Assad or We Scorch the Country (By OTW)

First, I would like to start this post by wishing all a serene Passover and Easter. May we all celebrate next year in a Syria liberated from tyrants.

OK, so it seems that we have two different points of views on 7ee6an, both expressed eloquently and with passion and both defended and criticized strongly. At risk of extreme over simplification, the first idea may be summarized as arguing that armed resistance only aggravates the regime and provides it with excuses to inflict more violence and horror, not to mention being a failure in comparison with the “more effective” national scale civil disobedience, which should be pursued at all costs towards bringing down the regime. The second argument, and again risking oversimplification, stresses the right of people for self defense, and highlights that the regime’s use of force is independent of the level of violence exerted by any armed faction in the revolution, which in turn if sufficiently armed, will exact punitive blows at the regime’s barbarity, especially in enhancing the odds for further defection from the ranks of forces under its control.

To me, such discussion justifies all the efforts that went into launching and maintaining 7ee6an and the hard work we all have done so far to ensure a quality of discussion that distinguishes the contributions to this blog from hysterical rants of absurdity.  This discussion reflects the ongoing mental anguish many among those supporting the revolution are going through. I myself continue to have hard time making my mind regarding which option to support. But given both tracks of thinking it would seem that the advocacy for a full scale “non violent” civil disobedience, by its nature and intellectual grounding and legacy  does exclude an armed resistance track of the revolution, especially if it calls for halting any plans to arm the FSA. On the other hand, the presence of armed factions, especially one borne, as the argument goes, to protect peaceful protest, does not exclude the preparation for and the carrying out of “non-violent” actions and strategies with increasing organization all the way to the desired nationwide civil disobedience. It does however complicate that strategy and makes pursuing it much harder.

Supporters’ slogan “Assad or we scorch the country” written by Regime thugs after the looting and intimidation campaign in the upper scale neighborhood of Inshaat in Homs.

The Assad regime has pursued the “violent” option with vengeance and brutality from day one.  It may now tolerate a few non-violent demonstrations here and there primarily as a matter of setting priorities in terms of sequencing its wanton destruction of the country and scheduling its next bombardment target.  Those arguing for full exclusion of armed opposition, and for starving the FSA should be mindful of the slogan “الأسد أو نحرق البلد ” (Assad or we scorch the country) painted by the regime thugs and soldiers in every place they scorched and advertized on the walls of their headquarters and even public busses. In this slogan, the regime loyalists, which are part and parcel of the regime, declare their adherence to the Assad’s cult. The adherent of this semi religious cult are now drunk with blood and smoke after a year of relentless efforts to remove all traces of scruples that may inhibit further brutality and barbarity on their side. They need no excuses to exact their violence, which has been proven time and again as an inherent part of their cult and of the fabric that binds the regime. The shelling continues throughout the country despite of the absence of any armed resistance in most areas being shelled. Snipers, who according to loyalists on other blogs are to be excluded from Annan plan since they don’t use heavy weapons, continue to terrorize innocent civilians in many Syrian streets and the list of their victims continues to increase. Terror in regime torture dungeons never stopped and will never stop, even with the presence of international monitors, and demonstrations in Aleppo and elsewhere continue to be suppressed with increasing brutality and use of live ammunition contrary to the earlier “appease Aleppo” approach. The number of victims of regime brutality has not gone down with many murders occurring in areas where FSA is either none present or has not been very active.

All of this should put to rest the notion that the presence of FSA as an impetuous for regime violence. Violence is the hallmark of this regime with or without FSA. Such violence has been extended beyond destruction into deliberate theft and looting of areas invaded by regime forces, as happened to many areas in homs including those with large presence of certain minorities. The regime propagandists and shrill shills persistently claims that these thefts and destructions are the work of FSA or “islamist”, “saudi” funded “mercenaries. But I have strong evidence that would put the hysterical defenders of the regime to shame, if they know any, which is unlikely based on their continuing mental and ethical degeneration. Fear for the safety of friends whose homes and businesses in Homs have been ransacked and looted by regime forces is the only reason I am not sharing these evidence, which I hope to be used in a court of law in the near future.

Supporters of the argument against arming FSA and/or other rebel forces also have their own strong  case in Idlib’s country side to add to Baba Amr story book. Idlib’s country side has been turned into a wasteland by the regime’s “scorched country” policy presenting a serious refugee crisis internally as a slightly lesser one externally (yesterday more than 2500 refugees from Idlib’s country side crossed the border to Turkey). The presence of refugees, especially children from Homs and other areas is exacting its toll on the people, and at the same time is (also not addressed in Anan’s plan) will compound the situation

Regime slogans painted on a public bus in Syria. The white slogan reads “when lions come, dogs flee”, the black slogan reads “Assad or we scorch the country”.

The slogan “Assad or we scorch the country” should not be taken lightly. It is a well known slogan of Assad forces from days of the dynasty founder. It has been demonstrated repeatedly and the fact that it continues to be ignored by regime propagandists (even those pretending to be intellectual peace loving) removes any pretense to ethical grounding on their side and shows clearly that they do concur with it despite of their claims that “they are not pro regime” and that they “have some criticism of the regime”. But more important is that it tells of the mentality of the hard core loyalists. While to the ignorant shabeeh or loyalist it may simply be the result of decades of brainwashing and propaganda aiming to replace the national identity with Assad cult, it is an existential reality to the real power centers behind the regime. Many of the wealthy elites of Syria owe their wealth and privileges to the Assad clan (which includes non family members across all sects). As a class, they may have members with conscious who now side with the revolution, yet as a class, their loyalty and interests will continue to be vested in the system of corruption and coercive terror that is founded on disregard and contempt for the masses (as argued by Yassin Haj Salih in the article linked by Zenobia). There is no point in pursuing their support for the revolution, for they are part of the problem and of the regime’s power structure. Members of this elite now hide sometimes behind secularism and others behind law and order in their opposition to the revolution in both its armed resistance and non-violent form, but they know that if the regime is gone, they are to follow even if national reconciliation is to commence. Their participation as partners in the economic crimes of the regime make many of them complicit in the civil right violations and graft and intimidation against honest members of the business community in Syria and such crimes are bound to be investigated and/or exposed during reconciliation. I am eager to hear the opinion of most esteemed Son of Damascus on this point and would love to be corrected if such is possible.

6709a97c079c8848be822379Getting back to topic, given that violence was the regime’s option and strategy, it could be argued that the question is not whether FSA has caused damage to the revolution in the sense of justifying the regime’s brutality and mayhem, but that whether the current starving of FSA can have adverse effects on the revolution, and whether a regime so attached to violence can be realistically overthrown by non-violent means such as civil disobedience.

To answer this question one has to recognize that even Sharp himself warns that civil means do not guarantee success. This is perhaps most clear in Syria, where for months, the revolution maintained a non violent character, and where such character remains to date the most obvious of the revolution that is being put down with a combination of physical brute force and hysterical media campaign by the regime and its unholy band of partners and supporters (internally and externally). Then, one must also consider that unlike other countries, the size of the “government” remains huge in Syria, which complicates civil disobedience efforts as the regime has used the “state” to its advantage and has mobilized its human resources into its campaign of terror against Syrians. It is well known that many workers in regime factories have been mobilized into the regime’s gang squads “populist phalanges” either because of the bonus and high salaries received by shabeeha or because of the utter reliance on state salaries by these workers and through coercion.  The presence of the baath party and security informants in every juncture of the Syrian state will continue to greatly frustrate efforts towards wide-scale civil action in government structure unless the power of these security agencies is first weekend significantly and unless the baath party members and security informants involved in the suppression are made to fear for their own safety if they continue the practice. In all cases,  their coercive capacity should not be underestimated and their ability to maintain the critical functions of the regime running will continue to be a problem as long as the regime has the financial means of supporting them. To that effect, we must also consider the rumors that the regime is negotiating billions of dollars worth of bonds with the Chinese and Russian governments and with the Iranian regime. It should be made loud and clear to all that all dept incurred by the regime as of March 2011 will be uncollectable in hopes that such continuing financial infusion will be stopped by rational policy makers who will eventually recognize that this regime has no viable horizon to lead a healthy Syrian recovery capable of paying such wasteful dept.

An added complexity is the tragic level of unemployment in the country, which when coupled with the deliberate destruction of ethos over forty years, will sustain the regime with a supply of willing militia, again as long as the regime is capable of providing financial means. Needless to say, the added bonus of looting and unrestrained power given to regime forces will probably reduce the regime’s financial by allowing the thugs to obtain directly from the people what they have not been receiving lately from their employer. Looting, ransom, and graft are now the primary compensation mechanism for shabeeha in areas where the regime continues to exercise some control. This is not only consistent with “Assad or we burn the country”, it is part and parcel of that policy.

In summary, the Assad regime, knowing well that national scale civil disobedience is a serious threat to its survival has opted from day one to convert the struggle into an armed warfare that could be dressed in sectarian language. It has made its fall a considerable security risk by forcing the people to take arms to defend themselves and thus create a fear of undisciplined armed insurgents trough a combination of false flag operations and media hysteria along with excessive brutality to further entice more young people into carrying arms. The results of this strategy include a preview of “Assad or we scorch the country” ideological underpinning of the regime and its supporters and the conversion of swaths of the country into ungovernable areas wastelands.

How does this play out with respect to civil disobedience? The following concept was presented in a recent off-line discussion with a journalist friend who is heavily engaged in non-violent movement in Syria: Let us consider those disaster zones where the regime has shelled the area forcing most if its people out, or where the regime has confronted both civil action and/or the presence of FSA with its standard barbaric brutality. In the end, these have become no-regime zones in the sense presented by Azmi Bishara who argued that the regime’s need to push its tanks into the streets of Syria is by no means a victory but a defeat. Areas with tanks, soldiers and regime thugs are areas where the regime is not functioning as the money and graft generating scheme it is designed to be and where the regime’s claims to equating itself with the state are shown as farcical joke. They have been turned, by regime’s action, into rebellious areas where normal life is no longer possible due to murderous snipers and raids by regime thugs. As a result, swaths of several cities have in fact turned into a situation resembling the effects of “civil disobedience” in terms of halting of productive life and making these areas increasingly ungovernable by the regime’s representatives. In essence, these areas are under control but ungovernable, which is similar to the practical result of civil disobedience, but with more distinguishing characteristic of resistance against a foreign occupation than those associated with combating a dictatorship or a repressive regime. After all, only foreign occupiers have used “scorched earth” policy on such a large scale.

The centrality of the Assad figure to the regime has caused many in the opposition to receive the Annan proposal with lukewarm suspicion if not outright rejection initially. The absence of a clause stipulating the departure of Bashar al Assad or the delegation of authority to a vice president have been the primary reason for such initial rejection. However, cooler heads are prevailing, especially after the strong language from the former Secretary General regarding the continuing violence and his ability to extract a time-table from Assad. Mohamad Al-Abdallah wrote on his FB page an outstanding short article in support of the Annan’s plan. His basic premise is that Annan is no Dabi, and the UN is not the  AL. If the plan is to be implemented, then the regime will risk major demonstrations throughout the country. If the regime falters as everyone expect the pathological liar Assad to do, then the regime would have squandered the last opportunity for political solution to the crisis, a solution that was supported by both China and Russia. The regime’s failure will put the two countries in a very awkward situation in the Security Council when it will have to decide on further action against Assad and his gangs. Pessimist argue that the regime will resort to playing the “negotiation game” and will initiate, as expected, false flag operations and explosions, particularly in areas with sectarian tension in order to justify its continuing military operations. This may have already started with an unknown group threatening a large number of explosions in Aleppo. It is also expected that the careless and callous regime will redress its army and security forces in civilian clothes giving an impression of a “loyalist” demonstrations and continuing to conduct arrest and intimidation campaign at lower intensity.

It is incumbent on all armed-resistance groups to agree to the plan and to declare a halt to all operations as of April 10.  However, it is also no wonder that shrill shills on SC are now propagating hairsplitting interpretation of what “heavy weapons mean” and whether the April 10 deadline is deadline for full withdrawal or for starting the withdrawal with open ended process. This in itself is a sign of things to come and it shows that the regime and its supporters continue to think that they can outsmart the world with their pathetic sophistry aiming to drag thing long enough for them to reestablish a pre March 2011 conditions.

The Annan plan also requires a huge effort on the civilian side of the liberation campaign. Names of all detainees and missing persons must be collected meticulously and the regime’s security apparatus must be exhausted with constant demands for their prompt release and for information on those missing. Furthermore, the anticipated negotiation must be viewed not as negotiation to end the liberation campaign, but as negotiation for the departure of the regime and its symbols and for transfer of power to a legitimate authority. Such would require mass mobilization of demonstrations, especially in Damascus. The negotiators must be very careful not to view the negotiation as a trial of the regime but primarily as a hostage negotiation with a well armed brute who has taken the entire country hostage and the primary objective is to separate the brute from his victims while at the same time maintaining bereaved parents of those who were executed by the brute thug under control so that they do not complicate the situation further. It is also important that no media frenzy against international observers be conducted by the opposition. They should be approached by the liberation movement with respect, honesty, and truth, and not with contempt and derision.

Of course, the above assumes that the regime will allow the plan implementation to reach that stage. According to the plan, negotiation is not the first step. The regime has to withdraw fully, release all political detainees and allow for demonstrations to take place unmolested. With these conditions, it is well understood why Mohammad Al-Abdallah wrote: “this is a very good plan, and the worst thing about it is that it will not be implemented”. How can it be when “Assad or we scorch the country” is the operative slogan of the regime and its supporters. In the end, if they try to keep this more fundamental and the only promise they seem intent on fulfilling, one would hope that the world, including the regime’s friends will take other actions.

Yassin Haj Salih, in a recent article wrote about the “Assad or we scorch the country“: “in reality presents two choices of destruction of Syria. The first is the destruction of the country through living under Assad with no dignity, freedom, and opportunity, and the latter is the physical destruction of the country. In both cases, they are choices of destruction. Regime shills should take note of what they are defending before they shout that the revolution is destroying the country. This is a revolution and a liberation movement to build a country and to take it back from those who shamelessly proclaim their intent to burn it.


  1. N.Z.,

    We could argue ideology all you want. I strongly believe that a Jewish state is both just and necessary for the well being of the Jewish people.

    However, let’s leave these boring discussions aside. The US and Europe support Israel. Obviously, they think Israel is very different from Assad. How are you going to convince them to help you by telling them they support an entity that is just as bad as Assad? You obviously have a self-destructive streak.


  2. AIG : “I strongly believe that a Jewish state is both just and necessary for the well being of the Jewish people.”
    You had me choke. Just ? Just ? Where is justice ? Necessary ? Because you people did not have a country before ? (please spare me the Holocaust).
    The well being of the Jewish people ? You soil the reputation of your people and some goyim tend to make no difference between Israelis and Jews. And even among Israelis some save the day but unfortunately for me they do not come to this forum and I have to put up with the professional hasbarites.


  3. Annie,

    You will have to put up with the majority of Israelis who think like me that you really have to be intentionally blind not to see how just and necessary a Jewish state is.

    And it is really not I that needs to spare you the Holocaust. It would have been nice if your ancestors would have spared mine the Holocaust by not appeasing Hitler instead of being occupied with colonizing the Congo.


  4. The Holocaust was used as a reason to defraud the Palestinians of their land. My ancestors unloaded their holocaust guilt on an innocent people. This is really old hat but as was said countless times, Palestinians had nothing to do with the holocaust. And this is the last response you will get from me. Should I comment anymore it will be about Syria.


  5. Annie,

    Your ancestors could have offered the Jews a state in Europe. They didn’t. The Jews had only one live option and they took it. It is obvious that the Palestinians are not to blame for the Holocaust. But neither are the Jews. You have only your ancestors to blame.

    And I’d like to remind you that I was commenting on Syria only and it was you that injected Israel into the discussion with your irrelevant post about the flytilla. So please do stick with your comments to Syria only.


  6. A Day in the Life of a Freedom Fighter NewZ

    So please do stick with your comments to Syria only.


    That’s a difficult thing to ask, especially when Israel controls the world as much as it does.

    I think people, especially those seeking basic human rights should be able to beat the “Israeli Pinata” whenever they want, AND, in addition, be able to do so without “hasbarite commentary”.

    That’s how life SHOULD be.


  7. Annie, I am not a Zionist, far from it. But tell me honestly, the animal-like behavior that is meted out to “ordinary” and “unconnected” people in Arab countries, by “elites” of various sorts, stinks. Arab society and polity is rotten from the inside. Where else does a Gov’t brag about its 400,000 soldiers and 500 tanks and 1 million missiles, only to threaten its own people with “hell” ?

    Does the IDF gouge out people’s eyes ?

    Does the IDF sodomize prisoners with rifle bayonets ?

    Does the IDF brag about its 5000 Tanks that can be unleashed on Haifa if the people of Haifa “step out of the line” ?

    Do you know how Palestinians have been reduced to 2nd class citizens in Jordan ? There are 4 social groups in JORDAN – Palestinians, Bedouins, Houranis, and Hashemites. Palestinians are at the bottom of the heap. In “resistance” Lebanon, Palestinians aren’t allowed to own a house or business outside their camp, they are barred from joining trade unions, they are barred from receiving State welfare services including basic healthcare, heck, they don;t even have Freedom of Movement in Lebanon.

    I have never denied the apartheid against Palestinians in their own land, but to compare the brutal and bestial dehumanization that “ordinary” and lesser mortals have to go through in Arab countries is like denying cancer.

    And it was ABOUD, who has spent his entire life in Homs, Syria, who declared he’d rather be arrested by the Israeli Police than the Syrian Police.

    Remember the 4 most bestial (in every sense of the word “bestial”) regimes in the Arab World – Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Algeria – all 4 are/ were part of the so-called “resistance”.

    Israel, having been founded by Europeans, is inherently more civilzed than the Arab world. The only reason why Israel is not as civilzied as the UK is because of the drop of Arab blood in the Jewish veins.


  8. Annie, being a Belgian, you have no idea of the amount of dehumanization lesser mortals have to go through in the Arab world. Lastly, being a Leftist, I think you should really support the Syrian uprising, because its one of the few genuinely Workers’ and Peasants’ Uprising going on at this moment, unlike the other Arab uprisings, all of which are hijacked and fake.


  9. Antoine gets the coveted and long lost “Olive Wood Camel Award” for speaking the truth,

    And we all know how hard that is for some people.

    Antoine, congratulations. You are making a significant contribution to this website.


  10. I second that, N.Z.. Robin ,thanks for posting your essay, but thanks more than that for doing the research and writing it. I have not read this history so succinctly recounted and explained elsewhere.


  11. Salamiyah, was at the forefront in the popular uprising, predominantly Ismaiilis. They want the release of Tammam Tahmaz and all prisoners from the regime jails.


  12. Diana Jhonstone: What the US and its allies achieved in Iraq and Afghanistan, is pretty much chaos, yet they say they want demoracy, and this and that, some people will wonder whether this is all dillusion, or what they really want is chaos. Contradiction between what they want and how they are behaving. All maybe to weaken Iran?

    What the international community should be doing, is try to mediate and find peaceful solution, what the US is doing is just the opposite. break. The other two Landis and Olmert are talking about a sectarian Syria. Pathetic.Why? because they are playing on western wishes, not reality on the ground. True, the longer it drags the bloodier and it will spill to other borders. If there is a will there is a way.

