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I’m sorry about my limited contributions, I was busy with my mid-terms. Here is my post:

The first part of my post will discuss my latest trip to Damascus, and the second part is a response to a question asked by Dr. Haytham Khoury about developing sectarianism and radicalism we are witnessing( most of all on syria comment). I also believe this part will be relevant to OTW’s most recent post on his blog.


Ali Ferzat describing with his brush what SGID confirms with his words. Today Ali Ferzat's site was hacked by the electronic thugs of Mr. Al-Assad. The hacking seems stupid (re-direct). And in defiance of these Jerks 7ee6an will be posting more and more of this freedom loving real Syrian artist.

My last visit to Damascus only lasted for 2 days (20th and 21st of October). Just a few days prior to my arrival the regime “successfully” held a massive demonstration in the capital’s saba’a bahrat square( which hosts the nation’s central bank) . Transportation, advanced recording, food, drink, entertainment and most important of all SECURITY is provided to the pro-government demonstrators.  The appropriate setting is given. A friend of mine who works for one of Rami Makhlouf’s  multiple  enterprises told me that he was forced to go, despite having a pro-revolution stance on the whole situation. Employees are threatened with dismissals from their jobs if they do not participate. Although the highly esteemed Robert Fisk was a witness to these one of these demonstrations ( the one held on the 26th in the Omayad square), his story that they are purely authentic is far from reality. The regime has done its homework and knows how to conceal its foul play.

That being said, the demonstrations have intensified in Damascus in  limited ways, for example Midan, Barzeh, Rikn al Deen and Kafar Suseh are having daily demonstrations.  Kadisya, The old quarter of Shaghoor  have taken their demonstrations up a notch, furthermore the Muhajereen district has seen some sporadic demonstrations. I would like you to take note that these daily demonstrations cant be compared to the the demonstrations held in Homs. They are played along 2 tactics and it usually the first one: مظاهرة طيارة, literally meaning “flying demonstration” in which  the demonstrators gather , chant and disperse in a swift  manner , it is useful since it shows opposition to the regime and breaks the ” social order”. And the second tactic is the tactic seen in Homs, a regular and massive demonstration. This tactic doesn’t work well since the “security services” can overwhelm the demonstrators.  Contrary to popular belief, the demonstrators in Damascus ARE NOT ARMED. Damascus country side is another story.

Sectarianism and Extremism

Syria has been witnessing a limited Extremist shift during the last decade, and it would be inaccurate to say that such a radical base does not exist., furthermore This fact played well into the regime’s propaganda. I will attempt to assess how this radical base came to be, and how to prevent it, I resorted to the expertise of a sociology professor. The links I provide will show you what progress the regime has done to counter radicalization.

What are the causes of Radicalization? :

1. Reaction to modernization.

it is noted that as societies “evolve”, many will incline to cling to their sects. One form of modernization is bureaucracy; the one in Syria is among the worst. Doing simple papers will send you to various locations for multiple signatures and stamps, there’s also the usual bribe.  Another form of modernization is globalization, however I cannot relate this particular factor to the radicalization issue in Syria .

 2. Societies become strict.

 It is not secret that the Syrian regime is one of the strictest and most authoritarian states in the world, as a result many people have turned to religion as an everlasting solution. The inability to come up with solutions with the state has forced a sort of retreat to religion .  here is a study conducted a by Freedom house .


3. Unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

Poor management has cut off many Syrians from a prosperous life


How do we Prevent radicalization?

a)      Building civic society :  syndicates, unions, clubs and committees all of which are absolutely useless under the current regime. Basically giving professionals, groups and such the ability to be represented and taken seriously. For example: the taxi syndicate in Syria, is pretty much worthless. I cannot count the times the chauffeurs complain about paying the member ship but getting nothing out of it. Obviously the state is not willing to adhere to any one’s demands and it is absolutely expected that the victim would find some solitude in religion.

b)      more freedoms.



