Chemical weapons used by Assad Gangs in Eastern Ghouta

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I know I have not been writing for a while.  This is very important and it is from Yasin Haj Saleh, please spread it. It is important to note that Yassin Haj Saleh is an MD. After his lengthy incarceration by the Assad regime, he went on to finish his medical studies, interrupted by the Assad goons in the eighties. He graduated from the faculty of medicine  at the University of Aleppo.

Injuries by Chemical Weapons in Eastern Ghuta

Yassin Haj Saleh*
Tuesday, April 30, 2013.

From   الجمهورية لدراسات الثورة السورية (The Republic for Syrian Revolution Studies)

Obama's red-lines
Obama’s red-lines

The thirty-year-old man was brought to “spot 200″ in Duma as being injured by chemical weapons. He seemed debile and his voice was barely audible. The fighter on the front of Jawbar, East of Damascus, had spent 9 hours in “spot 1″, which is a hospital where casualties receive first aid.

Out of the nine hours, he was unconscious for six hours, between 8 in the morning and 2.

Besides fatigue, the man looked physically fine and conscious when I met him at 6 in the evening of Sunday, April 14. He could stand up on his feet, but not firmly.

“What happened?” I asked him. He said that something that looks like a large stone was thrown nearby, but he didn’t pay much attention. But his companion asked a few moments later, “man, what’s this smell?”. The man did not smell or see smoke, but he had difficulty breathing, and his eyes were frozen wide. He thought himself dying, so he started to pray to God loudly.

He also said that after waking up in the hospital, he was spitting blood- he was still spitting blood at six in the evening, but in much smaller quantities.

He had no skin (dermatological?) symptoms. And when he woke up in the hospital, he knew that his friend had died, and possibly others had fallen martyrs. He did not know whether more bombs of the same kind were shelled on Jawbar front.

In his report, the doctor mentioned that the symptoms that the man, who comes from Qanawat neighborhood in Damascus, were pinpoint pupils and mental confusion, which seems to indicate a injury in the central nervous system. The report also says that the man was given 9 injections of atropine, 5 of hydrocortisone, and other 5 of a drug called Dexone (Dexamethasone).

The doctor recommended a normal diet and serums. There were two spots in the man’s left leg and left arm where two viens were opened to insert the serums, of which one was connected to a serum bag above the bed.

The man remained four days in “spot 200″ for follow-up.

Dr. Sakhr from the medical center in Eastern Ghuta said that he examined 20 cases of injury that day, and he personally suffered from the gas that was stuck to the clothes and hair of patients.

According to Dr. Sakhr, symptoms of injury include shortness of breath, red eyes, runny nose and eyes, hemoptysis, fainting and pinpoint pupils.

Two days later, symptoms of emotional instability manifested in form of agitation and anger or in form exhilaration and mania. These symptoms disappeared after two or three days, according to Dr. Sakhr.

Dr. Sakhr thought that the poison gas used was Sarin. He based his evaluation in the report on clinical assessment (symptoms and pathological development of cases). He had no decisive proofs, but he said that he took samples from infected hair, urine, blood and clothes and sent them to agencies that would supposedly be able to determine the type of toxic substance, and the most appropriate antidote for it.

Some of the people I have seen here think that tactical chemical weapons are the ones used by the regime until now. They target fighters and residents in limited areas.

* Translated by Jalal Imran

Original Report in Arabic

إصابات بسلاح كيميائي في الغوطة الشرقيّة

ياسين الحاج صالح

29 نيسان 2013

الرجل البالغ الثلاثين جلب إلى «النقطة 200» في دوما بوصفه مصابا بسلاح كيميائي. كان يبدو عليه الوهن، وصوته بالكاد يسمع. كان المقاتل على جبهة جوبر شرق دمشق قد قضىنحو 9 ساعات في «النقطة 1»، وهي مشفى يتلقى المصاب فيها الإسعافات الأولية.

ومن تلك الساعات التسعة كان المصاب غائبا عن الوعي طوال 6 ساعات، بين الثامنة صباحا والثانية.

غير الإعياء بدا الرجل سليما جسديا ووعيه جيدا حين قابلته في السادسة مساء من يوم الأحد 14/4. كان يستطيع الوقوف على قدميه أيضا، لكن بوضع غير ثابت.
ماذا جرى؟ سألته. قال إنه رمي صوبهم جسم أشبه بحجر كبير، ولم يهتم هو بالأمر. لكن رفيقه تساءل بعد لحظات: «يا زلمة، شو هالريحة؟». هو لم يشم رائحة أو ير دخانا. لكن نفسهضاق، ويتذكر أن عينيه «شكلتا» (تجمدتا في أقصى اتساعهما)، وظن نفسه سيموت، فأخذ يتشهد بصوت عال.

قال أيضا إنه بعد أن صحا في المشفى كان يبصق دما، كان لا يزال يبصق دما في السادسة مساء، لكن بكميات أقل. وليس لديه أعراض جلدية.
وفي المشفى، بعد أن صحا، علم أن رفيقه استشهد، ويحتمل أن يكون سقط شهداء آخرون. ليس متأكدا من ذلك. لا يعلم أيضا إن كانت أطلقت قنابل أخرى من النوع نفسه على جبهة جوبر.
في تقرير الطبيب من المستشفى ذكر أن الأعراض الظاهرة على الرجل الذي ينحدر من حي القنوات في دمشق هي حدقات دبوسية (ضيقة جدا) وتخليط ذهني، ما يبدو أنه يدل على إصابة عصبية مركزية. في التقرير أيضا أنه أعطي 9 أبر (حقن) من الأتروبين و5 من الهيدروكورتيزون و5 أخريات من عقار ديكسون. يوصي الطبيب بحمية عادية وسيرومات. كان مكانان في يد الرجل اليسرى وذراعه الأيسر قد فتح فيهما وريدان من أجل السيروم (المصل)، أحدهما كان موصولا فعلا بكيس السيروم فوق سريره.

بقي الرجل 4 أيام للمتابعة في «النقطة 200».

الدكتور صخر من المركز الطبي في الغوطة الشرقية يقول إنه تابع حالة نحو 20 مصابا في ذلك اليوم، وإنه شخصيا أصيب بالغاز «المتعشق» في ألبسة المصابين وشعرهم، ونقل إلى العناية المشددة. وبين المصابين العشرين استشهد واحد، وكانت إصابة اثنين خطيرة.

من أعراض الإصابة حسب الدكتور صخر ضيق التنفس واحمرار العينين وسيلان الأنف والعيون ونفث الدم وتغيُّم الوعي، والحدقات الدبوسية. ويبدو أن الأعراض تتفاوت بحسب شدة التعرض للغاز السام.

