Narratives, Arguments, and Counter-Arguments (By Zenobia)

Introduction by Off the Wall:

On 7ee6an, we have started an informal project aiming to identify ways to address the “fence sitters” on the Syrian Revolution. Many of us have encountered friends and family members, with whom we have identified in the past and in whose judgement we trusted for years. The split of opinion has been dramatic to some of us. We were raised the same, have always thought the same way (inasmuch as possible), and have always held the regime and its behavior, at least on domestic issues low regards. All of the sudden we see such people willing to take, full doze or in parts, the regime’s propaganda,  about a cosmic conspiracy,  and accepting a narrative of the events unfolding around them that is both detached from reality, and demeaning to their brothers and sisters who are being slaughtered by the regime. What makes it more dramatic to some of us is the fact that many of those friends and relatives are well educated, exposed to rational thinking, and capable of making rightful ethical choices in their daily lives. In the following, ZENOBIA attempts to provide some answers and to shed some light on possible means of addressing this crucial issue, which has threatened friendships and even familial relationships.

Try logic.... No Thanks

Cartoon by Ali Ferzat. Looks very appropriate for our discussion

Narratives, Arguments, and Counter-Arguments

By Zenobia

I KNOW what the argument is. I have heard the argument 10 zillion times now, here, and all over Facebook – on the lips of everybody’s fence sitting relative and half of the Syrian population! The reason that American leftist outlets like Counterpunch are publishing this as well – is because THEY TOO are predisposed to frame things through a suspicious anti-imperialist anti-”american hegemony” narrative and premise, so naturally they are going to be open to presenting the conspiracy argument or some more rational version of it that is not all hogwash certainly, but neglects the contradicting factors.

So, we have a problem. The problem is what is the counter argument!!!!!!

If our ‘conspiracists’ believe that the entire uprising is one big ‘plot’ and made up of traitors and thieves and radical islamist insurgents or people purely doing what they are doing because they were manipulated or paid by western agents, …. well this is such a reductionist and hopeless framing of the situation that no- counter narrative is going to sway this mindset or going to puncture it. It is so far to the paranoid- that there is no hope there that a new compromise understanding can be reached or that such person will be persuaded that supporting the Assad regime is equally dangerous and degraded a choice.

However, if – in contrast, the true fence sitters can acknowledge that indeed there is formidable legitimate uprising – of a large number of Syrian citizens- who have nothing to do with the imperialist designs of Western powers or their allies- but whose actions are legitimately a reflection of internal political desires and aspirations, – then even if one simultaneously believes that there are treacherous external forces at work and a regional struggle attempting to co-opt the Syrian revolution – there will be SOME ROOM for debate here about what is the correct ethical course to take – and room for debate and deliberation out of a strong counterargument that reflects this complex reality and the competing concerns, while having the potential to persuade said fence sitters that the LESSER EVIL IS IN FACT to side with the legitimate uprising and to take on the risks of potential western influence and attempts to manipulate the outcome to strategic advantage.

The precise argument has not been made yet. However the point is that A FORCEFUL COUNTERARGUMENT MUST BE MADE that makes concessions to this powerful narrative and set of fears of average Syrian and many inside and outside the middle east.

Personally, I am not discounting the basic storyline – put forth in the link you provided or in the “Counterpunch” piece. How can one ignore it? But the problem I have is in the all or nothing framework within which it is presented, as if the people of Hama, Deraa, Homs, and all the other smaller outlying cities and towns of Syria, or parts of Damas, are SIMPLY – at worst pawns of Al-Qaeda like agents and at best total dupes and zealots out for blood… , as if they have ZERO legitimacy…, as if someone- entire towns … what? had some undetected infiltrators come give a lecture? and then the people decided to revolt???

I mean seriously… has anyone actually DESCRIBED how this supposed scenario would work in concrete terms other than… ‘the Americans and Israel and KSA and Saad Hariri ‘ are “behind” this? What does it actually entail to be “behind” or to have manipulated entire fairly insular and isolated communities to do the bidding of outsiders?…. the notion is so entirely far fetched when discussed in concrete terms to account for everything that has happened.

