A Bread Prayer

Before the down of history, early Levantines domesticated wild cereal plants launching with that the Neolithic revolution and putting humanity on its long road to history itself and to civilization as we know it. The most important of these plants was the predecessor of our today’s wheat, the main ingredient of bread.


Map of the Near East indicating the Fertile Crescent [according to Breasted (1916)]. Shaded areas indicate the approximate areas of domestication of pig, cattle, sheep, and goats with dates of initial domestication in calibrated years b.p. [after Zeder (2008)]. Lines enclose the wild ranges of einkorn wheat, emmer wheat, and barley [after Smith, (1995)]. Shaded area in southern Levant indicates the region where all 3 grains were first domesticated 12,000 years B.P.
Source: The National Academies Press

Syrians have always revered bread. Anyone walking the streets of Syria would notice a peculiar habit. People would bend, pick up a hardened bread crumb from the sidewalk, kiss it, lift it to touch their forehead and then place it on the nearby wall. This places bread with the hands of parents, and the Holly Book of Quran, both are kissed and then touched by forehead as a sign of appreciation and reverence of these blessings of god. As the most important staple in the Levantine diet, reverence for the golden loaf, in one variety or another is deep in our social norms. It was a reverence for the gift of the goddesses of fertility, and as destined, later became the flesh of a god, also revered by all Syrians in both his divine and human manifestations.

Twelve millennium later, thousands years after the launching of history, an anti-historic force, brutal as no barbarians have ever been, malicious more than humanely possible appears intent on ending history as its own demise appears inevitable. This subhuman force wages a war on bread. The first bakery bombed was in Al-Sakhour neighborhood of Aleppo. This was followed by a string of bakeries being bombed during rush hours in the city and its countryside. The horror of hunger brought by the Assad caused shortage of bread, of water, fuel, and electricity are not enough to satisfy Assad’s lust for death and humiliation of Syrians. Yet, Syrians remain defiant of this criminal. Tremendous efforts are made every day by many to provide bread to their hunger stricken people. But these efforts are sometimes hindered by betrayal, manipulation, attempts at profiteering, and by plain carelessness of others. They are also efforts full of heroism from volunteers, bakers, and from ordinary people waiting in very long lines at bakeries for the day’s loaf. All betrayal and greed, however, do pale in comparison with the malice and vicious malevolence of the sub-human Bashar al-Assad, whose iron birds of death continued to wage a war on the livelihood of Syrians. Yesterday it was the massacre at Helfaya, with more than 140 confirmed dead children, women, and men, killed for no other reason than defying the murderer’s lust for their humiliation by standing in line for bread after three weeks of hunger. Today, this subhuman struck again and fourteen people, including ten children, are no longer among us for the same reason. They dared defy this sectarian bastard.

The carnage was real, as real as the slave minded supporters of the regime. A misguided fool wanted to stage a dramatic picture by dipping a loaf of bread in the blood of Assad victims, and with that, the fool murdered the humanity of assad’s victims once more a few minutes after assad’s pack of hyenas aimed  the barrel of death at the gathering bread line. The sub-human wanted to send message to the world before Syrians. A message nodding his understanding of the world’s cynical silence about his crime, and affirming his intention to murder all Syrians who dare defy him and to  benefit to the maximum possible extent from the treacherous deal making among regional and global powers.

It cost Syrians billions of dollars to acquire Russian military jets. It also cost them hundreds of millions to train pilots for these sub-standard jets. Now they are realizing the pay-back from the assadist ideological army built by Hafez Assad as a personal sectarian militia. Air force pilots, once respected and considered a symbol of Syrian pride have become not only complicit with the criminal bashar assad in his genocide against Syrians, but the most despised of executioners of this genocide.

Today is Christmas eve, I will follow the good example set by Syrians in the town of Saraqeb, who put up  a Christmas tree in defiance of all thugs who want sectarian war in my Syria. I will go with my family to meet some Syrian friends. We have become brothers and sisters through this long ordeal. We will eat bread with more reverence than ever. It will not be a jovial evening, there will be no bells, no Christmas Carroll, not even the Grinch. I will pray:

… dear lord, I have become one with you through your flesh, I have become one with you through your blood, and I pray to you,… don’t come back now, for the monster of Damascus lies awaiting you to crucify you again, while humanity looks, as it did before, with cynicism. A cynicism brought about by fear of monsters that aren’t there, which makes them turn their faces and blind themselves to the crimes of the most despicable monster and of his goons and dastardly loyalist.

Thy lord, forgive me for I will sin, forgive me for the monsters that are have left hate in my heart. Forgive me for I am asking you never to forgive them. Never to forgive anyone who still supports them, lie on their behalf, and use your name with sinful disregard for your beloved, the children, who are murdered daily by this monster and by the words of his defenders. May your curse befall them all as mine will, for eternity.

