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Dear 7ee6anis

I will be on travel for the next two weeks. I will probably post one more post while on travel. Sorry for the lack of links. I am about to head to the Airport.

The farcical referendum on the constitution is finished. As of today, Syria is the same as it was before. Nothing has changed.

The regime continues its rampage, with Aelppo’s country’s side being the latest arena where Assad’s forces continue to demonstrate unparalleled brutality. FSA claimed that they have downed three planes. Lawlessness is increasing in the City of Aleppo with kidnapping for ransom increasing and becoming a profitable business. (more on this later).  SNC and/or any politicians are failing miserably in condemning this type of behavior, which is making it even harder to keep the silent people silent. They are becoming vocal in the interest of law and order. This must be addressed not only by the FSA but also by the politicians, SNC, and whatever groups. Right now, and as I write these, I am talking to a friend on the inside, who is extremely pro-revolution and who is berating the political leadership for their miserable press failure.

At the same time, yesterday’s discovery of a massacre of tens of men from Homs and the kidnapping of tens of women indicates that the regime is hell bent on a sinister plan. Qatar and KSA are upping the rhetoric regarding the  a head with arming the revolution, but it seems that what the mean is the militarization of the people not the FSA only, which is a terrible terrible idea.

Human right council, at request from Qatar, and in coordination with the EU will have an emergency meeting today. It may end with referral to the security council and then to the ICC.


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  1. So With

    No international intervention to rescue people under siege
    No international intervention to supply weapons to FSA
    No genuine international will to oust the regime
    No hope of political settlement

    and with

    More people getting killed for nothing (and I mean that)
    More pathetic performance of opposition groups
    More hatred growing day after day within Syrians

    Where to go from here?

  2. In reality, the regime is enjoying its best days since the first spark of this revolution and getting a better iron grip of the situation as we speak. In a retrospective view I think the pathetic “professional politicians” of the opposition have done a fatal mistake by refusing to sit & talk with the regime back in November, at that time the regime was at its weakest point while the international pressure was at its best.

    Nowadays, it’s the other way around and the regime is enjoying the upper hand (thanks to the bunch of losers called “opposition”) I’m not even sure if it’s a good idea to sit and talk with the regime. However, at the same time I can’t see and benefit of maintaining the current status quo combined with this continuous bleed of innocent civilians.

    At this stage I could understand where Zenobia and Sheila used to come from when they were calling for a moment of sound thinking rather just riding this high-speed train directly to the hell that once called the “Unknown”!!! At the end of the it’s Syria as a country we’re losing.

  3. So, True, what makes u think the regime is at its strongest point / I would say its at its weakest point, infact with each passing day it gets weaker and weaker. The longer this drags out the weaker they will become.

  4. Though I agree it is the tea-drinking chit-chatting “intellectuals” in the SNC who have brought us to this point. What we need is an aggressive and populist leader, like Haytham Maleh, who knows the regime from inside out.

  5. Continuing Antoine’s comment … A leader who has smelled the powder, who has nothing to prove; someone like Dr Mohammed although the intellectuals are needed too but the people can relate to the good Dr better than to someone they hardly know.

    I may be repeating myself but one day Aboud said that he would rather be in an Israeli prison than in a Syrian one. After reading the book by Khalifé I would agree. Yet I submit here a collection of testimonies of Palestinian prisoners released after the longest time and you will see that the zionist jails are close to the Syrian ones (though the Israeli henchmen do not assassinate at will and the families do not have to pay one kilo of gold to see their loved ones- Tadmor)

  6. True do think like the media train

    One moment the media tells us that the FSA is a couple of kilometres from the palace in Damacus and the next time they tell us that Assad has crushed the main opposition stronghold in Idlib with a possible victory in site !

    The media by its nature makes things grand. It is neither here or there and we have been thru this a number of times because of the nature of the conflict.

    I agree with Antoine, I see the regime now at its weakest! It has virtually used its final card ie mass barrage with heavy artillery and achieved nothing !

    The FSA has come back now to Damascus and they are even now attacking points in Bab Amr!

    Yes the Syrians are relatively isolated from help at the moment but that does not change the Demographics and the impossible equation for the sectarian Alawites and there supporters.

    It is an unsustainable position given the spread of the revolution geographically and the persistence of the internal opposition

    The last thing on earth that we need now is I give up and negotiate with a dog who pretends to have strong cards so he can let the steam out of the revolution

    I tell you what. I will be nice. We do a cease fire with the regime, he removes the charred remains of his mechanised units and we are allowed to demonstrate

    That would be a minimum for us to agree on but he would never allow it in a million years. It would spell his end

  7. I hear that there are small citizen demos happening all over the country.

    This is a good recent post from Maysaloon

  8. N.Z. @ 3:42

    Sorry for the confusion. This the you tube link for Danny Abdul Dayyem. All people who are working selflessly, wholeheartedly for a Syria free of tyranny are forces of good. No one will be able to taint them. They are unstoppable, they are contagious as germs.

  9. There is a new post, with title.

  10. ” I laugh a lot when people ask me, What if the Syrian Revolution fails, I tell them, it was victorious after 5 minutes from the moment it started.” Faisal Qassem.

    فليأت من يأتي وليذهب من يذهب من الحكام، سوريا تغيررررررررررررررررت يا جدعان

    للقلقين من نتائج الثورات: ليس بإمكانكم أن تصنعوا العجة من دون أن تكسروا البيض

    ليس المهم أن تغير الثورة هذا المسؤول أو ذاك، المهم أنها غيرت الشعب والباقي تفاصيل

    True, what we are witnessing in Syria is just the beginning. This is not “only” about regime change, this is a world altering event. The fall of the tyrant is a speck of what is to come.

    Those inside are not counting on the SNC or any outlet media, more importantly, they never wanted international intervention. They want the means to help them protect their families, their legitimate demands under international laws were ignored, by both, the United Nations and its Security Council, and all the Humanitarian organizations.

    SNC, has finally realized!

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