When ICG briefs, we all should read! and…. think

International Crisis Group

The International Crisis Group (ICG) most recent middle east policy briefing No 31 on Syria, titled “Uncharted Waters: Thinking Through Syria’s Dynamics” is  a demonstration of  the brilliance of Peter Harling, the ICG’s Project Director, for Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.  The report, linked above is a must read by anyone interested or involved even if remotely to the Syrian revolution. Below, i will only present a part of the report’s conclusion, and hope that all of us get the chance to read it and comment on it. I received it yesterday, but was not able to view my email until now.

 Conclusion (part of it), please read the full report here

That the current crisis and future transition present enormous risks is not a reason to defend a regime that offers no solution and whose sole strategy appears to be to create greater hazards still. Optimally, this would be the time for third-party mediation leading to a negotiated transition. Yet, there is little sign of that either. The recent Arab League initiative rightly insisted that the regime end its attacks against peaceful protesters. But popular demonstrations are precisely what the regime fears most, making such an undertaking virtually unthinkable. The League has demanded – and the regime in principle accepted – the dispatch of foreign observers. But the authorities have far more to hide than to put on display; they will acquiesce only to the extent outsiders corroborate the existence of armed groups and only insofar as they are prevented from documenting security forces’ crimes. The regime also has pledged to hold municipal elections and reform the constitution, but neither step comes close to matching the depth of the crisis.

Even rhetorically, the regime is not suggesting willingness to compromise. Al-Dunia, its semi-official television station, is more belligerent than ever. In his latest interview, Assad flatly denied that civilians had been shot by the security services; by his count, the sum total of 619 victims comprised protesters accidentally killed in crossfire with armed gangs; individuals targeted by sectarian attacks; and loyalists. Meanwhile, conservative estimates put the number of fatalities at 3,500 (excluding members of the security services and army), most as a result of regime violence.



  1. We have no trust in the regime, we have no hope that the regime will do the right reform,the reason the regime has not accepting the AL observers is the number of death is far exceed what publicly has been admitted,by some estimate is over 20,000,those in jail are over 100,000.atrocities will be exposed,the regime is afraid that his crimes will be known.


  2. Khaled Tlass
    I have just lifted restrictions on your posting. You are welcomed to post again, within site rules I hope.

    All three comments you made during the ban are now posted in their appropriate sequence.



  3. Dear Zenobia
    The report provides a wealth of background material for thinking. I don’t really know where to start from. But I have several comments. I hope to muster the energy to write something later. But for now my first reaction is that the report draws a very pessimistic conclusion.


  4. Majed Khaldoun, I always thought the numbers are much higher than stated. They’ve been shelling Homs and Hama for over 6 months. I am sure that entire families had been wiped off. How can any person allow this to happen, how can he justify murder. Another infamous family that will be uprooted. The cost is anyone’s guess?

    In Libya to oust the despicable and his sons, to uproot Libya’s infamous family, 80,000 Libyans were killed and 200, 000 injured. A Libyan friend told me.


  5. OTW

    “But for now my first reaction is that the report draws a very pessimistic conclusion.”

    The outcome will indeed be dire if the opposition fails to reach out more than it has to other groups in Syria, especially the Alawites. Only a fool would dismiss outright the possibility of a Sunni-Alawite alliance; afterall, who would have thought a month ago that 18 Arab countries would actually agree on anything and come out so forcefully against Besho’s atrocious behaviour.


  6. I found the ICG report’s recommendations to be interesting – it agrees the regime has no interest in democracy or negotiations, yet it opposes any military or economic means of trying to force the regime to go (or even threats in that direction) – the only recommendations are more negotiations and yet another attempt at a lukewarm UN resolution. I suspect the time wasted doing that will only lead to the worst outcomes the report fears.

    [fair disclosure – I happen to be one of your Unfriendly Neighbourhood Zionists]


  7. the assadist brutality has no limit, kids! kids for god’s sake!
    notice the crucifix necklace the mother is wearing.


  8. Dear SGNLID
    I removed the embedding from the clips. As you know, the link is still there for all who want to see the clips.

