Superior!?… my a…..

The latest selections of posts by Professor Landis betray what seems to be an affinity to the privileged. We first have a post presenting one of the most privileged people within the regime and who is a zero entity among the fractious opposition circles as the uniquely qualified person to hold Syria together.

Then comes a classical “Assad-the-enigmatic” style apologist post. Combining the professor’s reading of a Syria-experts, and that of Nir Rosen who, like many well-connected Syria specialists and insiders, continue to play the old bad melody of Assad the a reluctant murderer doing what he does because his sect wants him to stay in power in fear of losing privilege. The post, of course, attempts to inform us, in no uncertain term that all will be hell if this murderer and his gang lose power, and that Assad is viewed as the “superior” alternative to chaos.

Notwithstanding the very bad taste and choice the word “superior”, both posts prominently feature a declaration by general Tlass Jr.,   which received near zero second of attention by any of the many circles forming the real opposition to the mafia militia and is being hyped as a declaration of road-map and assurances through the traditional “I know-Syria” analysts in the US academia and press.

Both posts attempt to engineer opinion and both posts do display a lack of understanding, intentional or otherwise, about the seemingly stagnant, yet evolving situation in Syria. They also expose a lack of understanding of human nature. This is not because of missing facts, but for the machination of the facts in the interest of preserving the privileged status of those who ruled Syria by blood and gore for nearly fifty years.

Most tellingly, what the latter post ignores, which seems also to be a common deficiency among most US based analyses, usually written in favor of presenting those supporting Assad as future victims, is that there are no more privileges to have. The foundation of regime supporters enjoying special status, independent of their sect, was not power itself, military or otherwise, but the fear induced by the threat of exercising such power. In that sense, a thug can enjoy his privilege only in docile times when the hostility of the bereaved and oppressed is suppressed by this fear. This was only possible given that measures of violence remain personal and where examples are made through a limited, albeit, relatively huge number of people being brutalized by worst of the violence. The rest of the population has to be given a sense of deformed normalcy where accepting corruption, suppression, and despotism seem to be the safer option. It helps to throw in a bone of a central, larger than individuals cause to present the petty thief and murderer as a strong charismatic leader. These conditions would provide a wide margin for the privileged to use fear in relative safety and protection with minimal cost to themselves.

Fear is no longer. It has been replaced with open and courageous hostility, deep contempt, outright rejection, and tit-for-tat, albeit asymmetric violence directed against the regime’s privileged and their symbols. The current asymmetric military power and the wanton destruction and murder by the “Assad or we burn the country” has not helped in returning the clocks backward. On the contrary, the inhuman scale of the catastrophe wreaked solely by the ugly sectarian Assad-gang and their defenders has done exactly the opposite. It has exposed the limitation of the mindless violence in intimidating the will of the people once they have risen against the cheap and foolish ignoramus and his militia.

 “Khelset” (crisis is over), Assad worshippers shouted more than a year ago. Today, they murdered 343 Syrians, many of whom were murdered in cold blood massacres. Everyone who still support this regime is accountable for their death.


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  1. Sorry I did not finish my comment, It seems that the Assad army is getting weaker, two helicopters were downed, and Regiment 246,is under FSA control, Regiment 46 has surrendered, and Albukamal airport is taken over by FSA,it is clear that Assad troops can not attack much, they are in defensive position, and even then they are not resisting well, in several bases, the oil refinery in Homs is almost shut down,the Lira , Syrian pound is 81.5 to a dollar,,one can only conclude that Assad is realy getting weak

  2. The regime arrested peaceful girls

  3. @Dima_Khatib

    Asma Al Assad, wife of Bashar Al Assad, is pregnant. 5 months. I wonder which massacre “excited” them ! #Syria

  4. Syria and Palestine
    اليوم ، حمص هي غزة و غزة هي حمص.

  5. “Islamic State in Aleppo met with Denial”. The Orientalists are flabbergasted!!!