بعد يومين ظهرت على بعض المصابين أعراض عدم ثبات انفعالي، في شكل هياج وغضب أو في شكل ابتهاج وهوس، وزالت الأعراض الأخيرة بعد يومين أو ثلاثة، حسب الدكتور صخر.

الرجل يقدر أن الغاز السام المستخدم هو السارين، معتمدا في تقديره على السريريات (الأعراض وتطور الحالة المرضية)، وليس لديه أية براهين قطعية على ذلك. لكنه يقول إنه أخذت عينات من شعر المصابين وبولهم ودمهم وملابسهم وأرسلت إلى جهات يفترض أن تحدد نوع المادة السامة، والترياق الأنسب المضاد لها.

يقدر بعض من رأيتهم هنا أن أسلحة كيميائية تكتيكية هي التي استخدمها النظام حتى اليوم، تستهدف المقاتلين أو السكان في مساحات محددة.



  1. Ominous news but is it more ominous than the massacres, executions, imprisonment on an enormous scale, bombings and the over one million refugees? and now cutting internet as per this info
    “Operation Syria
    The local news media in #Homs, Syria said it would happen and it has begun. Warn your Syrian friends to be prepared for the worst, and pray for the best. God Bless Syria!
    URGENT: Please share with media and humanitarian organisations


  2. “No other regime in modern history has been allowed to commit such crimes with the help of world powers, media & institutions.” @i_magpie


  3. Magpie V ‏@i_magpie: I condemn Israel’s airstrikes on #Syria as much as I condemn killer Assad’s airstrikes on #Syria

    1. After 2 years of doing everything to save Assad, it seems that the time has come for his masters to intervene militarily to save him!

    2. Israel’s attacks will just prove Assad’s conspiracy theory. It’s a game to derail the revolution & save Assad regime.

    3. Why did Israel not attack earlier? Why was Assad allowed to murder over 100,000 Syrians & destroy

    4. Oh yeah! Assad kills Syrians but cares about Palestinians while Israel kills Palestinians but cares about Syrians! Are you crazy?

    5. Israeli attacks will only benefit Assad. He will prove his conspiracy theory, try to discredit the opposition & be more brutal.


  4. Malek Jandali: Ya Allah (Oh God)

    يا الله… إلى شهداء الحرية… و أطفال الشهامة… و أبطال الثورة السورية التاريخية…. إلى صوت الكرامة… إلى أخي الغالي السوري الحر عبد الباسط الساروت


  5. Israelis do not care about Syrians and given the way they treat Palestinians one can imagine how they would deal with Syrians. They will not stop at the hezb weapons, next they will take on jabhat al nusra. Thank u Asshead


  6. I don’t know of this is true but there are report-cum-rumours that more than 300 Republican Guard scum were wiped out by the airstrike. If its true then God Bless Israel. These were the people who were shelling Damascus from their little mountain on an hourly basis.

    But I am afraid that after this Bashar will be bale to rally the fence-siiters and neutrals inside Syria even more. 😦


  7. However I’m hearing that 700 civilans were also killed by the strike. These were mainly refugees from Barzeh. 😦 . They used depleted uranium.


  8. Damn the day that brought us a ruling mafia so cruel and murderous that it causes some Syrians to cheer an Israeli attack on Syrian soil! Yes, the Assadists and their militias do not deserve anybody’s pity or mercy, being so merciless and totally devoid of positive human traits themselves, but they should be judged and punished by Syrians, not by Israel.

    I would agree with most of what NZ said above, though I do not share the view that the attacks were ordered or requested by the Assadists with the Israelis jumping to oblige. Rather, it is more a case of going to great lengths to provoke the Israelis into attacking Syria by making it impossible for the Zionists to overlook all the advanced arms movements to HA. Yes, Israel prefers that Assad stayed, but will absolutely not allow HA get advanced missiles.

    Another benefit to the regime not mentioned is that the Assadists can play the victim and get a wave of international support which they will then translate to mean that they have been also a victim on the domestic front. If the regime or HA responds then neither will be blamed for expanding the conflict over the whole area, though that was their intention from the start.

    Basically, whatever it takes to complicate matters and cloud the situation and prevent a rebel victory, which is the eventual outcome, someday.


  9. فيصل القاسم ‏

    لم نسمع صوتاً لمجموعة بريكس يدين العدوان الإسرائيلي على سوريا، مع العلم أن دمشق تعتبر المجموعة منقذها الأول والأخير


  10. From Twitter: فيصل القاسم & asad abukhalil

    1. يبدو ان روسيا اصيبت بعدوى بان كيمون، فلم يصدر عنها سوى التعبير عن القلق حيال العدوان الاسرائيلي على سوريا

    2. المضحك أيضاً أن الصين لم تعبر حتى عن قلقها إزاء الغارات الاسرائيلية على سوريا، فما بالك أن تدينها. طبعاً نتنياهو اليوم في الصين

    3. وأخيراً حكى بدري: الصين تدعو إلى ضبط النفس. هذا الذي طلع معك يا صين. أين الشجب والاستنكار على الأقل؟

    4. ردا على العدوان الإسرائيلي, أعلنت إيران عن إستعدادها لتدريب الجيش السوري على أن تنتهي عمليّات التدريب بعد سنوات مما أربك العدوّ

    5. أوضح عمران الزعبي ما عناه ب”جميع الإحتمالات”. قال إن ذلك يشمل: المفاوضات السريّة وإعطاء الخد الآخر للعدوّ بالإضافة إلى رمي البرازق عليه.

    6. عاجل. قرّر النظام السوري الردّ على عداون إسرائيل عبر رمي شحنات من البرازق على رؤوس الإسرائيليّين. الممانعون يهلّلون.

    7. “رئيس الاركان الايرانية:المقاومة سترد على اسرائيل”. متى وكيف؟ سئمنا بياناتك وتهديداتكم الفارغة. سئمنا كلامك وخطابكم. سئمنا فتاويكم أيضاً.


  11. What is NOT permissible to Freedom Fighters IS permissible to STATE ACTORS?!!

    One is called a “rebel” the other is called “Mr. President”.

    The latter kills with impunity, while the former is a terrorist because he wants dignity and freedom for man kind.


    A very powerful 30 seconds video you posted. مقاتل لا قاتل

    Is there anything parallel to Geneva Call that is dedicated to engaging STATE ACTORS. It is these, so called leaders, who need to respect and adhere to the principles of international humanitarian law and conducts.


  12. What are the motives behind the sectarian cleansing in Syria’s coast, Al Bayda village in Banias? “Hint: NOT Alawite state” says Hassan Hassan

    It is remarkable that the regime’s media, unlike in previous massacres, has neither condemned the killing nor blamed the rebels. Pro-regime Facebook pages even posted pictures of slaughtered children, claiming they were militants.

    Thousands of Sunni Syrians live among Alawites in the coastal region after they fled violence in their areas. The fact that Alawites and Sunnis still live side by side belies the media’s prevailing narrative that all Syrian society is polarised along sectarian lines.


