Lost Pleasure and Other Ramblings (by SYRIAN HAMSTER)

I was told in argument on SC that it is no longer pleasurable to read my posts. As if I care,… this is not a competition for the most pleasant piece of literature. It is a battle forced on Syrians by a regime being defended, hyped, and constantly propped up by a bunch of people with primitive fears trying to hide innate sectarianism, believe of entitlement, and a maddening cocktail of inferiority-insecurity-superiority complexes.

How dare those trying to play both sides claim that the people of Syria want to burn their country?  None of the revolutionaries, the FSA, or even Jihadists who may have entered the line here and there is flying Migs aircraft, driving tanks, and positioning mid-range artillery guns to prepare areas for the hordes of Assad barbarians by bombarding Syria’s cities one after another. It is the criminal regime, empowered by the cowardice of the shifty “against the regime but not with the revolution”, by the subhuman ethics of its defenders, by a primitive fear-based cult, and a group of anti-something fools, who never managed to join the 21st century and still reach orgasm imagining yet one more totalitarian system’s victory against forces of progress and civility. Zakraria Tamer is right, it is a regime empowered by Ignorance, arrogance, audacity, pettiness, stupidity and foolishness. It is the Assad hyenas who keep saying Assad or we burn the country, and have been burning the country, and some people have the audacity to blame those whose homes and cities are being burned, those whose families are being murdered, and those whose brothers and sisters are being killed under torture for the catastrophe befalling the country, so that these cowards can feel superior to the masses and rest comfortable with a malformed conscious grown out of their elitism.

Anyone who points the finger at the citizen who takes up arm to defend his neighborhood from the hyena packs instead of pointing the finger at the head hyena is a participant in the murder, an enabler of the sub-human regime, and is a part of the problem.

The most common theme in the writing of this class of cowards is their disingenuous declaration of sadness for the people of the country being massacred because “some people” want the toppling of the regime at all costs. Now it is us who are being rigid, and not the bastards of Damascus and their packs of hyenas hell-bent on burning the country and their enablers in Syria and elsewhere who propagate false stories, perform intellectual prostitution through shady articles accusing everyone of being on the pay of someone, whilst they refuse to declare the names of their financial and academic backers.  So let us look at some of the fatal logical flaws in their set of arguments. Take the above argument, for example. It is mostly directed at SNC. Here are some of the statements

SNC is causing the mayhem by tricking people into fighting the regime for their own political agenda (aiming to deny the people on the street the legitimacy of free will to fight back… they are tricked)….


SNC is incompetent, it has no legitimacy, nor the backing of Syrians, its members are greedy,…. And so on. .

Does anyone see the contradiction of the two statements, most of the time present within a single regime-propagandist (or indirect apologist) paragraph. I will not try to pontificate like the foolish assad, so you pick it yourself.

However, there is an important undertone of the first statement, not only as an attempt to deny the popular character of the revolution,  but also as a disgusting cowardly attempt to normalize the regime’s criminal violence, by implicitly accepting such non-human violence as the only possible, expected, must live with response. This also takes a more sinister form by blaming Qatar, KSA, Israel, US, and others for the follies of the stupid Syrians, who brought on themselves the wrath of this regime, rather deservingly because they have collaborated, directly or indirectly with the west. How deceitful and sinister.  These are the same people who instead of accusing the Assad hyena gangs of burning the country, look at those striving for dignity and freedom and blame them for destroying the country.  Sadly, these same bunch of ethically and morally challenged characters would drive themselves and others into fits of indignation if anyone suggested that hizbullah had any responsibility in instigating the murderous Israeli campaign against Lebanon or Gaza. I believe that they are somehow angry that Israel was successful in neutralizing Hizbullah and Hamas, at least militarily after a significantly shorter period of murderous bombardment and with less damage and lives lost than the damage their regime has wrought and lives lost to protect their cult master, while on the other hand, their beloved fool still can’t do the same in Syria. It is also the same people who are now advertising the regime as the best protection Israel has against the “islamist” monster, but fail to reconcile with their own rhetoric, when cornered by the persistent, no prisoner taken style of someone like AIG. I refused Israel’s defenders logic then, and I refuse Assad’s apologists logic now.  

What they miss, really miss, is that toppling this regime is no longer a political quest, it is now a human and civilization necessity. And Syrians are paying the price to join civilization and civility again. There is no question in my mind that when speaking of regime apologists, cover and overt,  their humanity did not fail them, the failed and continue to fail humanity with every word they utter.