Reality MUST be far in between. And I think- from my informal observance of so many dialogues and interchanges over many months, that MOST – Syrians, ascribe reality to this in between…. They BOTH believe the narrative of Western attempts at world domination or regional domination (led by America and Israel)… but they also do not discount the Syrian uprising as a complete fabrication…. they are aware of legitimate challenge to the Syrian government that has an ethical basis and they are not defending the behavior of the security response or the president in unqualified terms.
However, they DO NOT KNOW HOW TO RESOLVE THEIR DILEMMA of holding both these truths and knowing what to do – and what to think- therefore.

That is why they are fence sitters… (in addition to all the other complicating disincentives for supporting a revolution that Sheila has outlined many times and which are also significant factors but which I am putting aside her for the moment just to focus on the issue the ‘conspiracy’ issue as a pivotal problem)


I personally have spent weeks and weeks without knowing how to properly answer it.

ETHICS seemed at first the correct answer. That is to say -that no matter what the outer external threats are- we cannot stand by and watch a government respond by shooting its people, detaining, torturing, and subjugating communities with tanks and military threat of death or actual death. This seemed obvious to many. (As I recall – it was the answer – very simply that Husam gave for his choice of where to place his alliance despite his moderate belief in the conspiracy scenario of what is happening)

However, and ETHICAL argument doesn’t work on large swaths of the public because they are both desensitized to violence (I assume here) and also because they have simultaneously been persuasively told that the deaths and violence they have been seeing or informed about are 1) exaggerated and/or not happening 2) are justified in the cases where they are happening because the supposed “protesters” are not in fact protesters but are actually “criminals” and violent insurgents and infiltrators.

So, apparently, and Ethical argument fails because these cognitive denials and justifications provided by the government – negate the need for a fence sitter to consider an ethical stance necessary to be taken – as a response to the problem.

The dilemma seems to be resolved for most – by a decision process regarding what they fear most – (again putting aside deliberately for the moment the other weighing factors like personal economic pain and anguish over the disillusion going on in society, daily hardships anticipated, and unclear future alternatives and so forth) – that is to say…. fear of American hegemony and Israeli power, verses fear of the pathetic life that would continue under the Assads and the perpetuation of the current internal power system.

Additionally, I think the average person is NOT considering the question of what has IRAN, CHINA, And RUSSIA done lately for Syria????

And it is bizarre that the narrative has been hammered for so many years and years that the biggest and most important achievement and source of pride in this age is to stubbornly sacrifice every other political need to the alter of “resistance” to Israel (a resistance strategy that barely works at all – one should add)- that it still takes precedent over every other concern. The abhorrence for Israeli power is so entirely consuming, mythologized, the threat again – fetishized- to the point where nothing else can be seen or considered. And as such, this fear and obsession – with American power or Israeli power viewed as part and parcel- can only be understood as having been deeply imprinted with the sting of humiliation and injured pride, anger, resentment, fused now with bigotry for many. How else does one explain choosing IRAN as an ally???!!! Really? What do the minorities of Syria care about IRANIAN power?? or the non- minority fence sitters? No, this is a marriage of convenience – not love.

What in contrast is so dangerous about American power other than its support for Israel? in the minds of Syrians… (remember, as a mind bending fact, that it is the NON-Religious zealots – the secular supporters of Syria…who are supposedly most appalled at the notion of American influence taking hold in Syria)….? Our values? Half their family are emigrated to non- middle eastern countries. Our economic exploitation? That last would be a great Irony considering the economic sinkhole that Syria is now in- and from which Iran and Russia certainly – and even! China cannot pull her out. Alas, the issue comes back to the issue of Israel and wounded pride and humiliation.

This pitiful fact has to be recognized. It has to be addressed not by slamming on the Syrian defenses but by an irresistible argument for how CHANGE– including a change in strategic alliances CAN WORK IN FAVOR OF RESTORING SYRIAN PRIDE AND STRENGTH IN REAL TERMS.

RESISTANCE in the conventional way it has been waged on the Syrian stage has been pathetic and self-sabotaging. It has been self -destructive. It has not saved the Palestinians (if that were even truly the goal) nor restored Arab pride in any form. It has led to isolation, and economic decline, and toleration of a sick and ineffective form of government that has now sunk very very low in terms of its treatment of its citizenry.

