعين السوريين، والعالم بأسره، زادوا غيّاً وضلالاً، وتنابذوا… صفعاً ورفساً


  42. Syria and the R2P Doctrine: What is the future of “Responsibility to Protect?”

    ” Yes, atrocities were ongoing against civilians, 70% of the 110,000 of those killed are combatants, fighters in civilian clothes, the remainder, 40,000 are civilians ..the government is NOT abusing civilians, this a case of a violent civil war, where the overwhelming majority of death so far are due to fighting, civilians are caught up in fighting and they are the result of collateral damage..so the R2P is IRRELEVANT in this case.. ” Janice Stein

    She forgot to mention the SIX MILLION Syrians displaced, in and outside their country, half of them children.

    “the death by chemical weapons is a special case, it is different..” Janice Stein

    “it is an extra ordinary moment in history where we all got lucky! The biggest success in Syria’s fight against tyranny is the agreement reached by assad and the International Community for the destruction of chemical weapons. He transformed himself from a pariah dictator to a fundamental partner on the international stage, assad became a partner, that agreement enabled the regime survivor. The rebels view the agreement as a betrayal.. This was the best deal we got and without intervention.” Janice Stein



  43. شكرا لامك يا عبد القادر صالح فقد حملت و انجبت اعظم الرجال في سورية و كم تمنيت ان اصافحك فقليل الابطال امثالك


  44. May he rest in peace, Martyr Abdul-Kader Saleh, with all those who preceded him and those who will follow him. Hopefully we will translate our words to deeds and look after their families and loved ones.


  45. Always, the declared intentions of Colonial powers is to protect MINORITIES!
    In The Name of A Minority: divide, separate, instigate…
    Once broken/divided it is much harder to piece together.

    After Gandhi wrote the Declaration of Independence of India in 1930, and after the protest against British monopoly on salt in India, the British were forced to invite the Mahatma to London for a Round-Table Conference.

    The Conference foundered on the issue of how an independent India would deal with its Muslim minority!? OP-please..

    Muhammed Ali Jinnah, an Indian Muslim, his cooperation with those he was fighting against led to the split of a nation, a people, even families..India, Pakistan, … “to Gandhi’s great distress, the Congress leaders and the harried British agreed. August of 1947 saw India’s attainment of independence–as well as its partition into two countries, India and Pakistan. However, neither measure served to solve India’s problems, and the country immediately fell apart: Hindus and Muslims killed each other in alarming numbers while refugees fled toward the borders…”

    Will Syrian head in this direction? Syria’s martyrs will not rest until their aspiration is realized:
    “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Nelson Mandela

    One, one, one, Syrian people are one! What sets us apart is our political views. In one family you see two different political views.


  46. There are neither minorities nor a majority in Syria..
    An article worth reading about the Syrians in Salamiyeh. To all those who stood against Syrians aspiration for justice and dignity, and worked hard to paint the popular uprising as a sectarian one, by turning a blind eye in support of a tyrant, they are as responsible as the tyrant himself for every death and for every destruction. They are all accountable. I wish their dreams and livelihood will be shattered to bits and pieces. Dignity and freedom is an equal right for people around the world, period.



  47. Syrians “must face up to the very difficult conclusion that they have been effectively defeated, not by the horrifying repression of their own dictatorial regime which they have valiantly resisted, but rather by the international forces that are as committed as the Syrian regime itself to deny Syrians the democracy they so deserve… the struggle to overthrow Asad may very well succeed, but the struggle to bring about a democratic regime in Syria has been thoroughly defeated.” Joseph Massad


  48. ما هو اهم بالنسبة لايران نشر التشيع و الحفاظ على النظام السوري و الهيمنة على لبنان ام استمرار البرنامج النووي المكلف كل سنة يكلفها ١٢ بليون دولار, ايران اعطت تنازلات ضخمة لماذا؟
    ايران تعتقد ان زوال النظام السوري يعني اضعاف شديد لحزب الله, و حزب الله جبهة امامية للدفاع عن ايران, فبقاء نظام الاسد هو اهم من البرنامج النووي, فهناك فوائد اقتصادية و لكن رغم التنازلات الشديدة فلا بد من مقايضات سياسية.
    الاستنتاج هو اعطاء تنازلات مقابل بقاء النظام السوري


