A year on (by SYRIAN HAMSTER)

What has been accomplished in a year?

I would say a miracle on the civilian front, mild successes on the political and diplomatic front, and a setback on the military front if viewed. In all cases, successes and failures were the results of choices and decisions made by members of a fragmented society that has internalized a set of intersecting complex layers of myths and faulty images of itself and its surrounding after fifty years of intense propaganda and suppression by a most murderous regime equipped with the most evil instruments of murder, oppression, and propaganda.  It is now difficult to call the people who participate in regime activities human, for they have displayed levels of physical and mental brutalities unknown in recent human history.

We are all traumatized by the continuing murders of Syrians, as well as by the endless vulgarity of the regime’s propaganda and propagandists. We are also traumatized by the apparent ability of the regime to prevent the recurrence of the legendary scenes of Hama and Homs and by the obvious apathy of countries and world leaders to the rivers of Syrian bloods and caravans of martyr’s coffins as those carrying their friends and relatives’ coffins join them in death before the funerals reach their destinations.  Few amongst us who do not now have a relative who has spent time being tortured by this regime, or is currently  held for the offence of seeking dignity and exercising a minimum level of free choice. We are continuously assaulted mentally and verbally by a mindless machinery that keeps repeating the most vulgar words uttered “You want freedom?”.  We keep our heads high as we get bombarded with a barrage of endless and vile diatribes by the same bitterly sectarian people, who continue to support a terrorist regime, and dare to call us terrorists as they constantly try to wash this regime’s crimes with defunct claims of resistance and a completely obliterated claim to secularism, rationalism, and even humanity.

We are also very concerned, and perhaps are afraid that these sectarian thugs may succeed in implanting the evil seeds of sectarianism in our midst. It is their only defense against the wave of dignity that will wash them like the dirt they are.

Those who put their entire hope in the armed component of the revolution are traumatized after the massacres in Homs and Idleb and what seems to be a repeat of massacres in  Dier-Ezzor and Raqqa. Those who put their faith fully in the civilian arm of this revolution are also disappointed and traumatized by the lack of imagery of massive demonstrations. And those who have put faith in what seems then a viable political structure are as disappointed if not more by the failure of SNC and the lack of viable, principled leadership in tone with the streets.

So where do we stand.  We stand at the most important and natural juncture of a revolution unlike others confronting evil unlike others. All what has happened so far will soon result in breaking with “traditional” modes of thinking, and that is a good thing. Here is how I see it from my tree top.

On the civilian side, the regime’s brutality attempted to make civil protest almost impossible from day one. The regime dished all it can: cutting cities into pieces, assassination of civil protest leaders by snipers, torture of tens of thousands of detainees, machine guns blasting protesters en-mass, and intentionally vile and barbaric raids on neighborhoods and towns. And yet the Assad mafia failed in stamping out protest, which is increasing every day in geographic extent. Naturally, you would have those who shamelessly proclaim that the regime has used only 15% of its reliable army as they try to convince us that the fact that the regime is capable and willing to burn Syria for one person is a sufficient justification for us to return and join them as obedient animals in the stables they continue to enjoy living in cowardly accepting their drug of myths and conspiracy theories. The failure of the regime to stamp out civil protests so far shows that the regime’s strongest weapon in the end is useless, and the emphasis on this laughable claim is nothing more than a failed attempt at intimidating what seems to be an indomitable spirit of integrity many Syrians have found in themselves that defies the imagination of the pathetic, fear motivated, self enslaved weak and confuses the arrogance of those who cling to this historical abomination mafia-regime on any other ground.