    With every crime like this, the thug and his goons make it harder to reach a safe conclusion to this crisis, which is of their own making.


  9. Hello Y, welcome to our corner of the Internet.

    “the only recommendations are more negotiations and yet another attempt at a lukewarm UN resolution”

    No, that’s not how I understood the report’s conclusions. The report criticizes the opposition for not facing head on the realities of Syria’s communal tensions, and the fears and apprehensions the “silenced” segments of Syria’s society have for a post-Baath Syria (although the regime has managed to make current-Baath Syria as bad, if not worse, than anything that can come after it).

    The report implies that a greater effort must be made on the part of the opposition to reassure hesitant groups. Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, not everyone is willing to revolt over the “small” matter of 4,000 dead fellow countrymen and tens of thousands of prisoners. To some, personal safety and self interest overrides all other concerns.

    A Christian businessman, for example, knows very well what the cost of opposing the regime will be; imprisonment, torture, his sons killed, his house burned, his relatives denouncing him on state TV. He is not so clear on what kind of a Syria or movement he will be enduring all of the above for. He cannot put all his eggs in the basket of the SNC and Burhan Ghalyon’s generosity and humanity when they rule a post-junior Syria. He needs to see someone just like him prominently represented on the SNC.

    Which is why the regime murdered Meshaal Temmo, a veteran Kurdish activist and member of the SNC.


  10. In 1963, John Kennedy said these words in West Berlin;

    “Two thousand years ago the proudest boast was civis Romanus sum [“I am a Roman citizen”]. Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is “Ich bin ein Berliner!”

    Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is “Ana Homsi”


  11. Aboud
    Excellent post. Every one in the SNC must read ICG report and should be cognizant of the regime’s success in creating the allusion of fully coupling the fate of 10% of Syrians with the fate of a few hundreds and in creating fear and uncertainties and anxieties in a substantial percentage. This will be hard to break, but once it starts cracking, it will cascade.

    Part of the problem, which is not addressed in the ICG report is the prevalence of the totalitarian language and tools after 40+ years of bombardment with lies and made up stories of fake resistance, empty and meaningless perception of National honor.


  12. Pro-regime news agencies have gotten evidence that the child sari was killed by armed millitants, it’s pretty convincing. I don’t think he was killed by pro-regime forces.


  13. The violence is spilling into Iraq with the Sadr Shabbeha getting attacked before they reach Syria as claimed in this video.


  14. Hypocrisy alert:

    “طالباني: نرفض التدخل العسكري الأجنبي في سورية ”

    “Talibani [the Iraqi president]: We reject foreign military intervention in Syria.”

    It was okay in Iraq, but not in Syria.


  15. The Syrian case is going to the Security Council shortly. However, we have to tackle some hard questions first. The presence of the Russian naval base is one of the challenges. Any military-type mandate over Syria means mandate over the base, too. We will have Russian veto for that. I trying to formulate some recommendations for the people in charge.


  16. Haytham, Russia isn’t about to alienate the GCC for the sake of junior. If the GCC are firm enough, Russia will abstain at the Security Council. The price of European, Turkish and American support till now will probably be the closing down of the Russian naval base.

    Russia will just have to be told that if it wants a base post-Besho, it will need to start to play nice with the opposition.

    Please convey to your friends how impressed I’ve been in how far they have come. Still alot of work to be done, but uniting the Syrian people was no small feat, and being seen in the world’s capitals was a major boost. Besho can’t even get on a plane ride to Iran without worrying about a coup at home.


  17. I was very moved when I watched this. These are the talents buried by the regime. When in free tolerant society, they flower with creativity beyond anything decades of indoctrinated shabee7a training camps the baath has come with for the youth. Husam was right, and I raise my hat to him and to all of the brilliant people in Canada who are facing one of the most notorious pro-regime communities in with creativity. Watch it, it is sublime


  18. Haytham, the best way to get someone behind you on an idea, is to let them believe that they were the ones to first think of it. Russia realizes that the SS Beshotanic is a doomed ship. So, the SNC should approach the Russians and tell them “you know, we are really concerned about a post-Baath country. We’d like to open a dialogue with representatives from the Alawite community, but we are worried that there has been too much bad blood between us. Could you possibly act as a mediator to some form of reconciliation?”