    The narrative is that the regime’s forces are driving Sunni families from Alawite areas, in Homs and elsewhere, for the purpose of paving the way for a potential statelet on the coast. But that narrative is inaccurate because such moves are not systematic or universal. Sunni families were welcomed in the Alawite heartlands and Alawite families are similarly leaving their areas in the country’s middle when there is violence and heading to the coast.

    These moves, therefore, suggest that sectarian cleansing is not being conducted for the purpose of establishing a potential state but for other strategic reasons to ensure the flow of Alawite fighters from and into this area. As the rebels close in on the coastline, the regime probably feels that such massacres will deepen sectarian tensions and pit Sunni and Alawites against each other, thereby convincing the Alawites they need to fight alongside the Assad regime for their survival.

    A similar ploy was employed in the beginning of the conflict in 2011. A month into the anti-regime protests, pro-regime militias – their fighters with accents and names associated in Syria with Alawites – filmed themselves humiliating protesters in the same village as the weekend’s massacre.

    The recent carnage in Banias has been among the most grisly in Syria’s conflict in terms of numbers dead. The message to Sunni fighters is that the coastline is a red line. For Alawites the message is one of reassurance, that the coast will not face the same fate as Al Qusayr’s in Homs, where residents felt the regime could not shield them from rebel attacks last month – when Hizbollah intervened.

    Alawite fighters have been steadily suffering losses; if these losses come closer to home, that might push many of them to realise a victory for the rebels is possible. And this is a scenario the Assad regime seeks to avoid.


  13. Painting the Syrian people and their popular revolution as sectarian from day one, makes one wonder if he was truly thinking about his wife’s relatives in particular and Syrian Alawites in general and Syria as a whole!? His fame exploded…

    Of course, my being married to an Alawite has made me think long and hard about US intervention. I am aware that if the US destroys the Syrian military and drives for a total Sunni win, as they did in Iraq, where they gave the win to the Shiites, it could lead to the ethnic cleansing of the Alawites, which I think would be a bad thing. Bad for my relatives, bad for Alawites, in general, bad for Syria as a whole, and certainly bad for America, because it would destabilize the Middle East. The US has already participated indirectly in ethnic cleansing in the Middle East a few times before and it has cost America a great deal. We helped the Jews in Israel get a state in 1948, which led to the ethnic cleansing of 800,000 Palestinians. That displacement of the Palestinians destabilized the region for 5 decades and involved us in a series of wars and brought terrorism to the US with Sirhan Sirhan and the like. Even Bin Laden explained that the first time he thought about bombing the World Trade Center was when he watched US F15s and F16s bombing Beirut in 1982.

    In Iraq, we are also responsible for the marginalization of the Sunnis from power. This is why they are so radicalized and joining al-Qaida and other militant organizations.


  14. Dear NZ
    Thank you for bringing my attention to Joshua Landis’s “defence”. I have far more criticism of Joshua Landis than anyone on the Israel lobby list would. I have been viewing Syria Comment lately, and i think that, like you, SYRIAN HAMSTER has put the finger on some very critical issues related to Joshua Landis.

    I read the entire “defense” article written by Joshua Landis, and it is both defensive and rationalizing. I really disliked the play on the Palestinian exile, because it sounded both cheap, reductionist, and it seemed very much like attempting to get credibility within the usual list of “resistance” intellectuals in the US.

    Joshua Landis marriage has nothing to do with it. His affinity for the “powerful” and “secular elites…. sigh… ” has been even discussed on 7ee6an.

    Here is the part of the post by SYRIAN HAMSTER, which seems to be a response to Akbar Palace in which some serious criticism has been leveled at Joshua, seemingly implicitly.

    That is definitely a problem, but there is also an equally dangerous problem, which is misrepresenting and/or fully ignoring the moderate factions in the revolution and their daily struggle and the reality of the huge amount of civil-society work that is being done, under bombardment, in liberated areas and despite of major concerns about corruption in criminal behavior from some of those riding the “revolution” wave. This would be extremely disappointing, especially when such omission is committed by so-called Syrian Experts , in favor of continuing to scare policy makers in the US and elsewhere from supporting the rebels, perpetuating fraud such as “athad is popular and bouncing-back”, and distracting from the regime’s crimes by excessive over analyses of the “color code” of the “Islamist rebels” genealogy, while the regime thugs and sectarian hoards murder innocent women and children with SCUD, carpet bombing, as well as by burning them alive and slaughtering them en-mass, as happened in Baida and Banyas at the request of regime thugs on this blog. I think this is probably a worse ethical problem for academics and an equally damaging loss of ethical compass.


  15. Dear NZ
    Here is another clip from the same group and under the same campaign “مقاتل لا قاتل ” This campaign is directed at members of the FSA.


  16. أفكار موجزة حول التفاهم الروسي الأميركي —–عزمي بشارة

    1. بدأنا مرحلة جديدة هي مرحلة المؤتمر الدولي حول سورية.

    2. يعني التفاهم الروسي الأميركي اعترافًا دوليًّا أن النظام السوري لن يبقى، وأن تغييره يجب أن يتم بحل سياسي، لأن العودة إلى ما كان غير ممكنة، واستمرار الوضع قد يؤدي إلى انهيار شامل.

    3. كان من شأن استخدام النظام للقوة العسكرية المفرطة من دون سقف للعنف أن يقضي على الثورة السلمية (وعلى أي ثورة سلمية إذا لم ينشق الجيش عن النظام، وإذا لم يحصل تدخل خارجي). ولكن تحول الثورة إلى السلاح (ببطولة نادرة ومن دون دعم خارجي يتجاوز دولتين عربيتين) منع النظام من القضاء عليها، ومدّ في عمر الثورة حتى اليوم. ولكن الاحتراب الذي يتحمل النظام مسؤوليته قاد البلد إلى ما يشبه الحرب الأهلية في، مع الفرق أن النظام هو طرف في هذه الحرب، وهذا بحد ذاته يحفظ للثورة سمة الثورة على نظام. وقد استخدم النظام القصف الواسع النطاق والقمع بالقتل والتعذيب بما في ذلك ارتكاب جرائم ضد الإنسانية.

    4. نشأت في الثورة ظاهرة التعددية العسكرية التي لم تسلم من نشوء ميليشيات وارتكاب جرائم، وبرزت مؤخرا ظاهرة أمراء الحرب.