On the military or armed front, the FSA has received a much needed lesson, and it remains to be seen if its leadership has understood the lesson. It now realizes, after painful experience that it is not out there to hold territory and that their primary responsibility is the protection of soldiers and officers who split from the regime’s army and in protecting, if possible, peaceful demonstrators and as a result, encouraging more people to defect. Granted, recent events may indicate that such lesson is yet to be fully grappled with, but even with the regime’s massacres, FSA continues to enjoy a level of trust and support, which now has become conditional as it should be. FSA now faces a critical shortage of weapons and ammunitions and the strategy of suffocating its resources may be partially successful, but that will force it to adapt to the reality of confronting a much better equipped sadist criminal opponent, who is more than willing to burn Syria for the demented harry-potter fan adolescent sitting in the president’s chair. For now evil outguns the good and the good has to have a change of paradigm and to rely on its far superior ethics to confront the evil of the regime as well as the potential evil of blind collective revenge the regime  has been desperately trying to incite with very anemic success.

To further expand on the last point, the regime continues to play its dirty card more aggressively than ever and more obviously than before, same as its representatives in cyber-space who now appear to be nothing more than followers of an intern as called by OTW. I am in agreement with Joshua Landis that the inner circle of the regime has been exposed as extremely sectarian. But I fully disagree with him that the revolution has to turn sectarian in order to confront this regime. Success of civil leaders (despite of the regime) in containing, but not eliminating the sectarian response to the massacres of Homs, and the ability of wise elders in the south to contain the regime’s dirty incitement between Dara’a and Souwaida continue to frustrate the criminal Assads and their cohorts. As a result, the number of disgruntled real intellectuals who hail from minority groups is increasing, and they are becoming more vocal first in condemning the regime and second in refusing sectarian labeling and guilt by association libels thrown at entire communities. I do not expect the pathetic advocates of the regime to be aware of or to be welcomed into such dialog since their primary sources of information are discredited hate spewing outfits like arabi-press and syriatruth and the pages of the demented Syrian electronic Army and a host of Iranian and russian semi-official sites along with a bought and sold Lebanese yellow journals, journalists, and political tails. The dialog I am talking about is occurring on face book pages, in gatherings and over dinner tables that bring the best of what Syria has to offer together to discuss issues that were taboos for long and to replace accusations by heated, yet honest and sincere dialog or more frankly, exactly the antithesis of what the regime propagandists have been doing in cyberspace, printed, and audiovisual media. The level of openness in addressing these issues is increasing, and painful as it is, dialog suppressed by the Assads, who have destroyed the foundation of the social fabric of all Syrian communities, is surfacing again. Hostility and recriminations are out in the open, counter points are debated, and intellectual alliances are forming across the globe between Syrians from all sects and ethnicities for the end, the results are positive in manners the narrow sectarians on either side will never be capable of understanding. Those whose sectarianism was hiding under a thin veneer of secular code-words have been exposed and are forced into the open. The honest ones, far more of them are on the revolution side than on the regime’s side are revisiting their paradigm, and the dishonest, scared ones, who are predominantly on the regime’s side, pathetic as they are, will only entrench in their mindset, as exemplified by some personalities we all have become familiar with.

These efforts will not necessarily result in avoiding low intensity sectarian flare ups here and there, or even massacres, but a consensus is building to counterweight the effects of such conflicts. The wide outlines of this consensus are necessarily anti-reactionary in the sense that these intellectuals are in agreement that the hyper-reactive meaningless arguments displayed by so many in the “we are not pro regime but against YOUR revolution” pretentious camp is to be avoided by all means since It has been exposed as a mask to hide sectarian attitude that permeates its holders to their core and put them squarely in the regime’s camp no matter how far they try t deny.

The ethical and human dimensions of this revolution, its foundation as a quest for dignity and freedom will always be threatened by the presence of a military wing. This is a clear and present danger that has been discussed very eloquently on 7ee6an especially by Zenobia. The trials and tribulations of Homs and other besieged and bombarded cities must be turned around into a reaffirmation of these ethical and human values. The real struggle inside Syria is between a regime striving with all its instruments of murder to maintain a malformed nation where ethics have been obliterated, where a fraudulent concept of citizenship and patriotism aims to maintain a single corrupt family and its servants for ever on the one side, and humanity, progress, and the opportunity to regain of Syria for Syrians, and of normalcy.