    Getting the Russians involved in some sort of post-Baath reconciliation process makes them stakeholders in the process, with their prestige on the line. Give them a way to play a constructive role, because right now their policy just consists of screwing the West for getting screwed by them over Libya. But if the Russians are allowed to believe that they are major players in a reconciliation process, that would let them avoid being seen as “The Bad Guys”, and Russia hates being seen in that light.

    Now, with regards to Mu’alik’s horror show press conference. Guys, everytime that man gives a press briefing, it’s worth a million man march to us. What idiot thought that it would be a good idea to spring the most atrocious and horrifying clip on an unsuspecting international press corp. No reputable press agency in their right mind would make their viewers suffer such scenes. Not once did either Arabiya or Al Jazeera show anything half as horrific in eight months of protests. Oh yeah, and the cheesy horror movie music did not help one bit.

    The rest of Mualik’s press conference was more of the usual; conspiracy conspiracy plot plot wa wa the world is being unfair to us conspiracy conspiracy plot plot. Dude, if there really was a conspiracy, why are you preaching and whining to the very same people who are supposed to be conspiring against you? That’s like debating socialism with a Wall Street Banker about to cash a cheque courtesy of a massive government bailout.

    The Baathist foreign diplomats have proven themselves woefully inadequate to the challenges they faced. Where is the shrewdness Papa Athad supposedly cultivated among Baathist diplomats? Mualik didn’t win one convert in his press conference, but his outrageous horror clip will have added yet another example of eccentric behavior among the Baathist political class.


  19. Why was the Christian child killed by the anti-regime ppl ? I thought the Christians in Syria are neutral, why did they have to kill him ? Or was it accidental ?


  20. Antoine:

    First of all, we do not know who killed him.
    Second, he was a bystander when the shooting erupted. Nobody knows what was the reason for the shooting.


  21. أحـمـــد مـطـــر


    له لسانُ مُدَّعٍ ..
    يصولُ في شوارعِ الشَّامِ كسيفِ عنترة
    يكادُ يلتَّفُ على الجولانِ والقنيطرة
    مقاومٌ … لم يرفعِ السِّلاحَ
    لمْ يرسل إلى جولانهِ دبابةً أو طائرةْ
    لم يطلقِ النّار على العدوِ
    لكنْ حينما تكلَّمَ الشّعبُ
    صحا من نومهِ
    و صاحَ في رجالهِ ..
    مؤامرة !
    مؤامرة !
    و أعلنَ الحربَ على الشَّعبِ
    و كانَ ردُّهُ على الكلامِ ..
    مقاومٌ يفهمُ في الطبِّ كما يفهمُ في السّياسةْ
    استقال مِن عيادةِ العيونِ
    كي يعملَ في ”عيادةِ الرئاسة”
    فشرَّحَ الشّعبَ ..
    و باعَ لحمهُ وعظمهُ
    و قدَّمَ اعتذارهُ لشعبهِ ببالغِ الكياسةْ
    عذراً لكمْ ..
    يا أيَّها الشَّعبُ
    الذي جعلتُ من عظامهِ مداسا
    عذراً لكم ..
    يا أيَّها الشَّعبُ
    الذي سرقتهُ في نوبةِ الحراسةْ
    عذراً لكم ..
    يا أيَّها الشَّعبُ الذي طعنتهُ في ظهرهِ
    في نوبةِ الحراسةْ
    عذراً ..
    فإنْ كنتُ أنا ”الدكتورَ” في الدِّراسهْ
    فإنني القصَّابُ و السَّفاحُ ..
    و القاتلُ بالوراثةْ !