    If this spilled and last longer it will drag the world perhaps to world war. They want to sabotage Annan’s plan, it will not work is the line. Olmert insist, calls it a civil war from the beginning, pathetic. blahblahblah. It is not a war, it is the only Arab Spring uprising that called for REFORM, when the regime savagery of indiscriminate kiling began, they called for regime change. Not once in all the protests was there a sectarian call. Not once. This is not yet history, these are live events that we are watching. This olmert kept mentioning Salamieh in Homs? They were at the forefront is he foolish? No he is singing his own wishes. The link to the Russia TV interview is on Syria comment as well.

    I wish more women will be at the forefront. She nailed it down on Israel’s wish to weaken Iran for a nation that builds its whole policy on “fear” No wonder why it is the number one threat to world peace. How many more will die for Israel to have its wishes? Destroying nations for a few million? There best export, is fear. Damn a nation that does not want to live with others in peace, does not want to make peace with others, does not want to live in peace with its own self. For Goodness sake, enough!


  13. More Conspiracy Theories not yet Exposed NewZ

    How many more will die for Israel to have its wishes?


    I thought you and anniebannie only wanted to discuss Syria on this website.

    Anyway, if that’s not the case, I have a “hasbarite” question for you: How are Syrians dying for Israel? From my hasbarite vantage point, they’re specifically dying for freedom.


  14. NZ, Know your enemy, Iran (the regime, not the people) is our enemy, and I tend to think Syrians will only be benifitted if the Iranian regime is weakened.


  15. Antoine,

    Why do you think the Iranian regime is Syria’s enemy besides the obvious (to most people): they support and arm the Assad Family Muderers.


  16. Wanted: Sane People for an Open Dialogue

    Yoohoo, N.Z.,

    Are you there??

    Are you going to dialongue with us Hasbarites who ask good questions, or do just prefer to “go it alone” by pasting articles and making-up conspiracies like how Israel is propping up Assad (when it is actually Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah).


  17. AKBAR
    Please try not to use provocation here. I am more than happy to accommodate ideas and discussions as long as we avoid personalizing. Reading the title of your comment indicates that you are addressing N.Z. as an insane person, which I refuse and will not tolerate.

    Your request is valid. Personally have no problem whatsoever with calls by you and AIG for Syrians to consider that the roots of the problems facing Syria are in Syria and not in Israel. I think it is a very reasonable request as long as it does not resulty in badgering other members of the blog.


  18. Dear Son of Damascus
    Thank you for linking to Al-Ayyam. I have been following this publication recently and it is getting better by the day. It will from now on be featured in the I-Like link menu.


  19. The massive bombardment and assault of opposition districts in Homs began on February 3, 2012. For two and a half month this city is under relentless bombardment! It is lifeless, seriously what is their more to destroy? Now it’s Idleb.

    What are they trying to achieve? They’ve achieve utter destruction and thousands of innocent lives. The demolition of homes is becoming systematic.


  20. Provocations & Honesty

    Please try not to use provocation here.


    Thanks for posting. I hold your opinion in high regard and I think you have excellent writing ability (unlike me). I will take your recommendation with the seriousness it deserves.

    Yes, I use sarcasm to compensate for bad writing and the inability to write long posts. Of course, I don’t consider anyone here “insane” and I appreciate the bottom line for all the posters here: their disgust with the Baathist regime in Syria and Assad. That is the common denominator here on Walls.

    As far as being “provocative”, that’s a subjective term, and I’m sure you would agree.

    Stand in my shoes for minute, and try to understand why I find “provative”: that Israel seems to enter the discussion for what is happening inside the Syrian nation. Some of your posters hate Israel to the point of being provocative (and silly).

    For example, Robin’s article focuses on the issue of Syrian sectarianism, and he takes the USUAL swipe at Israel:

    Post-war Germany underwent an honest examination of its anti-Semitism, and is a much better place for it (the examination was sometimes derailed by Zionism, as Gunter Grass notes, but that’s another story).

    Palestine was controlled by Zionist Jews, an immigrant minority which (briefly) became a majority when most of the natives were driven out.

    What Robin and NZ and anniebannie could do, if they were REALLY HONEST, would be to commend Israel and point out that failed arab states like Syria could take a lesson from their Jewish neighbor to the south for freedom, opportunity, basic, and moreover, equal right between all her citizens, despite being under the YouTube microscope and in a state of war.




  21. Dear OTW, you have mail. And NZ I would like to have your e-mail. You can get mine thru OTW


  22. As usual Amal Hanano with another fantastic piece. For a moment I saw my grandfathers Syria…

    Despite the controversy over Choucri al-Kouatly’s political history, there are many desirable aspects to our first president, ones we as a nation may even envy today. I wish we had a president who studied politics, instead of a doctor who apparently forgot the first rule of medicine, or the first rule of humanity, do no harm. I wish we had a president who would rather die than be a traitor to his people, a president who would rather step down for unity than torture an entire nation for absolute power. I wish we had a president who left the presidency poorer than when he took office, instead of a president who, along with his extended family, squandered our national resources. When al-Kouatly voluntarily left the presidency, he famously told his successor, “I leave you with a population where everyone thinks they are a leader.” Leaving words of wisdom even to our fragmented opposition, because some things never change.



  23. A really awful post came up at Landis blog. If that comes out it will be Tartous-Comment rather than Syria-Comment. The biases and prejudices of a man of his learning is striking.


  24. I feel Joshua Landis is inherently biased against the opposition, his doomsday predictions of radicalziation of the revolution, persistent attempts at linking Al-Qaida and radical Islamists with the FSA, repeated smear attacks by him against SNC and FSA, and now this post all points to his inherent prejudice.

    I think his repeated cheap shots at the FSA and SNC, deliberately digging out news that shows them in poor light, posting paragraphs from “friend’s” in Syria berating the FSA and SNC, is really low for a man of his standing. This is supposed to be an expert on Syria and the Middle East.

    I hope this comment isn’t counted as “defamation” , OTW.


  25. I quote from an article which Landis thought had the merit of appearing on Syria Comment :

    Nor is it lost on them that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are so democratically backward as to make the Syrian government look like a hippie commune.

    Actually its the other way round. Syria is so dehumanizing as to make Saudi Arabia and Qatar look like a hippe commune.

    Sorry for multiple posts OTW but there should be an “edit” feature if you want to stop that.


  26. Possible future Insurance Salesman NewZ


    I agree with you; I posted on Syria Comment for years way before the crises started last year.

    Professor Josh and his friend Alex (Camille Otrakji) were the official Assad mouth-pieces (although living in the west). They have been excusing Assad and Baathism for years, not to say many other Syrians didn’t disagree with them. The 4 decade excuse for treating Syrians like dirt turned out to be a phantom; the King wears no clothes.

    IMHO, it is high time to re-evaluate a generation lost under false pretenses and build the future that all Syrians deserve. But in Professor Josh’s case, some things never change. With a resume of years of Assad support, Professor Josh should consider a career change.


  27. Akbar, The Professor’s father-in-law is a retired Chief of Staff of the Syrian Navy. His three brothers-in-law are all serving officers in the Syrian Arab Army, one of whom was killed as early as April at the hands of “armed gangs”. its obvious he has a personal stake in this conflict.


  28. Antoine,

    Yes, I got some of that info from Landis’ website. His in-laws, perhaps at one time, were well-connected and part of the Alawi ruling class.

    Just FYI, I knew a (really nice) Syrian-American engineer who claimed his father was fairly well-connected years ago: surname, “Ayubi”. His father pissed-off someone and had everything taken away from him. How do you live with poster of Assad watching down over you 24/7? When you can’t trust anyone? I don’t know.

    I don’t know what I would do in Professor Josh’s situation. I think if I was Professor Josh, I would have done everything in my power to get the in-laws out. And maybe his tepid critcism of the regime has something to do with this. Rule 1 of ME survival: Wear a big smile and curse the usual suspect (and I don’t mean the ruling party).


  29. UN ambassadors’ wives produce video urging Asma al Assad to stop violence in Syria


  30. Our friend Haytham on SC :

    1. Haytham Khoury said:

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 16

    April 18th, 2012, 10:35 pm

    2. Haytham Khoury said:

    Dear Jad:

    Thank you for asking.

    We formed with Michel Kilo, Hazem Nahar, Fayrz Sarah and Michel Aita the Syrian Democratic Platform.

    Our effort is to save the country from the cycle of violence.

    Also, we are trying to get the opposition united around a reasonable vision.


  31. It was very clear and from the beginnings of the Arab Spring, that every attempt will be made to hijack these revolutions that took the Arab region and the world by surprise. Glorious months!

    There are counter-currents from within and outside, that will like to see this awakening subdued. It breaks my heart to see that these currents might succeed. Will they? When you see someone like Assad murdering huge numbers after closing off parts of Homs? You have to wonder, why Homs, why one of the most ethnically diverse cities, why no one is allowed in till this moment! Why?

    A decade or less ago, the first to utter, “Shiite Crescent” was Abdullah of Jordan, followed by the king of Saudi during the 2006 attack on Lebanon by Israel. A couple of days ago, during the Arab League meeting, the liberated Maliki of Iraq declares that Assad, Syria’s butcher cannot be removed by force, when less than a year ago he was accusing the same dictator of terror and exporting suicide bombers to Iraq. Yet, we have the enlightened Syrian opposition Mr. Ghalyoun, from the beginning fell into the traps of century old dispute. He was quick to distance himself from Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas. Foolishly so. Are we going to see a new Iraq-Iran war that weakened the two strongest armies in the Middle East. Iran and Iraq in the 80s. From Iran contra and Saddam’s meeting with the Saudis…Iranians are tired by the constant drumming, “war”. The regimes are all intact, in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria…We used to we never forget, history keeps repeating itself in that part of the world. Are we going to change the sails?

    I know Syria is not sectarian, I know. But how can we avert a tsunami like Iraq that is very clearly being cooked.

    Here is what one of the most disliked man in the Arab world and Iran is saying :

    “The Arab League consensus on Syria is not shaped by countries previously distinguished by the practice or advocacy of democracy. Rather, it largely reflects the millennium-old conflict between Shiite and Sunni and an attempt to reclaim Sunni dominance from a Shiite minority. It is also precisely why so many minority groups, such as Druzes, Kurds and Christians, are uneasy about regime change in Syria.

    Whether it makes sense or not, we have to avert this scenario, and stop any sectarian talk. The numbers of dead will skyrocket for sure.


  32. Suck this up Brofessore Ghalioun :

    OTW pls send this video to official email address of SNC and Ghalioun and Kodmani. Also if anyone else know their email ID can send it.

    Death tea-drinking chain-smoking good-for-nothing cowards.


  33. From Twitter: Faisal Alkasim

    منقول:عندما دخلت أمريكا العراق قال هنري كسينجرالأن بدأت حرب المائة عام ويقصد بذلك خلق صراع طائفي لكي يكون على حساب الصراع العربي الإسرائيلي

    الأزمة السورية أخطر بكثير من أن ينتصر فيها طرف على طرف، لهذا لا بد من اتباع خطة كسنجر الشهيرة بأن يخرج كل الأطراف منتصرين للحفاظ على سوريا

    من السهل أن تقتل مطرباً ثورياً، لكن فليثق الطواغيت أن الشعوب ستخلد المطرب وستدوسهم

    المطرب أو الشاعر الثوري أخطر على الديكتاتوريات مائة مرة من المسلحين، لأنه من السهل أن تبرر قتل المسلح ومن الصعب تبرير قتل المطرب

    عندما وجد النظام الجزائري أن ثورة التسعينات شعبية سلمية أفسدها عن طريق بعض الجماعات الإرهابية كي يشوهها ويبرر سحقها

    الديكتاتوريات لا تخشى الانتفاضات المسلحة بقدر ما تخشى الانتفاضات السلمية، لا بل إنها تسعى إلى عسكرة الانتفاضات السلمية كي تبرر قمعها

    أكثر ما يخيف الأنظمة الديكتاتورية الاحتجاجات السلمية،لهذا تسارع عادة إلى تسليحها أو الإدعاء بأنها مسلحة كي تبرر قمعها.لهذا يجب الإكثار منها


  34. Barak Obama: “I wasn’t born with a siklver spoon in my mouth. Michelle wasn’t. But somebody gave us a chance”


  35. Kenneth Roth “tweet” on Syria, “With journalists still barred from #Syria, govt reaction to 1000s of demonstrators is “uneven & difficult to gauge.”

    I hope he will read Anand Gopal excellent interview, that anniebannie posted. A heartening account from a noble journalist inside Syria. Thanks for sharing.

    Must read!


  36. “For God’s sake a football match of 22 players involves 6 referees. UN will send 250 observers to a country of 24 million!”


  37. دمشق || تشهد العاصمة انتشار امني كثيف في جميع الساحات والطرق المؤدية و المحاذية لمقرات الامن , مع اغلاق الطرق الرئيسية في العاصمة, تجول عدد كبير من السيارات والباصات الامنية اكثر من سيارات المدنين في شوارع المدينة . جميع المحال مغلقة , انتشار امني كثيف في ساحة السبع بحرات

    The assads, makhloufs, shaleesh..wal isabat alhamajiah are in a panicky mode, in spite of the international community complacency.

    It is getting closer and closer….. I had a dream… Damascus, my love, you’ve never looked more beautiful, Damascus, Dimashq the land that had witnessed many civilizations come and go, 43 brutal years, is a passing foul stench.. I had a lovely dream…ya Ibrahim ya Kashoush, soon, very soon, God willing..Hama, Homs, Aleppo, Idlib, Raqua, Deir…..

    Damascus has seen all that has ever occurred on earth, and still she lives. She has looked upon the dry bones of a thousand empires, and will see the tombs of a thousand more before she dies. Old Damascus is by right, the Eternal City. Mark Twain


  38. N.Z. You made my Friday. Just back from twitting #AssadWillFall
    Long live Damascus and Syria (and of course Homs and Daraa and and and)


  39. A fabulous quote from Maysaloon Blog

    On another note, somebody who should know better sarcastically asked me how I can change my politics from supporting the “resistance” to opposing it bitterly because of the Syrian revolution. I say that if the murder of over ten thousand people by a tin pot dictator is not enough to change your politics then I don’t know what will. What is truly astounding is that I ever thought that I had something in common with such people.

    I say it now clearly, if your compass for what is right or wrong is some “cause” or ideology, then you are on the way to self-destruction. Dogma can never substitute for reason when it comes to morality.


  40. While I appreciate the efforts of the Ambassador’s wives, merely addressing Asma means that they still buy into her fake image as a “reformer—western educated–good British girl”. She is nothing more nothing less than a member of the gang burning Syria and she should be treated as such. Appealing to her “senses” be it of decency, morality, or wright-wrong is futile and counterproductive. A gang’s woman she is and a gang woman she will always be.


  41. LOL, I recently received this email scam to my private (real) email. It is telling. Email scam artists are sometimes good predictions of things to come. We all received similar emails from “Aisha Qaddafi, Whats’ her name Ali, and the Suzanne Mubarak”. I am waiting for my email from ASMA, Hadeel, Luna, and a suite of Batta fan-club. However, this one came from Batta Athad himthelf.

    From: President Bashar al-Assad
    Date: April 13, 2012 7:10:00 AM PDT
    Subject: Cabinet of the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad:
    Cabinet of the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad:

    I anticipate that you read this mail quickly and let me know your opinion on this classified information herein.

    I would like you to assist me to move my resource to your country or any safe location.
    This resource is my only security to help sustain my future amid the current crisis in my country and this is the main reason why I still hold onto the presidential seat.
    This is my major reason of contacting you. It is very important that this resource is moved to a safer location for investment abroad.
    I want you to assist me to invest the resource in your country.

    Your immediate attention to this matter will be highly appreciated.Contact me immediately with my Email Address; (

    Thanks and God bless you.

    Sincerely yours,
    President Bashar al-Assad


  42. @N.Z.
    “For God’s sake a football match of 22 players involves 6 referees. UN will send 250 observers to a country of 24 million!”

    And I might add that the pitiful number of six observers have decided to take a rest today, the day when all the demonstrations usually take place!

    Additionally, have you all noticed how Russia and China are now clamoring for increasing the number of observers BY offering to CONTRIBUTE Russian and Chinese observers to serve on the mission? You can expect a repeat of what happened with the AL mission to Syria: the Chinese and Russian “observers” will agree to be taken wherever the regime wants to take them, allow themselves to be treated as “valued guests” like they did with that Sudanese General Al-Dabi, and of course they will get reports and testimony that find nothing wrong with the regimes actions and which will be produced later to contradict any other condemnatory reports/testimony by other observers and in effect succeed in rendering the whole exercise both meaningless and a tool to drag things out indefinitely.

    On another note, have you all seen the report of the visit by the NCC to Russia. Some interesting comments during the press conference by some of the members, but try as I did I could not find a video of the whole thing anywhere, nor a transcript or full report of what was said, only selected bits and pieces on RT the most hillarious of which (for me) is H Manna3:
    يجب أن نشير بكل سرور الى أنه خلال مناقشة مشاكل سورية، لم تظهر لدى ممثلي الجانب الروسي، فكرة دعم استمرار نظام بشار الاسد، ويدعون الى تغييرات ديمقراطية في سورية
    Does he seriously believe that? Goodness me! However it was smwhat a relief to also find this, though it is rather ambiguous if you really think about it:
    المعارضة السورية لن تتحاور مع ممثلي السلطة الملطخة ايديهم بالدماء
    ومن جانبه قال عبدالعزيز الخير عضو الوفد إن هدف الحوار يتمثل في الانتقال إلى نظام ديمقراطي حقيقي يحدده الشعب السوري، وأنه يجب أن يكون للحوار “ضامنون أقوياء.. إن شرط أي عملية سياسية هو وقف سفك الدماء”،

    وقال الخير إن المعارضة السورية لن تتحاور مع ممثلي السلطة الملطخة ايديهم بالدم، والذين لهم علاقة مباشرة باعمال العنف ضد المدنيين، والمتورطين بالفساد، ولفت إلى أن “الرئيس بشار الأسد في موقع المسؤولية الدستورية كرئيس للبلاد، ويجب أن يثبت انه غير مسؤول أمام الجهات المختصة، وحتى ذلك الوقت هو مسؤول عما جرى من دماء ومجاز خلال الفترة الماضية”. وقال” نحن نرفض الجلوس الى طاولة الحوار مع ممثل السلطة الذين تلطخت ايديهم بدماء الشعب”.

    ومن جانبه قال عبدالعظيم إن “المعارضة الداخلية تعتقد أن على بشار الاسد تسليم السلطة الى شخص لم يقترف جرائم”. وقال “إذا أثبت الاسد انه ليس مسؤولا عن اعمال العنف التي تجري في البلاد، فإننا على استعداد للتحاور معه”. واشار الى ضرورة تسليم صلاحيات الرئيس الى نائبه، وقال: “اعتقد إن هذه الصيغة هي الافضل”.

    The RT report can be read here:


  43. I agree with OTW about the Ambassador’s wife clip but all the publicity the revolution can get is good publicity. They showed it in full at the midday news on Belgian TV
    As for Maysaloon, he or she is one of my favourites.