    5. انزلق الاحتراب الى مجازر طائفية من اسوأ نوع كما تجلت مؤخرا في قرية البيضا، التي لم تكتب قصتها بدقة بعد، والتي بيّنت أن الأكثرية غير المنظمة في سورية هي في الواقع مجموعة أقليّات تستفرد فيها الأقلية المنظمة عسكريا في تنظيمات فاشية. وهو نمط عرفناه في مناطق أخرى في العالم. وهو نمط يتعاطف معه الغرب حين يحصل في بلداننا (التي لن أذكرها في هذا السياق). وكان من الخطأ الفادح الرد على هذه الطائفية المنظمة على النمط العسكرتاري الفاشي، بالانجرار إلى طائفية شعبوية غير منظمة متأثرة بمناخ إقليمي في العراق ولبنان والخليج.

    6. تمكّن المجتمع السوري المضطهد والمقموع منذ عقود أن يستعيد كرامته ذاتيا وأن يحرر إرادته بشكل يثير الإعجاب، ولا يستطيع أحد أن يأخذ هذا من الشعب السوري. ولكنه لم يتمكن من إفراز تنظيم موحد بديل للنظام. وهذا أمر يُأسف عليه مع أنه طبيعي أن يحصل بعد نمط من قمع المجتمع.

    7. كان من الطبيعي أن يقود رفض النظام للإصلاح مبكرا، واختياره “للحل العسكري” بقمع تطلعات الناس للحرية بقمعهم بالحديد والنار إلى الانقسام العمودي الذي حوّله إلى نظام مجازر، نظام عصابات طائفية فاشية وإلى التدخل الدولي لفرض الحل. (لقد سبق أن حذرنا من حصول هذا عدة مرات إذا لم يتغير النظام السلطوي الرث بالإصلاح، وذلك في الشهور الأولى من الثورة. وفعلنا بذلك بشكل منهجي).

    8. أهم العقبات أمام تنفيذ نموذج الحل الدولي هي:
    أ‌. رفض بشار الاسد التنازل عن سلطاته لحكومة مشتركة كاملة الصلاحيات. ورفض الأجهزة الأمنية والجيش أن تمنح ولاءها لمثل هذه الحكومة طالما كان بشار الأسد موجودا. وهذا يعني أنها لا يمكن أن تكون كاملة الصلاحيات ما دام موجودا.
    ب‌. عدم تمكن الثورة السورية من فرز رؤية موحدة لطبيعة المرحلة الانتقالية.

    9. المخاطر الكامنة في الحل الدولي هي:

    ت‌. وقوع سورية تحت الوصاية الدولية.
    ث‌. فرض نظام محاصصة طائفية.

    10. لا يمكن التصدي لهذه المخاطر اذا لم يتفاهم السوريون على ضرورة تغيير نظام الحكم في سورية إلى نظام ديمقراطي تعددي. لأن استمرار الصراع وتحوله إلى صراع بين جماعات سوف يستمر في دفع كل طرف إلى تحالف مع قوى خارجية ضد الطرف الآخر. وهذا بحد ذاته لا يمكن أن يؤدي إلا إلى تسويات بوصاية دولية تتضمّن محاصصات.


  17. “Syrian opposition could have spared Syrians so much blood if they were just a little bit more efficient, collegiate and politically savvy.” Hassan Hassan


  18. The Silence and the Roar.

    “Silence is wisdom when talk is praise for the Leader,” says his girlfriend, Lama.

    Nihad Sirees’ first English language novel, The Silence and the Roar. Sheen, a writer, a media personality has rejected the roar of the Leader’s propaganda machine, and paid the price. He is ostracized, branded a traitor by its security services and is forced to decide between recovering his former life of remaining an outcast, and risking the lives of his family to live in the silence.

    This novel is set an in an unnamed country, led by an unnamed Leader. It’s no stretch of the imagination, though, to think that the country is Syria, and that the central character is the author, Sirees himself. Sirees is in exile, chased out of Syria for daring to encourage people to think, for questioning the history and propaganda created by the Assad regime, both that of the late Hafez, and that of his son, Bashar. Sirees was once the praise of Syrian literary circles, hosted a radio show and produced one of the most popular television series in the Arab world. But, he used his platforms to tell the truth, to question authority and for that, he was chased out. Today, he lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and is a visiting professor at Brown University.

    I recently had the opportunity to speak with Nihad Sirees about his book, and about the situation in Syria….


  19. “Admissions” Short Film for World Peace (21 min)

    Admissions is a short film starring Academy Award nominee James Cromwell that tells a transformational tale about what it takes to find lasting peace. Featuring an Israeli couple and a Palestinian, this modern parable is set in the Admissions Room for the afterlife. Its purpose is to start a conversation that heals.


  20. From the Campbell-Bannerman Report, 1907

    “There are people (the Arabs, Editor’s Note) who control spacious territories teeming with manifest and hidden resources. They dominate the intersections of world routes. Their lands were the cradles of human civilizations and religions. These people have one faith, one language, one history and the same aspirations. No natural barriers can isolate these people from one another … if, per chance, this nation were to be unified into one state, it would then take the fate of the world into its hands and would separate Europe from the rest of the world. Taking these considerations seriously, a foreign body should be planted in the heart of this nation to prevent the convergence of its wings in such a way that it could exhaust its powers in never-ending wars. It could also serve as a springboard for the West to gain its coveted objects.”

    “Imperialist Britain called for forming a higher committee of seven European countries. The report submitted in 1907 to British Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman emphasized that the Arab countries and the Muslim-Arab people living in the Ottoman Empire presented a very real threat to European countries, and it recommended the following actions:
    1. To promote disintegration, division, and separation in the region.
    2. To establish arti.cial political entities that would be under the authority of the imperialist countries.
    3. To fight any kind of unity—whether intellectual, religious or historical —and taking practical measures to divide the region’s inhabitants.
    4. To achieve this, it was proposed that a “buffer state” be established in Palestine, populated by a strong, foreign presence that would be hostile to its neighbors and friendly to European countries and their interests.”

    Dan Bar-On & Sami Adwan, THE PRIME SHARED HISTORY PROJECT, in Educating Toward a Culture of Peace, pages 309–323, Information Age Publishing, 2006


  21. N.Z.
    “…if they were just a little bit more efficient, collegiate and politically savvy.”

    We have to recognize that the “political opposition” from day one was and still is infiltrated by people sent specifically for the purpose of destroying any possibility of unity. The same can be said of the different fighting groups. Nobody can convince me that there are no regime spys among the tens of thousands of fighters and group leaders on the ground, as well as among the many hundreds of political activists. I can’t give any supportive proofs but I have always believed that J.A.N. is a regime creation no matter how many “victories” it manages to claim in the actual theater of war.

    If one were to look for mistakes by the opposition there are of course many but one of the biggest, imo, was to belittle the intelligence of the Mafiosi in Damascus and take them for idiots. More than raw brutality, the main reason behind thier longevity is their deviousness and propensity for clever and evil schemeing.


  22. Well SC is in “knots” with oppostion and “regime idiots” banging hammers on each other’s heads. No one is changing their POV, except for me of course.