    دكتورنا ”الفهمانْ”
    يستعملُ السّاطورَ في جراحةِ اللسانْ
    مَنْ قالَ : ” لا ” مِنْ شعبهِ
    في غفلةٍ عنْ أعينِ الزَّمانْ
    يرحمهُ الرحمنْ
    بلادهُ سجنٌ ..
    و كلُّ شعبهِ إما سجينٌ عندهُ
    أو أنَّهُ سجَّانْ
    بلادهُ مقبرةٌ ..
    أشجارها لا تلبسُ الأخضرَ
    لكنْ تلبسُ السَّوادَ و الأكفانْ
    حزناً على الإنسانْ
    أحاكمٌ لدولةٍ ..
    مَنْ يطلقُ النَّارَ على الشَّعبِ الذي يحكمهُ
    أمْ أنَّهُ قرصانْ ؟
    لا تبكِ يا سوريّةْ
    لا تعلني الحدادَ
    فوقَ جسدِ الضحيَّة
    لا تلثمي الجرحَ
    و لا تنتزعي الشّظيّةْ
    القطرةُ الأولى مِنَ الدَّمِ الذي نزفتهِ
    ستحسمُ القضيّةْ
    قفي على رجليكِ يا ميسونَ ..
    يا بنتَ بني أميّةْ
    قفي كسنديانةٍ ..
    في وجهِ كلِّ طلقةٍ و كلِّ بندقية
    قفي كأي وردةٍ حزينةٍ ..
    تطلعُ فوقَ شرفةٍ شاميّةْ
    و أعلني الصرَّخةَ في وجوههمْ
    و أعلني الصَّرخةَ في وجوههمْ


  22. Strip its legitimacy not our food

    I’m in total divergence with many items of the newly imposed economic sanctions by AL. AL folks could have taken other more effective actions which could hurt the Betho’ spine from head to toes instead of targeting Ali’s piece of bread and John’s tank of oil, political sanctions such as withdrawing ambassadors, recognising SNC, and kicking out Bathissits from Arab land are way effective by far.

    I’m afraid their economic hard-line message to Betho will benefit only Betho and his cronies who’re already in control of all smuggling business and surely will lead to put more cash on their pockets which eventually will take a spin or two in the Lebanese money laundry arena to end up legit somewhere on this planet. Their tactic of “let’s starve Syrians so they rebel and protest more” is no good as Syrians are already self-motivated and marching the streets and maybe to the contrary a man might feel more encouraged to go out and protest when his kids are satisfied with full tummies. Stupid economic sanctions will deviate the focus of people from fighting for their freedom to fighting for their food.


  23. @ Antoine

    Out of 4000 martyrs you only inquired about this Christian kid!!! Are you for real?

    @ Haytham & Aboud

    “Russians involved in some sort of post-Baath reconciliation process makes them stakeholders in the process”

    Such a statement alarms me from head to toe, inviting more stakeholders to play in the new Syria will lead to one miserable end called “Lebanon”. We all know how many countries were (are) playing in Lebanon and look at their Lebanese pathetic state.


  24. True, just because a country is involved in a peace process, doesn’t mean they get to set policy after it is over. Does Qatar set policy in Lebanon, despite the Doha agreement?

    Sad fact is, the revolution is going to need alot more allies and alot more active involvement from Syrians and regional players if we hope to see a resolution any time soon. Or we can go it alone, and fight a grinding war which the regime has no hope of winning, but which will drag on for alot longer than it otherwise might.


    “Why was the Christian child killed by the anti-regime ppl ? I thought the Christians in Syria are neutral, why did they have to kill him ? Or was it accidental ?”

    Do you know for a fact that he was killed by the thawar? In any case, whoever killed him, the ultimate responsibility lies with Bashar the Failed Dictator. It is due to his bungling, his ineptitude that we are where we are now, with Syrians on both sides of the political spectrum losing their lives. I grieve for the conscript soldier killed at a checkpoint as much as I do for a man shot by a sniper in Khaldia while getting bread for his family. The regime has cynically used the Alawite community to prop itself up, and they are as much a victim of these events as anyone else.


  25. I was enquiring about the child, becoz it is uncharacterestic of the Thawar to kill children for who they are. I am all for killing Shabbi7a etc. but why kill a child ? This is just what the regime does.