  44. MGB,

    Maybe they are allergic to Fridays. Mosques/Prayers, maybe Adonis, the Syrian Noble literature prize winner was their advisory.

    Our worries is not their worries. We want to eliminate death and destruction, they want to elongate the regime life span, not because they care for its survival, to the contrary. But to weaken the country and its people. To let it drag longer. They never failed to surprise us once. Once!

    They never learned from the fated Saddam. All these dictators in and outside the Arab world think they will somehow evade their written destiny.

    MGB, I do not want to tick you, and I am not saying Manaa’ is right or wrong, however I think from a legal point of view, he is on the right track. We have to have an honest discussion. We have to move forward, not emotionally. Him too. He did lots of mistakes.

    We as bloggers are learning a lot, about our country, our people and how to move forward. We gave up everything for so long. No longer.


  45. N.Z.

    No you don’t tick me off at all. It pains me to hear H. Manna3 say things like “the idea of supporting the continuation of the regime is not one we find among the reps of the Russian side” though he knows full well that as he was speaking those very words Russian rockets were being used to destroy whole neighborhoods in towns and villages all over Syria, and that new replacements for those rockets would be delivered without hesitation. This is particularly painful for me since I think most of the things Haytham says are quite reasonable and worthy of adoption.

    I would like to see him and the NCC spend their time not on telling us that the Annan plan is the best option we have, but on making sure that it is truly a serious plan without any holes and escape routes for the regime to use to cover its “rear end”. Then I want him and other NCC members to concentrate their energies on insisting on a true and thorough implementation of such a serious plan rather than the ridiculous and farcical ‘going through the motions’ BS we see now. The only reason the regime accepted the plan is because it believes it will allow it to survive. Then the NCC says it refuses dialog with people in the regime with blood on their hands, yet hints, albeit ever so slightly, that Bashar might be able to demonstrate that he is not responsible for the violence, and therefore could be acceptable as a partner for dialog (and by implication as a player in a future Syria)!

    Like you, I too believe that many of those who claim to be “friends” of the Syrian people are in fact more interested in seeing the fighting go on until both the regime and opposition are exhausted and Syria is destroyed and set back 30-50 years; I said as much on many occasions both here and on SC, so as you can see we are not on different pages in this area, either.


  46. Hello folks,
    there is an very nice article which was published yesterday in the german magazine DIE ZEIT. To me this is by far the best article written on Syria in a long time.You may need some extra time, for this article is a very long one. The author is kept secret for obvious reasons. I have translated the article and posted it on a blogspot page. I will keep it there for 1 week, anyone who wants an pdf of the original article of the printed paper, I can provide that.


  47. I have spoken to the crystal ball again. As Sharif Sha7ataa said on Aljazeera

    1-We are letting the UN to show the true reality of violence, to show who is instigating the violence

    2-We hope that the armed terrorists do not target the UN and try to destroy the initiative to which Russia and Syria have agreed t

    In other words

    1-We are going to blow up a few cars here and there when the UN is nearby

    2-We will shoot at the UN observers, kill one or two to force them to stay in safe areas

    3-We will push the UN to send in Russian and Chinese observers to skew the reality on ground

    4-We will gradually increase the violence until the whole accord becomes a debacle

    Interestingly, Sharif Sha7attaaa did not mention China as a main force. The Assad regime is hoping Russia stays on course.

    Whatever the results of this in the next 3 months, the regime will in reality face an increasingly belligerent Russia that will force it to some sort of reality.

    The best that Assad can achieve now is a failed isolated state with a currency in utter ruin and a questionable hold on many districts. The west will see this and push hard on the sanctions to make it an utterly useless player internationally.

    In reality that is unlikely to happen despite the media pessimism and the supposed lack of defections in the so called ideologically committed Syrian army. The defections have happened to a significant extent now and his army have been reduced to a limited number of chaotic militia, heavy artillery from a distance (because he only has limited forces that control checkpoints) and core loyal units that he has in reserve.

    He has to end over the next year or two because if that is his greatest window. After that it is over for him if the revolution continues because his man power will seriously be curtailed.

    Interestingly, his selling of gold reserves to pay for his militia shows up the idea of loyal volunteers flocking free of charge from Iraq and Lebanon. It is happening, of course, as the General confessed to in Bab Umar but no where near to what is required to finish it off. They would have done it a long time ago if they had such man power.


  48. They also have to increase the violence so that they can start using heavy artillery again. If they go back to the old ways of military incursions, it will rapidly deplete the armoury and man force.

    This obviously explains the continual game playing in the battered cities by the regime to force the FSA to reply in force.


  49. Interestingly, his selling of gold reserves to pay for his militia shows up the idea of loyal volunteers flocking free of charge from Iraq and Lebanon. It is happening, of course, as the General confessed to in Bab Umar

    Jarthouma, did you see the two or three bearded militants standing near the General in Homs ? I’m sure they were Hezbullat or sectarian scum from Iraq, because nobody is allowed to grow a beard in the Syrian Army.


  50. Posted on أبريل 21, 2012

    إلى قتلة الشعب السوري هكذا سننتقم منكم بعد الثورة

    لن نقلع أظافركم
    أو أضراسكم
    لن نحرق وجوهكم
    سنحرص بأن تكونوا ضيوفنا الأعزاء
    سنضعكم بغرف فارهة
    مجهزة بشاشات بلازما عملاقة
    “موصولة “باليوتيوب
    “سيكون هناك”روموت كونترول
    فيه ألف زرّ
    كل زرّ
    يعرض مجزرة من مجازركم
    جانب أسرّتكم
    سيكون هناك إطارات صور
    تحمل الصور العائلية لأسر الشهداء
    منسوخة من ألبوماتهم الشخصية
    سيكون هناك مكتبة كبيرة
    فيها قصص عن تفاصيل الحياة البسيطة
    لكل ضحية
    بخاتمة كل قصة هناك أمنية
    لبنت أو أبن يتمنى أن يرى أباه مرة أخرى
    لوالدة تدعو الإله بأن تلحق بابنها
    لأب يتمنى بأنه لم ينجب ذريّة
    القراءة إجبارية
    كل يوم ساعتين
    متى ما شئتم
    سنلصق صور الشهداء
    فوق أسرّتكم
    على السقف
    لتنظر إليكم كأنها تقول
    تصبحون على خير
    ستأكلون على الغداء منسف
    على الطريقة الحورانية وتشربون الشنينية.
    أعدته لكم
    أم طفل شهيد
    ومن باب الترفيه
    سنتلوا عليكم النكات
    التي سيؤلفها
    الحماصنة عنكم
    ستصحون كل صباح على نشيد
    سوريا يا حبيبتي أعدت لي كرامتي
    سترددون النشيد
    بأعلى صوت
    كل يوم عندكم زائر
    من معتقليكم السابقين
    سيقرؤون عليكم أشعارهم
    سيتلون عليكم قصصهم القصيرة
    وأدبهم كله
    سيحدثونكم عن
    نيتشة وسارتر وبوشكن وغوته وأفلاطون وأرسطو
    وغيرهم الكثير
    الكثير مما تجهلون
    سنعيد كتابة كل قصص كليلة ودمنى
    وباقي قصص الأطفال عن الغابة
    سنجعل الأرانب والخراف
    ملوك الغابة
    والأسود والذئاب والضباع والكلاب
    سنتلوها عليكم
    كل يوم
    قبل النوم
    سندس الميكرفونات اللاسلكية
    بين أهلكم وأقاربكم
    سيكون البث مباشر
    على مكبرات الصوت
    في سجنكم الخمس نجوم
    ستسمعونهم يلعنون عهدكم
    كم كان قبيحا
    كم كان مجحفا لهم فأنتم لا أهل لكم ولا طائفة.
    ستسمعون ضحكاتهم
    وأحاديثهم الهنية عن حرياتهم
    وأحوالهم الطيبة
    بالعهد الجديد
    سنضع الكومبيوترات في كل مكان
    لتتمكنوا من تصفح الإنترنت
    كلمة العبور هي
    “الضغط على زر” لايك
    لتعليق كتبناه عنكم
    على الفيس بوك زمن الثورة
    كل ساعة يتفير التعليق
    لن تنضب
    فقد كتبنا عنكم الملاين
    لن نحرمكم من ممارسة طقوس عبادتكم
    سنضع صور قادتكم على الأرض
    لتسجدوا لها ما شئتم.
    في المساء درس القومية
    ستتلون بصوت مرتفع جميع أقوال وخطابات أبطالنا
    يوسف العظمة
    إبراهيم هنانو
    سلطان باشا الأطرش
    عدنان المالكي
    زكي الأرسوزي
    سعدالله الجابري
    بدوي الجبل
    شكري القوتلي
    وغيرهم الكثير
    سنأخذكم برحلة
    تشبه الرحل المدرسية
    لكن بباصات بولمان
    ” تشبه باصات القدموس” بيسنس ديلوكس
    سيكون دليلكم السياحي
    طفل من الجولان
    كان حلمه أن يتحرر الجولان
    أصبح الجولان حراً
    وهو مازال طفل
    سيأخذكم إلى كل
    وهو يتلو عليكم
    قصة الجولان كاملة
    من اليوم الذي سقطت
    إلى اليوم الذي حررت
    كل شهر عندكم رحلة
    سنبتدع أنشودة دينية
    مركبة من مقاطع أناشيد كل الأديان والطوائف
    سنضع بها مقاطع من نصوص فلاسفة ملحدين
    كلمات الأنشودة تبجّل
    إله الحرية
    الذي خلق كل الناس أحرار
    سنؤذن بها كل يوم
    وسنصلي أمامكم
    من يعصي الأوامر منكم
    سنضعه بغرفة انفرادية
    جدرانها كلها شاشات
    تبث تسجيلات حقبة الثورة
    مأخوذة من
    التلفزيون السوري بقناتيه
    الأرضية والفضائية
    وتلفزيون دنيا
    وعلى الأرض يوجد جميع أعداد
    الصحف المحلية التي صدرت
    وقت الثورة
    كل أربعة سنوات
    سنعطيكم بطاقات إنتخابية
    لمرشحي رئاسة الجمهورية
    مع دورة تدريبية
    تشرح لكم
    كيف يتم الاقتراع
    سنمنع عنكم التدخين
    سيزوركم الأطباء
    “ستأكلون طعام “اورغانيك
    الوجبات السريعة ممنوعة
    ستمارسون الرياضة
    نريدكم أن تعيشوا أطول
    بهذا الجحيم
    خالد عبد الواحد



    حكاية واقعية رواها أزلام النظام الساقط :
    اشتكى أهالي حمص من أن طوابع البريد لا تلتصق على المظروف معهم !
    فأبرق المحافظ لمدير المؤسسة العامة للبريد الذي أتى مسرعاً.
    أمسك المدير الطابع بصق عليه وألصقه وأراهم ثم سأل : كيف لا يلصق معكم ؟
    أجاب الجميع بصوت واحد : نحن نبصق على الصورة !


  52. نريدكم أن تعيشوا أطول
    بهذا الجحيم

    Amen to that.

    Thanks for sharing OTW, also the stamp made me laugh.


  53. ASSAD/Makhlouf/Shalish and now Putin mafia must have made a handsome commission on selling the Syrian Army this Invisibility Cloak


  54. هاي سم ماااااع لقناة فرانس 24 :

    سأله المذيع لماذا أنتم في هيئة التفقيس مُتمسّكين بمبادرة عنّان بينما النّظام لم يُطبّق بند واحد ؟

    أجابه الماااع قائلا : مازال الوقت مُبكّر للحكم عليها فهي لم تبدأ بعد و إنّ من يُحاول إفشالها هم السعودية و قطر إلى جانب الخروقات التي إرتكبها المسلّحين في هوميساو و إيدليب و دار عا وهو ما إستفزّ قوّات النّظام !!!

    ثمّ سأله المذيع : ماهو رأيك في تصريح الجيش الحرّ اليوم عندما طالب أصدقاء الصين بتوجيه ضربات عسكرية و تسليح الجيش الحرّ ؟

    فأجابه المنّاع قائلاً : إنّ تصريح ما يُسمّى بالجيش الحرّ مثل مقولة رايحين على الحجّ و النّاس راجعة !!


  55. الأصدقاء الأعزاء لقد تعرض حسابي على مدى الأيام الماضية إلى اختراق نفذه الجيش الالكتروني السوري “الباسل” بين قوسين
    طبعاً. واستعدته اليوم

    عندما تصبح قادراً على التعبير عن رأيك بحرية دون أن تنهش لحمك كلاب صيد الأنظمة التسلطية عندها سنقول إن أنظمتنا بدأت تتغير وتصلح فعلاً.

    إذا أردت أن تكون مواطنا صالحا في نظر الطواغيت وكلابهم، فلا بد أن أن تخرس ولا تتكلم إلا في شؤون الطبخ والنفخ والغسيل والرياضة والرقص والنقص

    Faisal Alkasim


  56. One of the main political lessons from modern history is that regimes constantly create external enemies to maintain internal control and suppress freedom and political competition. The fallen autocrats were no exception.

    المقال الأسبوعي للدكتور فيصل القاسم: الإسلاموفوبيا بطبعتها العربية البائسة


  57. Here is a snapshot of arguments discussed by Assad and his Shabiha.( apparently there are more non-Syrian Shabihas, as they are non-Jewish Zionists.

    #Israel argues that it faces an existential threat from a possible nuclear attack by Iran — but it also faces a possible existential threat as a result of the new landscape taking shape around it. For that reason, the Israeli government surely prefers that Mr. Assad stay right where he is.

    #And I would argue that is exactly what the West should prefer, for it should now be apparent to all that rapid political change is not necessarily a good thing, and the results of that change in the region to date are not encouraging. As much as the West would like to believe that everyone in the world prefers western-style democracies, that is not in fact the case. Democratic elections often deliver results contrary to what the West would like to see.

    #Indeed, there is considerable fear that the fall of the Assad regime could lead to period of sectarian bloodletting similar to that of Iraq, following the U.S. invasion in 2003. Are Europe and Syria’s neighbors prepared for that? Would it be smart to induce that at a time when conflict between Israel and Iran appears imminent?

    #Would anyone honestly argue that the possibility of an Islamist extremist regime that could replace Mr. Assad on Europe’s doorstep is worth the risk of an even bloodier regime change? Is the US prepared to be drawn into another war in the region, should that occur? Is an uncertain regime change in Syria in Israel’s long-term interest?

    #Should a radical government take over in Syria, Israel, which is already in its most precarious position since the 1967 War, would be virtually surrounded by Islamist governments. The only missing piece would be Jordan. Given this, the likelihood that Israel will feel it has no choice but to attack Iran’s nuclear program next year has surely risen. What would it be giving up by doing so, after all? Israel argues that it faces an existential threat from a possible nuclear attack by Iran — but it also faces a possible existential threat as a result of the new landscape taking shape around it.

    For that reason, the Israeli government surely prefers that Mr. Assad stay right where he is.

    #Experience shows that decisions made when a humanitarian crisis is developing are usually driven by emotion, the press, and popular sentiment. Starry-eyed notions of what “can be” are just that. What is needed now is a good dose of realism and caution. The stakes are higher than ever before.

    There may come a time when the West may feel it has no choice but to intervene militarily in Syria — but now is not that time.


  58. Someone might had posted earlier, regardless, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

    While surfing, I came across Hananno’s article. Enjoyed re-reading her articulate piece, scrolled down and landed on her response to Rosen, Professor Landis and Gilligan. An honest, articulate, passionate, fair,…above all her humanity combined with extreme responsibility, her love for fairness and justice shines throughout every single word. We are lucky to have her. A Syrian hero.

    “Reinoud, thanks for your comment. Since Rosen found the sufficient time and space to carefully outline one side of Syria’s history in a two-part article, I see no reason why he couldn’t have done the same for the other side. I don’t think it is commendable to be “bothered” to enter Syria. This was not a selfless mission, it was to get a good story. I’m also not sure how dangerous it really was for him to be there. As any Syrian will tell you, it is almost impossible to believe a journalist would be able to “hang out” in Syria for seven weeks without being detected, especially an American reporting for Al Jazeera. You are right about Gilligan, he portrayed Bashar al-Assad in this rare interview exactly as he wanted to be shown. Since when is that the reflection of good journalism? You would think between the jokes about Macs and PCs, he could have squeezed in a question about the civilians being killed 90 minutes away in Homs. Maybe he couldn’t or didn’t dare to? So yes, as far as I know, these journalists were not escorted (the other journalists who were complained about the handlers and the impossibility of reporting a complete story under surveillance) and not undercover (the ones who were openly explained that they had entered Syria illegally). If the other journalists would like their reports to be taken more seriously, maybe they should disclose how they received this preferential access. I’m sure their readers would be interested to know. Last, I leave you with this link:, that explicitly shows what happens to journalists or their crew who are caught reporting undercover in Syria. Warning: it’s not a cozy tea in the presidential bungalow.

    Dear Joshua, I’m sorry you were offended by my characterization of your link to Gilligan’s outright lie. It was by no means an attack. You know that I consider Syria Comment an invaluable resource and I respect you as one of the few western academics who cared about Syria before anyone else did. But please do not claim that you merely “carry” the news. I’m sure you are aware that your popular site also carries a heavy weight of influence, thus responsibility. Everything about Syria Comment is exactly that, commentary. Your site is a personal curation of the Syria you would like to portray. Every decision, from the pieces you choose to highlight, to their order, to the length of each excerpt, to the treatment of the headlines, is a reflection of your frame of reference. Anyone scrolling down that page would stop at your quote and re-quote Gilligan’s dangerous claim. So no, it was not obvious at all that you disagreed. If you did disagree, you should have said so. When you link to articles, you sometimes add your own discreet commentary and sarcastic quotation marks, for example, and I am just going off the most recent page, “The SNC has finally issued its proposed ‘plan’.” So there you go, an example that exposes both your bias and mine. Thanks for your comment and for reading! Best, Amal

    Note: This article was painful to write, not just because of the harrowing scenes of Syrian suffering that are always difficult to describe, but because of the disappointment I felt towards these figures who are speaking for Syria: Robert Fisk, a journalist I admired and respected for years and Nir Rosen the journalist I supported after his Twittergate scandal. But, we are Syrians, in midst of a revolution against a brutal, oppressive, and manipulative regime. We know very well what will happen if this revolution fails, it will make 1982 look like a picnic. We also are used to the Syrian-controlled media that lied to us our whole lives. So when we see irresponsible western journalism that toes the Assad party line, or negatively influences public opinion of our people’s struggle, it is our duty to question it. The Syrian people are fighting for freedom with their lives, the least we can do is support them with our words.”


  59. Dear Shami,

    Please pass this to “Afram”, and ask him not to strain himself. In the Arab world and in spite of everything, we are tolerant, more loving, more caring, more fun than whoever he is comparing us with. But above all, remind him that the Arab Awakening has just started, the first baby steps had just began. We have a long road ahead of us.

    He mentioned the negative role Muslims played towards their brethren, naming the Sacred Sepulchre Church. If you can kindly pas him this article. Many thanks.

