Keep your nationalism, Buzz-off mine, By SYRIAN HAMSTER

A Word from OFF THE WALL

I have been having some exchanges with Syrian Hamster, we both have felt depressed over the past couple of days as we have been sharing our own facebook experiences and some reading material. He said that he already started to write some thing along these lines. So here it is:

Syrian Hamster Says

Every once in a while I write in a depressed mood. On such occasions, my ideas are less lucid, more random, and far less connected to reality and to each others than the disaster zone they normally are. Here is my hurricane for today, a volcano is in the making and the deluge is in your future.

I will start by quoting from some younger germs on facebook, who are far smarter than I am as they address a friend of theirs who is a die hard men7ebaakji:

!!!غريب جداً أن تشعر بإهانة هويتك القومية فقط إثر قرار وصفه نظامك التحفة بأنو “حبر على ورق”، ورجف قفاك وشرت مخطتك من هول الحماس الوطني وطلعت تكسر سفارات وترقص بالساحات وتتنصل من العروبة وتطلعي بنظريات شوفينية هبلة، وما حسسك بالإهانة الوطنية كسوري وتفتخر، مناظر سوريين مقيدين عم يتدعوسوا من 8 أشهر لهلأ، وأطفال مقلوعة الأظافر ومدن سورية تحاصر وتقصف وتقطع عنها أساسيات الحياة. ليك .. من بعد إذن قوميتك: حلّ عن قوميتي

In English:

It is rather odd that you feel an insult to your nationalism only after a decision that was described by your precious regime as being “mere ink on paper”, and your ass shook, you dripped from the nose being so hyper-enthusiastic, and you went out demolishing embassies, dancing in public squares, and absolving yourself of your Arabism while pontificating idiotic chauvinistic theories, and you never felt nationalistic insult as a proud Syrian when you witnessed tied Syrians being stepped on for eight months, children with pulled nails, and Syrian cities  besieged, bombarded, and prevented from the basic necessities of life. Hey listen, with permission from you nationalism, buzz-off my nationalism. 

Now the Rant

After the eventual success of the revolution, many of us will face  a tough challenge of looking friends and family members, those we dearly loved, and may have admired, looking them in the face and asking them to tell us what made them support tyranny, justify murder, and equivocate, and still think that they are the patriots. Very few of us will be capable of understanding the psychology, for it is not as simple as the Stockholm syndrome. I have heard of families broken as one spouse stubbornly insists on supporting the rights of the Syrian people while the other actively participate in suppressing those rights.

There is no denial that Arab league proposed sanctions have turned many from being neutral, if not sympathetic to the revolution into hate mongering chauvinism, blasting the “uncivilized Bedouins” of Arabia, and threatening them of withholding civility from them as they are withholding food from us (Syrians). The person who wrote such nonsense is a very respectable mild mannered person who forgets that if it wasn’t for a Bedouin chieftain called Sharif Hussein, and his external helper form England “Laurence of Arabia” he would be talking Turkish, hailing the Turkish flag and calling Erdogan his prime minister.  Granted the external help was mischievous then, and it is likely to be mischievous now, but it is nonetheless an interesting point of our history.

A relative of mine is coming unhinged. She posts regime propaganda with spiteful comments attached. She plasters her facebook wall and the walls of others with spiteful replies and still arguing that she is against shedding the blood of Syrians (kind of like one major SC bully), forgetting that the whole revolution is one huge convulsion on behalf of the sanctity of Syrian blood, as any other blood, and the integrity of those in whose veins this human blood flows before the veins are blasted open with regime goons’ projectiles sending this sanctified blood gushing out.