  26. Dear True:

    Every human being is important. If you banalize one, you banalize all. This kid should not have been killed. Whoever killed him is a criminal. Nothing, justify a civil-war-like situation. Whose responsibility for that. I think all of us should assume responsibility and prevent a civil war.


  27. The kid probably got killed by stray bullets during fighting between FSA and Army.

    Good news from Idlib :


  28. You know those clips of dead bodies Waled Mu’alik showed? They are actually from Lebanon 2008.

    And some more

    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiidiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot! This is the brains behind the regime’s strategy in handling the revolution; lie and whine about conspiracies. Lie and whine about plots. Lie and bitch that the whole world is conspiring and plotting to conspire and plot to carry out plots and conspiracies against ze eye doctor prezident.


  29. You got that right Aboud

    The images presented by Walid al-Muallem depicting insurgents in Syria are actually stolen pics from FB for young Lebanese men from Tripoli taken during clashes in the Bab-al-Tbaneh and Jabal Mohsen in Tripoli/Lebanon, the hanged Egyptian guy on the power post in ketermaya/Lebanon, and young Druz fighters when Hizbuallh occupied parts of Beirut and Jabal el-Druz just before Doha conference. This is so cheap and disgusting, I can’t believe that the of Betho’s diplomacy is debating based on forged videos by addounia tv.


    We refuted all these videos back in the days on SC and kicked Menhebak’s bums BUT who would have thought that the Menhebaks are actually way ahead of time than this deeb al-Mualik (Aboud©).


  30. True

    “We refuted all these videos back in the days on SC”

    Indeed we did. I guess Mu’alik doesn’t read Syria Comment har har har (btw someone came up with the term Mu’alik on this forum before, can’t remember who though).

    Proof to a Baathist is Besho putting on a Ar’or disguise, setting a house on fire, and then accusing Ar’or of committing arson. The problem is even Besho himself would believe it. You just can’t negotiate or reason with people who have such a tenuous grip on reality.


  31. Honestly someone has to remind those dweebs that it’s 2011 not 1980s, people now share an archive things forever!!! Their Bathists’ retarded mentality prevents them from realising the surrounding while buttlicking for each other!!

    This regime is gone by all means and I’m hoping for a sudden collapse for this temple before emerging into a civil war and for that reason I decided to head to Syria to witness this historical moment actually it’s THE MOMENT. I want to celebrate this moment in Homs and only Homs, I hope you have a couch for me to crash Aboud 🙂


  32. أشار إلى أهمية تعاون دمشق مع جامعة الدول العربية
    خطاب للدبلوماسية الروسية يتعامل مع الأزمة السورية برؤية جديدة

    خلال لقائه مع السفراء العرب، أعلن وزير الخارجية الروسي سيرجي لا فروف أن بلاده ترحب وتدعم كافة الجهود من أجل ايجاد
    حلول لتسوية الازمة في سورية، واشار لأهمية تعاون دمشق مع جامعة الدول العربية، واعتماد سبل الحوار الوطني في حل كافة المشاكل السياسية الداخلية.

    وكانت وزارة الخارجية الروسية قد اصدرت بيانا حول قرار جامعة الدول العربية بفرض عقوبات اقتصادية علي سورية، اشارت فيه إلي أن روسيا تتابع تطورات الموقف العربي الهادف لتسوية الأزمة السورية سلميا، واعربت الدبلوماسية الروسية مساندتها للجهود العربية التي تسعي لتسوية الأزمة ضمن الأطار العربي، وبعيداً عن اي تدخلات خارجية.

    وأكدت الخارجية الروسية علي اهمية صيانة وحدة الأراضي السورية،وتجنب الشعب السوري لاية صدامات طائفية أو عرقية. ودعا بيان الدبلوماسية الروسية إلي التعاون مع جامعة الدول العربية، والأستفادة من امكاناتها من اجل وقف العنف في سورية بصرف النظر عن مصدر هذا العنف،تمهيدا لحوار وطني داخلي من اولويات المهام المطروحة لتسوية الأزمة السورية، ما يفسح المجال لتهدئة التوتر المتصاعد في المدن السورية،وسيوفر الأمكانية لتنفيذ اصلاحات سياسية واقتصادية تستجيب لمطالب السوريين.