I happen to believe that the demise of the Syrian Regime and its bosom body in Iran would be the first condition for stability in this region.  Sustainable peace will come after stability…. Any fool knows that. And if these liars try to accuse me of being an Israel friendly, all I have to do is to remind them that in their narrow sectarian mindset, it was them who tried to sell the regime to Israel as its guarantor starting with Rami Makhlouf and not ending with the characters on SC.

I am not bitter, … I am repulsed and disgusted.

Who are SNC:

I also encounter so much hype from both sides about SNC members and how they spend their time in five stars hotels. For many members of SNC, especially the younger, ground active members, this could not be further from the truth. A few have lost their jobs because of the demand of their work. Others barely have enough to survive and they are living in far worst conditions than those using the broadest of brushes to paint SNC in bad picture. As a political organization, SNC’s record is mixed, with more negative than positive. But please do not belittle the sacrifices of many of its members, who could have continued t o live comfortable lives, with reasonably paying professional jobs, but chose otherwise for the sake of Free Syria.

On Asef, Ikhtiar, and the rest of the Gang

I Don’t believe in hell and heaven, so my word is Good riddance.

On the West

Unlike the regime, who is has surrendered Syrian Sovereignty to Iran and Russia at the pleasure of a few Russian agents pretending to be journalists, researches, and commentators, the revolution is beholden to no one.  We will bring down the regime, punish those who ordered and committed atrocities and crimes against humanity (even if they defect from this point on), and build a new Syria. Syrians may not have many friends willing to fight on their behalf, but they will have plenty of friend as they embark on rebuilding their country.  Mark my words. We just have to think in long terms and recognize that it is not easy to deprogram an adult elephant of its thin rope. It may take the next generation for freely roaming elephants.

Someone Else’s FB Rambling

I leave you with a FB status written a while a go by one of my friends, It is written in Arabic and it is far more concise than my writing above.

القتل فرضه النظام وليس المجلس الوطني أو الجيش السوري الحر رغم مساويء كل منهما
توصيف وضع المعارضه الان واتهام أطرافها الرئيسة بالسعي نحو السلطه وبأنها شهود زور على حرق البلد وبان من وقف مع الثورة من المثقفين يريد التغيير فقط للتغيير يخدم دعاية النظام وشبيحته الذين يتهمون الثورة بأنها وراء خراب البلد محاولين التغطيه على الشعار المقيت “الاسد أو نحرق البلد” …
كفاكم تباكيا واستخفافا بعقولنا ولو كان ذلك عن حسن نيه … لاتريدون الانضمام الى الثورة لخوفكم من الطاغية .. أنتم أحرار.. ولكن لا تلعبوا دور الغربان في وقت حرج كهذا … نحن لا نحتاج تعففكم عن الدماء … فأنتم طاهرون ومثاليون … أما نحن الرعاع فقد فرض علينا الدم …

لا يا سادتي … لستم انسانيون أكثر منا .. ولستم حضاريون أكثر
تذكروا أن من فرض الدم هو النظام الذي لازلتم تتخوفون من فوضى زواله …


Murder and death were forced by the regime and not by the SNC or the FSA despite of their deficiencies. Over-analyzing the state of the opposition, and accusing its various components of running after power and of being false witnesses to the burning of the country and accusing intellectuals who side with the revolution of being after change for mere change only serves the regime’s propaganda and its thugs who are accusing the revolution of being behind the destruction of the country in their attempt to cover for the contemptible slogan “Assad or we Burn the Country” .

Stop decrying and stop your disregard and insult on our intelligence, even if you mean well. If you don’t want to join the revolution for fear of the tyrant, then don’t, you are Free. But don’t become craws at a critical time like this.  We don’t need your prudery of blood for you are the pure idealists. As for us, the mob, blood was forced upon us.

No sirs,   you are not more humane than us, nor are you more civilized.  And remember, blood was forced on us by the regime, whose demise you are so afraid of .


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  1. Another Syrian star, whereabouts unknown! Because of blue eyed Ass.

    Orwa Nyrabia, a Syrian filmmaker and festival organizer who disappeared last week en route to Egypt. Nyrabia is believed to have been detained by Syrian security services as he prepared to board a flight from Damascus to Cairo.