RESISTANCE has been the biggest manipulation of all – in some sense for achieving very very little for the people of Syria. It has to be reclaimed and redefined. In fact, abandoned in favor of a VIABLE ALTERNATIVE.

A COUNTERARGUMENT must contain that alternative… for both restoring Syrian hope and pride as well as making obsolete and benign the influence of larger powers who are NOT in fact the biggest threat to society and survival.



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  1. Son of Damascus


    I lived in Montreal for sometime, however I live much further West these days. Please don’t take my relative obscurity as either lack of interest in your question or that I am scared. I just prefer to keep an anonymous profile online in general.

  2. Boy-king is obviously pissed. He is sealing his fate as he berates the Arab League and certain Arab countries.

  3. Dear Sheila

    They were not my words. I copied and pasted the post from the link.

    About how I would feel if my religion was labelled as such? I’m confident of the truth of Islam and would refute any such claim.

  4. The man is delusional and dangerous.

  5. Listening to Assad makes me hate him more.

    He talks of the state being like a ‘mother’ ready to forgive. Revolutionaries are supposed to have a ‘glorious’ image and not one of car thieves….

    I can’t listen to this nonsense. Did Buthaina Shaaban prepare this speech?

    Anyway. Moving on. Remember not long ago former VP Khaddam was mentioned on here regarding trying to understand the mindset of the regime? Here is an article on Al Arabiya today:

    Former Syrian vice president explains Assad’s civil war scheme; intellectuals ridicule Arab League mission

    Tuesday, 10 January 2012

    A former Syrian vice president, Abdul Halim Khaddam, explained the machinations behind plans by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to face the ongoing anti-regime protests and the increasing regional and international pressure, while several Syrian writers lashed out at the Arab League mission for failing to protect civilians and stop regime brutality.

    “Assad spoke to one of the Lebanese ministers, an ally of his, and told him he will never offer any concessions,” Khaddam, who resigned and moved to Paris in 2005, told Al Arabiya’s The Last Hour on Tuesday.

    Assad, Khaddam added, also said that if the Arab world and the international community keep putting pressure on him, he would ignite civil war in Syria and establish an independent state in the coastal area.

    “His main aim now is to divide the country and he is taking advantage of the current silence of the international community, which gives him more chances to stay.”

    Khaddam called upon the International Community, particularly Western countries, to start taking action through the Security Council.

    “They have to protect the Syrian people and to prevent the regime from killing protestors.”

    Khaddam pointed out that inside the Syrian opposition there is a group that supports holding negotiations with the regime.

    “Those are hoping that they can take part in ruling the country and they are the reason why the opposition is now divided into two groups: one tolerant towards the regime and another adamant to topple it.”

    Read more:

  6. Hehe, didn’t I say he’d use the words “Iron Fist” and conspiracy? Junior is like a bad Tv series that jumped the shark halfway through the first season.

    And what’s this obsession the guy has with the body’s immune system? Besho, do you have some sort of secret illness. I mean, other than your obvious mental problems. The country barely gets 12 hours of electricity a day, fuel shortages are crippling, prices have doubled, and all you can blab about is some phantom referendum in March?

    Besho’s speeches are never equal to the times and the occasion. As an orator, he is a failure.

    Ya Besho ya tezi inta, I’ll start to believe your talk of reforms once your shabiha scum sh*ts stop executing the wounded in hospitals. Hell, when your Qurdahan doctors and nurses stop executing the wounded in hospitals.

  7. Boy-king is obviously pissed. He is sealing his fate as he berates the Arab League and certain Arab countries.


    How long will this nightmare continue?

  8. Dear CSI Hama,
    Thank you for your direct answer. I am also confident of the truth of Islam and I am sure my Christian friend is confident of the truth of Christianity and my Jewish friend is confident of the truth of Judaism and my Hindu friend……you get my drift.

  9. It is truly amazing. He just does not get it. Why did he even open his mouth? What is he trying to achieve by this speech? He still talks of not giving orders to shoot. For God’s sake, can someone show him how his thugs are killing and humiliating “his people”? If he is not giving orders to anyone to shoot, are we to assume that he has totally lost control of his army? Oh, I forgot. It is not his army. He does not own it.