A wonderful Syrian I have the honor interacting with since the earliest days of our revolution wrote on his face book page:

The expansion of popular peaceful action into a new areas  of the homeland which are entering the revolution rather strongly, the return of peaceful protests into areas that have stopped for while under the relentless weight of the regime’s continuing oppression and murder during the first year of our revolution clearly demonstrate that that peaceful and civil action is the foundation of the revolution of dignity and freedom and that armed action, through the successive defection from the regime’s army and the joining of the Free Syrian Army is only complimentary to the popular revolution and not its leader. Whether the world interfered, or remained a spectator, or supported the murderous gang, that gang will undoubtedly fall.

I believe what he wrote is true.


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  1. Juergen

    I don’t know officially. All I knew of was basically a small group of nuns and fathers- in addition to and (I guess) connected with Paulo and – thus, Mar Musa, a house in Damascus and another shared house base in Homs. Also there is a farm like place (with a big recreational hall for the community and the meetings, little huts surround) called “Al Ard”.
    I went only once briefly to the house in Damascus- to sign up for the Messir (the major summer hiking trip led by Father Franz). Then I visited Al Ard once for an evening to meet Franz and see local youth and hikers – and we also met there for the start of Messir. But my understanding was that these Jesuits live and worked from these three places interchangeably. And I am not sure what the relationship is with Mar Musa – other than of course – Paolo is the link. Or…maybe it is all connected, I don’t know.

    I knew of the Messir – anyhow- similar to the work of Mar Musa was largely interfaith dialogue and communion- attempting to bring youth from all over Syrian to spend time together – hike together- and to dialogue about important issues of belonging and tolerance. It was all in Arabic- so I was playing catch up the whole time to figuring out what was going on- but it all became clear eventually -that this was not just about hiking, to say the least. It was very profound.
    What the larger Jesuit community does overall – I am not aware but I imagine it must be pretty noble and progressive.
    I have an email for father Franz if anybody wants it- but he speaks only little English – mostly he communicates in Arabic and Dutch. Although clearly Paolo is fluent in english, arabic, probably french and definitely Italian.

  2. Ps, if you want to know a lot about the fathers in Syria – Stephanie Saldana is the person to ask….

  3. Zenobia, many thanks. Yes to my knowledge the jesuits never have big groups, they really mingle with the folks and sometimes you feel that those men arent priests at all. I went once n a recreation weekend, and we talked more about philosophie and Nietzsche than about the church. I met father Paolo once, and i always wanted to return to Mar Mousa and spent some more time with them. God give that time will come soon.

  4. ““we are not pro regime but against YOUR revolution”

    Faisal Kassem, the Opposite Direction presenter on Aljazera, puts it like this:

    إذا كان بعض الطواغيت قاردرين على استحمار جزء لا يستهان به من شعوبهم فتلك الشعوب جديرة بطواغيتها والأنظمة التي تحكمها

    لا تتحرر من الظلم والطغيان إلا الشعوب الواعية التي تخلصت من الاستحمار، ولا يقبل بالطواغيت غير المستحمرين

    This is his language not mine, I am pretty sure he couldn’t find other words to fully describe them?

    He adds, describing the regime run like mafia in Syria,

    كل البلدان النامية تطمح للحاق بركب العالم المتقدم، أما حكومتنا في سوريا فمثلها الأعلى كوريا الشمالية.لاحول ولا قوة إلا بالله

  5. Posted on Syria Comment by SYRIALOVER

    248. SYRIALOVER said:

    Read the price others paid to get rid of dictators.
    This is the fate the House of Assad has been hellbent on building for Syria.
    And it’s what the rest of the world is struggling to avoid for Syria.
    Any understanding of this is way, way over the head of Assad’s supporters here.


  6. Ahmad Suleiman Alhajri, the Sheikh of Druze has passed away in a car accident today on the road of Shahba. A suspicious accident or what? His death will evoke memories of the assassination of Jumblatt’s father.

    His passing will not be unnoticed. The regime is beginning to threaten and liquidate. Miquati feels it. This is what they know best. Fadwa Suleiman is in France with her family.