    Muslim family holds key to sacred sepulchre
    For centuries, their ancestors have opened door to church where Jesus believed buried

    (03-27) 04:00 PDT Jerusalem — Every morning at 4 a.m., Wajeeh Nuseibeh walks through the walled Old City of Jerusalem to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the most revered shrine in Christendom. He takes an ancient 12-inch iron key, climbs a small ladder and opens the huge wooden doors to the place that most Christians believe is the site of the crucifixion, tomb and resurrection of Jesus.

    Every evening at nightfall, after three raps of an iron doorknocker spaced out over half an hour, Nuseibeh closes up and places the key in safekeeping.

    He inherited the job from his father and grandfather, in a chain stretching back more than 1,300 years. But surprisingly, Nuseibeh, doorkeeper of the site of the crucifixion, is, like his ancestors, a Muslim.

    “It goes from father to son, from one generation to the next,” said Nuseibeh, a small, dapper 55-year-old man in a suit and tie. “I was 15 when I first opened the church. I thought it was fun. As I grew up I realized it is a big responsibility.”

    This weekend, thousands of Christians flock to the Holy Sepulchre for Easter services, processions and the ancient ceremony of the Holy Fire, in which Nuseibeh plays a central role. The ceremony, held on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter, symbolizes the resurrection of Christ.

    Worshipers pack into the church, trying to get as close as possible to the marble-clad tomb, or sepulchre, where they believe Jesus’ body was laid. The oil lamps inside the mausoleum that contains the tomb are extinguished, and a huge stone is rolled across the entrance, which is then sealed shut by Greek Orthodox priests.

    “If there are no oil lamps lit, the tomb will be sealed with wax. I am the witness. I put my stamp, the name of the family, in the wax on the tomb,” Nuseibeh said.

    What happens next looks like a miracle. The Orthodox patriarch begins to pray, and a bluish Holy Fire begins to emanate from within the tomb, lighting the lamps and sometimes flying around the church over the heads of the assembled worshipers and even lighting the candles of believers. Nuseibeh has been the official witness at this ceremony for more than 20 years.

    The church is a major attraction for both pilgrims and tourists. A vast warren of chapels, tunnels and caves, with architectural remnants that date back to the 4th century, it spans a broad range of traditions, from the westernized cathedral of the Catholics to the icons of the Orthodox churches. It houses the final stations on the Via Dolorosa — the last journey of Jesus to the crucifixion.

    The church is jealously managed by five competing and often disputatious Christian denominations — Roman Catholic (also called Latin here), Greek Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, Coptic and Syrian Orthodox (sometimes called Jacobite). There also is a small Ethiopian Orthodox chapel on the roof. Sometimes the tensions over the right to clean or to pray in a particular area of the church spill over into violence. Nuseibeh’s family has helped keep the peace between them since Caliph Omar Ibn Kattab first conquered Jerusalem for the Muslims in 638. The only gap was during 88 years of Crusader rule in the 12th century.

    According to family history, when Salah A-Din recaptured Jerusalem in 1191, he promised English King Richard the Lion Heart he would invite the Nuseibeh family to resume their role as custodians.

    Since that time, the Judeh family, also Muslims, have been given the key for safekeeping overnight, but only the Nuseibehs serve as doorkeeper.

    Once a year, the three biggest denominations — Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Armenian — publicly renew their request to Nuseibeh to be the “custodian and doorkeeper,” as written on his business card and multimedia Web site (

    About 100 years ago, the key was stolen. Although it was eventually recovered, a spare now is kept in a locked room inside the church.

    For his hereditary labor, Nuseibeh receives $15 every month, an income he supplements by giving tours of the church. But the ancient honor is worth more to him than the token payment. When tensions boil over between the denominations, Nuseibeh is the one who calms the waters.

    “Like all brothers, they sometimes have problems. We help them settle their disputes. We are the neutral people in the church. We are the United Nations. We help preserve peace in this holy place,” he said.

    Nuseibeh said he still becomes anxious before the big ceremonies or when important visitors arrive. “I realize there are thousands of people waiting to go into the church, and they are waiting for me to open it, and I start to imagine what will be happen if the lock will be broken or the key is damaged and I can’t open the door.”

    But that has never happened in the 20 years since he took over from his father. He hopes that one day his son Obadah, now 21, will step into his footsteps, but that’s not certain. “He is at college, studying to be a sports trainer,” Nuseibeh said. “Maybe he will not follow me, and then my brother or my cousin will take over.”

    Nuseibeh said he is deeply touched by the Christian rituals and feels a close affinity with the church, but he does not pray there.

    “I know every stone. It is like my home,” he said. “But I go to pray at the Omar Mosque next door.”

    Read more:


  60. From Twitter:

    We are Muslims since 1400 years, Christians since 2000 years, but SYRIANS since 10.000 years


  61. It is Narmine Sharmini who owes Tara a response, now!

    Sharmini took issue with ” a white, North American male” for calling her a “lap-dancer”.. she goes on saying, “It insults me as a liberated woman, and it insults me as someone liberated of colonialism and its accompanying mindset.”

    Tara’s response,

    Mrs. Sharmine

    If WSS owes you an apology, then you owe millions of the Syrian people an apology and perhaps a compensation too. If you fail to call the slaughter of 35 people a massacre, to protect the regime for reasons only known to you, then what really constitute a massacre in your opinion? I think you calling yourself a liberated woman is a bit of stretch in my opinion. Liberation is a mental liberation if you know what I mean. And you bringing up the “targeting women” subject is very lame to say the least, given your failure to react to Assad’s thugs sniper little girls in the eyes. Aren’t that considered “targeting women” ?.

    Finally, referring to WSS as a white male from Canada is using what he volunteers to tell us. Care to tell us about your background?

    Comments # 119 Sharmini
    # 122 Tara


  62. An excellent article by “House Arab” Mona Eltahawi in Foreign Policy, Why Do They Hate Us

    Name me an Arab country, and I’ll recite a litany of abuses fueled by a toxic mix of culture and religion that few seem willing or able to disentangle lest they blaspheme or offend.


    It’s easy to see why the lowest-ranked country is Yemen, where 55 percent of women are illiterate, 79 percent do not participate in the labor force, and just one woman serves in the 301-person parliament.


    Our political revolutions will not succeed unless they are accompanied by revolutions of thought — social, sexual, and cultural revolutions that topple the Mubaraks in our minds as well as our bedrooms.

    There are harrowing stories in the article. It is a must read.

    Mona is the real thing, what contrasts (intellectual, moral, and even linguistic) with those whose pretense to journalism and “resistance” is so thin that they see in someone criticizing their idiologically (corrected from the autospell checker’s nasty words) induced incompetence as “attack against women”. You want to read real feminists, read Mona’s article. She owns up to her declared moral stance by supporting the revolutions of the Arab Spring and even calling them “our” revolutions, unlike pathetic sophomoric insults one now reads in defense of the incompetent regime and its incompetent defenders. Mona is a member of the revolution and Mona will make sure it succeeds.

    Disclaimer by OTW:
    During the typing of this comment, the word physiologically was inserted as a replacement of the word “Idiologically” by the auto-spell-checker. I sincerely apologize for overlooking this grave error and not double checking. There is never physiologically induced incompetence. I am surprised that no one blasted me for that. Or I should be content that no one reads my posts. LOL.


  63. Monday 23, 2012

    All of Douma went out today to greet the peace keepers.How many stooge came out when Batta showed in Homs, 20 or 30?


  64. Today in جرجناز Idleb, after last week massacres. The wounded activist is back on stage ordering Batta to leave. He is heavily armed with patriotic lyrics and love to his Syrian brethren!


  65. It is 4:00 PM local time, 26 in Hama were shot dead once the UN peace keeper left.

    Only a half man brakes his promise. Why? Half men is an Arabic expression equivalent and was used long before the English “persona non grata” expression , in Syria it is synonymous with Assad regime. An unacceptable man, indeed!


  66. Armed with their determination, one year later today, the young revolutionaries reminisced about their first live broadcast on Aljazeera of a protest that took place in Banyas.

    هل تذكرن أول بث مباشر لمظاهرة في سوريا ؟
    بثته الجزيرة بالتعاون مع نشطاء بانياس لمظاهرات يوم الجمعة العظيمة بعد الصلاة, قبل سنة كاملة من اليوم.

    ظهر لدقائق قليلة, الصورة لم تكن واضحة, لكنها مع ذلك دفعتنا معنوياً بشكل كبير, وكانت تجربة أكثر من رائعة.

    قائد هذه العملية النوعية هو Abdulraheem Darwichah الذي تواصل مع شباب سوريين في الخارج نسّقوا هم مع الجزيرة, وأمضينا تلك الليلة في منزلي نجري عمليات “البروفا” والبث المباشر التجريبي لبعضنا على موقع يوسيتريم حينها، والذي لا يزال يستخدم بشكل كبير رغم وجود بدائل لا تعتمد على الإنترنت.

    من اللطائف يومها أنّ البث جرى من كاميرا اللابتوب ذاتها, حيث حاولنا أن نبث من كاميرا موصولة إلى الجهاز لكننا لم ننجح, وكان يمكننا ببساطة أن نلغي تعريف الكاميرا الرئيسية خاصة اللابتوب و نقوم بتعريف الكاميرا الجديدة ونبث, لذلك كانت الصورة غير واضحة, و اضطر عبد الرحيم يومها إلى حمل اللابتوب كله ورفعه وتوجيه كاميرته صوب المظاهرة لنقل الصورة.

    وسريعاً بدئنا نبحث عن زملائنا في بقية المدن لتدريبهم على البث المباشر, وبتنا نرى في بعض الجمع بثاً مباشراً من 50 نقطة خلال ساعتين وكله عبر الإنترنت قبل أن تستورد بعض التنسيقيات أجهزة بث.

    أحنّ إلى تلك الأيام و تلك الحماسة 😦
    أحنّ إلى فعل الإنجاز .. والقفزات .. وترك المراوحة ..

    عبد الرحيم دوريشة, عبد الكريم عوير, محمد سرميني .. أحبكم يا شباب (F)
    والحرية لجميع نشطائنا في الأسر ..

    Abdulkareem Aouir


  67. Douma, and right after the UN peacekeepers left, the half man ordered his stooges to fire tear gas on the protesters, the young and old were taking cover while cursing the despicable. In the mean time, the number had risen to 50, in Hama since the peacekeeper left the city.


  68. Taufik Alhallak
    رويت للسائق الأردني مايحدث في سوريا .. هو قال : نحن مع الشعب السوري لكن مش فاهمين إيش اللي بيحصل ؟؟ وبعد أن فرغت من حديثي قال : أعوذ بالله إيش هادا اللي بتقولو .. والله هتلر ماعملو .. الله ينصركم ياأخي ع الظلام . قلت له : ألاتتابع أخبار الثورة ؟ قال ياأخي بنتابع بس جماعتكو في التلفزيون بيقولو : كلها فبركة يعني إشاعات !! قلت : صحفكم والتلفزيون الرسمي يتحدث عن الثورة كما لوكانت في الكونغو . قال : والله صحيح مابيفهم الواحد منهم الحق على مين ؟ شعرت بأني حققت انجازا بتوصيل الصورة الحقيقية للثورة . كنت أجري حوارا في أحد شوارع عمان مع جريح في ذراعه عندما باغته وباغتني رجل من المارة بأن دفعه من كتفه أمام الكاميرا ؟ استهجنت الأمر فنحن في بلد آخر ولسنا في في سوريا حيث استباحة الناس أمرا مألوفا .. وبسرعة أبعده مارون أردنيون عن المكان وهو يصرخ : كذاب .. كذاب . ولاأدري كيف عرف أنه كذاب قبل أن لم يسمعه ؟ عاد أحدهم وقال لي : هذا واحد منهم بعرفو مليح بيفوت على الأردن خصوصي ليزعج النازحين . بعرف عنوانو ورح خبر السلطة عنه . كان بقية الجرحى يتابعون المشهد من نافذة البيت المجاور ولايقوون على فعل شيء سوى شتمه والدعاء على من أرسله . لقائي مع السائق الأردني والمشهد الذي حدث أمامي يوضح لماذا لاتصل صورة الثورة نقية إلى فئة من الناس في الدول العربية المجاورة وحتى الأبعد وفي المغتربات الأجنبية . هناك إعلام حيادي سلبي من جهة وهناك مجموعة من الشبيحة في لباس مدني يجندها النظام لتطارد النازحين وتشوه الحقائق . أعتقد أن المطلوب من المعارضة الرسمية ومن أي إنسان سوري حر في الخارج أن يبذل قصارى جهده لايصال الصورة الحقيقية للثورة من خلال الإعلام المحلي واللقاءات المباشرة مع الناس . تستحق الثورة منا الجهد والعطاء بكل أشكاله .


  69. Pulled this poem from Face Book. It has a NIZAR QABBANI flavor.

    كان أبي يستمعُ إلى فيروزَ تغني في المذياعْ
    يشربُ قهوتهُ الشَّاميةَ..
    و يرُّقص فنجانَ القهوةِ بين يديهِ..
    على الإيقاعْ

    قُطعَ البثُّ..
    و بعد قليلٍ عادَ البثُّ..
    و كانَ مذيعُ السُّلطةِ ينبحُ في المذياعْ
    ( عاشَ الكلبُ زعيمُ الثورةِ..
    و ليسقط حكمُ الرجعيةِ و الإقطاعْ )

    قال أبي : ضعنا يا ولدي..
    و الوطنُ بلا شكٍّ ضاعْ


    كانَ الكلبُ زعيمَ الحزبِ
    و كانَ شعارُ الحزبِ
    الذَّيلُ الأعوجُ و النابُ اللَّماعْ

    كانت صحفِ الحزبِ تعضُّ الشَّعبَ..
    و غايتها ( الإقناع )

    كانَ الكلبُ إذا ما خطبَ خطاباً..
    ينبحُ حتى الفجرِ
    و كانَ الشَّعبُ يصفِّقُ خوفاً حتى الفجرِ
    و يطرَبُ..
    و يحيي الإبداعْ

    كانَ الكلبُ عدوّ الذئبِ أمامَ الشَّعبِ..
    و كانَ يقدِّمُ لحمَ الشَّعبِ له في السرِّ..
    إذا ما جاعْ

    كانَ الكلبُ و آلُ الكلبِ..
    يرونَ الدولةَ مثلَ الشِّاةِ المذبوحةِ..
    و اللحمُ مَشاعْ
    كلبٌ يلتهمُ الأحشاءَ..
    و كلبٌ يلتهمُ الأوراكَ..
    و كلبٌ يلتهمُ الأضلاعْ

    بعدَ عقودٍ..
    مرضَ الكلبُ زعيمُ الثورةِ..
    و استبشرنا نحنُ الشَّعبُ أخيراً…
    و فتحنا المذياعْ
    قُطعَ البثُّ..
    و عادَ البثُّ..
    و عادَ البثُّ..
    و قطعُ البثُّ..
    و بعدَ قليلٍ كانَ مذيعُ السُّلطةِ ينبحُ مثل العادةِ في المذياعْ
    ( ماتَ الكلبُ …

    زعيمُ الثورةِ..
    ماتَ الكلبُ..
    و أصبحَ إبنُ الكلبِ رئيساً بالإجماعْ )

    حقوقي مندس …


  70. Brilliant response from WSS to the controversy on SC


    Alex writes: William, describing Sharmine as a “regime lap dancer” is not very polite. What exactly did she do to deserve that kind of language from a Canadian?

    Sharmine Narwani writes: Duh. Jadaliyya means “kissing the white man’s ass” in Arabic.

    Sharmine Narwani writes: Of course you need a translator for that too, because otherwise you wouldn’t have a fucking clue if you were in Idlib or Homs now, would you?

    Alex is right about politeness, and he is right to ask why a Canadian would use such language.

    I will answer the numerous posts mentioning me by name, or mentioning “white men.” I did catch the WSS is a Faggot reference before it was deleted (and laughed hard at the notion that Tara, repressive Tara, was demanding censorship of honest pro-regime outrage), along with the charge (widely Twitterized) that I am employed by the Israel embassy in Ottawa to recruit and spy on Syrian activists.

    I will contact Sharmine privately, with a comment on her blog, Mideast Shuffle, and in the comments section of her last opinion piece at Al-Akhbar English. If those comment do not appear, I may attempt to post on Sharmine’s Facebook Wall. She has blocked me on Twitter and I have no idea how to contact her otherwise. My email is, as it always has been, willliam.scherk@gmail (those who have sent cheery messages about faggotry, pedophilia, getting it up the ass from Aroor, my Jew spymasters and so on, you may continue to cheer me. I reserve the right to publish in full your ravings. Thanks to the odious Syrian Commando for starting and widely disseminating the original false charges.)

    I do not take instructions from foul-mouthed Baathi-boosting anonyms. Any forthcoming apology will be to Sharmine and to men and women who are rightfully offended by ‘demeaning gendered insults.’ The note from the Sex Worker played a large part in convincing me that I need to respond fully to the real and to the phony outrage.

    To the scholar and researcher who wrote on her blog that:

    Nothing scares such types more than the image of the decolonized native who rejects their preferred al-Jadaliyya (read, House Arab) line of thinking, than the decolonized female native who takes the lead in liberating the minds of her fellow natives. What a silly little white man.

    And as for you Arab women out there who are siding with your male, white, Western, imperialist oppressor: the efforts of the likes of Narwani to liberate you from his grip, are wasted on you. You deserve your own self-imposed enslavement.

    I have nothing to say that I have not said to her on Twitter. The racially-charged invective she lards about speaks for itself.

    I should mention in passing that I have declared my interests. In my first postings to Syria Comment I told readers exactly who I was, where I lived, what my citizenship was, where my heart lay in relation to Syria, my capacity for languages, and my (lack of) political party membership and (lack of) religious beliefs. This was not to showboat, but to show good faith.

    As a Canadian, as a British Columbian, I felt I needed to explain why I found Syria to be personally-concerning. I felt the need to explain the genesis of my interest, and to put it into the context of who I was and what had helped form my opinions. So, Syria Commenters definitely know who I am and what I represent — from my own words. I have nothing to hide, and every word I have written on the internet since 1997 has been in my own name. I am fully, personally, accountable for every word.

    (the first Syrian I met in Vancouver was a refugee. This person was in a wheelchair, because of torture in Assad detention facilities. I think of him every day. If he goes back to Syria now, he goes back to prison, to the uncertain fate that awaits detainees today.)

    As for the offending phrase, it is far too late to request deletion, and since the comment has become a minor Twitter meme, there is no point.

    Thank you, Sex Worker. You reminded me of the work I did for the independent gay and lesbian monthly in Vancouver (Angles) on gender, especially my articles on street prostitution among the forgotten and abused transgender community. I take your commentary to heart. I need to be true to my own morality, without compromising a need to express myself.

    Here below is the paragraph I posted earlier, with the offending phrase replaced.

    Will the points made be addressed by Sharmine? Perhaps. As SOD has remarked, Sharmine’s gossipy and potentially destructive asides about real journalists such as Conroy, and her remarkable slurs against Jadaliyya — are a part of the context of discussion that has yet been entirely evaded by her and all her supporters.

    Will those slurs be reproduced here? Perhaps. Will Sharmine respond to criticism. No. She does not do so on Twitter (‘House Arab’) and I see no deviation from her adopted stance of contemptuous arrogance and privilege.