  1. This is a part of a comment originally posted by TRUE on the previous thread

    True writes

    Some news from Syria

    Something fishy is going on, conscripts have received orders to continue on standby but to take off their uniform and put on their sport pyjamas instead, in addition to NOT shave their beards!!! It seems the regime is rolling out one of its stupid plans to mobilise “millions” of supporters in the coming few days OR massive massacres are yet to happen “God forbid”. This is surely in response to the expected massive opposition demonstrations that would break out if the army tanks and security forces are withdrawn out of cities and villages.

    Here’s a tip, keep a close eye on planned/paid rallies and see how many people in pyjamas and how suddenly all these virtual “armed gangs” will show up in the middle of the day wearing pajamas eh.


    Sounds very ominous, but stupid. These guys seem to think that they are fooling the AL, the World, and in the end, I believe they are only fooling themselves. It is waiting time. But is it true that the AL gave yet 15 more days….


  2. Terrific article SGID.Articles like these are invaluable to understand the mistakes of the past 40 years, to better be able to move forward.

    I hope the cyber attack on Ali Ferzat’s website finally puts to rest the weak argument that anyone except the regime’s thugs were behind the barbarous attack on this magnificent artist. One Ali Ferzat is worth a thousand Duraid Lahams.


  3. Aboud,

    I sent a hello to the previous “aboudinhoms” account you used a month or so ago.

    If you want, you can use my palace.akbar@gmail.com account. Please don’t send any emails about claiming a $50 million prize.



  4. Now is the time for Damascus and Aleppo to come out and protest (once the army goes back to barracks). I know Shabeeha and Mukhabarat etc may still be saturating the 2 cities but after the current agreement the regime will not make a scene there.


  5. AP, I’m sending you another email from another account. I don’t use the Zoho one anymore. I only meant to use it temporarily.


  6. Interesting post dear Guy in Damascus.

    I have to answer a recurring question my leftist friends throw at me
    What’s with the Israeli weapons smuggled into Syria to the Revolutionaries?
    So far, I have not seen or read any sign of the revolution conniving with the zios. Rather the opposite.
    But then the Kurds do it and have done it…
    I feel a lost.
    The document by the Local Coordination Committees on International protection is very interesting but so SO long. The subject is important and would have been helped by a concise presentation. I am trying to condense it.


  7. Anniebannie,

    I have not read any articles about Israeli weapons being smuggled into Syria. In my estimation, very few if any weapons are being smuggled in from Israel. My guess is there is a pool of black market weapons that can be smuggled to any place in the world, some of which, could be Israeli made.

    I don’t think the GOI cares much about which party to support in Syria, and frankly, as long as Syria is in turmoil, that’s one less thing to worry about. Israel sees Iran as the master “trouble-maker”.


  8. Annie, where did you hear that Israeli weapons were in Syria? Unless the FSA has started using Uzis, how could we tell whether a weapon was from Israel in the first place.


  9. Must be a rumour spread by the regime like all the other ones. But my leftist friends buy the official version anyway; I’ll forward AP’s answer.


  10. Dear Off The Wall,


    I have commented a few times on SC and this is the first for me to do so here. I would have liked my first comment here to be a positive one but that has to wait until next time (sorry!). I know this is a bit off-topic but if you or any of the other contributors has contacts with the SNC (I think Dr Haytham Khouri does), could you please tell them to have someone else other than Adib Shishakli represent the SNC on TV and radio debate programs. I have watched him on the BBC twice and though photogenic he may be, unfortunately he is not a very good at debate and struggles to use the available time effectively to get many important points across. Surely the Council has many intelligent and capable debaters who can do a better job.

    Thanks and regards,

    (aka Athiest Syrian Salafist Against DIctatorships)


  11. Maybe we should go back to an earlier point and be force to define our terms.

    For example : What is “RADICALIZATION” ??


  12. “Evidence of massacre uncovered outside flashpoint city of Homs” (France24)

    Syrian tanks fire on Homs, defy Arab-brokered deal” (AJC)

    Syrian troops kill 20 despite peace deal” (SMH)

    Q&A: The Free Syrian Army” (BBC)

    Syrian Refugees: Itching for a Fight with Assad and His Regime” (Rania Abouzeid & Antakya, Time Wolrd)


  13. MGB, I don’t think I’ve seen the person in question, but I agree the SNC has room for improvement to polish up their media skills.