    The Butchery family is quivering, literally. And they are cornering themselves by digging their trenches. Slowly but surely. Like all tyrants, occupiers, colonialists…

  7. A new, Brilliant post from Amal Hanano.

    The Real Me and the Hypothetical Syrian Revolution (2)
    by Amal Hanano

    My own pseudonym was never as suffocating as in those first hours of hearing about Razan’s detainment. I wanted to rip it off in every one of my tweets that ended with #FreeRazan. I felt I was barely holding on to Amal. The guilt of my false name weighed heavily on me. But there are times when reason is forced to take charge of emotion. Amal survived that night. But she also forced me to realize how entrenched our pseudonyms have become.

    For Syrians across the world, our real faces and real names now have consequences.

    Over the last months we’ve watched repeated scenes from reality via YouTube—clips of men being beaten up by security forces. They are on the ground being kicked and slapped, and we hear the security forces’ variation of the common refrain: “You want freedom? Is this the freedom you want?” Assad supporters love that phrase. They point to the piling garbage on the streets, the illegal additions onto buildings, the electricity/gas/mazout/food/water/medicine/fill-in-the-blank shortages, the plummeting economy, the state of lawlessness that has taken over the cities, and shake their heads slowly, repeating the same question in a sarcastic, menacing tone: “Is this the freedom you want?”

    No, that’s not the freedom we want. We want to live in a country where Tal would be safe in her home, writing her poetry, blogging without fear. Where Hamza al-Kahtib and the hundreds of other murdered children would still be alive. Where Razan Ghazzawi wouldn’t have to face an illegitimate trial and report to the Air Force Intelligence branch everyday between nine and two. Where Alexander Page wouldn’t have to live in exile with his family for speaking the truth. Where Ousama Idris’ son wouldn’t have to lead his father’s funeral. Where Rami al-Sayed would be among Homs’ living, making films of his toddler daughter Maryam, instead of being the martyr known as Syrian Pioneer who documented over eight hundred videos of protests and martyrs. Where all of us living online wouldn’t have to make a choice with every tweet, blog post, and Facebook status, between speaking our minds and placing our families in danger.

    From OTW: Amal, bless you for you are writing about what burns me as well. I can not tell you how often I wanted to rip the name OFF THE WALL and use my real name. Yet again, our real names and faces now have consequences

  8. Jarthouma, where are you ?

    Good news :

    The average number of soldiers (including policemen) buried per day during the month of March so far has been 10.1 men per day. Here are the averages for previous months:

    March : 10. 1 men per day
    February: 12.8 men per day
    January: 9.6 men per day
    December: 9.9 men per day
    November: 8.0 men per day


    A close look at the statistic will reveal that the regime has lost more men in Febrary and March, when it supposedly has the FSA “cornered”, than in January or December, when the FSA was rocking.

  9. Majed Khaldoun

    Dear Off the Walls
    I am sure you agree with me that the Assad regime is resorting to brutal criminal oppression of the opposition, using very strong loyalist in his army, this is a fact.
    and the question is
    Show me an example in the history where such ruler was successfuly removed by peaceful opposition

  10. why don’t you go back and read earlier posts…. we already played this game before….repeatedly..
    don’t you guys get tired of repeating yourselves…..

    in addition….the “good news” of people dying, any people… is just as callous and ‘unfeeling’ as – is usually hurled about as an accusation towards others… in fact ironic and disturbed…

  11. Son of Damascus


    So you are using regime propaganda to celebrate dead Syrians… I am afraid to ask what you would consider as great news…

  12. Why oh why Antoine are you using the crap from a Syrian regime site ?

    The regime wants to paint a picture that the Syrian army is coherent, high in morale and suffering minor sustainable casualities.

    In other words use numbers that “prove” an armed rebellion but do not use numbers that will demoralise your own troops

    By the way, as you clearly know a lot of the numbers are from those shot by the regime for refusing orders and they number in the thousands ( If we include that have disappeared to). Then you have the significant number of desertions that do not join the FSA.