    Let us just straighten the facts up:

    1. Syria’s Noble Revolutionists do not want an Islamic State. They want Justice, Dignity and Freedom..that will eventually lead to democracy.

    2. Syria’s Noble Revolutionists do not want a divided Syria. They want a Syria for all Syrians.

    4. Syria’s Noble Revolutionists are giving their lives to keep us united in a Free Syria.

    5. Dear Syria’s Noble Revolutionists, without your selflessness our great-grandchildren will be enjoying neither security nor freedom. Asses and makhloufs will still be roaming the streets of Damascus. Slavery was well and alive throughout what used to be their fiefdom.

    A cage is awaiting them all in the New Syria, a Syria for All Syrians..

  6. To day in Brussels there was this (film)

    At the same time a pro Bashar conference with the virtuous anti imperialists who probably only met pro regime types and never bothered to interview these young people and ask why they shout horiya !

  7. Thought will share with you all ..

    أتمنى أن تقرؤوها من أجمل ما قرأت عن الشام ,,,

    في ظلمة المكان ,, رآها فجأة أمامه
    متعبة ,,, مستلقية على فراش من نور
    حاول التعرف عليها ,, اقترب منها
    سألها ,, ما هو اسمك سيدتي ؟
    …أسماني الغزاة عبر العصور ,,, العصية

    أجدادي أطلقوا علي اسم الفيحاء

    أما أبنائي فينادوني ,,, الأبية
    وما أروع عشاقي عندما يصفوني بالبهية

    سألها ليتعرف عليها أكثر ,, كم عمرك سيدتي ؟
    قالت ,, ولدت قبل تدوين التاريخ ,, بتاريخ
    ونطقت أحرفي الأولى ,, قبل أن تنطق الأبجدية
    غسلت وجهي بماء الحضارة
    لملمت شعري ,, كحلت عيوني
    فكنت على الأرض أول صبية

    قال لها بخجل ,,, ولمن تنتسبين سيدتي ؟
    قالت ,,, نسبي يعود إلى الذي ترك ضناه على كتفي مقتولاً
    نسبي يعود إلى آدم ,,, أبو البشرية
    ذكرني الله في قرآنه مرات ومرات
    وسار بولس الرسول على أرضي حاملاً المسيحية
    محمد ,,, قال أني كنانته
    وأنار وجهي ,, عيسى ابن المجدلية
    جامعي أموي ,,, وكنيستي مريمية
    أبي قاسيون ,,, رافع الرأس
    أمي الغوظة ,, وبردى يسير من وريدي إلى وريدي
    أبوابي للعز والتاريخ حكاية
    وأزقتي للحضارة مدرسة
    والياسمين ,, لكل عاشق مني هدية
    في كتب المجد ,,, منذ الأزل لم أغب
    وفي قصص البطولة سيفي على مدى الدهر لم يتعب
    فارسي مغوار ,,, تارة اسمه ابن الوليد
    وطوراً يأتي برفقة عقبة ,, أو بلال ابن الحبشية
    وصلاح الدين ,, في حضني نام نومته الأبدية

    أبنائي كثر مباركين
    منهم من يقيم في الشاغور
    ومنهم من يقيم في القنوات أو الصالحية
    منهم من ولد في الميدان
    ومنهم من شاب في مآذنة الشحم
    ومنهم من مات في القيمرية

    حاول أن يسألها أكثر
    لكنه لاحظ أن بعض جراحها تنزف
    ركع أمام حضرتها وبكى وجعها
    ربتت على كتفه بحنان كعادتها وقالت
    لا تبكي يا ولدي ,,, لا تبكي
    قم ,, وأمسك بيدي لننهض معاً من كبوتنا
    فأنا دمشق ,,, بإذن الله محمية
    بإذن الله محمية
    بإذن الله محمية

  8. In Aleppo province of northern Syria, revolutionist leaders are planning the first “free” election outside government control â�� imperfect as it may be. For the first time, towns and villages across the province will come together in each place and decide who will represent them. Rima Marrouch contributed to this report.