By Ali Ferzat, who is now recovering and going through intensive therapy to repair the damage to his precious hands wrought by Bashar's thugs

I will not address secularism, or sectarianism here, but I would like to address this Syrian superiority complex Vis-à-vis neighboring Arabs and the fraudulent image of Syria being a most influential country because of the genius foreign policy of the dead Assad and his foolish son. Off course this fake image serves the demi-god  cult and justifies the brutality of the regime for the sake of greatness of the nation. Burhan Ghalyoun addressed this issue in a very long essay titled “Syrian Foreign Policy or the End of The Imperialist Era –in Arabic”. His main thesis was that over the Years, and subject to a critical review of Hafez Assad unethical hostage holding foreign policy, it will only demonstrable that these policies were a failure. And that continuation of such policies will only lead to disastrous results at all levels. Burhan, writing in 2007, was both brilliant and prophetic in his analysis of the relationship between that policy and the cancerous parasitic economy that was becoming the state of affairs in Syria, and in his no nonsense exposure of the anemic nature of the Assads’ victories.

In the end, Syrians, and for forty years were being bombarded with false self congratulatory image of sacrificing for the Arabs, and of being a great regional power at par with Egypt and KSA, while in fact they were paying the price of the limited imagination and thuggish interference of their leaders and policy makers in the affairs of their neighbors as they sought to protect their rule and not the country. Granted, there may have been some limited tangible benefits to that, but the damage far outweighs the pseudo-empire of influence the regime was able to build on a rotten foundation of oppressing people on the inside and holding the region hostage on the outside, along with their southern hostage taker neighbor (Yup, Israel).

Syrians will have to come to terms with the real size of Syria, and instead of building alliances based on extending their influence through the bullying capacity of their friends, they will have to learn to build cooperative relationships with their neighbors and friends. This is not a call to dump Iran, but a call to normalize relationship with that country, nor it is  a call for turning inward, but a call for building ones own human capacity before building a useless set of tentacles that in the end are controlled by powers outside the control of the regime (e.g., Hezbullah). Syrians must recognize that a priority should be given to building the person, along with the infrastructure, both societal and physical.

So I would say to some Syrians: Syria is no superpower, it has no reason to be. Just learn to live with it. you will love it more, and on the way, you will love yourself far more than you pretend to do. I think this is what separates a revolutionary from the Menhebbak, the first wants a country, and the latter lives in a deranged dream of a pseudo-empire. I say, loose it, and learn to live with that.

It is unfortunate that many nations only learn humility after painful defeat or vicious civil war. Syrians know well the taste of humiliation and they have followed their leadership into an abyss of self deceptive sense of victories, mainly as a rationalization for the miserable states of human rights, development, and the sense of helplessness they had facing the Assads’ menace and coping with the Assads’ repeated defeats be them military, economic, or developmental. One of the primary reasons I am hopeful about this revolution is that it’s capitol is Homs for there is no other city in Syria whose inhabitants are more capable of self deprecating humor,  a sign of intelligence, and a pre-requisite for recovery from false impression of greatness. Don’t believe Aboud’s arrogance, for in his arrogance he is sarcastically not taking himself too seriously. The Homsis are taking their revolution dead serious, they are making it fun despite of the painful retribution of the monsters. Syrians should learn not to take themselves too seriously; it will help in the long and painful recovery. I am from Aleppo, and we are sinfully too prideful to be successful in making a revolution for democracy, equality, and human rights. Am I being an anti-halabi chauvinist here?, or am I being uncharacteristically self deprecating halabi? I’ll let you decide….


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  1. Dear Off The Wall,
    I apologize for addressing the Israel issue again. I had done it before I read your comment to AP. I will also refrain and get back to our discussion about Syria.