    There are some really good people there that understand Assad is dangerous and unable to provide basic rights for his people. He just doesn’t want to step down from his self-appointed throne. Not with so many people kissing his holy posters.

    So here I am. Hello. I hope everyone here is OK and families are safe. Did anyone hear from Mr. Aboud from the beginning of the revolution?

    Responding to OTW:

    Thank you for bringing my attention to Joshua Landis’s “defence”. I have far more criticism of Joshua Landis than anyone on the Israel lobby list would.

    That’s hard to believe!

    I have been viewing Syria Comment lately, and i think that, like you, SYRIAN HAMSTER has put the finger on some very critical issues related to Joshua Landis.

    I annointed Syrian Hamster as “President” of Syria Comment. He “kicks butt”;)

    I read the entire “defense” article written by Joshua Landis, and it is both defensive and rationalizing. I really disliked the play on the Palestinian exile, because it sounded both cheap, reductionist, and it seemed very much like attempting to get credibility within the usual list of “resistance” intellectuals in the US.

    Professor Josh is what I would call a ME, used car salesman. He just discovered Dr. Assad is murderous suit who cares nothing for his people. Like a typical used-car saleman, after you return the car and tell him the exhaust is thick black and the engine is blown, he agrees and tells you he’s “sorry”.

    An AMERICAN Phd (no less) should NEVER have supported a family that could not provide basic human rights to his people for 40 years. It was one excuse after another.

    Now, Professor Josh got the little light bulb going off in his head! Hello!!! Welcome to DESPOTLAND Professor Josh! Yoohoo! Why did you support such a family all these years?

    His alawi wife and in-laws could be one reason. We know Athad love to put people in jail since there is no rule-of-law in Syria.

    Joshua Landis marriage has nothing to do with it. His affinity for the “powerful” and “secular elites…. sigh… ” has been even discussed on 7ee6an.

    You may know more about this than me. Explaining the unexplanable is beyond my job description.

    Here is the part of the post by SYRIAN HAMSTER, which seems to be a response to Akbar Palace in which some serious criticism has been leveled at Joshua, seemingly implicitly.

    Syrian Hamster’s quote states that JL hasn’t discussed the moderate Syrian opposition enough.

    Maybe. It seems that the civil war has beome a fight between Islamists and Baathists, with nothing in between.

    Am I right?


  23. Did I correctly read somewhere that the J.a-N. guy who declared allegiance to AQ’s al-Zawahiri was killed in a regime bombing operation recently? Can someone please confirm this?

    If true then it is very interesting and could means one of a few things:

    1-He was just as claimed, i.e. the leader of JaN, a bona fide anti-regime group affiliated and financed by AQ or its supporters in the gulf.

    2-He was an indirect regime set up (an Islamist ex-prisoner freed and manipulated to fight the regime so it can claim they were fighting AQ terrorists but that had to be got rid of, so mission accomplished, dead men don’t talk.

    3-He was a regime man through and through (not many people have seen him apparently), and the news about his death is only a way to remove him from the scene and save him, but of course JaN stays and remainsl the focus of American disapproval and the big excuse not to arm the opposition, ever, not to mention the tool originally used to rally American public opinion against helping the Syrian opposition from the first day it (JaN) burst on the scene only to be almost instantly decalred a terrorist organization (how convenient, eh?).

    I personally am inclined to think it is either 2 or 3 because the regime has many devious scheming minds working for it.

    The recent disgusting video (released by the Syria Truth youtube channel, part of the Syrian Electronic Army) comes out at a very convenient time -for the regime of course- and reinforces my belief that the opposition is thoroughly infiltrated. How can anyone working for the good of the Syrian struggle for freedom commit such a criminal act and then broadcast it to the whole world to see?


  24. Merci umm nuwâs Très intéressant. Vous avez vu le délirant clip “Une heure pour comprendre la situation en Syrie avec Bassam Tahhan” ? Il a toutes les réponses et toutes les certitudes.


  25. Hezballah involvement in Syria, started a major sedition, sectarian one, Shiites versus Sunnis and as Shiite and Sunnis are present in Syria,Lebanon,Iraq, KSA, and partly in Turkey, the HA involvement will likely spread such sedition to all these countries,
    HA has limited number of fighters,HA can not fight for long time,say three months,It is important that keeping this sedition confined to Qusayr,will damage HA power, all efforts has to be done to keep this sedition local,and prevent it from spreading, such spread will force international involvement.
    Obama is not calculating correctly, he has to end this war in Syria quickly,or it will go out of control.


  26. To succeed one should be smart and active,and armed with knowledge and money, or to depend on luck,that the other side makes mistakes.
    The Coalition,proved that they are not organized, not smart,and not lucky, they need to limit their top members to four , two are religious, and two are secularist, or six,three are secularists and three are islamists, add to them similar number of the FSA.
    Currently there are too many members everyone wants to be something,they need to organize so to form groups,and each group has one representative to the top job.concession should be the most important thing to concentrate on, this is not a group of elected people, the coalition is a group of activists, future goverment of free Syria,may have nothing to do with the current members of the Coalition, free election will determine who represents Syrians, right now we must look united strong and we must put aside personal gains



    Is it not obviously clear to all: that the reason why Hizbullah has clearly stated its full involvement on Syrian land?

    Ass and his mouthpieces, the five pimps at the security council and the 22 puppets failed in turning this righteous Syrian Revolution against a traitorous dictator into a sectarian civil war.

    The Arab Awakening has to be aborted by all means. IT WILL NOT.

    Iran today is no different than Israel. Both are US proxies. Their role is to hinder the Arab nations to live in dignity, justice and freedom. Their role is to: Implement. Instigate. Fuel.

    When Bush says, he does not need to defend himself..that history will judge him, he is clearly referring to whether his barbaric invasions will come to fruition, like Sykes-Picot and the creation of a foreign entity in our midst.
    This time around, the aim is a Sunni – Shiite divide, it will set us more backward as we watch the world advancing. It is our full responsibility to educate and stop it from materializing. In Iraq they are already hinting for a Sunni state! Nothing but death and destruction. And who is helping in this diabolic scenario? None other than the 22 traitors. Abdullah ll of Jordan was the first to utter it.

    Getting rid of a dictator is just the first baby step in a very long struggle against the Imperialist powers.


  28. سعدية مفرح ‏@saadiahmufarreh
    صدام كان يقول أن طريق تحرير فلسطين يمر من الكويت، والآن نصر الله يرى أن طريق تحرير فلسطين يمر من سوريا.. ألم يدرسوا جغرافيا أبدا؟


  29. During the Iraqi invasion, Arabs and Muslims were asked:
    Q. What is the difference between Sunnis and Shiites? ..
    A. man made differences.

    Couple of years later:
    Q. Are you Sunni or Shiite?
    A. It is like me asking: are you Catholic or Protestant?