  10. I read an article yesterday claiming that Assad and his wife are now divorced, that she is now in England and had filed for full custody of the children. I do not know how credible this article is, but it got me thinking about their divorce settlement. Did they split the assets? If so, I just want to know who got Aleppo.

  11. @husam,
    you keep talking of coercion. who said anything about coercion. It is an argument to be made. And I really don’t think you know what secularism is. Because it has nothing to do with how religious any person wants to be. YOU are FREE to be religious. It refers to government, and that no particular religious rationale for the law or the arrangements of society be dictated by the government.
    Anyone can be as religious as they want all day long. It is just that the government doesn’t dictate that or specifically sanction a particular religion, and in fact protects a multiplicity of religious practice or no religious practice. That is why I talk about protecting rights.

    i say you are itching to be called names because you said that yesterday – obviously joking- but it just seems like you are trying to provoke OTW..relentlessly on this issue.

  12. Wanted to put out there- that my sources tell me that the American Embassy is basically shutting down almost completely starting on February 1st….. a bad sign , i would say.

  13. Zenbia
    I am cool, i have far more important things to worry about than whether I satisfy arbitrary definitions and classifications. In fact we all do.

  14. It is now official. Kafranbel signs made it to The Economist. I think that whoever is responsible for these signs should win some kind an award in creativity and wit. Did you see the latest sign that says: To Dr. Haytham al Manaa’: to advertise in this demonstration please call 11111111.

  15. As he was blabbering on TV screens, his men were shooting to kill, they succeeded in killing 30 of the 150,000 protesters in Deir al-Zour alone, these protesters are clear in their demands. Ending the reign of Assad-Makhlouf.

    Yet the audacity of mass murderers has no limits. Asking the opposition to sit and have a dialogue, “some are refusing” he said with a giggle.
    Dialogue with who? With a dictator, a mass murderer, it is these protesters that will dictate and order the outside opposition, not the other way around.
    The likes of this butcher will not cringe, they’ll kill you today and walk in your funeral tomorrow.

    Syrian enemy will do their best to escalate and turn a legitimate revolution into a civil strife, a civil war. The Golan occupiers are doing all they have in their power to keep their Syrian butcher in power. Not because they like him, but because they hate us with a vengeance. They envy our land, they envy the notion of any Arab living in freedom and dignity.

    In their latest show of prostitution, they said they are ready to absorb Alawite refugees once Assad’s regime collapses. Rather, it is a message to the minority, that Israel is a refuge for all minorities, discriminated and oppressed, from holocaust survivors to Antoine Lahad. Not necessary Jewish.

    Their latest invitation is in harmony with Assad and his message of fear to Syrians.

  16. Syrian enemy will do their best to escalate and turn a legitimate revolution into a civil strife, a civil war.


    How is the “Syrian enemy” (I assume you mean Israel and not the Assads this time) turning “a legitimate revolution into a civil strife, a civil war”?

    The Golan occupiers are doing all they have in their power to keep their Syrian butcher in power.

    Can you be specific by showing us what the “Golan Occupiers” are doing to “keep their Syrian butcher in power”?

    Not because they like him, but because they hate us with a vengeance.

    What evidence do you have showing the the “Golan Occupiers” hate you with a vengeance?

    They envy our land, they envy the notion of any Arab living in freedom and dignity.

    Which “Golan Occupier” do you know that “envy the notion of any arab living in freedom and dignity”? All the “Golan Occupiers” I know would prefer the Arabs living in freedom.

    In their latest show of prostitution, they said they are ready to absorb Alawite refugees once Assad’s regime collapses. Rather, it is a message to the minority, that Israel is a refuge for all minorities, discriminated and oppressed, from holocaust survivors to Antoine Lahad. Not necessary Jewish.

    How is this a show of prostitution? Perhaps this may prevent Alawites from being killed by sectarian Syrians after Assad falls (whenever that happens [waiting impatiently]).

    Here’s the article:

  17. Cartoon by Ali Ferzat. Looks very appropriate for our discussion


    I agree.