  49. The role of Hizb allah has changed as far as Iran, from resisting Israel, to hegemony over Syria


  50. The death toll of Hizbullah fighters are mounting, I like for someone to tally their number of dead and wounded


  51. السماح لايران بتخصيب ايورانيوم على اراضيها يعني ان على السعودية و على تركيا السماح لهم بتخصيب اليورانيوم على اراضيهم

    اليوم اصبح واضحاً ان للكذب فوائد جمة, الكذب ينجي, اكذبو تربحو, ايران كات تقول ان امريكا هي الشيطان الاكبر , اليوم امريكا لايران هي الصديق الاكبر, بعد عدة سنوات من سب اوباما ايران تقول اوباما بطل,

    هناك من يقول ان قرارات جنيف٢ اصبحت جاهزة, و انعقاده هو امر شكلي فقط, يقولون ان امريكا و ايران اتفقوا على ابقاء سورية تحت النفوذ الروسي الايراني بقيادة مختلفة, و ان الخاسر هي تركيا و السعودية,
    انا اعتقد انها مؤامرة ضد رجب طيب اردوغان, فامريكا خائفة منه كثيرا, فهو في وضع بعد حزيران يمكنه من قيادة اوسع خطرة على مصالح امريكا و روسيا, اليوم نرى ان كيري يتودد الى النظام المصري المعارض لتركيا, و تتقارب امريكا من ايران ضد مصالح الشعب السوري, الذي هو متفق مع تركيا و اردوغان

    Write a comment…


  52. اعلن البيت الابيض ان غاية جنيف٢ هو ذهاب الاسد,


  53. الاتفاقية الايرانية النووية هو تجميد و ليس اتلاف اليورانيوم المخصب, فها هي الاسحة الكيماوية في سورية مضى اكثر من ثلاثة اشهر و لم تتلف, و ايران لن تتلف شيء لعدة اشهر ستتحجج بعدم توفر امكانية الاتلاف, انما ستأخذ ٧ بلايين دولار, مراوغة و مساومة


  54. بدلاً من التعادي بين دول الشرق الاوسط ,فالافضل هو التحالف, كتبت سابقا عن حلف البحار الخمس, يضم ثلاث قوى عربي تركي ايراني, القسم العربي فيه هو القسم الضعيف المشرذم, فمصر تسير في الطريق الخاطئ , و لا يعقل ان يصبح للسعودية دور قيادي, و لكن تركيا و ايران يبدو انهم ماضون في حلف البحار الخمس,
    كان المفروض ان تأخذ مصر دورها القيادي و تتغير الامور في سورية لتصبح دولة ديموقراطية و يأتلفان فيتحقق ثالث الثالوث و يتحالف العرب و تركيا وايران
    لكن للاسف ايران كان لها مطامع اخرى, و تنبهت امريكا فاوقفت دعمها للثورة السورية لتمنع هذا التحالف, و الآن امريكا تحسن علاقتها بايران لتوقف هذا التحالف, امريكا خائفة من اردوغان صاحب هذا المشروع


  55. The Iran Agreement Could Reconfigure the Middle East

    by Rami G. Khouri

    The most striking implication of the agreement signed in Geneva last weekend—to ensure that Iran’s nuclear industry does not develop nuclear weapons while gradually removing the sanctions on the country—is more about Iran than it is about Iran’s nuclear industry. The important new dynamic that has been set in motion is likely to impact profoundly almost every significant political situation around the Middle East and the world, including both domestic conditions within countries and diplomatic relations among countries.