  2. It is a futile pursuit, indeed.
    I had almost the identical exchange about Chomsky with AP just one month ago – and he didn’t pay one lick of attention to the link with 70 citations of Chomsky’s work across disciplines, nor that he is one of worlds most highly regarded (commanding more than 10 times the respect and trust globally than someone like DP) in terms of his scholarship. Akbar is still calling him an “English” professor (!)…. ridiculous.

    but….. OTW has put this subject to rest for the time being…. praise the lord……

  3. Sheila, Zenobia,

    You wanna continue this discussion on another blog? I have an idea, we can hijack Landis’ website and then I wouldn’t feel so guilty…

  4. It is very interesting to watch on FB – every single Syrian person I know – posting and commenting on this interview of Assad with Barbara Walters. I saw the short version this morning and plan to watch the full Nightline interview tonight at 8 or 830 EST.
    It is really is mesmerizing. I think people are just dying to try to comprehend what is in his mind or what consciousness he has or doesn’t have – or how to explain such a capacity to put forth these types of denials and account for them in something that sounds rational.
    My friend Hasan – posted a definition of “psychopathology”, but of course I object because this not the right explanation.
    This not someone saying “yes i murdered the family and i don’t care”….it is much more bizarre and interesting than that.
    There was no murder, your ‘evidence’ is wrong. If there was a death it was an event without an agent. If there was an agent, the agent was someone else who I am not responsible for. If anyone is responsible, they are justified but x,y. and z.
    I told Hasan, you are looking in the wrong discipline, as I suggested to Haytham K – many weeks ago. Of course the cognitive process is a psychological one – one worth recognizing. But it can only occur within this structural context of who he is surrounded and the social bubble he is within and the entire meta-social psychology of it.
    There was a verbal pause of disfluency before he used the words “a leader who is crazy”…yes….everyone is now harping on this as a “slip”… but really is the specific man “crazy”?….or is the whole nuclear world he resides in crazy. I tend to think the latter.

  5. no Akbar. I don’t want to spend my energy diagnosing Daniel P’s problem. I want to stick with the president who says it’s not his military. Much much more interesting.

  6. You wanna continue this discussion on another blog? I have an idea, we can hijack Landis’ website and then I wouldn’t feel so guilty…

    LOL and Zenobia’s answer is also great. Some people with real intellect hang around here, obsessive compulsive, yes, but with intellect. Love it.

    We need An obsessive compulsive tail shaking rat

  7. This one is for Aboud –

    Aboud, I think Homs better start to build some defences for itself in face of an imminent special forces attack.

    How about getting hold of sandbags and building sandbag bunkers near important locations, or even brick-and-mortar walls to protect peoples; homes from bullets,

    Using barbed wire to protect civilan neighborhoods.

    Using iron beams, inclined in such a way and placed on people’s rooftops pointing upwards towards the sky, that it becomes dangerous for Special Forces soldiers to land on rooftops from helicopters;

    And most importantly, digging trenches all around town, especially in outlying areas like Bab Amr and Khaldiye, trenches at least 8 feet deep and 3 metres wide, some of these trenches can even be filled with mazout or gasoline and ignited in the event of an attack, creating a wall of fire, it will become doubly difficult for the Army to enter Homs,

    Placing sandbagged checkpoints mounted with machine guns and manned by FSA soldiers , on all major roads and intersections and in front of Mosques and Hospitals.

    Stocking bottles of acid and molotov cocktails inside homes in case of soldiers barging in, also arming women with chilly powder so that they can defend themsleves.

    Come on, Homsis are the most innovative and hardy people on earth, I know they will eventually come up with this and they can do it.

  8. Dear Zenobia
    I do tend to agree that the whole world he resides in is crazy. Ever read the Autumn of the Patriarch, some moments remind me of that book. But at the same time, you can not take the man away from his soldiers whom he just denied. The real issue is that they know his faults, but being vested in his survival the even exaggerate in exalting his brilliance. Off course he is not the prisoner of his condition as much as its primary maker.

    I believe that the revolution should now jump into creating a major campaign exposing him to the soldiers and shabeeha. Showing them with translation that he is denying that he has control over them and thus even denying them the false safety of “i was following orders” defunct excuse I think played well, this interview will result in major split from the army for different reasons.

    1. Disgust
    2. He proved that he does not take his role as the commander in chief seriously
    3. He demonstrated that he is willing to sacrifice all of them for the sake of his neck.