    You know where the charitable neighbours will welcome the fleeing Alawis ? On the Golan Heights. Kill two birds with one stone.

  19. Nir Rosen discusses the situation in Syria on AJE

    CBC journalists are inside Syria this week, where few foreign journalists have been permitted to work. Although their activities are monitored and they are constantly accompanied by government representatives, their reports are not censored or otherwise edited by outside agencies before being published.

  20. This is the senior-most defection so far, but will he accept a junior officer like Riad al Asaad as his superior in the FSA ?

  21. Rosen says there is no commander of the FSA. No real structure

  22. Posted: 4 January 2012
    This is hard to report, but Avaaz’s own members are being tortured by Syria’s monstrous regime. Manhal* reports that he was held in a secret prison where they pulled out his fingernails and toenails and electrocuted his body parts. “I have seen death, and I’ve been tortured nearly to death,” he’s told us. But if we act now, we can make Manhal’s sacrifice the last straw that turns the whole world against the Assad regime.

    The Arab League’s observers have failed to stop the brutal crack down, but pressure on Assad is mounting. Avaaz has just released a terrifying report revealing the scale of Syria’s detention facilities, including what they did to Manhal. If we build a massive global outcry now, we can force key governments to confront the horrors in this report and accelerate the end of Assad.

    Sign the petition on the right, and when we reach 500,000 signatures we’ll deliver it along with Avaaz’s report to the Arab League and the United Nations Security Council, demanding they refer Assad to the International Criminal Court to be tried for crimes against humanity.

    * “Manhal’s” name has been changed to protect his identity.

    Click here to read the new Avaaz report on the Syrian regime’s torture facilities.

  23. It seems Deirezzor is finally waking up, the Ashaair is finally waking up from its 45 yr old Baathist slumber, its high time they totally root out all jawasees from their midst, Deirezzor has too many of them.

  24. Annie

    “Rosen says there is no commander of the FSA. No real structure”

    Actually there’s alot of co-ordination between the different towns and cities. How else could the FSA have managed to fight on after the invasion of Rastan and the repeated hammerings that Homs got. Not once has the regime’s units managed to pin down the FSA and engage them, with the exception of Idlib, and we still don’t know exactly what happened there.

    In Jisr Al Shughur, the army just rolled into the town after it had been evacuated. Same with Rastan. Same with Baba Amr. When you are fighting against a guerrilla force, all your maneuvers and land grabs don’t count for squat if you can’t engage the enemy. It’s something the Americans learned in Iraq.

  25. Son of Damascus


    Do you think Col. Riad As’aad has command over the FSA in Homs?

    I would think that chapters within each LCC would have more command, where they have more intel on their respective areas, and share it with each other. I doubt the Col. has the required structure to command the FSA on a large scale, which is beneficial makes it harder to pin down the FSA.

  26. It is clear now that he will go only by force. His speech is an attempt to reassure the pro crowd that we are in control and things are OK.
    It is also clear that he either refuses to or ignores reality on the ground.
    It is clear that he is selective about foreign intervention favoring Russia and Iran over others.
    It is clear that a civil war will ensue and that the neighbors will intervene indirectly with arms and supplies and training as more defectors leave the army. Then the economy will collapse to further alienate more people and fence sitting will be more and more difficult to do.
    It is catastrophic to say the least.

  27. ah! NZ beat me to it with the Nir Rosen video!

    so …. what do we think about this???

  28. Zenobia:

    “And I really don’t think you know what secularism is.”

    And perhapsy ou don’t know what Islam is (according to your definition of Religion(s)….generally functions to restrict peoples’ rights). Dare I say people have other views?
    It is really bothers me that many people protray themselves to be champions of freedom and intellect but can’t engage and answer simple questions without putting the other person in the penalty box. You want an inclusive Syria, then show it. You think secularism has all the answers, it doesn’t. And like any religion, secularism comes in different shades.

    I was reaching out to OTW and felt he was avoiding the obvious. If I didn’t value his opinion, I wouldn’t bother asking once nor twice. I found his statements harsh and in contrast to the moderate secularist views I have come to accept from him in the past years. Apparently he has better things to do.