    Whatever credentials Sharmine has as a blogger and opinion writer will remain. Whatever credentials as a “journalist” she has will also remain. But it bears examining what the journalists she so casually slurs by name and implication think of her ethics.

    That a (presumably) non-Syrian like Sharmine Narwani can demean and degrade the ethics, probity, patriotism, honesty and right to speak of Amal Hanano (by insinuation) still deeply disturbs me — this is what prompted the part of my post reproduced below.

    If the regimist lap-dogs here want to continue to harry those who challenge Sharmine, good. That discussion needs to proceed, because Sharmine’s work on narratives is only a beginning — the questions she asks (but does not answer), the sources she alludes to (but never names), the ideological lenses she views events through — all this needs to be examined.

    Let us not pretend we do not all have well-rooted biases. Those who struggle to confront and challenge their own biases get my support and admiration, regardless of their position on Alex’s spectrum of opinion. Those who do not challenge their own assumptions or narratives have my contempt — and that contempt ranges across the board of opinion, from the stupid and disengaged provocateur Dale Anderson to the hysterical Salafist shogun Khalid Tlass. If I thought anyone needed to be banned, anyone from these precincts, it would be those two. I perhaps would damn them to hell or Tadmor. Since I am atheist and a free-speech advocate in private and public life, I must assume that their biliousness and disempathy provides its own hell in the real world. To be an idiot without knowing one is an idiot is its own prison …

    My next post will be addressed to Mawal95. I respect him. He is avowedly a full supporter of the Syrian government, its policies and its leadership, but rarely if ever stoops to the level of some of the players and trumpets here. He has engaged with me on points at issue, and left the door open …

    I do very much appreciate the reasonable comments and challenges from both ‘sides.’ I regret attracting the hysterical, one-eyed, and blinkered trumpets of dogma.

    In other news, Syria’s Amal Hanano (a pseudonym for a brilliant Halabi) is one of the best new writers emerging from the crisis. She is good enough to be slagged by faux-journalists like the regime lap-dog Sharmine Narwani (and Angry Arab, and Ikhras).

    When a non-Arabic-speaking Iranian-American fake-scholar independently-wealthy NATO-citizen like Narwani gets off slurring and lecturing Syrians like Amal Hanano on probity, I know the media war is still full-on.

    But Amal gets in Foreign Policy, and Sharmine gets a sandbox at Al-Akhbar english

    Here is, finally, an earlier note posted to a blog by a a Syria Comment reader. It lays out the general beef with Sharmine.

    Sharmine’s nasty asides on Twitter against journalists are not part of the ethics of journalism. They are part of an ethic of one-eyed advocacy if not propaganda. That Sharmine so easily slurs others about their backgrounds, activities, identity and beliefs … while concealing or attempting to conceal her own interests – this is another mark of someone who does not intend to be a journalist. The line between editorial and reportage has melted in much of the MENA press concerned with Syria. It is such a shame that Sharmine gets in the gutter. It reflects very poorly on her and her integrity. I was ashamed for her with her exchange with Qifa Nabki. Unnecessary and leaves her looking bitter and vindictive and unable to account for herself.


  71. عزمي بشاره

    التدخل الأجنبي الوحيد الفاعل في سوريا حاليا هو التدخل ضد الثورة من قبل روسيا وإيران. وما زال التسليح الجدي الوحيد هو تسليح النظام لقمع الشعب السوري، وليس لدعم المقاومة. فلا يوجد من يسلح الثوار حتى الآن. والمؤامرة الوحيدة الفاعلة هي المؤامرة والتنسيق اليومي ضد الثورة من قبل النظام وأتباعه. وعدد شهداء القمع ارتفع من جديد في ظل مهمة عنان. وما زالت القوة الحقيقية الفاعلة في مواجهة هذا كله هو تصميم الشعب السوري. وهو التصميم الذي سوف يفعل العوامل الأخرى لاحقا، وهو الذي سوف يأتي بالدعم، وسيكون له الفضل الأول في التغيير القادم.


  72. OTW, did you read Syrian Hamster new post on the arrest of Palestinian thinker SALAMEH KILEH? Brilliant, brilliant, they are all busted, can we call them facists? Easily. Very true, where all the Angry Arabs, the Adonis’ and the all the SC sectarian bullies, all zipped lipped. Thank you Syrian Hamster! Thank you! So true, factual, to the point, BANG ON!

    Masks as thin as Air

    Not a single word from “resistance” “secular” camp on the Criminal Assad and his goons’ arrest of the Palestinian-Syrian marxist thinker SALAMEH KILEH, who is also wanted by the Israeli Authorities since 1972.

    Disclosure: Salameh Kileh may be a Persona non grata among fake secularists and SC sectarian bullies. Evidence against him may include his writing which demonstrate his recognition of the genuine “people” nature of the Syrian Revolution, while at the same time exposing the fascist nature of Assad supporters’ camp. Here is first evidence:

    سلامة كيلة- اللافت في الثورة السورية هو البطولة التي يتسم بها هؤلاء الفقراء الذين يدافعون عن عيشهم، وطالبو الحرية الذين يريدون هدم الاستبداد، حين تبدأ الثورة يصبح الإصلاح متأخراً، ولا يمكن أن تقوم الثورة أصلاً ما دامت إمكانية الإصلاح متوافرة. ولا يمكن لشعب أن يثور، وهو يعرف أنّه يمكن حل مشكلاته من خلال الإصلاح، هذا هو الإحساس العفوي البسيط لدى الطبقات الشعبية التي لم تخرج إلا بعدما تيقّنت بأنّ هذه السلطة لا تُصلح، لهذا يجب أن تُزاح.


    What draws the attention in the Syrian Revolution is the heroism of the poor who are defending their livelihood and demanding freedom, those who want to demolish tyranny. When the revolution starts, reform becomes too late. In fact, as long as the odds for reform are possible, the revolution would not happen and a peoples would not revolt knowing that it can resolve its problem through reform. This simple and spontaneous feeling among the popular classes, who did not go out demonstrating until they have ascertained that this regime can not be reformed, and thus must be removed.

    Furthermore, Salameh is definitely hated by sectarian thugs who claim membership in 400 facebook pages, meaning that they must have known of his arrest, and yet decided to fail in protesting it or recognizing that the assad’s regime resistance and secularism are fake as theirs. If you ask why, here is why.

    He embarrassed their beloved regime media represented by Aldunia. Lucky syriatruth, they weren’t there.

    I would like to reiterate what my friend Salameh said to aldunya mouthpiece fake journalist.

    حلي عني … لما بتصيرو اوادم بحكي معكون ..

    how accurate. I am sure some recently discovered “pseudo journalists” will see in Salameh’s words an anti-women stance.

    I urge regimsists to Sleep well, for they are up for the rudest awakening of their pathetic lives


  73. Dear N.Z. Thanks for reposting Hamster’s post on SC. Absolutely spot on. I took the liberty of adding the links referred to in Hamster’s original post.


  74. Oh my God, My crystal ball was right ! Right on queue bomb goes off in Damascus as planned and prepared by that evil Al Qaeda agent in Trablus Lebanon who is actually an alien being from another galaxy that also has it in for Assad

    Right as per Joshua Landis onto plan 3.4167388
    of our Jihadi Sunni manual to overthrow Assad

    Maybe Landis will get a position in the next Syrian Parliament lol!


  75. where did I miss Qifa Nabki taking on Sharmine N????
    i reallyyyyy would love to see that!

    WSS , right on…


  76. “To keep our revolution going now costs less than if we stay at home until the army or security men come and slaughter us like sheep.”

    One of Abu Rami’s cousins was among the 15 schoolboys whom security forces arrested last March for spray-painting anti-regime graffiti. The boys were tortured, sparking the mass protest movement. A year later, the 40-year-old said that security forces have killed at least 70 members of the Zuabi tribe. Each one — under the local system of tribal law — represents a blood feud between the tribe and the regime.


  77. hello N.Z.,
    maybe so…but WSS said he wasn’t on her fb….although i guess he could viewed it on his feed via- Qifa’s comments to her fb … but it seems unlikely. I bet it was somewhere else probably via Otrakji’s fb.
    oh well, I sent WSS a message asking him…. i like to see QN do his verbal juijitsu on certain people- and Sharmine would be a lovely target. Her snarkiness and condescension is pretty gratting at times… especially in those articles on al-akhbar


  78. I would like to know more about the Zou’bi tribe of Daraa. For starters, is it a Hawrani tribe, or a Palestinian one ? Because that surname (Zou3bi) is found in all 3 nationalitioes.

    They have big time trouble even uwith the Jordanian authorities.

    It seems this revolution truly is one of the downtrodden !!


  79. Zenobia ,always beware of these hypocrite bigot of ‘ anti-imperialism’ slogans.


  80. You’d already answered yourself. The Zoua’bi family is a family from Bilad al-Sham. Are you making a statement or asking a question? Your


  81. The videos circulating around of heinous crimes that might had been committed are very disturbing . “The fact that these videos fall within the realm of possibility is what is troubling- not if they’re actually real or not”

    Will these horrific acts ever stop voluntarily! He seem to enjoy the pain, suffering and endless loss of thousands upon thousands of families and friends. Even if these victims are infiltrator, criminals you name them.. these crimes and slaughtering is done by Syrians!!!!!!

    From slaughtering people on daily basis, to refugees scattered around neighbouring countries, to an infinite number of maimed and wounded, to orphans in the thousands, hunger and homelessness, house demolition…..all these human-being are left to languish under the watchful of us, Syrians.

    This is not the time to score goals, it is time to say enough, enough. Who in his right mind will sacrifice a country and its people for a mortal? Who?

    We Syrians are all sentenced to a slow death if we allow this to continue, the thousands of death and torture are real, this is not a surreal mix of fact and sickening acts, this is real human suffering. How can we stop all this, it is not about who is right and who is wrong, it is not about you and me. It is about pain and endless suffering, are we human or barbaric?

    My God, we could not have been worse!

    No wonder. Will we change fast enough?


  82. This is copied from the ICG report. It reflects the logic or lack thereof of the regime and the pro-regime crowd:

    “In interviews with Crisis Group conducted over the past several months, officials, pressed on the need for dramatic change, have offered various arguments to explain the regime’s steadfastness and intransigence. To begin, they point out that the ultimate goal of domestic and foreign opponents alike is not to reform the regime but to topple it; as a result, far from quelling the unrest, more far-reaching concessions would only embolden the opposition, weaken the regime and precipitate its demise. They insist additional reforms will come only once the situation improves – however hollow that promise must ring to the large number of Syrians who insist the regime has done nothing in over 40 years except reactively and under pressure. In truth, and in several respects, the regime is partially doing today what it ought to have done a year ago, when popular demands were more moderate and pragmatic: relaxing the Baath party’s dominant role; introducing a measure of controlled pluralism; and taking steps toward a slightly more representative government. Reformists within the system make the case that, modest as they are, these nonetheless are significant concessions that ought to be pocketed and built upon. To no avail: by this point, many Syrians harbor far deeper grievances that such measures cannot come close to satisfying.
    Officials likewise contend that the regime never was given a chance. As they see it, Western countries wrote it off before it could even begin to respond and then did their utmost to exacerbate the crisis. The Arab media distorted the picture, exaggerated wrongdoings and encouraged unreasonable popular demands. By swiftly seeking regime change and rejecting dialogue until violence ceased, they say, the opposition shut the door on a political solution. Some go further, contending that Syrians abused by the security services ought to have shown restraint rather than overreact and aggravate the situation; had they had national interests in mind, the argument goes, they would have known better than to wreak havoc. However mystifying they might seem, such views are widespread among regime officials and supporters whose contempt for their kin’s predicament is itself a symptom of deep-seated social and/or sectarian prejudice. No amount of suffering, they believe, can justify destabilizing the country. All in all, officials reject any accountability, identifying culprits far and near while absolving themselves of responsibility.
    Together with regime sympathizers, they also tend to put a very low ceiling on what one can realistically expect given the nature of the power system. Issues critical to any genuine political solution – those touching upon the president’s legitimacy; the ruling family’s role; and the security services’ behavior – are defined upfront as off limits, at least until the regime fully restores stability, at which point it is hard to imagine why it would agree to broach them. Even a matter as urgent as the status and conduct of the shabbiha is considered taboo, insofar as confronting it would puncture the regime’s core narrative – namely that it is seeking to restore law and order, not to divide and rule. Some regime insiders concede the need for a future national reconciliation process, albeit one that would entail the people forgiving the regime (for crimes that ought better be forgotten); the regime forgiving the people (for challenging the system and provoking mayhem); and everyone reverting to normalcy. There is virtually no chance this can work.
    Some more pragmatic voices within the power structure complain that the current nature of the uprising – including its calls for toppling the regime and executing its president; invitation of Western pressure; rejection of dialogue; and militarization – has empowered regime hardliners. It has made life easier, they say, for those within the leadership and security services with a vested interest in escalating repression and who know that any serious political track inevitably would come at their expense.
    Altogether, according to this logic, the outside world and domestic opposition ought to be more “reasonable”, stop pushing for dramatic change and hope to transform the regime over time. In like manner, they insist the regime has learned its lesson and that it cannot continue as before – yet, even as they do, they stress that reforms must take place very gradually in a society unprepared for drastic change. In the end, they offer the prospect of a country ruled by the same president, family and security services – a hard sell for the large number of Syrians who believe this ruling class has thoroughly failed, dispossessed, humiliated, tortured and murdered its people in unimaginable ways.”


  83. UN Just Getting Started in Syria— Give Observer Mission a Chance

    By: Daniel Serwer posted on Thursday, Apr 26, 2012

    The New York Times, NPR and other major media outlets have already declared the 300-strong UN observer mission in Syria, approved last weekend in the Security Council, a failure. The UN hasn’t stopped the violence, or even induced the Syrian government to withdraw heavy weapons from population centers. The observers are unable to protect protesters or ensure that humanitarian relief reaches civilians, as required by Kofi Annan’s six-point plan.

    The media has already declared the UN observer mission in Syria a failure. It hasn’t stopped the violence and cannot protect protesters. Of course it hasn’t been effective yet, writes Daniel Serwer. It hasn’t really arrived. It will likely take the still-growing mission weeks, at best, to quell the violence. The Annan plan may still fail, it hasn’t failed yet.

    All that is true, but premature: As of yesterday, there were only 11 UN observers deployed in Syria. The remaining dozen or so are headquarters and support personnel. Part of the initial contingent came from the UN mission in Lebanon, but the Secretary General will not want to denude that effort to staff Syria. It will take time to get UN member states to cough up more troops for what is obviously a dangerous effort.

    The press reports that violence typically subsides when the observers are present but surges once they leave. To journalists, this is a sign of their ineffectiveness. To diplomats, it means that they may be able to tamp down the violence, provided they are deployed in sufficient numbers.

    If the 12 already deployed work in groups of at least three, they can be present in only four places on any given day, provided they have adequate transport, which is not ensured. Of course they haven’t been effective yet. They haven’t really arrived. The remaining several hundred will take weeks, maybe even months, to deploy.

    Even then, experience suggests that it will take time before violence subsides. The UN operates only with the consent of warring parties, in this case the Syrian government and a fractious array of protesters. Consent is nominal on both sides. The government, feeling threatened, wants to suppress its opponents before withdrawing its forces from population centers. Some of the protesters continue violent attacks on Syrian security forces, providing the government with a convenient excuse for its continued use of force.

    It will likely take weeks at best, more likely months, to reverse this spiral of violence. Only diligent and impartial reporting by the observers, combined with pressure from Kofi Annan and key Security Council members, can turn it around. The Americans, British and French need to focus on ending protester violence, in particular by the Free Syria Army. Its command and control is not unified, and many of its adherents are not former soldiers but local neighborhood-watch volunteers. Picture George Zimmerman with an AK-47. It is going to be difficult to get them to implement a ceasefire. The Russians and Chinese need to focus on Bashar al-Assad, whom they have so far been protecting. They need to convince him that his only chance for survival is an end to the brutal crackdown.

    Once the situation begins to calm, at least in some places, humanitarian relief has to begin flowing and journalists must be allowed in, in accordance with Kofi Annan’s plan. Even Assad may allow these moves. International relief efforts will lighten his financial burdens and foreign journalists may be more objective than the protester-sympathetic “stringers” who provide most of the on-the-ground coverage at present.

    Only then will it be possible to begin the political dialogue Kofi Annan is to facilitate.

    While the Security Council has not called explicitly for Assad’s removal, it has called for “a Syrian-led political transition leading to a democratic, plural political system, … including through commencing a comprehensive political dialogue between the Syrian government and the whole spectrum of the Syrian opposition.” The implication is that Assad is to be eased out, more like Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen than Muammar Qaddafi in Libya. The Americans, British and French will press hard for a democratic transition. Russia will resist, even if it signed on to the Security Council call.

    One key factor in the political equation will be Iran. Syria, which is running out of money, depends heavily on Iran for financial, military and political support. Tehran won’t want to lose Assad, but if it looks as if he is about to go they will want to shift gears and try to put someone else in place who will continue the many decades of Syria’s alliance with Iran. Continued chaos, which is already flowing over Syria’s borders to Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon, may be worse from Tehran’s perspective than a new man at the helm in Damascus.

    Of course, we may never get to that point.

    The UN observers and the other elements of the Annan plan may still fail. But they haven’t failed yet, no matter what the press says.

    Daniel Serwer is a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a scholar at the Middle East Institute. He blogs at and tweets @DanielSerwer.


  84. A trip through Khalidieh in Homs, with arabic narration.

    The man is a poet, especially at the end.


  85. A particularly bloody week culminating with more deaths and arrests. So not so different from the past weeks and months: the regime is up to more of its usual tricks and now upping the ante with frequent explosions being added to the modus operandi to sow even more fear in the hearts of all citizens and to give UN observers an implicit warning that going into the rebellious areas brings with it a serious possibility of being blown up, “so don’t venture there!”

    The other purpose is of course to make the people (especially those who are not wholly committed) so fed up with “the revolution”that they start to long for the “good old days” when they at least could make a living and did not have to worry about being in the vicinity of a car bomb, despite still living under the boot of the police-state. This plus the intentional destruction of whole neighborhoods as punishment for letting any demonstrations start from there and of course the clear message is: if you or your children or any in your neighborhood even think about opposing the regime you can kiss your house goodbye (usually your only asset), if not your life as well.

    I fear that things will only get worse from here as I cannot see the Russians and the Iranians ever withdrawing their backing, but even without such support (an unthinkable prospect, frankly) the murderous gang will never waver from their course towards wrecking the whole country rather than let it slip from their hands (with the exception of the coastal areas, which they will leave untouched as their final lifeboat to retreat to when the war seems lost. Keeping it peaceful wouldn’t have made any difference, only prolonged the agony and slowed it down, maybe without the destruction of property and infrastructure, but the human casualties would have been the same just over a longer period of time and mostly one-sided -that of the revolutionists.

    I want to say استر يا رب but as you know I’m not a believer, so I wonder what/who we can appeal to now…not the UN, that’s for sure.


  86. BTW, does anyone know of any good and free software that allows the downloading/saving/recording of streaming video such as AJ or other news stations? I always see interviews and coverage that I want to share with you here but am unable to copy it.