    I have not seen the interview, but I am seeing even some loyalists starting to find his giggles and laughs to be a source of mild-disgust. This will be the most catastrophic of his interviews, again, the SNC should make serious attempt at milking every single denial to the hilt.

  9. well nobody should have any problem milking it. He looks and sounds absurd….
    I will wait to see the whole thing to say more about it…but…in short version he mainly chuckled when he said that having an ambassador at the United Nations didn’t really mean anything in terms of any ‘credibility’ of the body….”it’s just a game we play”…. hmmm.

    however, i am not convinced that this type of thing has any real impact on loyalists really. Followers and loyalists are called “loyalists” for a reason…. they are always willing to fall on their sword to keep their leader out of the frying pan (sorry for mixing metaphors)…. think of a zillion other examples…or Ronald Reagan.. saying he had no idea about Iran/Contra etc…. there are always fall guys…
    this is a much more insidious situation obviously, because no wrong doing is even being admitted to – so there isn’t really a problem of who to blame for it. The level of hysterical defense of the leader… will probably be awe inspiring… up till the moment it all falls apart but until then…..
    The loyalists who would admit to atrocities…. have justifications ready for those atrocities and violations…. they don’t care if the were ‘specifically’ ordered…or it was just understood.
    the nature of a mafia structure is the deliberate splitting of chains of command and information so that no one knows more than they need to know to care out their own separate role in the machine…they are just a cog in the apparatus of death….so to speak…. there is no blame because the enterprise is divided up mechanistically to the point where no person really is responsible for the total outcome… (of course I mean theoretically…. eventually we as a world society decide how and who to hold responsible despite these mechanisms of denial and dissolution of responsibility)…..

  10. NK,

    I am so sorry, I am the confused one! (NK, NZ, NA…uffff) 🙂 My head is swamped over with project deadlines and I can’t seem to focus this past couple of days. It was actually meant for NZas he has sent me a message regarding God, etc… and was anticipating an answer or clarification.

    I do read and enjoy your comments, always.

  11. Below I summarize a news bit sent by friend instead of cut-and-paste

    0. Turkey joins the Arab Sanction.
    1. Syria levies 30% Tax on Turkish goods in a knee jerk reaction that pleased the regime loyalists eager for “National Honor”

    2. Syria doubled the fees on Turkish trucks and caused major havoc for their passing through Syria. Again pleasing those seeking fake national honor.

    4. Turkey, within a day time establishes new sea routes to Lebanon, and Egypt and land routes through Iraq.

    5. Turkey levies 30% tax on Syrian goods, and start prohibiting Syrian turcks older than 20 years from entering Turkish territories with fully legitimate EU standards compliance.

    6. Syria starts easing Turkish truck traffic

    “They are sawing off the branch they’re sitting on,” Turkish Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan told reporters in televised remarks from Istanbul. “These aren’t moves that a country with such a need for cash and a seriously pressured economy should be making.”

    “It’s very easy for us to bypass Syria,” said the economy minister, who is responsible for foreign trade. He warned that Turkey would respond “in multitudes” to any threat to its

    My Analysis.
    Now. Here is also a simple analysis. Turkish export to Syria 1.5 Billion Euros, Syria’s export in the range of 450 Millions, but represent a much larger percentage of total Syrian export than that of Turkey’s part of export.

    Tax on Turkish good will probably be absorbed by the upper class and can still be sold since selling in Syria has a high mark-up, despite of the declining trade. However, tax on Syrian exports, slated for re-export to central Asian Turkish countries will make such trade not very profitable and will result in abandoning Syrian goods to an eagerly waiting Iraqi, Jordanian, and Egyptian exporters.

    Turkey loses little
    Syria loses big

  12. OTW & Zenobia:

    Do you really think that all this stuff being frozen for the average Syria is a good thing? Some people will starve as many await money transfers from family to make it through the month all over the M.E. I thought it was a money restriction involving Syria (to & from) but what does Lebanon and UAE have to do with it….