  30. Hizallah invasion of Qusayr ,Syria, is similar to Saddam invasion of Quwait, The world bears the responsibilty to defend Syrians.
    HA initiated this hateful sectarian hostility,the aggressor should never bear fruits of his aggression


  31. Finally, an insider is confessing! Burhan Ghalyoun..

    بعد يومين من اجتماعاتنا يجب أن نعترف أن لدينا عدوين كبيرين، النظام وحلفاؤه من جهة، وانقساماتنا النابعة من التنافس على المواقع والمناصب الفارغة من جهة أخرى.

    The latter enemy “I, me, myself” is our worst enemy.

    If seeing the death and destruction in front of their naked eyes will not change their egoistic nature, what will?


  32. What about the Saudis, Dr. Mazen Sawaf? Are they innocent bystanders? What about the Iraq-Iran war? Over one million perished. What did the gulf countries do to help the revolutionists in Syria? What did Lebanon or Jordan do, except, complaining about the growing numbers of refugees and begging for money. Spare us.

    Neither Iran, nor Saudi Arabia, nor Ass are sectarian. Nasrullah is not sectarian, but an ideologue who believes in the Faqih’s order, second to God. Murderers nonetheless.

    What does Sunni tolerance has to do with Hizbullah rockets?


  33. هادي العبد الله ‏@HadiAlabdallah

    دخل رئيس البوسنة “علي عزت بيغوفيتش” المسجد متأخّراً للصّلاة فأفسح له الحضور حتى وصل الصّف الأول فالتفت إليهم قائلاً: ” هكذا تصنعون طواغيتكم”


  34. @ImamZaidShakir

    A line of poetry that reflects our love for Syria: “I travel and my heart is a prisoner in Damascus.”


  35. The sectarian war Hassan Nasrallah is calling for will reach Iraq , Lebanon and KSA, and may cause the death of million, Nasrallah is becoming the MAD man


  36. Only if we became madder! Only if we allow sectarian language to seep into our daily conversations.

    His speech, without a shadow of doubt is aimed to fuel such reactions. Make no mistake, that western leaders are awaiting a sectarian civil war to materialize. Good guys vs bad guys.

    Will we fall in the trap?

    The Syrians who have sacrificed everything, witnessing first hand the regime brutality and cunning nature, are to be commended for their conduct. Unlike those who use sectarian vocabulary here and there lightly, unknowingly the cost of such.

    Sectarianism is not in our genetic composition. Sectarianism is man made, greed and ignorance feeds it.


  37. Father Paulo was asked if he misses Aleppo?
    Yes and no, he said, I lived all over Syrian land, I do not miss Syria, Syria lives in me.
    He is attending the Davos conference for one reason, mainly, to collect funds for rebuilding Syria


  38. Sectarianism is very difficult to avoid,once it starts it is just like fire,it will burn almost everything and that is when it stops, it is multicentric,and virulent, you could try to quarantine it but that is not guarantee it would not spread.


  39. It seems that the two rockets that hit the southern suburb of Beirut came from inside Lebanon, ,but with HA aggression in Qusayr area, there may be response in the future against HA from the pro Assir faction,that may re-open the war in Lebanon again, the war of 1975-1990 costed 120000 death,today Lebanon is more populated, and HA has more weapons,it will depend on Syria, but this time it will be more violent.


  40. While Bashar depends on arms from Russia,Iran HA, and Iraqi volunteers, the Rebels depend on the Syrian people backing them.
    Over two years and the military solution failed ,Bashar failed to achieve victory, and the opposition failed to defeat Assad.At the same time political solution has failed too


  41. To Sharia or not to Sharia: The question of Islamopolitics
    Islam does not seek to turn its adherents into a monolithic group, but instead celebrates diversity and pluralism.

    Islam was never meant to be a prescribing force that dictates how society should be like. Rather, it acts as a filter that can be taken in various societies and seeks to eliminate ailments and celebrate their healthy aspects. In other words, Islam does not seek to turn its adherents into a monolithic group, but instead celebrates diversity and pluralism. Numerous verses in the Quran explicitly state this such as, “Another of His signs is the creation of the heavens and earth, and the diversity of your languages and colours. There truly are signs in this for those who know” [30:22].

    Another verse states that God “made you into races and tribes so that you should get to know one another” [49:13]. Even when it comes to diversity of religions or an outright disbelief in God, the Islamic message is about asserting that people have the right to self-determination. In fact, according to Islamic ethos, belief is of no value if people do not have the freedom to disbelief.

    In contrast to the Islamopolitical worldview, which sees that man was made for religion, the Islamic worldview asserts that religion was revealed for man, and this can be practically shown by way of an example. Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam and author who was at the forefront of the Ground Zero mosque controversy in New York, published a paper in the University of St Thomas Law Journal in which he systematically shows how the American Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and Constitution are all consistent with Islamic Law. What this paper shows is the fallacy of assuming Islam as something foreign to be brought in place of already existing paradigms.


  42. Mr. McCain visit to Syria may not have major effect. but Europe allowing to arm the opposition have two effects
    1- the rebels now hope to get specific arms.
    2- there will be more pressure on Obama to do the same

    Geneva talk will fail, as Assad will not stop killing Syrians,and will not stop fighting, there is really no political solution for Syrian crisis
    The opposition must insist on withdrawal of HA forces from Syria.


  43. Who should determine the fate of Syria?
    The rational answer should be the Syrian people and their will, however this will has been hijacked by foreign powers, both Iran and Russia,, on one side, and Gulf states and the west on the other side, the reason of hijacking is who will finance and arm both sides.
    Can the revolution continue without foreign intereferences? certainly no at the present time.
    Meanwhile the Syrians are suffering, conditions deteriorate, destruction of Syria continue, and death mount up.At one point both side will be weakened,and may lose power and will.
    The main change recently is the introduction of HA involvement,who mustered 70,000 fighter,I wonder how long HA can go on,HA has limitation,first the number of fighters they can provide is limited, and second, in Lebanon,other groups may weaken HA,I don’t think HA can go on much more than three months, HA is gambling.
    Arming the rebels is not sure thing yet.


  44. HA fight in Syria,,means Lebanon is not safe anymore,for Syrian refugees,


  45. Russia is trying to delay Geneva 2 conference,because of Gains at the ground by Assad and HA forces


  46. Majedkhaldoun,

    When do you return to SC, or are you in exile?

    Unfortunately, Syria may turn into an arms testing “playground” like it did in the 70s. Each sides testing their best military equipment.