    Oh, also sorry for the overly pessimistic view in my last post, but it is hard to watch all the death and destruction and not feel that way.

    وهل اسب الأسد وعصاباته المجرمة وأدعوا عليهم بالخراب… وكيف سينفعنا ذلك ؟؟


  87. mgb, If anything, the past week has proved once and for all, what you and OTW stated in his piece, “Assad or We Scorch the Country” … this should put to rest the notion that the presence of FSA as an impetuous for regime violence.”

    “Violence is the hallmark of this regime with or without FSA.”

    House demolition is the latest trend in a series of crimes. I still think that the presence of the blue berets is important, followed by implementing the rest of Annan’s plan.

    If anything, the way the regime dealt with the people on the ground left not even a shadow of doubt, that the regime is fully responsible for the violence and senseless death. We must rely on ourselves first, استر يا رب if it did no good, for sure will harm no one!


  88. MGB,

    There are two ways to save a live stream (such as AJ), or Youtube vids.

    1) using webpages such as, (free limited trial), or

    2) the other way is by browser plugin (my personal choice). I use Firefox and the plugin is called video download helper. I know Chrome and safari have similar plugins but I am unsure of the plugin names.

    Side note:

    I saw these pics today and thought of you, hopefully it will help counter your overly pessimism just a bit and maybe even put a tiny smile on your face.


  89. mgb | April 27, 2012 at 17:45
    “Oh, also sorry for the overly pessimistic view in my last post, but it is hard to watch all the death and destruction and not feel that way.”

    I live in Syria. Your view is very accurate. The gang is digging in for a long fight. They’re fortifying their buildings and sites. Even Syriatel headquarters building has concrete barricades protecting it. Rami Makhloof is raising the concrete wall in front of his apartment building, not to mention the fortification of all the mukhabarat sites. The attitude and behavior of their thugs, we come across, are as arrogant and as thuggish as ever. I don’t think they will stop killing even if the Russians ask them to.

    Baby Duck was first to mention “Fitna” and he was first to mention partitioning Syria, I truly believe his gang is trying to take Syria in that direction. They just can’t live out of power.

    What you see on the Syrian TV is an accurate reflection of their attitude today.


  90. مندس

    Just watch the determination and hope in the eyes of this young Syrian. She is warning bashar not to defy her.

    Do you think they will succeed in anything other than killing, maiming and torturing thousands, while leaders of the world, much older than the young girl, are going on needlessly with their lives?

    No one will succeed in braking the will of the people, their determination is unstoppable. Dignity and Freedom is their goal.

    I, living in the West regain my hope and upbeat from these brave Syrians, watching them. I bow my head in awe in their presence. They will be victorious. They will.


  91. Dear N.Z,

    I hope everyone is as resolute as the brave child you posted.

    And as adamant as this one:


  92. Dear NZ,

    I was describing the attitude of the regime.

    I don’t think the thugs will succeed. It just defies logic that the regime’s methods will succeed. A small portion of the society can not overcome a large portion of the society no matter how the imbalance of power seems today. It has not succeeded after almost 14 months. If you step away and evaluate the regime’s situation in the last 14 months. It has been losing steadily. You just can not uproot even a rotten 50 year old tree quickly. 
    I don’t think there are fence sitters any longer. If you haven’t been moved by now by the daily slaughter of your fellow Syrians with a mountain of evidence, then you already took the killers’ side. Those who oppose the regime are also in it for the long run. I know people whose businesses came to a halt, are still firmly against the regime and are not even complaining. The majority recognize Syria was already a failed state before the revolution. The BS you hear from regime apologists that they are worried about the destruction of the country is just that (BS). The country would’ve had to be rebuilt even if the regime went away peacefully, and it will not go away peacefully. 
    There’s a huge underground support network. Everybody’s giving what they can even though the thugs are going after what they call “الحاضنة الاجتماعية” . How do you think those hot spots and the distressed families that lost their bread winners would’ve lasted?

    I assure you I have never felt the pride as a Syrian as I have felt it since the start of the revolution. I thought the Ba’ath has destroyed every Syrian. I was wrong. I love the demonstrators and what they stand for. I know a few of them. They are amazing in that they were able to develop such great ideals in such a corrupt Baathist environment.

    PS. NZ, I love your passion and humanity. I read what you write all the time.


  93. Thanks guys. I will try what you recommended and will let you know how it went. BTW, I use Chrome and sometimes Opera.

    As to the revolution, Dear Mundas and N.Z., I have no doubt that it will succeed and that Syrians will be rid of the Assadist Mafiosi and Associates, it’s just that the price they have to pay is very heavy and I can’t help feeling for them though I know they are neither afraid nor unwilling to pay that price.

    Dear S.O.D. Thanks for the photos, very sharp messages. Just so you know (and I think you already understand where I’m coming from, but just in case), I don’t subscribe to preaching atheism just as I would not appreciate the religious going round trying to convert others. And all groupings under either religious labels or otherwise, either for the revolution or against it, I find them…well, rather unhelpful (just read the comments at that FB page!). The only grouping we need is “Humans for Freedom”, in Syria, Bahrain, Burma, North Korea, Turkey, even the USA…wherever there are those who want to limit or take away a human being’s freedom, I’m against them. I declared my atheism in my handle name (yes, a label) only to piss off the menhebakjiyeh on SC and to be a thorn in their side since they accused anyone who defended the revolution of being MB or salfi.

    والنصر آت غصباً عن كل أسدي مجرم


  94. The bombing in central Damascus, Meedan, had led the insecurity forces to lock the area by check points.

    Meedan had witnessed daily protests since the beginning of the popular uprising. Remember when Dunyia TV came out and said that people are celebrating rainfall on the streets. This is the second bombing in the Meedan area. 11 people lost their lives and 20 more wounded.

    Till this day people are out protesting daily in Meedan, waiting for the regime’s great fall. Only then the real celebrations will begin,

    The Arab Thinker: Azmi Bishara

    ملخص أولي: النظام لا يسيطر على سوريا كلها في اي لحظة زمنية معطاه، ولا يسيطر على أي جزء من سوريا طوال الوقت.


  95. Dear Mgb,

    I figured that (especially with the A.s.s.a.d nom de plume @ SC).

    I understand why you corrected me once regarding the “godless” comment, associating the heinous criminal acts of murders to the chosen beliefs of Atheists was rather offending (to say the least), and not to mention the use of the term itself in a negative connotation. I never really gave the word much thought in how I used it until you corrected me, in many ways I should thank you for that, شكراً.

    Re: Chrome extension


  96. Dear مندس,

    It is so nice to hear from people like yourself who live inside Syria, especially from a Mundass! I hope you will share with us your insight more often. Thank you.

    I cannot agree with you more about “regime apologists”, they truly do not deserve even mentioning.

    “I assure you I have never felt the pride as a Syrian as I have felt it since the start of the revolution. I thought the Ba’ath has destroyed every Syrian. I was wrong. I love the demonstrators and what they stand for. I know a few of them. They are amazing in that they were able to develop such great ideals in such a corrupt Baathist environment.”

    Mundass, your statement is an assurance that this revolution is on the right track. Thanks for all the hard work these groups are doing inside Syria, in sustaining families that lost much more than we can ever imagine. It is a very promising picture you’d conveyed to us. We have still a lot to learn from the noble activists, what passion and humanity really means.

    والنصر آت غصباً عن كل أسدي مجرم


  97. This is from last week’s protest, Idlib, just saw it today. It is not only they are risking everything for all Syrians, they are spending hours creating how to get their message across more effectively. Both, in Arabic and English.


  98. I told you all didn’t I tell you I had a crystal ball lol

    Ok, the next set of predictions

    1-false flag groups in the name of FSA will now do some atrocious crimes

    2- Kurdish Shabiha will try further to cause Kurdish infighting. False flag Kurdish groups that will try to proclaim independence from Syria ( I am talkin internally)

    3- Certain UN observers will further push the Syrian opposition to stop or at least slow demonstrations

    4- Russia blames the opposition for breaking the cease fire. Oh it already did!

    After this back to the UN, Russia threatens to veto and another set of sanctions, that will not truly change the reality on the ground

    While we the Syrians should totally ignore this game and continue with what we do. Predictions from the Syrian side

    1- Because of the greater fragmention of this rabble of an army, Iraq and Iran will be forced
    further intervene in Syria. This will embolden the Kurds in Iraq and will push towards a strategic alliance between the Arab Sunnis and the Kurds.

    2-Forget a thing called a Syrian Lira. Because of this drastic change in the economy a lot of the Shabiha will go even further rogue(more than the regime wants) and it will make life very hard with the significant increase in crime and kidnapping especially in well to do areas in Damascus and Aleppo

    2- Because of the lack of manpower districts in even central Damascus and Aleppo will be forced to form local militia to protect neighbourhoods. This will eventually light up even central quarters with consistent battles for small scraps of a living. The Assadists will not be able to do much about it because you will start to have even in fighting between the Shabiha and the chaos will even overwhelm them. Remember the Assad militia are pinned down all around Syria

    3- Eventually you will have ungovernable areas in around Der al Zour, Halab, Idlib, and even Houran with the majority of the fighting and Assad forces being pinned down in central areas around Homs and Hama.

    4- more to come have to go…..


  99. Excerpt from Azmi Bishara, The Intellect & The Revolution

    من حق المثقف أن ينتقد الثورة، ومن واجب المثقّف الديمقراطي أن يشارك في توجيهها، وأن يساهم في نقد مظاهرها السلبية، بما في ذلك طرح تصوّره لمستقبلها. ولكنه لن يجد من يسمعه، إلا إذا فعل ذلك من منطلق دعم الثورة والانضمام لها.

    جل ما يطلبه النظام حاليا هو مهاجمة الثورة وتقويض شرعيتها. وهو لا يطالب المثقف أن يدافع عنه، فمن يفعل ذلك في مراحل المذابح والقمع الواسع النطاق هو المأجورون المرتزقة فاقدي المصداقية الذين لا يأثرون على أحد. والنظام الملطخ بدماء شعبه لا يأمل بإقناع الناس أن يستمر في الحكم لأنه أفضل الموجود، بل لأن الثورة أسوأ منه.

    النظام هو الوضع القائم بقوة السلاح، وهو لايبحث عن شرعية، بل يكفيه حاليا تقويض شرعية الثورة والتشكيك بعدالتها.
    وحين ينحاز المثقف للثورة فسوف يكتشف فاعلية مساهماته، وحاجة الناس لآرائه واستعدادهم لسماعها، إذا كان لديه ما يقول، وإذا كان يتمتع بالتواضع فلا ينزلق الى إلقاء المواعظ على الناس.


  100. The popular uprising is not fading although the death toll is mounting. The regime is going berserk!

    After trying hard to taint the noble uprising in Syria by descriptions that is befitting only to the house of Assad and their cronies, after arresting thousands of innocent Syrians and subjugating them to the worst method of torturing that have ever been invented, after countless crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Assad mafia…their newest target is aimed at thinkers and religious figures, Salama Keileh and Mouaz Al-Khatib and other human rights activists, Mohammad Ammar, Mazen Darwish, Mahmood Isa, Rima Dali….

    What’s next? Assad crimes combined with the silence of the west is akin to Hitler’s crime and the silence of the west. Never again was a slogan translated to over and over again. Hypocrisy and brazen double-standards has become characteristic of western powers.


  101. Hatem Nour Zahra, known as (al-Rajul al-Bakhakh) the 23 year old graffiti artist was killed by Assad goons. The late Hatem drove the shabeeha crazy for 14 long months. He was a free man that inspired many.

    May God bless his soul and may he rest in peace. Our prayers are with his family and friends.


  102. Dear 7ee6anis
    It has been a very hectic month since I made the last post. I have been exceptionally busy and I will continue to be so, but I should now have some time to do a better job following up and writing new posts. I have also asked a couple of friends to write posts on issues that are of importance and I hope that these will be forthcoming but I have no control over the timing.

    There is so much to talk about. But I must again thank you all, and especially N.Z. who has been holding 7ee6an with news and comments. Thank you N.Z.

    I have heard some horrific stories about what happened in HOMS. The thugs are now in full swing mode demanding money or they will attack certain buildings. I have friends who had successful careers and who are now homeless and jobless not because of FSA but because of the criminal Assad and his regime.


  103. MGB, if you are still looking for reliable software to capture video on live stream, I recommend Atube Catcher

    It does a lot of things (too many!) but has a brilliant Screen Recorder for instantly recording fun and educational things like Belarus/DPRK/Ministry of Truth/Dunya broadcasts. It is freeware, clean and safe, and under constant rebuild to keep up with the Joneses. Note that it does require three other things to be installed for full recorder functionality (DirectX, Windows Media Player, Flash ActiveX, all made clear on the page above).

    In other news, OTW, thanks for reposting my Syria Comment note in regard to Sharmine Narwani. As the edge between editorial and reportage becomes a rhetorical swamp, I return, in my mind, to what journalism as a profession is supposed to be (in a perfect world). As with an historian, or any other researcher of integrity, strict ethics must trump pitiful wishful thinking and cognitive biases. It is a struggle, and one that some do not even attempt. Those that pretend earn my contempt.

    Sadly, the partisan non-journalists (of whom Sharmine is just one not-particularly-signal exemplar) will continue to seethe, posture and trumpet, continue to peddle slack and incurious analyses — and in their laziness and abdication, fully serve the interests of the Echo Chamber. Diversion, denial, obfuscation, misdirection … and survival of the regimist narrative.

    The end of the dictatorship will be a hard blow to people who can see only Black and White, and to the morally colour-blind, and to the zombies produced by Baathi ‘education.’ For those hypocrites and stooges who live happily in the West (most often under a NATO umbrella) while cursing its oppressions and denying the atrocities of Assadism … my shoe, and a residual bit of empathy. It cannot be easy to be so fully immersed in a false and horrifying fairy-tale (O Resistance, O Glorious Syria, Beacon of Anti-Imperialism).

    I still owe OTW a story on my nagging Syrian obsession, the Penal Code, and hope he forgives my fitful promises. To my mind all the elections and all the ‘dialogue’ and all the huffing and puffing will amount to nothing without reform of the code. Every evil of Baathi authoritarianism and unaccountability is deeply embedded in law. Lest I be accused of “injuring the dignity of the State” I will say no more ….

    Kudos to OTW and the gang for keeping this precious corner open. I relish the arguments here, the passion, the seeking after truth, the hard and painful struggle to obtain it.

    Aboud, Aboud, wherefore art thou?


  104. OTW you are right about Homs. They are also using this tactic throughout Syria. The funds are drying up for the Shabiha and the Assadists are encouraging them to obviously plunder. After all they have to make a living. That is what I heard one captured Shabih say.

    This tactic will slowly and surely creep more and more into Damascus and Halab.

    As for the supposed internal Pacifist opposition, isn’t it obvious now that shelling has nothing to do with the FSA ? They use drones provided by Iran find demonstrations and shell districts. People meet the UN they shell districts. In fact they shell districts to force the FSA to respond when the UN is around.

    They bomb districts, release the so called fateh al Islam ( remember the Hariri incident and the so called Qaida claim ) when the UN is around and randomly shoot and attack civilians because of demonstrations

    Yeah it is the fault of the FSA ! The regime is there to create violence.

    Anyway, the defections are occurring everywhere with one spectacular operation in Lattakia. When the regime says that it successfully repelled a sea bound invasion lol know that something has gone wrong.


  105. Jarthouma, do you think Massoud Barzani, plus the anti-Iranian Iraqi politicians like Iyad Allawi and Saleh Mutlaq are going to support the Uprising ?

    Why hasn;t the Iraqi Opposition yet made any statement supporting the Uprisisng, when Nouri al Maliki has already declared he supports Bashar ?

    There have been a few demonstrations and protests supporting the Uprising, especially in Fallujah and Ramadi, but that has been it, Iraqi opposition politicians have not moblized in the same way as their Lebanse counterparts have.

    Also I am really saddened at the way the Jordanian tribes are cold-shouldering the refugees from Daraa. These people are traitors, they could-shouldrered the Palestinians and now they’re doing the same to the Hourani refugees.


  106. Remembering Hama.

    Zajal for Dignity, Freedom and Unity. The antithesis of Assad’s regime.


  107. Hello dear friends,

    In Brussels we have weekly demos and they are well attended and very lively.

    Could you please sign the petition for Ali Othman from Bab Amr

    The journalist Ali Mahmoud Othman was born in 1978. He worked as a vegetable-seller prior to the revolution. Ali joined the revolution from the start, he protested and then joined the media side which included filming protests and the events taking place.

    Some of the strongest clips Ali took with his camera, was actually the first video of the shelling – he speaks saying “Baba Amr is being shelled … Where are you oh Arabs!”

    His life was at risk twice as he was present both times the Baba Amr media centre got shelled.

    The first time the Baba Amr media office was shelled: Ali Othman is present and speaks clearly saying “turn off the live stream, they have found out where we are”

    Ali Othman was involved in helping the injuries and carrying them to safety during the attack on the Baba Amr media office:

    The second time the Baba Amr media office was shelled: This was the attack that led to the twi journalists Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik being killed and others including the British journalist Paul Conroy, Edith Bouvier, William Daniels and Javier Espinosa being saved as well as activists. Ali subjected his life to risk as he went in to film and save the injured. He filmed this clip minutes after the attack:

    A clip showing Ali Othman bravely speaking to the Turkish RT channel regarding the devastating situation of Baba Amr


  108. from Twitter:

    الممــانعــة:هي منع الشعب من نيل حريته
    الصـــمود:هو الصمودعلى كـــرسي الحــكم ياجـــبل مايهزك ريـــح

    Thought will share, the definitions are befitting the Baathist slogans


  109. Apparently, the head of air force intelligence was killed in the blasts in Idleb along with many others. People on the ground are estimating the death toll at a lot more than 8 (regime figures) or 20 (opposition figures). So far, I have heard of at least two family members of mine who lost their homes to the blasts. My grandparents’ house lost most of its windows and it is nowhere near the blasts sites. But then again, Idleb is a rather small city.


  110. Dear Sheila,

    Let us pray for the safety of all.

    What do you mean by “the death toll a lot more than 8 (regime figures) or 20 (opposition figures)? Are these defected personnel or regime figures? And who is the head of air force intelligence? You are worried as we all are, no doubt, if you have a moment for some clarifications. Thanks


  111. Dear N. Z.,
    According to, the head of the air force intelligence that was killed is Ali Yousef. The cars used in the blasts belonged to the department of health and the fire department in Idleb.
    According to the regime, the death toll is 8 (on Sana). According to the opposition, the death toll is 20 (on AlJazeera). According to a relative of mine, who is on the scene, the death toll is over 100. I think the real number lies in the middle. Watching all the destruction and considering that it happened at 7:00 in the morning, when most people would still be at home, it is hard to believe that only 8 people died.


  112. Thanks Sheila. Just finished listening to al-Arabiya.

    Fares al-Shoufi, opposition member said on Al Arabiya TV, “after hundreds of bombings the regime did not bother to form an investigation team. Obviously, the bombing are the work of the regime.”

    But more puzzling, 14 months later, I cannot but wonder, how can a mad man be left on the loose killing his people. He is a supporter of two organizations, Hizbullah and Hamas, and he is part of the axis of evil. What has changed? Assad or Hizbullah and Hamas. As far as I am concerned, the three still exists.