  56. هيثم مناع يريد ان يدخل جنيف بدون ان يدفع ثمن التكيت,الجيش الحر دفع الثمن باهظا بدم الشهداء, هو الذي اوصلنا الى جنيف فماذا دفع مناع ليأتي ,كان موقفه سلبي دوماً


  57. Hizbullah supporters has to leave the gulf with monetary loss close to 3-4 billion dollar


  58. بوجود التقارب الامريكي الايراني اصبح ضرورياً انشاء تقارب مقابل يخفف من ضرر الوضع الجديد, تقارب عربي تركي , قد تنضم له دول اخرى, عمل لا شيء هو خطأ استراتيجي, يجب العمل السريع لتحالف عربي تركي و نبذ الخلافات العربية, و خاصة اعادة مصر للتكتل العربي, و توحيد التعاون الاردني القطري السعودي.


  59. امريكا ارادت ان تقوّي موقف روحاني المعتدل فقبلت بتسوية مرحلية,الغاية هي اضعاف موقف خامنئي المتشدد, المعتدلون في ايران يريدون تحسين الاقتصاد الايراني و ليس نشر التشيع, الذي يسعى اليه خامنئي, لازال الدرب طويل امام روحاني, فخامنئي يسيطر على الجيش,و لكن هناك تحول هام يجب ان نشجعه, و إن لا يساعدنا الآن في سورية.


  60. Ibrahimi said the authority of the new goverment after Geneve2 will be decided by the negotiating parties, this is totally unacceptable, and it violates the american statements that says Geneve2 is to apply geneve1, the coalition must never accept Ibrahimi statement and he must explain his statement and US must declare their position from this statement , otherwise the coalition will refuse to go to geneve2 or go insisting on all parties accept geneve1,


  61. انا لا اتوقع بتاتاً ان تقبل روسيا بالبند السابع و إن كنت اؤيده كثيرا, الهدف من جنيف٢ هو وقف النار و ايصال المساعدات الانسانية و نتيجته هي تقسيم سورية و ليس الحصول على اتفاق لتشكيل حكومة, فلا الاسد سيقبل بالتخلي عن سلطته و لا المعارضة ستقبل بالمشاركة


  62. The future of Syria is division, Sunni Syria will have a shape of crescent, from aleppo to the east including Deir azzor and south to include Deraa,with extension to Ghouta, and Assad Syria which will include the western side ,include Hama Homs Damascus along with the coast,this will seperate Assad from Israel,and from Iraq,the shiaa state,The ceation of such division will create the conditions that will be the bases for future war, so as we see Geneve 2 is another Sykes Pico


  63. كما فهمت فان خطورة الاسحة الكيماوية هي في نقلها الى اللاذقية عبر مناطق تجري فيها معارك , ثم بعد تفكيكها و جعلها اقل خطورة فدفنها سيجري في صحراء او ستنقل الى المحيط الاطلسي و الى القطب الجنوبي حتى لا يتم القاءها في البحر الابيض المتوسط كونه بحيرة مغلقة
    ماذا لو ازدادت حدة المعارك حول اللاذقية, الا يجب وقف القتال ليتسنى نقلها, وقف القتال ضروري لنقل الاسلحة الكيماوية و هنا ياتي دور جنيف لوقف القتال


  64. “فقدنا رجلا نادرا لم يستمع طيلة حياته الا لصوت ضميره .. احمد فؤاد نجم ”


  65. من جلب الدمار والخراب إلى بلداننا بعد الثورات ليس الذين ثاروا من أجل الحرية، بل الذين لا يريدون للشعوب أن تعيش بحرية.
    Faisal Kasim


  66. Rouhani said today he supports election in Syria that is free and fair, this is great if he is telling the truth, we need free election monitored by the UN, My prediction he will not agree to free election, but I think we must accept the results of free election,election should be for the house of representatives , who will write a new constitution, and for president,


  67. Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Rohde speaks to Jian about the new rash of journalist kidnappings in Syria, how the tactics of their captors are changing, and what that means for the kind of work the media is able to do in the troubled country.

    Journalists are now being held indefinitely as potential bargaining chips, a situation which leaves their families, governments and publications at a loss when it comes to effectively negotiating their release. Sometimes, their captors don’t make any demands, or — for reasons that are unclear — connect with victims families to say that they’re okay.

    It’s a subject Rohde feels passionately about, having himself been kidnapped and held captive for 7 months in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Still, he says, the people hurt most are average Syrians whose day-to-day conditions are increasingly difficult to report on.