    The average Syria is getting hit with it ouside of Syria. OTW, the debit/visa card of your friend probably belongd to a Syrian bank right? My story is the bank was a Lebanese Bank going to UAE, nothing to do with Syria (only because the account holder is Syrian).!!

  13. Finally, finally Sheila and Zenobia arrive!!

    I realized that 3 years ago about AP. I have nothing against him as a person, a jew, etc… but when you hear the same songs and album over and over till it becomes sickening. It is a dead end everytime…that was my whole point (until Aboud) bashed me.

  14. Husam
    No i don’t think it is right for Syrians. I have never been a fan of economic sanctions to start with. And yes, it was a Syrian Bank issued card.

    I would appreciate anyone telling me on the mechanism through which US treasure Dept can block transactions from third and fourth parties. ?

  15. what does that mean exactly – third and fourth parties?

  16. I meant from non US non Syrian bank to non US non Syrian Banks, with US and Syria being first and second parties, and the other two third and fourth.

  17. Zenobia:

    You can spend all kinds of time trying to analyze the psyche of Bashar or finding just the proper buzz word to describe him. However, the mind is a very complicated map each with its own unique footprint. You will never understand a criminal mind no matter how hard you try (partly because you are not one). Here we have a criminal with power who’s supported by system which is 40 years in the making.

    It is far deeper than a giggle or two. I don’t believe he is stupid for 2 seconds as if that was the case, he would not have lasted 11+ years. The system no longer fits in this century and its the time has lapsed. Just like a solid (yes, for better or worse the system was solid) car that has been on the road for 20 odd years.

    I keep repeating: Bashar and his 100 top key people isn’t the only problem, it is a rotted out system which is deeply rooted. Removing him is just the beginning; there are another 100,000 that are… oh horribly dark as well.

    Just like Obama is a mouthpiece for the system, so is Bashar.

  18. OTW,

    I can scan the refusal from the bank and post the refusal from the bank if further proof is needed. Both the sending bank and receiving banks don’t branches in Syria or in any way affiliated with Syria. None of them have Syrian shareholders either.

    I suspect that the bank has to, among other things, disclose the nationality or origin of the sender or/and the recipient.

    …and they not only refused. but classified it in their records in the US. Not that I have anything to hide or worry about but it is just more dent to privacy issues and +1 for uncle Sam.

  19. Husam
    Your word is enough, I was merely asking about the technical part of it. Is it that all transactions have to go through US banks? or something like that. Mere curiosity about technicalities and not doubting your story. MY concerns are slightly similar to yours with respect to privacy and economic freedom. And furthermore, I am also very concerned with the possibility that once restrictions and sanctions are imposed on individuals who have nothing to do with the regime, it will be near impossible to lift them without long and tedious process. It is easier to ruin someones life than to rebuild it is such is recorded against them as opposed to being a blanket refusal, we really need a banker here to answer some of these questions.

  20. A new brigade with three new battalions, plus opening the door for volunteers

    a major escalation ?

  21. My brother, who is a permanent resident in the US, has an account in an investment bank here. He was informed that his account was frozen because he had an address in Syria on his paperwork. Luckily, he also holds a European passport and was able to unfreeze the account. Had he been stuck with his Syrian passport, that account would still be frozen. My other brother who only has a Syrian passport is completely screwed. When he came to visit me here in the US, he was unable to use any of his credit cards. He had to pay cash for everything. He has an account in London that was frozen. He’s had this account for over 30 years. He can not even use Western Union in Syria to send money for his Philipino house keeper.
    Bottom line, it is a mess for Syrians on the inside, but come to think of it, who really needs all this fluff other than the well to do? The rest of the population will not be affected by this, but will be affected by the lack of the basics and the rapid inflation.

  22. I also watched that little bit of the interview. It was literally painful to watch. He came across as a stupid delusional liar. For him to deny knowing anything about Kashoush or Ferzat is pathetic to say the least. If he thinks that this is a smart PR move, then I truly feel sorry for this poor imbecile.
    I do not know if I can muster the power to watch the whole think without throwing up.