    Moral bankruptcy + Double talks = Zero credibility.


  113. من يبرر قتل شعب يقتل الإنسان الذي فيه

    حين يدخل نظام حكم دبابات الى مدنه، ويقصف الأحياء السكنية، فإن الموقف الغريزي المتوقع من كل من يقف مع مقاومة الظلم، بما فيها مقاومة الاحتلال، هو التضامن مع الشعب ضد النظام. لا نقاش في ذلك من منظور اي صاحب موقف اخلافي.

    ثمة عطب أخلاقي حقيقي عند من يجد نفسه يثرثر حول المؤامرة وهو يبرر وقوفه مع نظام يقتل شعبه بالآلاف (أو بلغة علم السياسة “يجد نفسه مضطرا لقتل شعبه بالآلاف لكي يواصل الحكم، لأن شعبه يرفضه). كان يمكنه أن يبرر وقوفه مع هذا النظام (كوجهة نظر) في صراعاته ضد الإملاءات الأميركية في المنطقة وفي دعم المقاومة، حين كان النظام مستبدا وحين لم تكن ثورة شعبية قد نشبت. هذا إذا كان يعرف فعلا طبيعة النظام ولا يؤيدها ولكن إسرائيل محتلة أراضيه وهنالك مقاومة ضد إسرائيل وأميرما، ولديه نضالاته ومعاركه ضد الظالمين في بلده وهو لا يريد أن يقوم مقام الشعب السوري. أما الهجوم على ضحايا النظام باعتبارهم متآمرين، وتبرير جرائم النظام فهذا مرفوض حتى في الماضي، قبل ان يثور الشعب ايضا.

    إذ وقف الإنسان الى جانب النظام ضد شعبه (وليس ضد أميركا أو ضد إسرائيل)، فمن الواضح انه لم يكن فعلا مع المقاومة بدوافع أخلاقية، بل بدوافع أخرى لا علاقة لها بالمقاومة، أو أنه كان معها باعتبارها كائنا ميتافيزقيا غير حقيقي(في حالة الموقف المتعصب) . فالمقاومة تعني الحق في مقاومة الظلم. ولا يمكن ان يتخذ إنسان موقفا مع فلسطين ضد احتلالها وأن يبرر قتل شعب آخر. من يتخذ مثل هذا الموقف ليس مع فلسطين الحقيقية، ولا مع الفسطينيين العينيين، الذي يعانون تحت الاحتلال وفي الشتات، والذين نكبوا أيضا في تل الزعتر وحرب المخيمات وصبرا وشاتيلا ( التي يوزع أحد ابطالها اليوم شهادات في العمالة والوطنية وهو يقف الى جانب النظام السوري).

    ومن الواضح ان النوع الأخير الذي يقف في صف الدبابات ما زال اسيرا لنفس العقلية البلشفية الفاشية التي كانت تبرر الابادات الجماعية التي قام بها ستالين ضد هدف اسمى. ليتبين ان هذا الهدف الأسمى كان قد تقزّم في الواقع الى نظام قمعي فاسد ظالم اقل من متوسط في كل شيء، وأنه داس على كل ما هو سام وغير سام في النفس الإنسانية. من يدافع عن القتل والابادة يفقد نفسه، يقتل كل ما هو إنساني فيها، ويشوه نفسه الطريق.

    وهنالك أخيرا فئة قليلة ولا تستحق الاهتمام، وقفت ضد النظا م السوري في قضية المقاومة بالذات، ووقفت ضد حزب الله حين كان يقاوم، واتهمت كل من تضامن معهما في حينه، على الرغم من المجازفة التي كانت في ذلك. ولكنها تقف مع النظام السوري الآن بالذات وهو يذبح شعبه، وهي تفعل ذلك بنبرة تحريضية . هل يوجد مثل هؤلاء؟ نعم. كائن غريب فعلا ولكنه موجود ومدفوع بالأحقاد الشخصية والطائفية وغير من الدوافع الدنيئة على أنواعها.

    عزمي بشارة


  114. An informal talk with Rana Kabbani, @ Cafe Diplo (2012)

    She is a Syrian writer and broadcaster, contributor to the Guardian, as well author “Imperial Fictions’ and Letter to Christendom”. She coined the term “pen Shabihha” I will take the liberty in saying, probably, because of and not in spite of, Patrick Seale, known as the official writer of the house of Assad in the past two centuries. She is the niece of the famous Syrian poet, Nizar Kabbani, and was married to both, the great Palestinian poet, Mahmood Darwish and to Patrick Seale.

    You will very much enjoy listening to Rana a Damascene lady, who grew up in Damascus in a Bourgoisie family, studied in the U.S and …. lives in the UK, moved to France in protest..

    This is a three part talk on you tube, hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. She describes the city that she and her ancestor grew up, politicaaly, socially….
    38:47 duration


  115. برنامج لقاء مع رنا قباني

    Rana Kabbani talks about her uncle, Nizar Kabbani, in colloquial Arabic, with a distinct Damascene dialect.


  116. Breaking News!

    Guess what? Syrian Alawite protest crowd chants sound just like rest of rev protest chants:”allahu akbar” & damn hafez;”& “with you Homs”

    Syrian Alawite heartland village loses young man under torture by asaad regime;protest erupts at funeral:

    المتراس- صافيتا:تشييع الشيخ حسين عبدالكريم عزوجنديا في الفرقه الرابعه استشهد لرفضه اطلاق النار على المدنيين ‎

    From Twitter: Mohja Kahf


  117. Who is العم Abu William‬‏? And why they want to name next Friday العم Abu William?

    العم Abu William represents everything Syria was and everything Syria is, 43 years of systematic destruction of Syrians and Syria have failed!

    Thanks to @THE_47th on Twitter who highlighted the story of uncle العم Abu William.

    Meet العم Abu William : his home was destroyed but refuses to leave, he is embarrassed from the utmost kindness the FSA are offering him, he repeats, they are nice young men, too nice..very kind. Just a reminder, this is Homs and not occupied Palestine.


  118. Just a reminder, this is Homs and not occupied Palestine.


    What does “occupied Palestine” have to do with what is going on in Syria?

    Notice, most arabs living in “occupied Palestine” don’t live in bombed-out apartment complexes. Rather, most live in single family homes like the ones in these pictures from Nazareth, Umm -al-fahm, Baqa-Jatt, etc


  119. Ya N.Z. I listened to the informal talk with Rana Kabbani, @ Cafe Diplo (2012); great history. Thank you so much.


  120. Hi Annie,

    I can do the translation (well, a good clean up of a GT job) into English, but unfortunately it must wait until Saturday, if that’s not too late for you. I’ve already looked at the GT result and it does need a bit of work before it can be a true verbatim translation.

    Let me know.


  121. that would be wonderful dear MGB; I would have skipped the list of the shouhada in the beginning but it might be politically important. Saturday is excellent. Thank you much. My mail


  122. “They Burned My Heart”

    A Syrian expression, yes. Do we really know what it means when a mother says it?

    However, as this report documents, even while Syrian officials were negotiating the peace plan and President Assad was declaring his support for Annan’s efforts, the army continued its military assault on Idlib governorate.

    Human Rights Watch Report, 38-page report, “‘They Burned My Heart’: War Crimes in Northern Idlib during Peace Plan Negotiations,” documents dozens of extrajudicial executions, killings of civilians, and destruction of civilian property that qualify as war crimes, as well as arbitrary detention and torture. The report is based on a field investigation conducted by Human Rights Watch in the towns of Taftanaz, Saraqeb, Sarmeen, Kelly, and Hazano in Idlib governorate in late April.

    Page 1 of 11

    “They Burned My Heart”
    War Crimes in Northern Idlib during Peace Plan Negotiations
    Map of Idlib Governorate
    I. Chronology of Events
    II. Summary and Extrajudicial Executions
    Execution of Three Brothers, Hajj Hussein Family, Sarmeen, March 23
    Execution of Mohammed Saleh Shamrukh, Saraqeb, March 25
    Execution of 15-year-old Uday Mohammed al-Omar and his uncle, 21-year-old Saeed Mustafa Barish, Saraqeb, March 26
    Execution of 19 Men and Boys, Ghazal Family, Taftanaz, April 3
    Execution of 65-year old Ahmed Jafar, 75-year-old Awad Abd al-Kader, and 36-year-old Iyad Ghoneim, Taftanaz, April 4
    Execution of Two Brothers, Place and Date Withheld
    III. Other Unlawful Killings of Civilians
    IV. Burning and Destruction of Houses and Other Property
    V. Arbitrary Detention, Torture, and Enforced Disappearances
    VI. Applicability of International Humanitarian Law
    To the UN Security Council
    To All Countries
    To the Arab League
    To Russia and China
    To the Syrian Government

    A mother in the town of Sarmeen described how her three sons were taken from the family home early in the morning on March 23 by seven soldiers from the 4th Brigade of the Syrian army. An hour later a neighbor raised the alarm that the security forces had started a fire nearby.


  123. Nine young students from Aleppo University were killed by Assad forces as they stormed the learning sanctuary in Aleppo.

    How can we stop this madness in Syria? How many more Syrians are we willing to sacrifice in the name of “Assad forever”? We must come together and stop this madman and his mafia.

    For the past 14 months, we are witnessing a clear correlation between growing number of activists and growing number of death and destruction. It is just a matter of time, Summer holidays are less than a month away. Does “forever” think that he is going to have control over the youth, a month from now?

    He is, was and forever will remain the most foolish murderer the world has ever seen. Let alone his followers, do they really think that he can survive?

    I pity those who live a home away from home, and are still claiming that the picture back home is blurry.

    Mamma mia, their are really some people “you see them looking, yet they do not see.”


  124. Mr. Ali Othman, a 23 year old Syrian from Baba Amr on Syrian assadist tabloid TV confessing their fabricated lies. Otherwise…. may God have mercy on him. After the fabricated confession, a “she” interviews a “he”, “he” is the one who interviewed the noble young man. This is how the conversation goes, I caught only this part.

    With a straight face “he” begin his talk:

    سلمية in Arabic is a code, revolutionists used, you begin from the last letter, The T, stands for Tunisia, this is where the revolution started, ي Y, Yemen started before M Misr, if you remember, he said, then M Misr, L Libya and lastly S Syria! Voila! Decoded by the Baath genius’, “she” grinned!


  125. Dear OTW,

    Apparently, the decoding of سلمية is a couple month old. I was shocked, still shocked to hear such kind of insults to human intelligence, in this day and age. Was this truly aired on Syrian TV? I heard it today via Live Syria TV Online. Despicable! Or, is it a hoax? Please clarify. Thanks.


  126. I am 81; I have dedicated my life to advancing democracy, constitutional principles and an independent judiciary in my country. I have been arrested on many occasions for having resisted the dynastic family rule of the Assads. I hope this awful period of Syria’s history will end with the demise of this murderous regime, and I call on the international community to do more to bring that about.,0,3627399.story


  127. From Idlib, Syria. بنّــش – جمعة اخلاصنا خلاصنا . I can only hope that the weak at heart will learn what the word “sincere” true meaning is, by just watching .We can all learn from them. They will not give up, their sincere intentions towards freedom will set them free.


  128. Hi Annie

    Just sent off the translation by email.

    The videos you posted don’t just make one get sick, they are outrageous enough to easily turn a peaceful person into one hell bent on revenge. It was my misfortune to glance at the videos before going to bed last night and I won’t mention the sort of dreams I had…needless to say they were not peaceful ones, nor filled with love for my fellow men. One thing is for sure, anyone who inflicts that kind of treatment on a captive, helpless person is nothing but a coward who will turn into a pleading whining creature when caught himself.


    Thanks for keeping this blog going with your contributions يعطيك العافية أخي


  129. Dear mgb, Just received the translation. Thank you very very much. I’ll give it a closer look.
    The videos, I could not watch them more than a few seconds. Such utter cruelty and contempt are unbearable.
    Yes N.Z., (and of course our own OTW are priceless.
    We have our weekly meet at the Bourse in Brussels to morrow.
    I cannot believe the energy of those youngsters; two full hours of chanting our slogans.
    Of course, we think of the ones in the field giving up their lives and their freedom. In comparison, we do so little.


  130. The Pharaoh, as the tyrant, is a powerful narrative that human beings must remember.

    It is a narrative of an obstinate tyrant who refuses to relinquish power. His misguided choices brought destruction on the people and the land. Pharaoh, was salvaged from the sea as a sign and a warning for TYRANTS & NATIONS, alike.

    ‘Today We will save your body so that you will be a Sign to whomever comes after you! For verily many people are heedless of Our Signs’” (10:90–92).

    How will Assad, the tyrant, grand finale looks like? A la Sharon , or a la Qaddafi , or a la Saddam? Someone was hoping that Assad will end up like Sharon..

    I hope and pray, that the people in Syria will wake up tomorrow without the Assadist mafia. Amen!


  131. جمال باشا السفاح سمي بالسفاح بسبب اعدامه ١٦سوري، بشار شو وضعو؟؟؟؟

    الجيش والأمن السوري لايكتفي بالقتل فقط بل يتلذذ بالتعذيب والتشويه قبل وبعد القتل ويأخذ الصور متفاخرا ! ماهي تركيبة هؤلاء المخلوقات ؟

    From Twitter


  132. An excellent and timely article about French Elections and the re-emergence of effective left in France (and probably Europe) by Salam Al-Kawakibi (in arabic). The analysis is spot on in identifying also the emergence of “populism” both on the left and the far right. Worthy reading.

    انتخابــات الإليزيـه ومستقبل فرنســا

    فمن جهته، حاول اليمين التقليدي مجاراة التوجه العنصري المتجذّر لدى بعض أفراد الطبقة العليا، والمتنامي لدى الطبقتين الوسطى والدنيا نتيجة سوء الإدارة السياسية والأمنية والتربوية لملف الهجرة واندماج الأجانب منذ سنوات. إضافة إلى أن هذا اليمين، الحاكم منذ سنوات، استغل مسألة الأمان والأمن في المجتمع بصورة متميّزة ووضعها في إطار أولوياته مما داعب مشاعر كثير ممن لديهم ضعفٌ في التحليل وتسطيح في المعالجة. وساهمت بعض العمليات الإرهابية وتسليط الإعلام على معالجتها في رفع أسهم هذا الخطاب الذي طالما تعزّز في محيط الفترات الانتخابية في أوروبا عموماً وفي فرنسا خصوصاً.

    أما ائتلاف اليسار، فقد طرح خطاباً ملفتاً في عمقه التحليلي للأزمات التي يمر بها المجتمع الفرنسي في أبعادها المختلفة ولكنه أضاف إلى هذه المعالجة، شعبوية توجهت بلغة مبسّطة ومباشرة إلى الطبقات الوسطى والدنيا التي عانت ما عانته من الحكم اليميني. وشعبويته لم تعتمد على التخويف والترهيب من خطر خارجي كما فعل اليمين التقليدي، ولا هي ارتبطت بخطاب سياسي حالم لطالما لجأ إليه التقليديون من اليمين واليسار لكسب تعاطف المترددين، بل تميّزت هذه الشعبوية بشخص ممثّله ومرشحه الرئاسي ”ملانشون” الذي صاحبته كاريزما فعّالة وجعلت منه نجم وسائل الإعلام التي تعامل معها بطريقة ربما ”تستحقها” وصلت إلى حد ”الوقاحة” التي قربته من مشاعر الكثيرين الذين ما فتئوا يعتقدون بتقهقر المهنية الصحفية وبتوجه ممارسي هذه المهنة إلى الكثير من المحاباة أو المعاداة مبتعدين عن الموضوعية المشتهاة. شعبويته إذا جاءت محببة ولم تستند إلى الرقص على أنغام الخوف والتخويف، ولا هي اعتمدت على كسب ناخبين من الاتجاه المختلف وابتعدت عن الحسابات الرقمية، وركّزت بالتالي على من هم يساريون فعلاً ويبحثون عن تعبير فعّال لبرنامج اليسار الذي طالما تغنّى به البعض ونفّذوا برنامجاً يمينيا بامتياز.

    وفي إطار مختلف ومناقض تماماً، برز إعلامياً حزب الجبهة الوطنية ممثلاً بمرشحته مارين لوبين، التي أعادت انتاج خطاب الكراهية والتمييز والاسلاموفوبيا الذي ورثته عن والدها ولكنها استعملت في ذلك قفازات مخملية جعلتها أكثر قبولاً ممن يمكن تصنيفهم بحزب ”أنا لست عنصري، ولكن..” وأعضاؤه كثر. وبشعبوية قريبة من الفاشية السياسية، ترجمت لوبين، قناعاتها وقناعات والدها في برامج انتخابية حملت الكثير من الوهم الاقتصادي والانعزالية الإقليمية ومعاداة الأجانب بصيغٍ مختلفة. وقد شاركها في التقدم في استطلاعات الرأي، وضوح محاولة اليمين التقليدي العزف على أوتار قيثارتها ولجوء اليسار التقليدي إلى الهروب من الإجابة عن الأسئلة المزعجة، وأخيراً، ممارسات موتورة وغير سياسية من قبل من يعادي معاداتها للأجانب.

    أما اليسار التقليدي، فلم يقدم حلولاً بل وعوداً، ولم يفتح الملفات المعقدة، بل تجاوزها بتؤدة واضعاً احتمالات عديدة لمعالجتها، ولم يعتمد على كاريزما مرشحه بل على آلة انتخابية تمرّست في الهزائم حتى أصبحت محترفة ومتمكنة، واستند أكثر ما استند على الإحباط السائد من سياسات ساركوزية اقتصادية واجتماعية إضافة إلى شخصية الرئيس الآيل للمغادرة التي ضايقت الكثيرين في الأقوال وفي الممارسات. وقد حاول فرنسوا هولاند، رئيس الجمهورية الفرنسية المحتمل، بأن يعرض برامج اقتصادية مطمئنة بعيداً عن الأوهام مشدداً على صعوبة إدارة الإرث اقتصاديا واجتماعياً، دون اللجوء إلى الترهيب.

    …….. More ……


  133. Sarkozy accepted defeat in French election. How dare he? He was the elected president, some loved him others hated him, yet he will exit accepting his peoples’ choice. France will go on without bloodletting.

    Why in our part of the world, dictators are “forever”. All these leaders will suffer psychologically from depression and loss of power, regardless, they leave. They are there to serve and build their respective nations, they are ordinary citizen not idols.

    82% of France voted. 52% voted for Francois Hollande, 48% voted for srakozy. They call it a clear victory.

    In Syria the overwhelming majority do not want Assad. Excuses invented, hurdles invented, and status quo encouraged by the greedy.


  134. the “effective” left lol. effective at bankrupting the country. Nothing unique about the French not learning from history. This is typical of people that refuse, or are too lazy, to engage reason. Europe will me a mess for a very long time.


  135. Sarkozy: “I take all responsibility for failure”

    ASSad: “mistakes* were made..if you wanted it a war, we are ready for confrontation ahlan wa sahlan, hehaha.”

    * murdering 14,000 of my people, torturing over 200,000 of my people, destroying homes and sometimes whole suburbs. over 70,000 missing


  136. Parliamentary elections in Syria? Is this a joke? Today 22 Syrians lost their lives because they want to put an end to this puppetry, criminal family.