  68. “My very first political action, the first thing I ever did that involved an issue or a policy or politics, was a protest against apartheid,” President Obama said in his eloquent, moving, and hypocritical eulogy of Nelson Mandela. As a citizen activist Obama opposed apartheid, and today as president he is presiding over billions of dollars in military aid to an Israeli regime that, by any reading of international law, is committing the Crime of Apartheid against the Palestinian people.

    “Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians,” Mandela famously said in 1997, and he favorably characterized the UN’s stance as “recognition that injustice and gross human rights violations were being perpetrated in Palestine” going as far back as 1977. Archbishop Demond Tutu and other South African leaders have equated Israel’s regime to Apartheid or worse, calling for boycott, divestment, and sanctions.



  69. One of the architects of the Iraq War, former Vice President Dick Cheney, said in 2000 that he did not regret his vote against the Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986, which called for the release of Mandela and other political prisoners. Cheney, then a Republican congressman from Wyoming, maintained that he thought the African National Congress was a “terrorist organization” at the time.

    He later called Mandela a “great man” who had “mellowed” following his release from prison in 1990. Cheney has not apparently released a statement of condolence thus far and an email to his spokeswoman was not immediately returned.


  70. Meaningful words from Patriarch Yazji…Hallelujah!

    A Syrian Mandela in the making? Patriarch Yazji to Arabic BBC, “We are Syrian, Christian Arab, we stand with our people (we are not children of yesterday) to stand with the regime or otherwise..”

    Words of wisdom, finally!

    كلام البطريرك يوحنا يازجي ( بطريرك إنطاكيا وسائر المشرق للروم الأرثوذكس)

    إنها هجمة ممنهجة ومقصودة على الكنائس، يراد بها تحويل الأنظار عن حقيقة ما يجري في سورية وتصوير الامر على انه استهداف للمسيحيين

    نحن سوريون مسيحيون عرب ونقف مع شعوبنا
    لسنا ولاد “مبارح” لنقف مع نظام او غيره

    هذا وكان البطريرك اليازجي قد علق زيارته إلى دول الخليج لمتابعة أوضاع راهبات دير مار تقلا في معلولا، داعيا المجتمع العربي والدولي إلى السعي للإفراج عنهن “إذ لم نعد نحتاج شجبا أو ادانة أو شعورا بالقلق”.
    وقال اليازجي في مؤتمر صحفي من دير سيدة البلمند “نظرا أن المحاولات لم تفض إلى الإفراج عنهن فإن بطريركية انطاكيا للروم تناشد المجتمع الدولي وكل الحكومات للتدخل وإطلاقهن سالمات”.
    وناشد اليازجي “الضمير الحي يمن فيهم الخاطفين لإطلاق أخواتنا الراهبات وبنات الميتم في دير معلولا” متابعا “نداؤنا إلى المجتمع الدولي ومع كل شكرنا للتضامن نحن لم نعد نحتاج شجبا أو ادانة أو شعورا بالقلق لما يجري من تعد على كرامة نحن نحتاج أفعالا حسية وملموسة لا أقوالا”.
    وشدد على أنه “لا نريد من أصحاب القرار إقليميا كان أو دوليا إلا أفعالا تفضي إلى إطلاق من كان ذنبهن الوحيد التشبث بأرضهن ورفض مغادرة الدير”.
    هذا وكرر اليازجي “نداءنا من أجل وقف منطق الصراع في سوريا واستبداله بمنطق الحوار السلمي وعدم استخدام التسويف في الحوار لكسب الرهان على الأرض”.
    وقال “إن كل قطرة دم إنسان بريء تراق على وجه هذه الأرض أقدس وأغلى من كل شعارات العالم”. وأضاف “أجراس كنائسنا نحن مسيحيي المشرق التي علقت وقرعت من غابر الأيام ستظل تقرع وتسمع صوت محبتنا وسلامنا للآخر على اختلاف دينة إلى الدنيا برمتها (..) قساوة الأيام الحاضرة لن تجتث من أرضنا لأنها قطعة من قلبنا”.