    مصادر من البيت الأبيض الروسي كشفت عن أن رئيس الحكومة فلاديمير بوتين، بعد ترشحه رسميا لمنصب الرئاسة، اعتبر انه لا يمكن لروسيا أن تتبني مواقف تتعارض مع رؤية الإجماع العربي، ما اعتبره فريق من المراقبين محاولة للاقتراب من مبادرة جامعة الدول العربية وقرارها بفرض عقوبات اقتصادية علي دمشق بهدف اجبارها علي القبول بتسوية الأزمة عبر السبل السلمية، نبذ الحل الأمني.رغم أن وزارة الخارجية الروسية سبق أن وجهت انتقادات لقرارات الجامعة،تتعلق بقرارها ا الخاص بتعليق عضوية سورية باعتبار انه يلغي امكانية التوصل لحلول سلمية.

    واعرب اندريه ستبانوف المحلل السياسي في وكالة ريا نوفوستي عن قناعته بأن مواقف موسكو بدات بالفعل تتغير إزاء تطورات الأزمة السورية،خاصة أن نظام الرئيس الاسد لم يستجب لدعوات روسيا وجامعة الدول العربية والمجتمع الدولي، ومازالت قوات نظامه تقوم بقتل وأعتقال المتظاهرين العزل.

    ولا يستبعد العديد من المحللين الروس أن يكون الموقف الروسي المبادر لإعادة مناقشة ملف الأزمة السورية في مجلس الأمن، وذلك بعد رفض حكومة دمشق على التوقيع علي بروتوكول الجامعة الخاص بارسال بعثة مراقبين اليها بالصيغة التي اعتمدها المجلس الوزاري للجامعة العربية، وإخلالها بالالتزامات الواردة فيه وعدم ايقاف عمليات القتل واطلاق سراح المعتقلين.

    إضافة إلى الاتهام الذي وجهته لجنة خبراء الأمم المتحدة للتحقيق في الأحداث الجارية في سورية لحكم بشار الأسد بارتكاب “جرائم ضد الإنسانية”، وتضم اللجنة سيرجيو بينيرو الخبير في حقوق الإنسان البرازيلي وياكين ارتورك المتخصصة في قضايا العنف ضد النساء وكارين أبو زيد الاختصاصية في الشؤون الإنسانية واللاجئين من الولايات المتحدة.


  33. OTW….

    …update the Canadian Syrian Council meeting in Montreal yesterday:

    In the middle of the seminar of about 300 attendees, after having departed earlier myself, I was told various eyet witness that a group of about 40 pro-regime characters wearing what seemed like white shirts or/and white jackets blocked the exit of the hall intimidating older women giving them the finger, etc… One person who had bought a ticket earlier managed to get in and repeatedly disturbed the conference

    No less than 20 police cruisers were called in. No one was hurt but many people had to leave via the back door exit of the hall. I haven’t got any pictures (if I do will let you know), but it was a miniature taste of the shabiha. I can understand that they can voice their stance, it is all fabrication, etc… but why these low life tactics and intimidation? I can’t digest that these Syrians did not assimilate into the Canadian fabric and don’t understand that people have the right to assembly for better or worse.

    BTW, some of the organizers were told beforehand by the Syria Embassy in Ottawa “it was not a good idea”.


  34. Thanks Husam for the update. They have the right to demonstrate in front of the hall, but at a safe distance that does not block the door (fire hazard as well as to prevent physical contact between two group). But obscene gestures is the specialty. of pro-regime gangs. You see it in their writing (if what they do on sc can be called writing). Keep up the good work. BTW, are you involved in the Flash Mob for Syria, it is a most brilliant idea and I loved it.