    I’m glad Nabeel Al-Arabi met with the SNC today, that’s a positive step.

    Now not even the most die hard menhebak can deny that junior is anything but a pathological liar and a weakling. When faced with pressure from the AL, he caved in, but he doesn’t have the guys to rein in his security chiefs.


  14. According to the agreed procedures and rules of engagements, the regime asked for 2 weeks window to implement its logistical plans of withdrawing army tanks and security forces, this means intensifying the killing throughout this period. On the other hand the media department of the Syrian foreign affair and expats ministry is working on a short-list of media agencies to be invited into Syria, but no confirmed date yet.

    I’m hoping the pressure would mount up on AL forcing it to take actions before the end of 2 weeks procedurals window.

    but I agree the SNC has room for improvement to polish up their media skills.
    SNC is performing nowhere near 2/10, I’m surprised how all those halfies (Syrians/Westerns) members are acting so lame and lousy!! They really need to pull their sleeves up and get down to real business.


  15. Aboud, are the military unitts withdrawing from Homs ? Any signs of a military withdrawal ?

    Also, can you give us a clearer picture of the killing of 11 men in a bus 2 days ago in Homs ? I think the regime abd the HNN is lying through their teeth, those men were not Alawi as claimed, and smashing people’s skulls is the calling card of the shabeeha. What do you think ?


  16. I’ve been doing something thinking (surprising eh) about the AP & Husam counteract. I’m quite pragmatic person and emotions do not play a big role in my behaviour, but the fact that I may sounded like favouring a Zionist over a Muslim/Arab/Syrian/…/Zimbabwean/Anything does not digest well in my head!! So I thought to come and clear couple of things. First of all, I’m not in support for a Zionist whatsoever, and second of all, I disagree with people who throw random accusations and I’m obliged to say what I’m seeing worng.

    In an authentic hadith narrated in Saheeh Bukhari and Imam Ahmad in his Musnad

    Arabic: ( انصر أخاك ظالماً أو مظلوماً ، قالوا : يا رسول الله هذا المظلوم ، فكيف ننصره إذا كان ظالماً ؟ قال : تمنعه من الظلم فذلك نصرك إياه)
    Transcription: (Unsuru akhaka zaliman au mazluman)
    Translation: Support your brother, whether he is an oppressor or he is oppressed. (They said, “O Messenger of Allaah, (we know what it means to help) the one to whom wrong is done, but how can we help him if he is a wrongdoer?” He said, “Stop him from doing wrong to others, that is how you will help him.”)

    @ KT

    Aboud is not news agency and I can’t see him roving around Homs conducting investigations. I hope these two links would answer your questions

    Evidence of massacre uncovered outside flashpoint city of Homs” (France24)

    Syrian tanks fire on Homs, defy Arab-brokered deal” (AJC)


  17. Khalid, you seem to be the only one on the Internet incapable of looking up Facebook or the news channels for news on whether the army has withdrawn from Homs. Over a hundred Syrian army soldiers died or were wounded today for no reason whatsoever, other than junior’s weak inability to take decisive action.

    “those men were not Alawi as claimed”

    Maybe they were, two days is too short a time for a clear picture to come out. God have mercy on their soul whoever they were.


  18. SGID,
    You made it to the Guardian

    And quite few others. Check the pingbak links. One was a fake spam and I removed it. The rest are legit. And they are all quoting the story about your friend who works for Mr. Makhlouf.


  19. I’m sorry Khaled, but due to satellite interference, the Aboud News Channel has moved to a new frequency 😉

    Good job SGID, but OTW I can’t seem to click on the link.


  20. Dear MGB
    Welcome, and thanks for posting. I know you don’t post much, but your posts are always valuable and to the point.

    I will try my best to convey your point, but I hope Haytham can do that sooner.


  21. Aboud,

    Some posts from someopne we know, on SC :

    105. Syrian Nationalist Party said:

    “I am sure President Assad will soon get these Alciada Salafi Moslem terrorists of Arabia silenced. He is now making Homs a showcase to the world and own Syrians of what will Saudi backed regime in Syria would be like.”