  9. Friends
    I am going through some rough times. I will not be posting for a few more weeks. I have not abandoned the site, the events are accelerating so fast that it is hard for non-professionals to keep informed without being highly selective.

    There are rumors that he regime is cooking something. These may be psychological warfare in attempt to regain some confidence and cause some disorientation within the various elements of the revolution.

    Aleppo and the situation in Aleppo will be studied for at least two generations. But for now, it is obvious that the regime is on the losing side. The only thing left for it is to fortify Damascus, abandon all points where it can not reach including air-defense locations which means more anti-air-craft weapons in the hand of the FSA and lesser ability of the regime to maintain its air-massacre against Syria and Syrians

    Assad has burned the country, or much of it. But we will rebuild..

  10. Fortifying Damascus has begun some 8 or 10 weeks ago. A drive that used to take me 20 minutes was taking me no less than 3 hours. You can only conclude that the regime is losing its grip everywhere else and that’s why it’s been trying to tighten its grip on Damascus. Chaos is the order in Reef Damascus. I’m no political scientist, but the trend continues. The situation in Damascus evolved just like it did in Homs and Idlim, etc…So you can only conclude that the end of the regime is near. The cost will be high. I’ve been telling friends that Abu Rammaneh will look like Baba Amr before its over. I just wish that they would catch him alive.

  11. By the way, my apology to Homsis. I thought I felt you pain. But من سمع ليس كمن رأى. We are really getting a taste of what you had gone thru.

  12. OTW, we are with you. I love your last sentence : we will rebuild..

  13. Three children lost their lives because of ASS refusal to LEAVE and let Syrians live in justice and dignity.
    Three children lost their lives because Jordan’s king has cut off both his hands asking for more money to stack in his PERSONAL coffers, while leaving thousands refugees fend for themselves in the midst of the cold desert.
    Where are the oil rich Sheiks? Do they see or hear? Most probably busy, very busy-thinking how to squander their people’s wealth even further.

    The Kuwaiti Emir, in his recent visit to England, was sitting beside her majesty in a special carriage. I wonder how much will this ride cost Kuwaitis? Probably 10x more than keeping the Zaatari refugee camp functioning to the bare minimum for a whole year.

  14. Dubai Cinema Festival Logo

    تصريح «مهرجان دبي السينمائي الدولي»

    by Dubai International Film Festival on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 4:17pm ·

    لم يكن «مهرجان دبي السينمائي الدولي» يوماً إلا مع الإنسانية بمعناها الأوسع والأشمل، تماماً بما يضمن الحرية والكرامة والعدالة للناس جميعاً. وإذا كان شعار المهرجان «ملتقى الثقافات والإبداعات»، فإن هذا ليس إلا أرضيةً لتلاقي البشر من مختلف الأعراق والأديان والاتجاهات الفكرية والأيديولوجية، على قاعدة احترام حقّ الإنسان في الحياة أولاً، وحقّه في الاختلاف ثانياً، وحقّه في تكوين الرأي والتعبير عنه، ثالثاً.

    من هنا، فإن السينما التي يراها المهرجان، ويحتفي بها، ويسعى إلى دعمها، هي تلك السينما التي تحترم إنسانية الإنسان؛ السينما التي لا تنفصل عن شؤون الناس وشجونهم، وآلامهم، وآمالهم، وأحلامهم بغدٍ أفضل.
    عندما استقبل «مهرجان دبي السينمائي الدولي» مجموعةً من الأفلام السورية، بما فيها الأفلام التي أنتجتها «المؤسسة العامة للسينما»، فقد نظر إليها بدايةً باعتبارها نصوصاً سينمائية لصانعيها، تتضمّن خطابها وقولها وأفكارها ورؤاها، وتذهب إلى ما تريد تقديمه بصدد الواقع السوري المعاصر، بما يحمل من تعقيدات دامية.