    Son Of Damascus:

    Are you on the west coast, and do you peddle 🙂 Free Syria Buttons. The reason I ask is we may know each other. About protecting your identity in general, totally understand… I was just kidding.


    I follow all your comments, I fell off the fence when I left SC. Now, I am in line with your thinking on removal by force, conspiracy or no conspiracy.


    Re: Manhal

    After listening to Hytham Al Maleh’s experience in prison where 40 people were bunched in a room 10 X 10 back 10-20 years ago, one can not begin to imagine what the condition of hostages and prisoners are like now. That is why this has to stop at any cost.

  29. @ Husam

    I don’t need to know what Islam is to advocate for a system of governing, which is what concerns me. If you want to argue for another system of government an securing rights and freedoms, go ahead and call it what you like.
    but Islam is not a system of government, and never will be in my book. It is a religion.

  30. Nussayif:

    “the Ashaair are waking up”.

    Sorry, but the Ashaair actually started this revolution in Dera’a. Dera’a culture is very close to authentic Jordanian culture. The balz that ignited Syria were Dera’ans not accepting to bow down. It was a matter of A’rd.

    In case you missed it, see my comment on Jan 9 @ 2:31 am of what transpired in Dera’a between the Ashaair & Najib 7aqeer

  31. Dear Sheila:

    I was over at SC to read the pro-baathist update and saw your invite to Ghufran in joining 7ee6an. I have invited Majed and Tara too. Norman made an attempt to post but was shot in the head point blank from the onset by none other than…

  32. Contrary to the previous post on 7ee6an, the UN has now concluded that the death toll has risen proportionately than prior to their arrival.

    Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said Tuesday that Israel is preparing to absorb Alawite refugees once Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime collapses, which he expects to happen in the coming months.

    Speaking at a Knesset Defense and Foreign Affairs committee meeting, Gantz said Assad’s turmoil could cause him to seek a military confrontation with Israel.

  33. Anyone supports Ron Paul on 7ee6an?

  34. “Sorry, but the Ashaair actually started this revolution in Dera’a”

    I am talking about the ashaair of Deirezzor. They have been held hostage by the aathists using the Arabism card for too long. Even today, Deirezzor is the one non-Damascus, non-Aleppo city where the regime has a substantial following. The ashaair I am talking about, their Chiefs sit in the “People’s Council” in their full Bedouin regalia and headwear and clap and chant for Bashar.

  35. Zenobia,

    “A revolutionary cannot be a thief,” he said, later adding: “If they were true revolutionaries I myself, you and others would follow them.” giggle..

    and we thought the craziest of the gangsters was Qaddafi? …….so, what do we think about this majnoun???

    I think the FSA and the protesters, are awaiting with impatience the two factions SNC and Mr. Manaa’ party to agree on something. Not to display their disagreement, the opposition needs to unite get out from the scene.

  36. Who writes his speeches??? they should be fired for all the warped circular logic bizarreness…. but…the giggles have to be the most disturbing for me….


    so these opposition….know how to compromise…..? to move forward….without the need to make finalizing and un-amendable decisions, but instead make working compromise agreements appropriate for this juncture in time, so as to have a collective working request to bring to the international community?

  37. خطاب اثبت انه يعيش بقوقعة : باق للابد- اعطاء الامر بارتكاب المجازر – لا استمرار في الحوار
    بواسطة EDITOR2 – 2012/01/10
    نشر فى: غير مصنف

    مراسل المحليات : كلنا شركاء

    اثبت الخطاب الذي القاه بشار الاسد انه ما زال يعيش بقوقعة وهمية رسمها لنفسه

    نرفق ادناه اهم النقاط وتعليقنا عليها علماً ان نص وكالة الانباء الرسمية سانا ادناه هو فقط للجزء المطبوع من خطابه بينما ما ننشره نحن ماخوذ من كلامه المباشر على التلفزيون :

    1-كل ما يجري في سوريا هو مؤامرة خارجية وهذا ليس خاف على احد …وتجار الحرية والديمقراطية الذين يبكون على دمائنا هم وراء هذا ….الآن انقشع الضباب ولم يعد ممكنا اخفاؤه فقد سقطت الاقنعة عن الاطراف …والشعب السوري بصموده كشف المخطط .