  71. في موضوع الحرية و العدالة لكافة فئات الشعب السوري انا لا ارى اي مشكلة في ان يكون رئيس سوريا المقبل علوي او مسيحي او سني, طالما ان النظام القادم هو نظام مدني , القانون فيه فوق كل شخص, و يطبق بالعدالة و المساواة, ما نريد إلغاؤه هو اقتصار الحكم على عائلة واحدة تتوارث الحكم تماما كما لو كنا في نظام ملكي, و تحرم الاشخاص القادرين و الكفؤ ان يخدموا الشعب اذا لم يكونوا من هذه العائلة.
    هذا ما لم تقتنع به الدول الغربية و روسيا, فليس الشعب السوري بطائفي, و لكن نريد التخلص من حكم العائلة الواحدة , و التاريخ في الماضي اثبت فشل حكم العائلة الواحدة ,فغالباً لا يستمر الحكم إلا لثلاثة اجيال فقط ثم تتغير العائلة.
    ثم إن الإسلام هو ضد النظام الملكي المتوارث , و امرهم شورى بينهم,


  72. I do have a big problem with ‘anyone’ labeling us, or, anyone labeling her or himself, other than “Syrian”. From A-Z, from Alawites to Zoroastrians and in between, we are Syrians, period.


  73. Mandela is not a birthday cake to be celebrated. The funeral with its hypocritical heads of state won’t honor him. He is a pioneer to be emulated. We honor him by standing up for justice even in the face of enormous opposition from the rich and powerful, by taking risks for high ideals. We won’t meet his standards. But if all of us tried, we’d make the world better. As he did.



  74. It is a fact that Assad regime has true friends Russia and Iran and HA and Malki troops, while the rebels they don’t have true friends,


  75. Theses on Zionism
    Joseph Massad


    European Christians oppress European Jews. They then demand that the Palestinians must allow European Jews to oppress them in turn and that the Palestinians must ignore if not celebrate their own oppression, while condemning European Christian oppression of European Jews.

    European Jewish Zionists also demand that Palestinians celebrate the oppression inflicted on them by European Jews (and non-European Jews mobilized by Zionism) and marvel as to why the Palestinians resist the understanding that European Jews have the exceptional right to oppress them because as Jews, they were oppressed by European Christians.

    European Jewish Zionists are horrified that anyone would suggest that they should celebrate the oppression inflicted on them by European Christians. They are equally horrified that anyone should suggest that the Palestinians should not celebrate the oppression inflicted on them by European (and non-European) Jews.

    European and Euro-American Christian Zionists and European Jewish Zionists insist on the exceptionalism of Europeans. European Jewish Zionists recognize that European and Euro-American Christians should have the right to oppress anyone they choose except for Jews, while European and Euro-American Christian Zionists recognize that European (and other) Jews have the right to oppress only the Palestinians, and a motley array of other Arabs and Muslims.

    European and Euro-American Zionists, Christians and Jews alike, do not consider it controversial when modern Egyptians claim descent from the ancient Egyptians and the Pharaohs, nor do they consider it controversial when modern Iraqis claim descent from the Babylonians; or when the Lebanese claim descent from the Phoenicians, or when the Jordanians claim descent from the Nabateans. The only controversy is over the Palestinians’ claim that they are descendants of the ancient Hebrews.

    At the same time, it remains utterly uncontroversial that modern European Jews, who are descendants of European converts to Judaism who were and are foreign to Palestine’s geography, claim instead that they, not the native Palestinians, are the real descendants of the ancient Hebrews.

    When some Zionists admit their war crimes against the Palestinians, the expulsion, the massacres, the destruction of Palestinian cities and towns, the theft of land and property, they claim that they had little choice, as they were persecuted in Europe and needed a refuge, even if at the expense of the Palestinians. When Palestinians insist on resisting these Zionist crimes and claims, the same Zionists accuse the Palestinians of lack of sympathy with their oppressors and of anti-Semitism.

    Zionism bases itself on three claims: (1) that the ancient Hebrews possessed ancient Palestine and nobody else lived there; (2) that modern descendants of European converts to Judaism are the direct descendants of the Hebrews; and (3) that, based on these two claims, modern European Jews have the right to take Palestine from the Palestinians.