  47. Akbar Palace
    No I am not happy at all with Matthew Barber,he seems to be biased, and support Assad, I am sorry to say that Syria comment became pro Assad forum, Revenir said unaccptable vulgar language and he is supported by Matthew, I am waiting for Joshua to come back,


  48. US has issued stern warning to HA,and demanded that HA withdraw immidiately,HA will not comply unless they are forced to do that, HA now is hated by 73% of Syrians and Arabs,all because Hassan Nasrallah is loyal to Iran Faqih,not to Arabic cause,


  49. Assad said, and Muallem repeated today, that if Israel attack places inside Syria, Syria will respond immidiately, I am sure we will see another attack by Israel, and I doubt Syria response will be appropriate, I expect more embarassing situation to Assad


  50. From Russian source, security and army discussions in Geneva 2 will be discussed, contrary to previous statement


  51. Majedkhaldoun,

    Yes, SC is trying to moderate itself and it’s proving to be difficult. Before Matthew, it was “anything goes”. So once you start to moderate, you have to be fair an vefry specific, and like most moderators, they simply can’t read all the posts and be on the site every minute.

    If you want me to post something for you on SC, just let me know.

    I don’t know how pro- and anti-Assad or HA he is. He did say once that we should ignore Revenire because he is just taunting us. In any case, he has not been very consistent with the rules. I don’t thiink Landis are Barber feel very strongly (pro or anti-regime) one way or the other. I feel strongly that Assad has no legitimacy. None. But I am not Syrian.


  52. Thank you Akbar, I can post on SC anytime,
    What would you expect Israel would do, since the news that Russia has shipped S300 to Syria?,They will not be given to HA,but they will protect Syria if in the future Syria wants to send weapons to HA,


  53. Russia politician stole 32 BILLION Dollar in Russia,it seems the whole country is goverened by corrupt people, How could one person steel 32 Billion and only then noticed?


  54. Majedkhaldoun,

    I have confidence in the IDF. My experience with the Russians is that as long as they’re paid cash, they don’t care. It’s like giving a $500k racing car to an 18 yr old. They’ll ruin the car after 1 weeks’ time. The car company is still happy.

    I think the IDF, once again, will destroy the missiles, and then that’ll be the end of it.

    If HA and Syria want to respond, maybe the IDF will force Asma or another Shia terrorist organization to “lead” their people to nowhere.


  55. The battle of Qusair is not finished, Liuaa Tawheed members has just entered Qusair, there are one thousand of them, and 10,000 more to join, they would not be able to enter Qusair if HA fighters were completely surrounding Qusair, unless some has been defeated.
    Qusaair battle may last long time,and exposed Nasrallah as only a puppet of Iran not as an Arabic force,that is where Muqtada Sadr is different


  56. It wasgoing bad for Bashar Assad, then all the sudden things changed,at the same time Hassan Nasrallah went to Iran, when he came back he sent his troops,counting in several thouands , he sent them to Syria to fight along Assad,
    It is very important that the rebels defeat HA troops in Syria, It may be that they may have to fight them in Lebanon in the future


  57. Certainly more to come, Rockets hit Baalbak,16 of them,we don’t know where they came from, no casualties.
    All expect more to come ,it seems Lebanon will see more violence, probably more bloody type, next time Hassan Nasrallah makes a speech in Beirut southern suburb,he should know it is not safe


  58. The Opposition division, is due to the sides that support the opposition,they are divided,so the opposition is divided


  59. We keep hearing Geneva 2 talk has been delayed, now it may convene in July.
    No one expect it to succeed,why bother?


  60. Turkey demonstrations is due to few trees removal,it is a temporary thing , it is far from revolt,
    It is funny and absurd to hear Umran Zo-by issued a statement calling for Syrian to avoid Turkey, as it is not safe there, while in Syria over 100 are dead daily.
    Please note that Alevis are not Alawis


  61. The opposition must demand specific arms as a condition to go to Geneva 2


  62. John Kerry said US was late in Syria, the question: would US push fast now to achieve settlement?
    I doubt it


  63. John Kerry statement that US was late in Syria, is a criticism to Obama


  64. That will teach them ; no more money for Hamas punished for supporting Syrians
    Le régime iranien coupe le financement du Hamas en raison de sa position sur la Syrie
    Mardi, 04 Juin 2013 14:57

    CNRI – Le régime iranien a coupé les fonds à l’organisation palestinienne du Hamas en représailles à son soutien au soulèvement en Syrie, ont admis les dirigeants du groupe.

    Le sous-ministre des Affaires étrangères du Hamas, Ghazi Hamad, a déclaré cette semaine au Telegraph que les relations avec l’Iran sont « mauvaises ». « Diplomatiquement, je dois employer d’autres mots. »

    Concernant le financement par le régime iranien du Hamas, il a affirmé : « Je peux dire que ce n’est pas comme par le passé. Je ne peux pas vous donner le chiffre exact. Pour avoir soutenu la révolution syrienne, nous avons beaucoup, beaucoup perdu. »

    « Je ne peux pas nier que depuis 2006, l’Iran a soutenu le Hamas financièrement et de beaucoup « d’autres » manières. Mais la situation n’est plus comme par le passé. Je ne peux pas dire que tout est normal, » a affirmé Hamad.

    L’aide financière annuelle du régime iranien au Hamas est supposée tourner autour de 20 millions de dollars, ce qui aide le groupe à gérer son gouvernement dans la Bande de Gaza.

    « Nous ne nous attendions absolument pas à ce qu’un pays comme l’Iran, qui parlait de peuples opprimés et de régimes dictatoriaux, se tienne derrière un dictateur comme Assad qui tue son propre peuple », a déclaré Ahmed Yousef, un conseiller d’Ismaïl Haniyeh, premier ministre du Hamas, selon The Telegraph.


  65. Some think that there is a intentional message being sent by the so-called allies of the opposition: we can trurn off the tap anytime we want, and here is an example which we can repeat again if you are not going to fall in line and do as we say and wish.

    Compare this to the message sent by vladimir vladimirovitch putin and the ayatullah, not in words but in shipload after shipload of arms and thousands of military advisers not to mention the unwavering diplomatic support on the world stage.

    Meanwhile the poor people on the ground are the ones who bear the brunt of the events.


  66. Just saw this article at the revolting syrian. So Hassoun’s call for jihad was heeded, after all.

    The Revolting Syrian-يلا إرحل يا بشار
    Syrian war widens Sunni-Shia schism as foreign jihadis join fight for shrines »
    Syrian rebels say they respect all holy sites but damage to Sayyida Zeinab shrine has spurred 10,000 Shias to volunteer

    “Once you get to the capital, there is a training centre near the shrine where all volunteers have to do a quick session of military training. Then they meet with Abu Ajeeb ([the commander of Abu Fadl al-Abbas] who asks all the volunteers to be careful and to go home safe,” Murthada said.
    “All of the volunteers come from abroad. We have everything to facilitate our fight. There are all kinds of weapons, no shortages at all. Three meals and hotels to host the fighters, mobiles and internet which are never cut.”
    In spite of the presence of the Sayyida Zeinab shrine, the battle to control the area, which is an essential approach to Damascus, has descended into a grinding but lethal stalemate.
    “We face repeated attacks by the FSA [Free Syrian Army] all day, especially by mortars and artillery,” Murthada said. “We were able to fortify the shrine … but the mortars are giving us a hard time. The attacks get even more intense at night.
    “Four of my colleagues were killed by snipers; one of them was Iraqi, another was Lebanese and the other two were Iranians. More than 35 others were wounded.”