    Nyrabia belongs to the emerging generation of Syrian filmmakers passionate about world cinema and passionate about freedom… Nyrabia and his wife formed the first production company in Syria independent of the government and founded Dox Box, a festival that brought international documentaries to Syria…often served as a jury member in film festivals in Europe and the Middle East. This year, he also organized a Dox Box Global Day to bring Syrian films to international audiences, showcasing insider views of continuing violence and government repression in Syria….its aim was to show the world “how poverty, oppression and isolation do not prevent humans from being spectacularly brave, stubborn and dignified.”…was collaborating with documentary director Omar Amiralay, an activist involved in the Damascus Spring, when Amiralay died in 2011.

    Nyrabia’s wife, Diana El-Jeiroudi, issued a statement last week saying she had had no contact with him and had heard from the airline that he did not board the plane.


  2. A private school in Damascus, where Anisa’s grandchildren- bushra the widowed and maher the invisible- attend.. Only 1/5 of the overall number of children re-registered. These children had voluntarily left with their parents, these children are the sons and daughters of Syria’s so called “elite”. Their homes are still standing, their bank accounts fattened and their losses is next to none -compared with rural Damascenes. Why did they leave?

    These children can no longer tolerate the constant bombardment on their city, the loud explosion of deadly bombs. Homs, Hama,..every city and vilage is not spared from the the ASSes wrath

  3. No one can keep up with ASSad daily achievements , the dead, the injured, the tortured, the disappeared, number of houses, schools,mosques and churches demolished.. historical monuments destroyed, artifacts robed and conspiracies weaved nowadays in the open…his latest, Austin Tice whereabouts unknown

    أعرب والد الصحافي الأمريكي الذي فقد في إحدى أخطر المناطق السورية، أوستين تايس، عن اعتقاده أن ولده معتقل من قبل حكومة الأسد، مناشداً الأسد لإطلاق سراحه.


  4. Last Thursday, Rami Nakhla met some friends after work at a Starbucks on Dupont Circle. They sat outside, and the sun glinted off a glass building and lighted their faces.

    For months, Nakhla and his friends, Syrian dissidents who in the past year fled the regime of Bashar al-Assad, had lived shrouded in darkness. Now, meeting openly at a cafe in Washington evoked mixed emotions: bemusement, relief and a twinge of survivor’s guilt for being safe when so many are still in danger.

    “If you do anything for yourself, you feel guilty. . . . You have so many more things to do,” said Nakhla, 29, a political asylee who is working as a program specialist at the U.S. Institute of Peace. Until last year, he had been a political science student living in an Alawite section of Damascus.

    For many asylees who come to the United States, their political engagement dries up as they lose their connections with home and struggle to earn a living. But Washington, with its think tanks and politically engaged expat communities, offers more opportunities for involvement for people like Nakhla, who is still deeply entrenched in the war in Syria.

    For eight months, through the auspices of the institute, Nakhla has been putting together “The Day After,” a nongovernmental organization that connects Syrian dissidents worldwide to develop a blueprint for what should happen once al-Assad is ousted. The NGO is funded mostly by the State Department, with additional funding from some European governments and NGOs.

    Nakhla and others on the board of the 50-member organization unveiled the 130-page plan Tuesday at a news conference in Berlin, where the group’s meetings have been held (many of its members live in the Middle East or Europe). The plan offers suggestions on how to address issues often inherent in a regime’s collapse, such as ….

    to view the rest, click here.


  5. sadness and happiness?

    Watching the determination of Syrians during this noble Revolution was never an easy task. Watching the sheer brutality committed by a group of sadists is in itself excruciating. That oneness among Syrian activists, the selflessness..”I am no better than my friends” is a constant sentence you hear, their utter determination, their longing for justice and freedom will not stop. Solely, they will be victorious…

  6. Helping refugees on humanitarian basis is the least they can do, that in itself is not based solely on goodwill, ex Jordan and Lebanon. They are cutting their hands and begging. Jordan AlHashemites is no different than Syria AlASSad. Two peas in a pod. Same age, their fathers dark history is more or less the same, vis a vis the Palestinians.

    “Jordan First” a 6year old phrase repeated by al-Hashemy and his ministers, ma-khalasna!

  7. Those blah babbling are silent forever. “sectarian civil war” encore, encore, like a broken record… a cliche for the past 17 months.

    Syrians are not sectarian. We never were, never will be…the rest of the world has a lot to learn from us. This is a badge of honour, that very few, especially in the so called civilized nations can brag about. They want to force feed us. NEVER!