  23. @Husam,
    Actually, he as an individual personality doesn’t interest me very much. I was merely bringing the subject again because every time he speaks – the web goes wild with such analyses, and I find it interesting how he gets characterized and in what form.
    Even the word “criminal” is not particularly salient to me – because it is a legal term, not a psychological term. It seems too obvious to talk about what illegal (human rights wise) actions have been taken by the authorities and the system over which he presides.
    But since NK is around I will just reiterate – my preference for applying the social psychological to the situation and offering the thought that – the leader’s way of answering and handling these questions is reflective of the whole and gives some worry. What will any “escalation” bring? these battalions are defectors – in physical terms and have made significant choices not to ‘obey’ the leadership they had, but they are still soldiers and they still born out of system that rationalizes violence in a very particular way. Are these combatants by virtue of having taken the step of “switching sides”…. changing allegiances, therefore somehow self selected to be able to resist the pull to commit human rights violations when they are up against a new target (ie their previous group)? Are they somehow different from the whole that they defected from? If so, what are those differences? an aspect of moral conscience, as we might wish to believe, or is it really a result of different identifications and bonds that have pulled them into a different group – that will simply represent a new allegiance but not different methods…. nor different standards of engagement in what would likely be a violent conflict.
    Nobody yet knows the answer to these issues.

    I just thought it interesting that Milgram had been mentioned for the second time on this blog in just a matter of weeks, as I had brought it up on Nov.20 when I was addressing Haytham on the “Bashar Delusional Detachment” post.
    At that time I said:
    “These historical circumstances are the product not of an individual personality – although certain a lack of imagination, intellect, leadership, and exceptional character can certainly be blamed…..Bashar is a ill equipped man embedded in a complex system and structure with no personal ability to change that structure or the strong character that would be required to challenge it or think himself out of it. He is simply incapable.

    Take your mind to social psychology instead, it is much more interesting and helpful.

    I prefer not to talk of evil. But if we must then I should ask you to turn to Hannah Arendt’s “Banality of Evil”…. her treatise on Eichmann. Not everyone will agree with her conclusions, but I am pretty sure it is what you are looking for and alluding to…. evil does not require psychopaths, sociopaths and maniacs, so to speak, it can flow from the absence of free thinking and from simply obedience to evil ideology that does the thinking for you. I recommend you set your sights in the arena of social psychology because it offers so much more to the picture of actions that are taken not in isolation in an interpersonal context …The arena we are talking about it an entire power structure and society – and in this – once can only analyze the individual’s role and response to that context…. the authoritarian context.
    It is more helpful to think about the obedience studies, beginning with the most famous – Stanley Milgram obedience studies… or the infamous Stanford prison experiments of Philip Zimbardo. These are decades old now – and much has been done on their backs….but the lessons hold true to this day…
    It takes an exceptional character NOT to commit ‘evil’ when people are embedded in an ‘evil’ system…. and when they lack that strength of character to in fact RESIST the pressure to conform to the obedience that is demanded of them – or the role that they are expected to play…. then they will in fact follow the easiest route of compliance with that ideology and structure around them.

  24. Sheila’s descriptions of her brothers’ trials with the bank account and the credit cards was also what I heard about… from a few here. Quite amazing.

  25. No Peace, obviously

    I have nothing against him as a person, a jew, etc… but when you hear the same songs and album over and over till it becomes sickening.


    Did you see the interview with Bashar Assad? Now THAT’S sickening. A boy crowned by his ruthless father to control millions of poor Arabs for over 40 years. Tens of thousands dead due to the Assad family’s disregard for the people they’re supposed to govern.