    Trust me mate, the 30 figure I was quoting, well you can forget it now 😉

    The army has all buy fallen apart and we are now left with demoralised, mainly Sunni troops that will defect with the nearest opportunity and sectarian Alawite militia and troops.

    It is impossible and I mean virtually impossible for him to hold ground and this stupid wall that he is building in Bab Umar is a futile way for him to do something. This is no Iraq or Israel, these suicidal sectarian Alawites are swimming in an ocean of an alien culture

    Trust me, if I am not Jarthouma :). Eventually we will have Alawites that will deliver his head ( if this keeps going for a number of years) because they have to live in this country too and will eventually accept this reality.

  13. Ok, Antoine how many attacks and defections are occurring daily thru out Syria ? 🙂

  14. I am speechless! Calling dead soldiers good news is unbelievable. These are Syrian too. Many are forced to fight the Assads war. Many are just young conscripts who do not know any better. God help us when our own blood becomes a cause for celebration.

  15. A good shabi7 is a dead shabi7 period

    Yes I feel sorry for the lowly conscript that serves as a human shield but I have no qualms being happy when his sectarian shabi7 or his sectarian kata’ib die

  16. These people are as Syrian as the Serbian and right wing Zionist fascists. They are an occupying alien force that have no place in our country.

  17. A Sad Morning, Every Morning, by Kinan Azmeh and Kevork Mourad

    a prayer for Syria

  18. Dear Jarthouma,
    Let us not forget our goal, to get rid of the regime and establish a democratic state in Syria. Killing potential deserters is not doing us any good. There is no way to find out who you are killing. This is strategically wrong and dangerous. It is in effect forcing the Syrian army to band together because they are a target. I know that his complicates the Free Syrian Army’s work, but it is imperative to refrain from targeting the Syrian Army haphazardly and without a plan. I hope they know what they are doing. I have been impressed with the level of maturity and intelligence that Syrians in general have shown when they are liberated from the restraining strings attached to them by the regime.
    I think targeting the heads is the best and only way to go. I disagree with the assessment that it is futile and agree with the opinion that it is nerve wracking for the regime. This will put the pressure on the tails of this regime to start thinking hard about whether they want to continue on this road to certain death. I think that even the families of the big heads should be considered a legitimate target. As bad as this sounds, I think they have shown no mercy toward the people in general and spared no woman or child. They should be given the same treatment. These are the people that are giving the orders and making sure that they are carried out. These are the people that are robbing the country blind. These are the main beneficiaries of this Mafia regime. However, targeting the small guy is achieving nothing but a certain road to a full fledged civil war. We have to understand that after this regime falls, killing all the regime supporters is not an option. After all is said and done, we have to live together and we have to work together to build Syria. Our country is in ruins and it will need a lot of effort to be rebuilt. These people have to pitch in and have to have a stake in the new Syria. The top echelon is the criminals that need to be prosecuted and punished.

  19. Son of Damascus

    Dear Sheila,

    I don’t know the validity of this news yet, however IF this news is true it would seem someone at the FSA was reading your post:

    Muhsin Makhlouf (Rami’s brother) was abducted tonight and a Lieutenant in the Air Force Intelligence was killed in Reef Dimashq by the name of Abdul Kareem Younis.

  20. Dear SOD,
    I knew that there are many smart Syrians out there. Once they are liberated, they start making sense, otherwise, turn on SANA and you will want to pull your hair out.
    Here is an example of spin on the e-mail scandal. I know you can read Arabic and I apologies to those who can not. It is hard to translate this nonsense. It is a pathetic attempt to prove beyond reasonable doubt that these e-mails were fabricated like all the demonstrations in Syria, by no other than Al Jazierah, aka the great Satan. The logic is unbelievable. It is so insulting to basic human intelligence that it makes you wonder how these people think and what kind of common sense they possess. One of the reasons they give to doubt the authenticity of the e-mails is the fact that Bashar Al Assad is a doctor, thus he can not be so naïve. Seriously?????
    Here is the full text. Enjoy:

    حكاية الايميلات كلها حكاية سخيفة ومفبركة لا تنطلي على ثالث ابتدائي راسب … واليكم الاسباب

    اولا : لا يوجد رئيس دولة في العالم يمكن ان يلجأ الى فتح حساب مجاني مع هوتميل ليتبادل فيه مع معاونية اسراره الشخصية والرئاسية … يعني حتى اصحاب الكازيات في امريكا يلجأون الى الحسابات المدفوعة الاجر وليست المجانية حين يتعلق الامر بالموضوعات الشخصية …

    ثانيا : بشار الاسد لا يمكن ان يقع في هذه الغلطة الساذجة فهو طبيب وقبل ان يصبح رئيسا هو الذي قاد عملية تحديث خدمات الانترنيت والتشجيع عليها في سوريا وبالتالي هو اكثر علما من غيره بمخاطر اعتماد مراسلات شخصية وعامة عبر بريد الكتروني مجاني ( امريكي ) مثل هوتميل

    ثالثا : والاهم ان سوريا دولة مواجهة وهي في حالة حرب مع اسرائيل والمخابرات السورية تحصي على السوريين والاجانب انفاسهم فيما يتعلق بالامن السوري وذلك لمنع ومكافحة عمليات التجسس .. فاذا كانت ايميلات رئيس سوريا مشاعة على هذا النحو وسهلة الاختراق من قبل شبيحة غليون ومحطة الجزيرة والعربية فالاولى ان تخترقها اسرائيل بما لدى الموساد من خبرات في هذا الشأن

    رابعا : ورود ايميلات مفبركة وساذجة باسم المذيعة السورية ( لونا الشبل ) يكشف عن الجهة التي تقف وراء الفبركة .. فلونا الشبل كانت من ابرز من انشق عن محطة الجزيرة وقامت مع زوجها مقدم البرامج في المحطة بفضح اسرارا المحطة قبل سنوات من ( الربيع السوري ) وبالتالي فان لمحطة الجزيرة مصلحة في تسفيه لونا الشبل والسخرية منها وتوريطها بما تسميه الجزيرة بجرائم ضد الانسانية

    خامسا : لونا الشبل قارئة نشرة الاخبار في الجزيرة سابقا والتي كانت حتى في لقاءاتها التلفزيونية لا تتحدث الا باللغة العربية الفصحى المقعرة ( لغة سيبويه ) لا يمكن ان تكتب ايميلات لبشار الاسد بلهجة عامية ساذجة لا تسمع مثلها الا في سوق الحميدية وبالتحديد في محل بوظة بكداش

    سادسا : لا يعني هذا ان العناوين ليست صحيحة … نستطيع اليوم وخلال ساعة ان ندخل الى خدمة الهوتميل المجانية وان نسجل عناوين باسماء موزة وزوجها والاميرة الجوهرة وحتى باسم ابو متعب .. ثم نقوم بتبادل رسائل مضحكة بين هذه الاميلات المسجلة مع هوتميل … وبعد شهرين يمكن تسريب هذه الايميلات الى جريدة الغارديان ثم الطنطنة بها .. وتعالوا يا ناس شوفوا شو موزة عم تحكي لبعلها حمد في الايميلات

    سابعا : هذه اللعبة المخابراتية الفبركاتية الساذجة احترفت القيام بها محطة الجزيرة … فبعد سقوط مبارك قامت جريدة انجليزية بنشر تقرير طريف ومفبرك عن ثروة مبارك يزعم كاتبه فيه ان ثروة ال مبارك تزيد عن ثلاثة اضعاف ثروة بل غيت واستلمت الجزيرة طرف الخيط وهات يا طنطنة في الامر .. وتبين لاحقا ان التقرير من اصله مفبرك … وهو ما فعلته الجزيرة ايضا بما اسمته التسريبات من مكتب صائب عريقات … قامت اولا بتسريب التسريبات لجريدة الغارديان ثم بدأت تنشرها وتشل عرض حركة فتح وعريقات مشيرة في كل مناسبة الى ان المصدر هو الجرائد الانجليزية لاعطاء مصداقية لما تنشره من باب ان الاجنبي وخاصة الانجليزي لا ينطق عن الهوى

  21. I just read that Syria is banning anyone who is younger than 42 from leaving the country. Can anyone confirm if this is true?