    I wholeheartedly wish Anissa Makhlouf’s heart will burn as her husband and sons burned the hearts of thousands of mothers in Syria and Lebanon. I wish Asama Akhras the same fate, I am not evil they are. No less culprits are those mothers who have the means to stop this monstrous and violent family, but choose to do nothing. Humanity is calling you, anyone?


  137. Good news!

    The two Turkish journalist, who were feared dead after being missing for nearly two months in Syria appeared in a video released by a Turkish charity organization negotiating for their release.

    Adem Ozkose and Hamit Coskun smile, shake hands and hug Bulent Yildirim, the leader of the Humanitarian Relief Foundation

    They were last heard from on March 9 as they were traveling through Syria’s troubled Idlib province on their way back to Turkey, said Ozkose’s father, Mustafa, in a telephone interview with CNN.


  138. علي فرزات لـ آكي: الثورة السورية ستنتصر لأنها رد اعتبار للقيم الانسانية

    روما (7 أيار/مايو) وكالة (آكي) الإيطالية للأنباء
    اعتبر فنان الكاريكاتير السوري العالمي علي فرزات أن “الثورة السورية، اجتماعية في جوهرها وليست

    سياسية فقط، فهي تجسد ابداعات الحضارة منذ فجر الانسانية والتي أنجبت أول أبجدية في التاريخ” حسب تعبيره

    وأوضح فرزات الحائز بالمشاركة على جائزة ساخاروف لحرية الفكر، في مقابلة مع وكالة (آكي) الايطالية للأنباء أنه ترك سورية متوجهاً إلى الكويت لتلقي العلاج اثر اعتداء شنه مجهولون عليه في آب/أغسطس الماضي، مشيراً إلى أنه لم تتحقق أية اصلاحات حقيقية في سورية منذ بدء الحركة الاحتجاجية في آذار/مارس من العام الماضي، وأضاف ساخراً “لقد تم تدمير البيوت واجتياح المدن وعم الخراب، فيكفينا اصلاحات ونحن نود لها أن تتوقف”

    وشدد على انه حتى الآن “لم تنظم انتخابات ديمقراطية رئاسية ولا برلمانية حرة” في سورية وتساءل “أليست الاصلاحات تتمثل في حكومة منتخبة من الشعب ووفق اختياره؟ وهل تتمثل الاصلاحات في تغيير ديكور المنزل أو بعض من أثاثه؟ إن هذه التغييرات السطحية في منزل مهدم لا تصلح، والواجب بناء دار جديدة وعلى أسس صحيحة ومتينة” على حد قوله

    وحول دور الفنان، قال علي فرزات أنه “جزء من الشعب ومن الشارع وليس صوت للسلطة ولا للنظام” و “انا منذ أكثر من خمسة عشر عاماً أقوم برصد الخروقات المجتمعية والأمنية وما الى ذلك” وأضاف “إن دور الفنان يكمن في القاء الضوء على المساحات المظلمة التي يتجلى فيها الفساد والتخلف، إلا أن أحداً لم يكن يستجيب لما كنت أطرحه إلى أن تراكمت العناصر وأدت إلى تفجر الثورة التي نراها اليوم” حسب تعبيره

    وفي اشارة إلى سر نجاحه المحلي والعالمي، قال فرزات الحائز على جائزة حرية الصحافة العام الماضي من منظمة مراسلون بلا حدود “رسمت شرائح اجتماعية متعددة، وكل واحدة كانت ترمز إلى فئة اجتماعية بعينها، اذ أن هناك العسكري ثم المواطن البسيط، والموظف، وكل له شكل خاص به” و “قد بدأت بهذا الأسلوب الذي زاد مع الوقت عمقاً مما جعل بيني وبين الناس لغة فنية تشبه الشيفرة، اعتاد عليها المتلقي مع الوقت وبدأ يستمتع بها ويتشوق لمتابعتها” على حد قوله

    ورأى رسام الكاريكاتور السوري الحائز على جائزة الأمير كلاوس الهولندية في عام ألفين وثلاثة، أن الحركة الاحتجاجية في بلاده “لا ترتبط بشخص أو حزب أو منظمة، إنه حالة إنسانية تشبه الطبيعة فالشرائع الطبيعية والإنسانية واحدة، هناك شارع ينتفض وشجر منتفض، وسماء منتفضة وعصافير ثائرة” إنها “حالة غير منعزلة عن الحالة الكونية، إنها مرحلة جديدة في تاريخ العالم” وأضاف “سورية تردّ اعتبارها، حضارة سورية تبدو ملامحها في الأفق، هناك إرادتان هما الأقوى : إرادة الله وإرادة الشعب، ويجب الخضوع لهما، إنّهما القدر، أو هما تجلّي هذا القدر” مؤكداً أن “الثورة السورية ستنتصر بلا أدنى شك، لأنها حالة من رد الاعتبار للقيم الانسانية” حسب تعبيره

    ولد علي فرزات في مدينة حماة بوسط سورية في عام واحد وخمسين وتسعمائة وألف، وقد نشرت رسوماته في عدد كبير من الصحف العربية والاجنبية، كما أدار في عام ألفين وواحد أول صحيفة ساخرة مستقلة (الدومري) في بلاده منذ عام ثلاثة وستين وتسعمائة وألف، لكن ما لبثت الحكومة السورية أن أمرت بإغلاقها


  139. @Khalid . The economic situation is difficult but there is change in the air and in style and it is important. Have you noticed the difference between the Sarko crowds and the Hollande ones ? Sarko’s was all white, all brandishing the French flag and rather bougie whereas Hollande’s was multiracial and multiflags (including the Syrian one) much more representative of the present French society.
    Good luck Sarko in your new life; so happy you are gone. Good luck to France and wishing Syria had one day elections like these.


  140. This is the story of Muhammad and Nada, they belong to the Syrian sect. A sect that Assad worked so hard, together with his family, to destroy. They’ve failed.


  141. The day before yesterday, in coordination with the humanitarian relief of Syria, Malek Jandali arrived to the Austrian capital Vienna. He performed at the «Vienna Concert House», under the auspices of the Austrian President Fischer Heinz, the full proceeds going to Syrians refugees inside and outside the country.

    A civilized president embraces, even, foreign artists. While a thuggish so called “leader” humiliates local artists and their affiliates -in the case of Jandali his parents were beaten.

    The contrast is breathtaking.


  142. Finally!

    International aid convoy arrived in Syria amid attacks. Syrians, from Homs, thanks the International community for their speedy help.


  143. MGB,

    Thanks for posting.

    Yes, we heard of the “Second Gaza Wall”, as the interviewed rightly names it. The Beast regime in Damascus treats all Syrians in the same barbarism the regime in occupied Palestine treats the Palestinians.

    “The capacity to commit the atrocities associated with the Nazi holocaust is within us all.”

    Condemning oppression and domination cannot be selective. Either we condemn it in every instance or we lose the morality to condemn it any other time.


  144. Is the world inaction towards the Syrian community a deliberate one?

    Are they betting on a sectarian civil war? Are they interested in dividing Syria? That is why they want to give it a chance? They want the regime to try harder? Perhaps it will materialize?

    A word here and a word there will not end a dictatorial regime. Forceful language will. A puppet on strings.

    Does America, wilfully wants to concede power to China, India and Russia? Or there is something bigger getting cooked at the expense of Syrian blood?

    I want them to rest assure, it will never become a sectarian war. We are humans before being Syrians or sect affiliated. This new invention is yours to keep. Will you ever comprehend that we are equals in our humanity but with a far more brighter history than yours?! Will you?


  145. “The capacity to commit the atrocities associated with the Nazi holocaust is within us all.”

    the capacity to ignore or evade the role of ideas (ideology) and the role of philosophy in shaping a society and its culture is what leads to atrocities like the holocaust and many others.


  146. @anniebannie

    You’re focusing on non-essentials here. The fact that their skin pigmentation has changed to some other color besides white and that their racial backgrounds are more varied doesn’t negate the bad philosophy that French society adheres to and the bad ideas that they advocate for and support. Mr. Hollande won in part because he stressed a “growth” agenda over “austerity.” Growth means increased borrowing in the stale keynesian style to temporarily juice up GDP by incentivizing economic activity, any economic activity (such as outright consumption or even malinvestment) and “austerity” as it has come to be means combining cutting some spending plus increasing taxes. All that has happened is that they’ve shown themselves to be idiots (albeit not as big as the Greeks) who have not learnt anything from history; the main difference is: they’re not white

    It’s a damn shame considering that they once were champions of Laissez-Faire


  147. “Khalid, I think you are on the same page with the author? Agree.”

    Oh I didn’t read what the author said, I just spotted that line you quoted and thought I should perhaps expand on it a bit more. The power of ideas tell you how men think


  148. سعيد اسحق: المسيحي الذي كان ليوم..رئيس سوريا

    قد نجهل تاريخ بلادنا .؟ قد لا نعرف إلا قليل القيل عن الأحداث السياسة التي مرت على بلادنا .؟ قد نجهل تاريخ رجال أشداء كتبوا مسيره حياتهم بالعرق والدم ليحيا الوطن عزيزا كريما .. قد نجهل واحدا من هؤلاء الرجال .. انه سعيد اسحق البرلماني ( السرياني ), ورئيس سوريا المسيحي
    المولد والنشأه:
    هو سعيد اسحق المقدسي تعود جذوره ( الى الأصول السريانية/ الاشورية)* إلى عشيرة تغلب، مواليد عام 1902 في مدينه ماردين، وهو(سرياني/آشوري)* مسيحي من طائفة ( السريان الارثوذكس )، تعلم في المرحلة الإعدادية القرآن الكريم , وأركان الإسلام ومبادئه , وأتقن اللغات التركية والكردية والعربية إضافة إلى لغته الأم السريانية , وتبحر في علوم الدين فكان ذو باع في الديانات السماوية الثلاث .. تنقل في العمل لكسب لقمه العيش في أماكن عده نتيجة الظروف السياسية التي كانت تعصف بالبلاد آنذاك .. إلى أن جاء عام 1928 حيث دخل مجال العمل السياسي حين انتخب رئيسا للمجلس البلدي في مدينه عامودا، ومن ثم رشح نفسه للمجلس النيابي عام 1932 ففاز بالنيابة عن مناطق الحسكة والقامشلي والدجلة، كما انتخب عضوا لمكتب المجلس النيابي ( أمينا للسر ) كما نجح في انتخابات عام 1936 عن منطقة الجزيرة , وأيضا كان عضوا في مجلس عام 1943 وفاز بمنصب المراقب حيث نال حينها 83 صوتا من اصل 120 مقترعا وذلك في آب من عام 1 943, وعام 1949 فاز عن قضاء القامشلي وانتخب بتاريخ 12 كانون الأول 1949 مراقبا للجمعية التأسيسية والتي تحولت إلى مجلس النواب وانتخب بتاريخ 1-10-1951 نائبا لرئيس مجلس النواب ,وكان أيضا نائبا لرئيس مجلس النواب في مجلس 1953 , وخرج من الساحة السياسية بعد مجلس عام 1953
    . كيف أصبح رئيسا للجمهورية:
    قدم حسن الحكيم رئيس وزراء سورية ( 9 آب 1951 – 28 تشرين الثاني 1951 ) استقالة حكومته إلى رئيس الجمهورية آنذاك هاشم الاتاسي نتيجة أزمة سياسية مع المجلس النيابي , الذي كان يرأسه ناظم القدسي ونائبه سعيد اسحق,فقام رئيس الجمهورية بمشاوراته مع الكتل البرلمانية لتكليف رئيسا للحكومة فاستقر الرأي على المرحوم معروف الدواليبي فشكل حكومته بتاريخ 28 تشرين الثاني عام 1951 ( استمرت هذه الحكومة أربعه أيام فقط أي لغاية 1 كانون الأول 1951). وفي هذ ا الصدد يقول كتاب( مذكرات النائب المجاهد سعيد اسحق) صادر عن دار آل سعيد قدم له عيسى فتوح : ( بما معناه ) ..لم يكن رئيس الحكومة الدواليبي على وفاق مع ضباط الجيش , فاجتمعوا برئاسة رئيس الأركان العقيد أديب الشيشكلي ورفضوا هذه الحكومة التي شكلها الدواليبي , وبعد منتصف الليل تم اعتقال رئيس المجلس النيابي ناظم القدسي و الوزراء ورشدي كيخيا زعيم حزب الشعب وعدد من النواب و أودعهم سجن المزه .. وبعد يومين قدم رئيس الجمهورية هاشم الاتاسي استقالته إلى سعيد اسحق النائب الأول لرئيس المجلس النيابي وذلك بتاريخ 2 كانون الأول من عام 1951 .. وتتابع مذكرات النائب اسحق القول : وهكذا وبموجب الدستور, وبما أنني أصبحت رئيسا للمجلس النيابي , بعد أن كنت نائبا أول للرئيس , وبما أن الدستور ينص أن يتولى رئيس المجلس النيابي رئاسة الجمهورية بالوكالة, فقد أصبحت مكلفا بتسيير أمور رئاسة الجمهورية إلى حين انتخاب رئيس جديد , ولكن بعد انتهاء الدوام الرسمي من يوم 19 كانون الأول سنة 1951اصدر الجيش البلاغ رقم ( 1) من الإذاعة السورية بتعطيل الدستور , وحل المجلس النيابي , وتعيين الزعيم فوزي سلو رئيسا للحكومة , ثم صدر مرسوم بتشكيل الوزارة , وانتهاء العمل بالدستور المعمول به في البلاد …. ) وهكذا نستطيع القول حسب مذكرات النائب سعيد اسحق التي أعدها وقدم لها عيسى فتوح, أن رئيس الجمهورية آنذاك المرحوم هاشم الاتاسي قدم استقالته, وبما ان رئيس المجلس النيابي المرحوم ناظم القدسي قيد الاعتقال, فقد تولى المرحوم سعيد اسحق النائب الأول لرئيس المجلس النيابي رئاسة الجمهورية السورية (بالوكالة) اعتبارا من 3 كانون الأول 1951 لحين إصدار العقيد أديب الشيشكلي رئيس الأركان ورئيس المجلس العسكري البلاغ رقم -1- بتاريخ 19 كانون الأول 1951 بتعطيل الدستور وحل المجلس النيابي , وتعيين الزعيم فوزي سلو رئيسا للحكومة … وبذلك يكون سعيد اسحق ( السرياني/الآشوري)* المسيحي من طائفة ( سريان أرثوذكس ) قد استلم رئاسة الجمهورية السورية لمدة سبعه عشر يوما

    Another article about Saeed 2s7aq:


  149. Annan’s plan is the only bet we have.

    Rather than criticizing it, they should push to make it work. How? The International community must push Assad to stick to his word. All of a sudden, he, looks like he is running the world stage. Is Syria’s dictator king of the jungle!

    One, cannot but wonder, what are the favours that the Syrian Despot, together with his father had done, to make the family indispensable?

    When Mr. Annan gives his summary to the UN, only then we will know how serious is this International community. If the despot is running the show, and whether or not the world stage is a jungle.

    Till then, the criminal is still on his killing rampage.


  150. In a closed meeting they, the thuggish regime, threatened the business community members in Damascus, not siding with them fully, meaning voicing their full support to Assad and thugs, will entail a complete destruction of Damascus.

    Canadian citizens, “Wind Mobile ” founder was threatened by Rami Makhlouf, if he does not comply fully with them, he will have his legs cut off. We are dealing with a mafia.

    This is how they deal with their immediate family, mafia style. We now that the worse is yet to come.

    To know that some are still supporting them, even slightly, is sickening.


  151. British Syrians & Friends in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution


    Dear members, the humanitarian situation in Syria is terrible. Many areas have been declared as disaster zones. Homes demolished, severe shortage of food & water, lack of basic necessities for infants, electricity cuts, the need for clothes, blankets as well as medicine & equipment for the injured.

    The demands are overwhelming. Syria is crying for help! Will you answer? Will you donate to the cause & help alleviate their suffering?

    We are recommending two UK based charities that you can donate to & promote; Human Care Foundation Worldwide & Syria Relief. Please remember that we are living a very privileged life in contrast to the horrors that have befallen the people of Syria. Humanity is calling one another to act & save lives. Even a little contribution can go a long way. A monthly standing order or a one-time donation. Everything will help.


    Human Care Foundation Worldwide (Charity no. 1145092) has been working on projects in Syria since 1998. Providing aid to orphans & widows as well as helping poor & non-privileged students. Their long standing experience & contacts in Syria make them ideal to send aid into the country. Established as one of the leading charities that are raising funds for Syria, HCFWW have adapted their aims & goals to cater for the crisis that has engulfed Syria. Many activities & events across the UK have been organised to spread awareness & raise funds for Syria, and there will be more to come.


    You may transfer money direct into the Donations Account:

    Inside UK Pound Sterling (£)
    HSBC Bank plc
    Sort Code: 40-04-06
    Account Number: 21619012

    Outside UK donations
    HSBC Bank plc
    IBAN No. GB40MIDL40040621619012
    Branch Identifier Code (UK SWIFT code): MIDLGB22

    Send cheques made payable to ‘Human Care Foundation Worldwide’ to: HCFWW, PO Box 123, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 0XF – Donate or create your own justgiving page


  152. After the deadliest attack in Syria, that took place under the watchful eyes of the murderous traitor, ASSad, he did not bother himself to come out and speak to Syrians.

    Where are his docile supporters, are they not enraged by his ignorance? Hundreds of dead and injured Syrians. Or they know his limitations and support him regardless “forever”.


  153. General Mood was the first to visit the sight of the explosions, he offered his condolences.

    Where are the Beast family after the deadliest attack? Not a word, like all serial killers, they are the biggest cowards. Busy preparing for the next?

    It is so sad to see innocent people loosing their lives because of a dictatorial regime. Really sad!


  154. N.Z. looks like we are the only survivors here
    This is a compendium of new subtitled videos from SyriaI received thru contresubversion

    New: 10- May -2012:

    Kindly share them with all the journalists, TV channels, newspapers and Human rights organizations to support the Syrian people in their demand for freedom.


    ترجمة فريق العمل

    Syrian4all team


    Mr ِAbu William is adamant to stay in his destroyed house in Homs, shelled by Syrian army 01/05/12

    01, May, 2012 Dara’a, surgery to one of the wounded with live bullets from Assad’s thugs

    08, May, 2012 Homs Al kusoor heavy shooting and shelling on the neighborhood

    +18 Homs – Al- Qusur : Finding unknown burnt body

    Homs –Al-Qusur: one-year kid among four bodies

    09, May, 2012 Serious injury of a speech- impaired child

    09, May, 2012 Homs Al kusoor shooting on the houses

    01, May, 2012 Al-Jajzeera Channel: impressive report by Majed Abdulhadi

    The activist Omar Al-Tilawi in one of the retreats in Homs .. A real suffering

    Homs- Khaldiya: Al-Arabiya channel camera in a makeshift hospital

    2nd, May, 2012 Activist Abdel Basit Saroot Injured by a Sniper

    Homs, Alqusayr, the UN observers in the company of Hadi Elabdullah and Dr Muhammed Elmuhammed

    contresubversion | mai 11, 2012 at 12:05 | Catégories: Uncategorized | URL:


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