    صحيح أن هذه الأفلام، في مضامينها، تقدّم أشكالاً متفاوتة من مقاربة الواقع السوري الراهن، يصل بعضها إلى مستوى النقد، بالتصريح أو التلميح، لما اعتمل في أحشاء المجتمع السوري، عبر عقود ماضية من الزمن، أدّت في النهاية إلى المآلات المأساوية التي نشهد فصولها في كل مدينة وبلدة وقرية سورية، اليوم.

    إلا أن المهرجان لن يستطيع الفصل بين القول والفعل، بين الأداء الفني والمواقف الحياتية، خاصةً لدى الانتباه إلى أن بعض المخرجين، من صانعي هذه الأفلام السورية، سبق لهم أن شاركوا بالتوقيع على «بيان سينمائيي الداخل السوري»، الصادر في شهر مايو 2011، والذي نادى بـ«الإصلاح» تحت قيادة «رئيس الجمهورية»، دون أن يطرأ أي تغيير أو تعديل في هذا الموقف، على رغم نهر الدم المنساب على الأرض السورية.

    دائماً كان ثمة إشكالية في المسافة ما بين الفني والحياتي لدى كثير من المبدعين. وربما كان يمكن غضّ النظر عنها، في حالات معينة. ولكننا هنا في «مهرجان دبي السينمائي الدولي»، وتحت وطأة الدم السوري النازف، والقتل المتواصل، والتدمير الشامل، واتساقاً مع سياسات دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، في نصرة الشعب السوري وطموحاته، لا يمكن غضّ النظر عن كل ذلك، ولا الاحتفاء بأيّ من فيلم «مريم»، و«صديقي الأخير»، و«العاشق»، مهما كانت مضامين هذه الأفلام، طالما أن لواقع المخرج والمنتج في الحياة، وفي الموقف، ما لا يتفق مع ذلك، وطالما لم يتبيّن لنا خلافه.

    مهرجان دبي السينمائي الدول

  15. As I have said a while ago, Russia is treating Syria and Assad as a Bazar trade item. Today, it seems that a deal has been made, and that Russia has sold the thug of Damascus as it has done with all of its clients. Russians have asked the thug to stop using heavy weapons, airplanes, and bombardment of civilian areas. This carries an acknowledgement of his crimes as well as a clear initiation of abandonment. Wonder what was the price.

    In addition, according to those in Russia, today is the first day in more than 18 months when Channel 1 on the Russian tv stopped broadcasting news about Assad’s victories over “terrorists”. Something is happening.

  16. OTW, this is the best piece of information. Thanks for sharing.

  17. The research firm Renesys reported this morning that Syria’s international Internet connection effectively shut down starting at 12:26 p.m. local time (5:26 a.m. eastern time) Thursday. The firm earlier estimated that 92 percent of all routed networks in the country were offline. Its latest report, however, says that “all 84 of Syria’s IP address blocks have become unreachable, effectively removing the country from the Internet.” The AP is reporting that a second U.S.-based Internet-monitoring firm, Akamai, also shows Syria entirely offline.

    UPDATE, 11:08 a.m.: Reuters links the shutdown to intense clashes between government and rebel forces along the main road to the Damascus airport, which is now closed. Fighting is “heavier in that area than at any other time in the conflict,” Reuters reports, with the government bringing in army reinforcements as the rebels advance toward the airport, perhaps in a bid to thwart the import of military equipment.

    The Reuters story also contains this ominous line: “A Syrian security source told Reuters on condition of anonymity that the army had started a ‘cleansing operation’ in the capital to confront rebel advances.”

  18. Could it be that Makhlouf defected from the ASSadist mafia? Took with him all the connections..according to many tweets this is the only explanation.!

  19. Clear determination, a Free Syrian Army member, Ala’ Basha speaking about today’s events. Very promising. النقيب علاء باشا يتحدث عن اسباب انقطاع الانترنت بسورية

  20. @rallaf

    Frankly, it’s hard to feel emotional about the world clapping for #Palestine when it’s Mahmoud Abbas they’re applauding.

  21. For The Records, this Friday was named:

    جمعة ريف دمشق: أصابع النصر فوق القصر

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