  22. Son of Damascus

    Dear Sheila,

    “لا يمكن ان تكتب ايميلات لبشار الاسد بلهجة عامية ساذجة لا تسمع مثلها الا في سوق الحميدية وبالتحديد في محل بوظة بكداش”

    why Bikdash ice cream shop exactly? What did they ever do to piss off SANA?
    That made laugh so hard, thanks.

    I don’t know if you saw this the link I posted on SC about the Barcelona “scandal”, Al Dunnia is just running wild with this stuff:

    As for the under 42 being denied exit, I have read the exact opposite that the regime is more than happy to have young men to leave, less likely to protest or even fight them. I will try to dig up the article and link it later…

  23. Islam Has Come To Stay!

    1433 AH years ago the prophet Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina. His emigration marks the first year of the Islamic calendar. A third of the planet inhabitants are Muslims. We are here to stay, get used to it.

    As if we need a Lavrov. We have been living for centuries in peace and harmony, Christians welcomed the Muslims from Arabia not as conqueror but as saviours from the Romans, these Romans regarded their Christian brethren as heretics, still do. Now this is history, we all know. However we are sick and tired of bringing Islam and its two sects, Sunnis and Shiites in every conversation in every question in every statement! PLEASE. Do they not have something else to worry about? Our problems are not because of our religion, our sects or our different ethnicities, our problems are because of your poisonous think tanks. Of your greed, your inhumanity. Get a life and leave us solve our problems.

    Westerners and orientalists and those siding with their “forever” your rhetoric will not come to fruition, God willing. Invoking, Islam, Sunni, Muslims …in every single conversation. Why not take him and his entourage to Siberia or the Kremlin?

    Syria throughout the years…a short lesson.

    The church of Saint John the Baptist , was a sacred place in Damascus. Christian held their congregation and prayed on Sundays, while Muslims prayed on Friday.The two faith shared the same building for their prayers, side by side in peace. As the Muslim community grew they bought the church from the Christian community and build a new mosque. The great mosque of Damascus will become a model for all mosques in the new land.

    Islamic civilization began with one man. Mohammad’s vision has transformed the spiritual and political map of the world. The Islamic civilization has sawed the seeds of the European Renaissance. Cultures around the globe has been reshaped by Islamic civilization.

    Unity and peace, the message of the prophet. He offered a vision of solidarity, forged different communities together he did not challenge the beliefs of other faith. His humbleness as a person, his great generosity and acts of extraordinary kindness and mercy is what we can all learn from. All in the spam of ten years.

    Lavrov, if anything, you and your diselected man in the Kremlin, can learn from Syrians co-existence. The Chehneyans had suffered from your barbarity the same way, we, Syrians are suffering from your pampered blue eyed butcher. Find him a place where he belongs, In Russia wit the oligarchs, he fits with the gangsters and blood suckers.

  24. Jarthouma | March 25, 2012 at 16:46

    Why oh why Antoine are you using the crap from a Syrian regime site ?

    Bcz if even the regime site quotes a double-figure death toll, you can imagine what the real one is.

    Btw everyone knows how they are using human shields in Idleb, they deserve no mercy.

    FSA can use some of the captured/ kidnapped officers and Iranian terrorists as human shields, but we know that they will not care for even their own.

    Hamas kidnapped 1 lowly Israeli conscript and the Israeli were willing to negotiate releasing thousands of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for that 1 conscript.

    FSA has captured thousands of shabbih/ soldiers, including many mid-ranking Alawite officers, and Iranian agents, yet the regime has not shown any interest in obtaining their release. Goes to show how much the regime cares for its own.

    Infact there were hundreds of regime officers in FSA custody in Baba Amr when it was shelled, I’m sure many of them ended up dead.

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