    Dear Aboud and True
    Yes, we exposed these clips long time a go, not only on SC but also on facebook, including those of regime electronic army pages (they were promptly removed). These bozos cant handle the Truth.

    Again to think that this mentality ruled Syria for more than 40 years is sad, really really sad.


  35. Thank you for that picture OTW. There’s something extremely reassuring about it. Riyad Al-Assad and Burhan Ghalyon are light years better individuals than the current crop of Baathist neanderthals.


  36. Here is the news item about the meeting from the Hama Coordination Committee

    تنسيقية الثورة السورية في حماة

    علينا أيها الثوار أن نحيي العقيد الحر رياض الأسعد الذي اعتبر “المجلس الوطني السوري” هو الإطار الجامع للسوريين ونشجع التزام “الجيش الحر” بأهداف المجلس وبرنامجه، وأن نبارك الاتفاق الذي تم اليوم على تشكيل لجنة مشتركة من الطرفين للتنسيق بينهما.

    إن من متطلبات الدولة المدنية ودولة المواطنة التي تشكل الركيزة الأساسية لرؤية ثورتنا السورية للمستقبل الذي ننشده، تجعل انضباط الوظيفة العسكرية “للجيش الحر” برؤية سياسية شاملة يمثلها “المجلس الوطني” أمرا مطلوبا.

    المتظاهرون في الساحات والشوراع هم الحصان الذي نراهن عليه، والجيش الحر هو العربة التي تمكنه من اتمام مهمته بالوصول لخط النهاية، والمجلس الوطني هو السايس الذي يحسب الخطوات ويتحكم بها للوصول بأسرع وقت وأقل تكلفة وجهد.

    تحية للجيش الحر وتحية للمجلس الوطني وتحية لثوار الحرية
    حلمنا اقترب من التحقق … بكم جميعا

    وفد من المجلس الوطني السوري يلتقي قيادة “الجيش الوطني الحرّ”

    التقى وفد من المجلس الوطني السوري برئاسة الدكتور برهان غليون الاثنين (28/11) قيادة “الجيش الوطني الحر” برئاسة العقيد رياض الأسعد لتعزيز آليات التواصل والتنسيق بين المجلس الوطني و”الجيش الحرّ” بما يشكل قوة دعم إضافية للثورة السورية.

    وأكد الدكتور برهان اعتزاز المجلس الوطني بالضباط والجنود السوريين الذين انحازوا إلى صفوف شعبهم، وتقديمهم التضحيات لحماية المتظاهرين والمدنيين، مشيراً إلى التزام المجلس بتوفير الوسائل التي تساعد الجيش الحرّ على أن يكون قوة داعمة للوحدة الوطنية وسياجاً لحماية سورية من النظام وخططه الرامية لتفتيت وحدة الوطن والشعب.

    وأوضح أن المجلس بوصفه مظلة وطنية وسياسية للثورة السورية حريص على إقامة علاقات تنسيق مع “الجيش الحرّ” لضمان سلامة الأداء الميداني وانسجامه مع الجهد السياسي القائم على المستويين الإقليمي والدولي.

    من جهته أوضح العقيد رياض الأسعد أن “الجيش الحرّ” يدعم المجلس الوطني السوري ويعتبره الإطار الوطني الجامع للسوريين وملتزم بأهدافه وبرنامجه السياسي القائم على سلمية الثورة، ويؤكد أن هدفه الأساس يتمثل في توفير الحماية للسوريين الذين يتظاهرون سلمياً، ورفض الانجرار إلى أي نزاع داخلي أو صدام مسلح وفق ما يخطط له النظام.

    وأوضح العقيد الأسعد تواصل المزيد من الضباط والجنود السوريين مع قيادة الجيش الحر بهدف الانضمام إلى صفوفه، مشيراً إلى أن حالة التملل لدى قوات النظام بلغت ذروتها، وأن أعداداً إضافية من العناصر يعتزمون الانحياز إلى صفوف الثورة.