    154. Syrian Nationalist Party said:


    “Homs already had a historic triumph, when they kicked the Atassi’s ass out of Homs and Syria and brought in Hafez Assad, bless his soul for locking them up for life. Then to make sure no Attassi ever rule them, they elected Bashar Assad for life, and Homsi promised that Hafez Jr. will take over for another 80 years thereafter. So Syria future is insured and in good hands. Go shine shoes for living. WTF you gonna do about it? Drag more innocent women out of mini bus and axe them to death? It is only a matter of time before Bashar had a field day showcasing Homs and your atrocities to the world before he move his hundreds of Helios and 10,000 Russian trained Syrian army special forces sharp shooter to finish you thug off once for all. It is already agreed to it, part of the deal you idiot, you still not seeing it. You are being used in a way, for ways, to bring your own gloriously celebrated demise. Homs will be cleaned of your filth soon. Keep on massacring innocent moron”

    What do you make of it ? Do you really think Besho has 10,000 Russian trained snipers who can masscare Homs ?.


  22. So, Aboud, will you be ignoring my posts from now ?

    And what is special about Wadid al Dahab in Homs ? I mean, why are the people pro-regime in that neighbourhod ?


  23. Aboud,
    Try it now. Also, at the bottom of the comment sections, just above where one writes the comments, there are few links called pingback. These are like a tap on the back that the post was used as a reference in another blog. Note that every single one of 7ee6an’s post was first pinged by non other than our precious Annie. This post has so far been the most pinged-back post on 7ee6an.

    And you want us to take SNP seriously?!!!!!!


  24. Conflict Risk Alert: Syria’s Tipping Point by the International Crisis Group . Cool headed analysis. Here are few quotes, which one may not like, but should ponder:

    In coming days, protesters will take to the streets with renewed energy, probing President Bashar al Assad’s sincerity after months of rising repression; they cannot be expected to show patience for protracted political talks devoid of swift, tangible results on the ground. The various strands of the opposition ought to publicly reject violent attacks against security forces and accept to engage in a dialogue with no condition other than the regime’s implementation of the plan. Likewise the international community should fully endorse the deal and adjust its reaction to developments on the ground. Only by giving Damascus a genuine opportunity to live up to its commitments under the plan can the international community reach consensus on holding it accountable should it choose to flout them.

    Below is an excellent point for debate

    Sanctions hurt the regime, but they hurt what is left of the middle class even more; those in power typically find ways to circumvent them and render themselves indispensable providers of goods and services, thereby heightening society’s dependency on the very forces the sanctions are intended to undermine.

    By the way, the above quote is almost verbatim recitation of words I heard from one of Syria’s most respected and honest opposition figures.


  25. Thanks OTW, I saw it way down. Good job, I wonder how they managed to find 7ee6an so quickly 🙂

    Khalid, I never respected SNP when he was on SC, why do you think Id respect him here? Stop trolling, I’ve been too polite to say it until now, but you are so pathetically obvious. And not a very good troll.


  26. I didn’t ask you to “respect” SNP, I merely asked you what u think abt the credibilty of his assessment that there is a “deal” between Besho and the UN to turn a blind eye towards a possible Hama-style operation (1982).

    And I AM NOT A TROLL, what makes you think I am ?


  27. Having just read the post by SGID the part about people ‘retreating to religion’ caught my attention. It brought to my mind the article I came across a couple of days ago by former pakistani cricketer and now leader of the Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf party (Justice Movement).

    It seems he has finally arrived on the political scene which is causing panic amongst the mainstream parties. A couple of days ago he held a massive rally in the backyard of one of the mainstream parties who also claim he had a meeting with the ISI (pakistani intelligence).

    The article is relevant to the current (post) and previous discussion about the role of religion in muslim countries.

    A few days ago I let my emotions get the better of me and commented on this subject (‘enjoining good forbidding evil’ in education system) even though I had realised a few days before that before jumping the gun and demanding this-or-that, the scholars have work to do in reminding and educating the people who have had ‘alien’ ideas imposed on them for decades. As soon as I posted the comment I regretted it.