    2- ستون محطة تلفزيونية مكرسة للحرب على سوريا وعشرات الصحف ومئات المواقع .

    3-لقائي مع المحطة التلفزيونية الامريكية جرى تحويره وتزويره وهو هو جزء من الحملة ضد سوريا وشخصيا عندما شاهدته كدت اعتقد بان ما اقوله صحيح والهدف كان ان يقولوا ان رئيس الدولة يتخلى عن مسؤولياته واقول لهم خسئتم .

    4-هناك فارق بين الموقع والمسؤولية ولن اترك المنصب فأنا احكم بارادة الشعب ومادام الشعب يريدني فساستمر الا اذا اراد الشعب ان اتنحى ……اذا كان هناك اختلافات نلجأ لصندوق الانتخابات نغير برلمان او نغير حكومة (لم يجرأ على قول نغير رئيس الجمهورية ….. يعني انه يريد القول بانه باق للابد واعطى الامر للجنة الدستور بان تجعل مدة الرئاسة مفتوحة وغير محدودة بدورتين ) .

    5-حديث عن المؤامرات وصمود الشعب السوري ضد ازلام التآمر

    6-الجامعة العربية انعكاس للحالة المزرية وفشلت خلال ستة عقود باتخاذ قرار يصب في مصلحتنا ….عبد الناصر قال ان سورية هي قلب العروبة النابض وبذلك فتجميد مشاركة سوريا باجتماعات الجامعة العربية يجعل الجامعة تصبح عروبتها معلقة والجامعة العربية بدون سوريا ستكون لا جامعة ولا عربية بل مستعربة ……العروبة ليست عرق عربي بل كل من شارك من كل الاعراق فالعروبة حالة حضارية ولم تبنى من قبل العرب فقط بل ساهم فيها كل من تواجد من غير الاصول العربية ايضا ……لسنا شوفينيين .

    7-خطتنا للاصلاح تقوم على شقين الاصلاح السياسي وعلى مكافحة الارهاب

    شق الاصلاح السياسي انجزنا القوانين ( اعلام – احزاب – انتخابات – ادارة محلية ) انتخابات الادارة المحلية لم تكن المشاركة بالنسبة للمرشحين والناخبين جيدة بسبب الظروف الامنية , والدستور يفترض ان ينتهي قريبا وطلبت ان يعرض على استفتاء عام بحدود اول آذار وبعده انتخابات مجلس الشعب اول ايار او اوائل حزيران

    شق مكافحة الارهاب سنضرب الارهابيين بيد من حديد ولا تساهل في من يروع امن المواطنين ولا تسوية مع من يتعاطى مع الاجنبي ….اذ لا نريد ان يتكرر مع ما حصل مع اخوان الشياطين اذ استمرت الحرب معهم ستة سنوات ولا نريد ان نستمر لمدة طويلة بالحرب مع الارهاب لانه كلما طالت المدة كبر الارهاب وزادت الاسلحة المهربة والمناطق التي يسيطرون عليها وكان هذا رايي منذ البدء , لذلك اطلب من المواطنين احتضان الجيش والامن ويمكن ان يعملوا مثلما فعل بعض الاهالي بمناطق اخرى اما تشكيل دوريات مراقبة او وحدات لحماية مركبات الجيش او نقل معلومات عما يجري في مناطقهم ( هذا امر وضوء اخضر للجيش والمخابرات والشبيحة باقتحام البلدات وقتل كل المواطنين المعارضين مهما كلف الامر – هناك قرار رسمي بارتكاب مجازر وذكر كلمات خطيرة عن المنهزمين داخلياً بمعنى انه اعطى الامر بارتكاب المجازر ولكنه لاحظ ان بعض القيادات ليست مع هذا الحل فاسماهم بالمنهزمين داخليا وهذا ما يفسر التغييرات الكبيرة في قيادة الجيش ونقل نائبي رئيس الاركان للخارج لوزارة الدفاع رغم انه تم تعيينهم قبل شهرين )

    8-مكافحة الفساد : طلب مني مواطنون ان اقوم بمعاقبة بعض الفاسدين ولكني اؤكد ان هذه ليست مهمة شخص رئيس الجمهورية بل المؤسسات فالرئيس يمكن ان يعاقب شخص او شخصين بينما المؤسسات تحاسب المئات ( هذا يعني انه لا ينوي محاسبة الفاسدين الكبار فمؤسسات مكافحة الفساد غالبا يوضع مسؤول عنها يأتمر بأمر الفاسدين الكبار او تصل لمستوى محاسبة بحسب ايحاءات رئيس الجمهورية ) .