  67. So what incentive Bashar has to go to Geneva 2, the only reason for him to go,is that if he is losing on the ground, with weapons from Iran, and fighters from Lebanon HA and Iraqi militia, and weapons from Russia,he has no reason to go,the meeting will be delayed and later will be cancelled.
    It has to be stalemate militarily for both sides to go there, that probably means more arms to the opposition to balance power and reach a stalemate


    This excellent piece was written by Shiar in response to Stop the War’s Lindsey German (who can’t even get the Syrian president’s first name right) and was first published at the Syria News Wire.

    “Being anti-imperialist yet West-centric,” writes Shiar, “just does not work: it is still Orientalism. This Orientalist (and statist) world view is so dominant within the Western Left that even a mass, popular uprising is reduced to a Western-manufactured conspiracy (which is, incidentally, the same line as that the Syrian regime has been repeating). It not only ignores facts on the ground and the complex political dynamics at play in those countries, but also overlooks those people’s agency and reduces them to either some inferior and stupid stereotype (Islamist terrorists) or some romanticised mythical version that is compatible with the dominant Western values (pro-democracy, peaceful, etc.).”


  69. It sure sounds that Geneva 2 will not see the light soon,I think the refusal of the opposition to attend is well justified


  70. ?I would not hold hope that Obama will change his mind and arm the opposition,I don’t think he can care less about Syrian people


  71. Some say this is not the time, some might object that war is dirty and we need to make allowances, that the intricacies of the situation are being sikmmed over. It is a bitter pill to swallow but a spade will always be a spade. I know that sycophants will jump on this and try to use it against the revolution, even cut it up and lift segments out of context to besmirch our rightful cause. But we cannot claim the high moral ground without admitting that yes, we have warts.


  72. Nick Griffin’s applauds death and torture by Asshead. Used his Twitter account to publicise selected details of his “fact-finding” trip, calling the Syrian capital a “modern, bustling city”. Aside from “occasional explosions” in the distance, life in Damascus was normal, he tweeted.

    On Monday Griffin updated his followers on a day in Lebanon, describing Beirut as “less alien than the streets of London”. He praised Hezbollah, the militant Iranian-backed Shia group, who helped the Assad regime recapture the rebel-held city of Qusair last week.


  73. لنا موعــدٌ مع النصــــــــر لن يتأخر بإذن الله


  74. ” This revolution was not about an ideology or a religion, and it wasn’t about grand political scheming, it was about normal people who stopped what they were doing to stand up for what they believed in, and they did that even though they were afraid and, in many cases, would lose their lives. Injustice can only sustain itself through fear, and on that day we broke fear forever. This is what the revolution was about I don’t ever want to forget that.” Maysaloon


  75. Magpie V ‏@i_magpie:

    Assad is using same US / Israeli tactics; bomb them to death with air strikes & missiles & then send in ground troops.


  76. My very own thoughts from the very begining of the revolution, presented here and fleshed out by a Russian that understands his own people and the man they chose for president.
    Russia’s motives in Syria are not all geopolitical
    By Andrei Nekrasov
    Ordinary people are not much interested in Syria’s humanitarian situation, but a major defeat of the rebels is seen as a sweet victory over the west.


  77. MGB, thanks for sharing. A very honest analysis. Yet, Putin is not alone.

    The rest of the pack are hiding behind the self centred, power hungry and autocratic leadership of Putin -who is no different than Asshead. The most important point -Andrei Nekrasov- makes in his piece, is that Putin like his western counterparts are literally petrified from the masses mobilizing against leaders that they support. “Putin may also want to show young dissidents at home that concerted opposition is not as inevitably successful as it might have seemed after Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.”

    The revolution continues as the death toll keeps on rising, torture, destruction and number of refugees keeps mounting.

    I look toward the day when Asshead’s three young children will be added to the countless Syrian orphans..


  78. Asshead tells a German paper “ is treason to resign”.
    Destroying Syria & killing 10,000 children are “dutiful acts”!


  79. Could Assad be welcomed in the future to the leaderships of international communities, if he was successful in putting down this revolution?
    The answer is yes,as I see it they , Obama and Europe seem to help Assad now, they are not doing anything against him, they are not arming the opposition, even that they promised and talk, but no one should trust them, With a friend like USA who needs enemy?


  80. We don’t like Syria to be divided, but such division may be necessary as a temporary measure, there will be north,including Halab,all the way east to Albukamal, and southwest , the problem is deraa area, US will support the rebels to have free area,but because of its location,and its proximity to Damascus, it is necessary to support the rebels,and to put pressure on Assad to go to to Geneva2
    To create Alawi state means to deprive Assad of half his army,why would Sunni fight for Alawi state?, plus to call it Alawi state is a racist name,
    However the division will effectively cut Persian aid in half at least


  81. Long live an army that protects the people!

    Long live Egypt and her people..

    How enlightening to see the Arab Awakening in Egypt evolving into a wide reaching change.

    It is no longer a passing Arab Spring.


  82. ” ولك يخرب بيتك بو حافظ مثل ما خربت سورية يلي بحياتك ما اعتبرتها وطن ” Ameen


  83. Syrians are NOT SECTARIAN, never were, never will.

    Ass is not sectarian, either. He is a tool of western power, not only to destroy Syria, but to bring total destruction to the Gulf Region.

    When another son of a whore -Bush jr. was asked, just recently, how do you think people will view your legacy, his answer was always, ” history will judge me “. Another Sykes-Picot, YES. Different scenario this time around. Ass and other western tools are working day and night to bring utter destruction.

    Hizbullah is a pawn in Iranian hands, no less than those Syrians who still support their Ass. Ideologues..


  84. Mursi has to give major concessions,he has to suspend the new constitution, call for parliamentary election,and promise new presidential election sooner than scheduled, his opponents will not have dialogue with him,but the people will support these changes,he must never again combine the presidency and legislative power and over rule judicial judgements.,he needs to increase tax on the rich to support the poor, and recognize that Muslem brotherhood must not monopolize power,his opponent got 48% of the vote,this is sizable vote, and any changes has to be slow to ease the pain of transition


  85. RT:

    هذا يسمى بالعامية اللبنانية عكرتة سياسية. سوريا تقول إن على مرسي أن يدرك أن الشعب لا يريده


  86. What is going on in Egypt will take weeks to settle,I doubt US has a hand in it,and I doubt Baradei will have US become prime minister.


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