    Firstly, this isn’t the reason why we are here and it shouldn’t be allowed to get between us. We are all here for Syria and I enjoy reading the comments from the users on here and some on SC. Secondly, I let my emotions get the better of me as I recognise Im out of my depth entering such discussions. Im not as intelligent or as articulate as others on here. If one believes in something having the power to open peoples hearts by its beauty and simplicity then there is no need to become impatient and emotive.

    Anyway. If Im permitted Id like to post the article in the next post. People dont have to agree with it but it does give another perspective to the discussion.

    Imran Khan was a star sportsman and former playboy with a western education.


  28. @Khalid

    *rolls eyes*

    OTW, this part caught my eye

    “Indeed, large numbers of Syrians almost certainly will take to the streets – including in Damascus – were they to conclude that the deal provides them with some protection.”

    Something the regime knows only too well.

    And this

    “Homs has served as a magnet for a steady stream of army defectors whose success in resisting regime attempts to retake the city is inspiring others to emulate its more confrontational tactics”


  29. Good points in the ICG report. Can’t find anything in it to disagree with.

    “Homs has served as a magnet for a steady stream of army defectors whose success in resisting regime attempts to retake the city is inspiring others to emulate its more confrontational tactics”


  30. Aboud
    Your diagonal reading is far better than mine. Good catch. BTW, for some odd reason your last two comments ended up in the SPAM sequence. Lucky I am around now. Can you please try to post a couple of comments for test.

    Dear CSI HAMA
    For the foreseeable future few posts, I would like to focus on the issue in Syria now that political posturing has begun. There will be time in the future when debate on Islam may become again warranted. I have been asked by several members to focus the main posts on the events of interest to Syrians at this point in time and I would like to try to honor their request.

    Off course, the comment section is wide open, if and when you like to state a point, you already have direct access to that section.


  31. I might have mistyped my email address. I have so many these days 🙂

    Ah…..peace and quite for now. It’s always the same, the army tries to subdue Homs in the morning, get their butt handed to them, and everything dies down by afternoon.


  32. ICG report is very comprehensive (thanks for sharing) and I admire their way or perceiving things.

    However, the way I read things is a bit different from what most analysts do, I reckon the AL role is “successfully” done, the mere task by AL was to corner and lure Betho into a well designed trap so now moving to the next phase. All stakeholders were on agreement that Betho’s regime must GO. However, the disagreement was on the means and methods to achieve this goal. I reckon current events are systematically driven and a multi-phases strategy combined with an exponential applied pressure is currently in place.

    Poking => Lobbying => Cornering => Pressuring => Ousting

    Right at the beginning the “Poking” phase was lead by Turkey with an initial prediction by MİT (The Turkish National Intelligence Organization: Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı) of few weeks to oust the regime but that was not the case, and then for many internal reasons Turkey handed the lead over to EU & USA to commence the “Lobbying” phase in which the regime was hammered by chicly engineered economical and political medium sanctions and kept going till the point where the AL has to do its part of taking over the “Cornering” phase and spill its magic. In a short while Betho’s stupidity will activate the next phase of “Pressuring” and I reckon the title & content will be sanctions, Sanctions and more SANCTIONS which inevitably will lead to the FIN of “ousting”.

    Poking (achieved) => Lobbying (achieved) => Cornering (achieved) => Pressuring (In progress) => Ousting (Yet to come)


  33. wow! the guardian is quoting me! * EGO BOOOOOST!
    aboud, i guess this attack on homs this morning was a sign of desperation, in fact i think all the recent events were desperate. nizam agreeing to the AL initative, the countless fake “shows of support” and the attack on homs.
    remember a dying corpse breathes the hardest and frequentest during its last moments.
    to all:
    i will happily accept your criticisms of my article.


  34. Impressive analysis True. Sounds like the makings of a main article.

    Khalid, I may have been too harsh with you before, so let me explain. I am a superb debater, and I also have a very high regard and opinion of myself as a person. So you will understand if I tell you that it is beneath me, and beneath anyone on this forum, to lower ourselves to;

    a) confirming or denying news points when presented with a pro-regime slant

    b) commenting on the comment of someone on another website, especially when I hold that commentator in such low regard. If that commentator wanted to engage in a discussion with us, he would have come here.