Eat your bread, cherish it as it gives you life, for it has become death where it was born.


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  1. رثاء للشهيد محمد الحوراني .. من شاعرة حوران محاميد

  2. Known as Muhammad Al Hourani

    “These are the facts about Mohamed Masalmeh: citizen journalist, activist, killed by Assad regime. But so many things you don’t know.

    1.You don’t know how he was funny. He always made Skype jokes about the wigs he wore to disguise himself on TV.

    2.You don’t know how he worried about Syrians living outside #Syria and asked if they were lonely.

    3.Is it fair that a man was killed for holding a camera, filming and reporting war crimes for two years? No. But the world isn’t fair.

    Mohamed Masalmeh was featured in my article on #Daraa school boys: http://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/the-syrian-schoolboys-who-sparked-a-revolution …. Never forget Daraa. RIP”

    Amal Hanano

  3. 4000 Syrian women raped, where is the outrage from women human rights organization, where are their voices?

    Well, there is Bassem Alqadi, head of the officialized Syrian Women’s Observatory. Hasn’t he been leading an international campaign against sexual violence on female detainees?

    Or have I got him mixed up with someone who is not insane? Because the leader of the SWO has said sweet f**k all about tortured and gang-raped women in his homeland. He is more interested in exterminating all the rat rebels, including journalists and named individual traitors, and spouting hate from his blowhole on Facebook.

    What kind of job will Alqady have when the civil war is over? Will his brand of hysterical war-mongering Assadist reach-around last past the fall of the House of Stalin in Syria?

    I hope not, but the landings are hard in the Nutterzone.


    This Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan aims at supporting the Government of Syria’s
    efforts in providing humanitarian assistance to the affected populations. It will cover the period
    from 1 January 2013 until the end of June 2013. The financial requirements amount to


  5. Not surprisingly, the Syrian National Council, opposed this plan.

    In my humble opinion, this so called humanitarian move by the UN is aimed to further division between the opposition, between Syrians. This is a bait.

    Has the UN ever been “humanitarian” “civilized”? They are beasts in suits, like their Ass. Careless to HUMAN SUFFERINGS!!!!!!

    Careless even in their wording. Not one penny will enter the country. More lies, empty promises, much a do about nothing.

    UN++++ are careless whores.

  6. Knowing that the pain and suffering had reached unimaginative levels, the debate is still going on. This link is worth watching.

    The Syrian Crisis: What is to be Done?

    The virtues and vices of ‘humanitarian intervention’, what is now being called ‘Responsibility to Protect’ of ‘R2P’ in UN circles and among liberals.


    Rafif Jouejati (Director of FREE-Syria & English spokeswoman for the Local Coordinating Committees in Syria).
    Kenneth Roth (Executive Director of Human Rights Watch);
    Michael Ignatieff (former leader of the Liberal Party of Canada);
    Richard Falk (Professor of International Law and International Relations, Princeton University and blogger at Citizen Pilgrimage – http://richardfalk.wordpress.com/);

    Moderated by Nader Hashemi (Director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies)

  7. Tomorrow artists from all over the Middle East will be auctioning their works to raise funds for Syria, catalogue http://www.syriart.org/catalogue

  8. Ironically, Russia is sending two planes to Lebanon in order to evacuate Russians from Syria! Isn’t Putin’s Ass capable of protecting these Russian nationals?

  9. N.Z. The complete sadistic lunatic a..h… on SC claims it is before the gassing starts

  10. Only one?
    This particular “a..h…” is a replica of the Criminal uncle roaming the streets of London with impunity. Sickening.

  11. Humanity..let us learn how to act like animals.

  12. Azmi Bshara

    لم يعرف التاريخ الحديث نظاما سمح لنفسه بقصف “مدنه” المأهولة بالطائرات هذه المدة الطويلة، وسمحت له مسميات “المجتمع الدولي” و”العالم” بذلك… (مؤامرة نعم، ولكنها مؤامرة على الشعب السوري).
    لم يعرف التاريخ شعبا صمد هذه المدة الطويلة تحت القصف (من عدو خارجي أو داخلي).
    لم يعرف التاريخ ثورة يقصفها النظام بالطائرات ولا تملك أسلحة مضادة فيخرج منها رجال يذهبون بأنفسهم جسديا في مهمة للسيطرة على المطارات العسكرية ذاتها.
    والتاريخ يسجل هذا الذي لم يعرفه من قبل.

    Modern history has never known of a regime that bombed his own cities with planes for such a long period of time, and was allowed by the international community, ” The World” to continue for 2 years. ( conspiracy YES, BUT it is a conspiracy against the Syrian people
    ( History has never known a people who stood steadfastly for so long in the face of such bombardment by an internal enemy or an external one.
    History has never witnessed a Revolution where men, try to confiscate military airports with inadequate fire arm, with bare-chests.
    History will record what it has never witnessed.