    9-لا احبذ مصطلح حكومة وحدة وطنية فليس لدينا انقسام وطني او امراء حرب او شرخ كبير كما بدول اخرى لذلك افضل مصطلح توسيع المشاركة او حكومة وفاق وطني وسيتم تشكيلها قريبا جدا بمشاركة كل الاطياف السياسية ومنها المعارضة ولكن من هي المعارضة ؟…هناك شخصيات معارضة وهناك تيارات معارضة وبما انه لا توجد انتخابات فلا يمكن تقييم الحجم الحقيقي لهم في الشارع لاعطائهم نسبة تمثيل تتناسب مع ذلك ولهذا سنلجا لمعايير خاصة وساعرف المعارضة الوطنية بالتالي

    -لا نريد معارضة تجتمع مع السفارات

    -لا نريد معارضة تاخذ مؤشرات من الخارج

    -لا نريد معارضة تجلس معنا وتبتزنا بسبب الازمة

    -لا نريد معارضة تقول ساجتمع معكم سرا كي لا اغضب احدا

    والحكومة الجديدة ستكون مزيج بين السياسيين والتقنيين لان بعض الوزارات عملها تقني وغير ممكن ان ناتي بسياسي ليدير وزارة تقنية .

    10-بالنسبة للحوار الوطني كان ناجحا الذي جرى في المحافظات اما الحوار المركزي فلم تقبل بعض اطراف المعارضة بالحوار فالبعض يريد الحوار معنا بالسر والبعض ينتظر كي يرى اين ستذهب الامور كي يحدد موقفه ….لذلك نحن منفتحون على الحوار ومتى هم يرغبون فنحن جاهزون . ( هذا يعني انه لا يوجد لجنة للحوار بل هم مجموعة من الطراطير المأمورين ….ولن يكون هناك جولة جديدة من الحوار حتى ترسل المعارضة انصياعها وقبولها بالحوار بدون شروط لمجرد الحوار ) .

    11-بالنسبة للمصالحة الوطنية فبعد انتهاء الازمة الكل سيسامح الكل وفقط التسامح يبني الامم والانتقام يدمر البلد ( هذا يعني انه لن يكون هناك محاسبة للشبيحة والمخابرات وعفا الله عن الجرائم التي ارتكبوها ) .

  38. Thank you Aboud. As I heard it, Rozen’s comment was not negative about the absence of real structure. So, this new recruit would fit in.

    Ron Paul would have my vote. But the supposedly democratic US system makes one despair of democracy. Look at what Obama has become (or always was ?). He was a friend of Edward Said. Only whores make it to the top in the States.

    As for the brutality under Saddam, Abu Ghraib should clam us up.

  39. Husam asks:

    Anyone supports Ron Paul on 7ee6an?


    No, I do not support Ron Paul. Anyone who excuses the most eggregious terror-supporter: Iran, should have their head examined.

    Ron Paul is an isolationist who would have let the Nazis gobble up Europe and the Islamists gobble up the ME. He would be selling weapons to every tin-pot dictator from Iran to Libya, including our friend Bashar Assad.

  40. Son of Damascus


    No I don’t peddle buttons, and I am not that far West sadly 😦

    What made you think I am in Montreal (was it the Bloc comment) ?

    Anyways Husam please understand that secularism is not a bad word, Islam and religion in general are an important part of our history and identity, but that does not mean it should dictate our governance. You asked me about what country you have both existing hand in hand and your answer for that is the US. It is a secular state that has and continues to be influenced by Judeo-Christian ethics, from the constitution to all way to its currency.

    I would like to ask you this

    Can a religious party run in a secular country? Can a secular party run in a religious country (where there is no clear cut separation between state and Church/Mosque/Synagogue…)

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