    وقد اتفق وفدا المجلس الوطني والجيش الحر على تشكيل لجنة مشتركة من الجانبين تعنى بالتنسيق في مسائل الحراك الميداني والإغاثة والإعلام والعلاقات السياسية، على أن تباشر اللجنة عملها على الفور، ومن المقرر أن يعقد الطرفان لقاءات دورية بهدف تعزيز الرؤى السياسية المشتركة


  37. Hizbuallah is trying to get Betho’s head out of the toilet


    Considering the number of missiles at their disposal, I’m surprised we haven’t seen a full scale war yet.


  38. Will you consider the fabricated video shown during Mua’llem press conference a slippy slop to oust him, what came to my mind right after exposing the fabrication, Colin Powell during the Bush administration, prior to the US invasion.

    The 4 rockets from Southern Lebanon at this time is mind bugling? any feedbacks?


  39. The 4 rockets from Southern Lebanon at this time is mind bugling?


    How so? It could easily be Besho’s way out. All despots work this way, just like Saddam’s Scuds and Hamas’s Qassams..


  40. Hizbollah won’t attack Israel. The last time it did, the Dahiya was turned into rubble and Nasrallah barely survived politically. This time the Lebanese would run him out of Lebanon if he dragged the country into a war for the sake of Besho. The Lebanese business class have enough on their plate without the country getting into a disastrous regional war.


  41. Aboud,

    I hope your right. I’m just an uninformed observer thousands of miles away.

    The decision makers, hopefully, know what’s really going on.

    The last gasp of a dictator is to take the innocent population down along with him…


  42. AP

    “The last gasp of a dictator is to take the innocent population down along with him…”

    Yes, Hitler in his final days carried out orders for a scorched earth. His underlinings disobeyed him.


  43. Iran is the one pulling Hizballah’s strings, and it must want to keep that card in play at least until they get nukes (or get attacked). They won’t allow Hizballah to risk itself for Assad. I’m pretty sure Nasrallah is getting a tongue-lashing from the Mullahs right now over the incident, just like he got after 2006.


  44. Aboud,

    Hitler was a crazy man who was voted into office. He had a lot of grandiose ideas and many thugs at his disposal. The first thing he did to grab power was to change the laws and disband democracy. That is why state laws and checks and balances are so important. Laws,police, armed forces all have to work together so if someone goes off the deep end, the highest officials can be thrown in jail.

    Arab despots like Gad-fly, Saddam, and Assad all believe they are better than others and that the Arab people they supposedly government serve them. Arabs can be killed, mutilated, abused, tortured, and disgraced without these evil thugs batting an eyes because they have come to believe they are super-human.

    The time has come to bring them down to Earth.


  45. • I second Aboud, such a photo cheers up every decent human and tells you those people are on it rather wasting our time showing fabricated videos. Thanks OTW.

    • I hope not for a full scale war but since it’s a proxy war I can’t see why Persians won’t play their tools. At the end of the day it’s win-win scenario for Persians as long Arab blood is spilled in abundance.

    • Let’s examine closely the latest statements by Ahmet Davutoğlu “Turkey did not want military intervention in Syria but was ready for any scenario to deal with President Bashar al-Assad’s violent crackdown on popular unrest, including setting up a buffer zone to contain any mass influx of refugees” This message completes the photo of SNC & FSA above.

    • I know we talked about it many times but still I’m in total confidence that whoever provides consultation to the regime is working for the revolution. Expelling Father Paolo from (Deir Mar Moussa) monastery out of Syria is nothing but a stark example of stupid PR management eh, so Betho is defending the Christianity in Syria!!

    • I reckon there might be a push to revisit UNSC before the end of the of 2011 year but I might safely assume that there won’t be any on ground action till after Xmas and even maybe till late Jan, the later the better for both the French and American presidential campaigns.

    • According to my travel agent’ understanding (not confirmed yet) the Arab flight ban will only impact the Syrian Airways. i.e. not allowed to use any Arab airports.


  46. True

    “I know we talked about it many times but still I’m in total confidence that whoever provides consultation to the regime is working for the revolution.”

    LOL! That, and the Mualik Video Fiasco. Ghaba’oqun Ensurna.


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