  13. Rima Maktabi insists that the so called Jabhat Al Nusra and similar groups is exaggerated by the media. Taftanaz, Idlib is fully destroyed. Jordan is vulnerable, the installed king does not want Syria’s problems to infect him. He thinks of himself “Untouchable”, so did his next door Ass. She saw a destroyed city, Aleppo, one of the nicest old cities in the Arab world.

    A young reporter who wanted to see for herself, firsthand, what is going on. Excellent report. She can still smile, her inner beauty is radiant throughout the interview. Bless her.


  14. أحن إلى خبز أمي , I probably posted this song a couple of times. Every time I listen to it, I explore deeper meanings, so is the pain, excruciating. Remembering Homs. حمص العدية

    “Ummi” (“My Mother”)

    I long for my mother’s bread,

    And my mother’s coffee,

    And her touch.

    Childhood memories grow up in me

    Day after day.

    I must be worthy of my life

    At the hour of my death

    Worthy of the tears of my mother.

  15. حتى في الحروب هناك قواعد و هناك قوانين ، و هي ما لا يعرفها الأسد و مرتزقته ، فيقصفون المخابز و المدارس و الروضات فقط لنشر الدمار و الرعب
    حمص – الغنطو، بعد قصفها بالطيران رغم خلوّها من كل المظاهر المسلّحة.

  16. This article by ROBIN YASSIN-KASSAB is, by far, one of the best analysis on the partially armed Revolution in Syria. It is a rebuttal to Marc Lynch, Debating Syria, http://lynch.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2013/01/13/learning_from_mistakes_on_syria

    Robin argues, that the resistance is heavily dependent on weaponry seized from checkpoints and liberated army bases. While the Saudis and Qataris supplied the revolutionaries with some light weapons, the U.S. prevented them from supplying them w/ heavier weaponry.

    “The Saudi tactic seems to be to slowly bleed Iran in Syria in the manner of the Iran-Iraq war rather than to push for a rapid revolutionary victory.”


  17. We heard the man from Homs, the man with the most eloquent message, he sees them as one evil, ASSad, Saudis and Qataris, Iran, Russia..he cursed them all, I add my voice to his. This noble man came to the same conclusion as ROBIN YASSIN-KASSAB, this man is no different from those who are against the Revolution.

    Being pro- Revolution does not mean you are pro Saudi or Qatar. We are slowly bleeding ourselves to death, just remember the Iran-Iraq war.. can’t we be wiser?

    Is this man a threat? He is a believer, YES, a labourer, working to bring food to the table. His work place was bombed by an air-missile. He believes that we are created to worship God, not ASSad.

    I wish all Syrians are as enlightened as he is, as eloquent as he is and as noble as he is. What an inspiring man!

    The Syrian Noble Revolution will continue until we are ALL free from the Beastly regime..I can see it in the eyes of all. Wisdom will prevail.

  18. The Syrian Revolution 2011 الثورة السورية ضد بشار الاسد

    Full statistic for the the victims under torture (1215 citizens) includes name, date and videos .

    According to The Syrian Network for Human Rights Documentation, the Syrian regime forces has detained at least 194 thousand Syrian citizens, including approx. 9 thousand under eighteen years old, 4500 of the detainees were women (including 1200 a female college students), and 35 male college students.

    Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution until the end of year 2012, the Syrian Network for Human Rights documented the death of 1215 Syrian citizens among the total number of detainees; also there are at least 60 thousand enforced disappearances, among them were 34 children,17 women, and 23 elderly aged over 60 years.
    The attached file below shows their distribution and documentation by name, place, time, photo, and video for many of them.

  19. Ambassador Ford: What about STOPPING the influx of refugees to neighbouring countries?

    It has been 2 years and you are still watching with your eyes wide shut, and mouth wide open. A cultured man-?- like Ford is watching the ongoing slaughter of a whole country by a tyrannical regime. Understandable, he cares not about the human sufferings, he should at least prevent their pampered half man from destroying one of the richest crossroad of civilizations on earth.

    The civilized world owes it to our future generations!

  20. The suffering is unbearable, yet, their awareness is surreal. SYRIANS FOREVER!

    Few bad apples will not ruin the crop, we’ve witnessed a lot, we will not be genetically modified, la bi al elwahsh, wa la bil khawazeeq el kharijiyah. We are determined to live in dignity, justice and freedom for all..

    Read the banners..

    #سراقب تخرج في مظاهرة تندد بتصرفات وصفتها بالتشبيحية وحملت شعارات لالحكم الغرباء ولا للملثمين وشعب #سوريا واحد http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSiPub7Bgec&sns=tw

  21. Thank you umm; I have a subscription @ mediapart but I do miss some articles sometimes

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