    So what is it with all these Arab despots? I really don’t get it. Colonel Gaddafi the King of Sun Glasses, Flowing Robes, and bombed commercial airliners and German cafes? Shotgun waving President Saddam Hussein the saviour of Kuwait known for Iraqi mass graves and the gas clouds of Halabja. And now President Bashar Assad, the western educated “resistance leader” whose family has now killed over 30000 of his own people though he isn’t really responsible for this and certainly not guilty of anything. What wonderful leaders I must say. Who else? Mubarak, the various Kings and Princes, the Presidents-for-Life, and the Iranian anti-semite.

    But, anyway, it’s good to know that none of these unfortunate personalities is preventing peace in the ME. As one participant here states, it is people like me (and the content of my post) that is at fault:

    If you read your post, you can understand why there is no peace in the Middle East.

  26. See the new post, the full text is there.
    This delusional piece of crap to the question about the cartoonist who criticized him “many people criticize me, did they kill them all?”

    What an uncivilized, uneducated, stupid, asinine and teen like, immature answer. So unless he (oops, they) obliterate and kill every single person who is critical, then he is not dictator.

    And then he tries to pontificate about the difference between dictatorship and dictators. What bugs me the most is that Barbara Walters called him highly educated and calm. Waite for the Syrian press to carry the water with these words to non end.

    This interview should have been conducted by Christiana Amanpour, if not possible, then Chris Matthews, or if not possible then Joe Scarborough.

  27. Sheila:

    The “well to do” is connected to the “not so well to do” and average person is effected in Syria. I want to send money to Syria to help my aunt who is in dire need and I am having difficulty… I have to wait until somebody that knows somebody in my city is going to Syria. Also, when small business people can’t get paid, then they can’t pay their employees… it is a domino’s effect.

    I just did not know that because a Syrian address was used when I opened the account 10 years that would be an issue in a “wire transfer” as I never saw my address on the wire document. What you said was on the money, I just got an email from my manager that a Foreign passport will do but the transfer will have to go through a europe instead of J.P. Morgan.

    I guess Chase / Morgan have to be the facilitator bank if it is in US funds even if you are using non US banks.

    The point that bugs me, is why people like your brother got screwed? Any Syrian is targeted now.

  28. Zenobia, OTW:

    With all due respect, a criminal and bozo-stupid are two different things. I don’t think ours is a stupid and a criminal at the same time. The way I see it: he is simply and cleverly covering his tracks. I don’t see him pulling the trigger on himself. He is already setting the stage for the 5% chance (in his mind), that if he ever gets tried he will keep this story in tug. Basically “I didn’t order shoot-to-kill”, and “our intelligence was that there were infiltrators and foreign invaders” and “my commanders made mistakes and lied to me, I was doing my best”.

    Whether this will fly and the circumstances around a possible trial at the Hague is what prompts him to sound delusional.

    Kill me if you will, but I do agree with him about the circus inside the U.N., sorry OTW.

  29. Thanks OTW for your confidence. I will manage for my affairs, but I hate blanket policies… it really bothered me. Iam sure the those who are well off will manage and find ways to move big amounts, but the little guy running an honest business or a family to family transfer become very difficult for them.

    I was only 8 years old when I learned the word “maf’ud” means. I never thought it would happen again in my lifetime.

  30. AP:

    I heard that song all last year. If you ever change your tune or find new lyrics that can be hummed by both Syrians & Israelis alike or you retire from your dollar-a-comment job then let me know. Otherwise, scream as loud as you want, nowadays my ears only hear SYRIA.

  31. Otherwise, scream as loud as you want, nowadays my ears only hear SYRIA.


    FYI, it is my policy to only comment on the situation on Syria, because I respect the purpose of this forum. However, I reserve the right to respond to posts that “veer off the subject”. I would urge forum members to stay focused on Syria or I may challenge what they have to say. To wit:

    – Posts about being arrest by Israeli security and what is “Kuffar” (Khalid Tlass above)
    – Posts about where Jews can live, the evil of a “Jewish State”, and the “honorable” Noam Chomsky (Sheila above)


    What is it going to take to prevent Assad from appearing with Baba Wawa a second time?

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