  8. Voici une vidéo à ne pas manquer sur YouTube :

    admirable defiance of thse women

  9. don’t recall if this piece by qunfuz taking down Fisk’s Syria reporting was posted


  10. How Iranian translators distorted Morsy’s speech

    1. Morsi “Palestinians and Syrians are struggling for freedom” rendered Palestinians & Bahrainis.

    2. Morsi spoke of how the Arab Spring began etc. Translators said Bahrain instead of Syria & “Islamic awakening” instead of “Arab Spring”

    3. The veto paralysed the hands of UNSC to solve the Syrian crisis, rendered “Veto.. UNSC to solve popular demands” didn’t mention Syria.

    4. We declare our solidarity w/t Syrian ppl against injustice & repression, rendered “… solidarity w/t Syrian ppl against the conspiracy”.

    5. Morsi’s “opposition’s unity is a necessity”, rendered “we hope the regime remain in power because it has popular base”. 5/6

    6. AJA then concludes: After all this distortion, Iraians were probably wondering why Syria’s delegation then left the meeting hall. END

    تقرير الجزيرة عن تحريف التلفزيون الإيراني لكلمة مرسي

  11. syrie سوريا بالإنجليزية: syria سوريا بالإيطالية: siria من عجائب اللغات: سوريا بالفرنسية
    ! سوريا بالفارسية: البحرين

  12. مذيع قناة فرانس يبكي متاثراً من مجزرة داريا.. بينما عاهرة الدنيا تتراقص علئ الجثث وتقابل الضحايا بكل جمود



    I miss Aleppo, the biggest city in Bahrain

  14. “Bahrein” ! Such contempt for us mortals ! It is what riles me most about these regimes, their contempt. Remembering “elections” in Syria where people were forcefully dragged to the polling stations and handed a yes bulletin. I mean, how long did they think people would take that ?

  15. good film and incredible music. work of a pro .

  16. Now Jordan is wanting $700 million from the int’l community so it can take care of Syrian refugees! How much of that is going to be REALLY spent on them and how much will be siphoned off by corrupt officials? I can see many rubbing their hands in gleeful expectation.

    Meanwhile, Syrian young girls are reportedly being married off to anyone, just so that their parents don’t have to worry about what might happen to them while they are homeless in refugee camps 😦

  17. (محمد العبدالله يمسح الأرض بريبال الأسد وأبيه (مترجم) W/English subtitled

  18. Congratulations!

    Begun by Syrian women, “Syrian Freedom Waves” is a free radio station organized by activists working in their individual capacities and not representing any entities, states, or organizations.

    mission and vision

    The grassroots of the Syrian people has shown amazing bravery and resilience in demanding an end to authoritarian dictatorship and the opportunity to build a democratic Syria that guarantees human freedoms for all. The regime has met these widespread grassroots demands with horrific repression. Day after day, civilians continue to be disappeared, imprisoned, tortured and killed at the hands of a brutal regime.

    SFW’s mission is to establish a free radio station that amplifies the voices of Syrians for broadcast in Syria, to emphasize:

    The grassroots movement for a democratic civil society in Syria
    Vision for a strong, unified, democratic and free Syria
    Respect for the rule of law, due process, human rights and human dignity
    Freedom of expression, opinion and assembly
    Pluralism and non-sectarianism

    Syrian Freedom Waves affirms the four original principles of this revolution:

    Demanding the fall of the current regime in Syria
    Rejecting sectarian bigotry
    Pursuing nonviolent resistance
    Rejecting foreign military intervention in Syria

    To learn more about this much needed radio station..


  19. Mohja Kahf ‏@ProfKahf

    SyrianFreedomWaves Radio is a #woman -run volunteer project soon to stream.Meanwhile,hear podcasts of SFW pilot shows #Syria & RT @SFWRadio

  20. A wine and beer festival to be held in a former Great Mosque is an exemplar of contemporary Israeli history..


  21. Stumbled on these photos while looking around for stuff on SFW radio. Could have been linked here before possibly.


    In one instant there are 4 living men, the second only one is left alive.

  22. Tracey Shelton deserves a Pulitzer for her photos…

    more images from Syria by a colleague of hers, Niklas Meltio:


    There is a new post. I was for a while on travel with no easy access to wordpress, which prohibited my monitoring of the site.

    Dear MGB, are you still seeing strange behavior. It seems that wordpress has updated some software (I can see much faster loading as admin of admin tools). There were also a huge garbage of spams that may have caused the problems and some comments by dear friends that went into moderation for unknown reasons.

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