    While the first two claims lack any historical validity as attested to by mounds of historical evidence, even were we to assume that they were valid, they do not lead to the acceptance of the third proposition. Otherwise all European white Aryans would be claiming northern India as their home (as they claim to have originated there) and would seek to displace all Indians (dark Aryans) living there today and take their land away from them.

    Religious and secular Zionists use the Jewish scriptures to assert that God promised the ancient Hebrews the land of Palestine and that the Hebrews went there and killed the native Canaanites and took their country. They add that this gives modern European Jews the right to repeat that very same crime today by killing the native Palestinians and by taking away their country.

    Israel claims to be of Asian Hebrew origins, yet it insists that it is part of Europe and the West.

    Zionism claims to be an answer to the loss of Jewish cultures (on account of Jewish assimilation in the diaspora) and to the threat of anti-Semitism, which threatens Jewish lives in the diaspora.

    Yet it is Israel which has played the major role in destroying all diaspora Jewish languages (including Yiddish, Ladino and Arabic) and cultures and substituted for Jews instead an assimilated European gentile Hebrew-speaking culture. As for safeguarding Jewish lives, today and for the last six and a half decades, Israel, rather than being the safest place for Jews, has been the most dangerous place for them.

    Anti-Zionists have interpreted the Zionist project; the point however is to undo it.


  76. “We were placed in a position in which we had either to accept a permanent state of inferiority, or to defy the Government. We chose to defy the Government. We first broke the law in a way which avoided any recourse to violence; when this form was legislated against, and when the Government resorted to a show of force to crush opposition to its policies, only then did we decide to answer violence with violence.”

    Why did the ANC resorted to arm struggle? Mandela said: “I did not plan it in a spirit of recklessness, nor because I have any love for violence. I planned it as a result of a calm and sober assessment of the political situation that had arisen after many years of tyranny, exploitation, and oppression of my people by the whites.”


  77. بيننا اليوم من يعتقد جازما بأن القذافي مآله الجنة حتما مع اعترافه بجرائمه وأن مانديلا في النار حتما مع اعترافه بفضائله


  78. ‘Courageous people do not fear forgiving, for the sake of peace.’ Mandela


  79. the article on the four activists’ kidnapping doesn’t mention that Samira Khalil is also (I believe) the spouse of Yassin al-Haj Saleh…


  80. الثورة في سورية قامت تطالب بالحرية و العدالة, قامت تقول ان العلويين في سورية استأثرو بالحكم طويلاً و همشو بقية الشعب, الذين اصبحو كالعبيد, و العلويين كالاسياد, فاراد الشعب الكرامة, و المشاركة في الحكم, و هذا حقهم, و لكن تآمر عليهم كل من إيران و اوباما, ايران ارسلت جنودها و ارسلت حزب الله و ميليشات المالكي, و اوباما رفض العون العسكري , النتيجة كانت ان الثوار اضطرو الى اللجوء الى شرب العلقم و الانضمام الى متشددين اسلاميين هم القاعدة, هم داعش, و هذه خطيئه كبرى, يقولون لم يكن لهم خيار, والواقع انهم نسو او تناسو سبب الثورة و هو ثورة من اجل الحرية و العدالة و الديموقراطية, و رمو انفسهم في احضان من لا يؤمن بالحرية, في احضان داعش, داعش التي تفهم الاسلام غلط, فالاسلام هو دين الحرية و الوسط وليس دين اجبار الناس على اتباع آرائهم و لا دين تشدد, داعش هي ضد الحرية, هي ضد الديموقراطية, و بهذا سرقت الثورة, في نفس الوقت زاد جور النظام واستقوى بمجرمين من حزب الله, فما ذا نفعل؟
    استمسكو بثوابتكم و اصبرو, واعملو على الحوار لتثبتو انكم دعاة حرية و ليس تشدد و قمع من نوع آخر, فليس البديل عن نظام مجرم بنظام مجرم آخر, النصر للحق و لا للظلم


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