    Likewise, if I want to give my own view regarding someone else’s comment, I will go to that website and engage them there. It cheapens this website when a third party’s comments are presented through a middleman, and to be honest it diminishes the middleman. If the menhebaks engage in such practices, I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me seeing as how low their standards are. Just take a look at who their president is.

    For the time being, and I say this in sincerity, I suggest you watch the style of discussion here.



    15,000 strong’ army gathers to take on Syria” (Ruth Sherlock, telegraph)

    Activists condemn Syrian mining activity on Lebanon border” (Dana Khraiche, dailystar)

    Syria Crackdown Gets Italy Firm’s Aid With U.S.-Europe Spy Gear” (Ben Elgin and Vernon Silver, businessweek)

    Turkey’s main opposition warns of ‘war plot’ against Syria” (Hüseyin Hayatsever, hurriyetdailynews)

    US Skeptical of Assad Peace Commitments” (David Gollust, voanews)


  36. Ta Aboud, yeah it was a challenge to shrivel an article into a comment of few lines
    I reckon I should start my own blog lol !!

    Lol OWT I’m just kidding 🙂

    Btw does anyone know any free software to make and add subtitles to videos?


  37. Hay Good people
    any one is interested in helping us on SC
    I like you to comment on the AL 15 day period.


  38. Some weeks ago, I met a professor who teaches at a private university on the way to Daraa. I don’t remember the name of the university. He told me that one day, after he showed up for his morning class, he found out that the class was cancelled and that the students were asked to participate in a pro-regime rally in Damascus. That was the first or one of the first pro-regime rallies in Damascus back in the April/May timeframe. People can confirm by contacting the faculty of the private universities close to Daraa.


  39. @ Hala Majed, what’s the catch?

    @ SYR.Expat

    Yeah this is a well known fact, all students in Syria throughout their LONG years of study been herded to join these fake rallies. I reckon the uni you’re refereeing to is either http://www.aiu.edu.sy/ or http://www.iust.edu.sy/ and btw this prof is quite lucky for not being arrested with a charge of wakening the national feelings eh


  40. I am not sure what a “troll” is exactly, but what it seems like – is someone who acting like he is (metaphorically in this case) wearing a wire and trying to get someone to say something into the mike… or get a direct quote. Its a little strange why the focus is on Aboud.
    but oh yeah – the only comment I got was to ask what “name” I posted under on SC and show some noted curiosity about that.


  41. Here is a helpful message to all arabic native speakers speaking and writing in English:
    the adjective form of the noun word Economics is – “economic”…
    (dissimilar to the Politics – which renders an adjective “political”…

    there is no ecomical plan, or economical speech, or economical sanctions…..


    this was a friendly tip….


  42. Here is a helpful message to all Arabic native speakers speaking and writing in English:
    the adjective form of the noun word “Economics” is – “economic”…
    (dissimilar to the word -Politics – which renders an adjective “political”…

    there is NO economical plan, or economical speech, or economical sanctions…..


    this was a friendly tip….


  43. TRUE said : “Btw does anyone know any free software to make and add subtitles to videos?”

    Same here, When you are on Youtube they offer that possibility but then you are asked to feed them a file and this is where I get lost. I have tried with Pinnacle but it does not really work. I was told about (paying) Magix but have not tried it. With all the talent we have here, someone will be able to help us.


  44. Annie, Israeli weapons are widely used in the black market, which is one syria’s main sources, in fact even the presidential guards themselves use Israeli made Uzi rifles to protect bashar’s residence.


  45. Just posted this on Syria Comment.

    Transformation Complete

    If you think this is addressed to you, then it is

    It is painful to watch. Over months, fear, unjustifiable senses of entitlement, and hidden sectarian allegiances were mixed with the weirdest combination of superiority-inferiority complexes managed to overtake whatever shred of rational faculties some of you might have had in the past.

    I have watched you one after another working yourself and each other up into a group of amateur fascists. While some of you had proudly proclaimed belonging to the fascist party of Syria long time ago, the rest, have now turned into the ugly people/group you are now, thoughtless parrots.

    You can’t love Syria for what it is, you are incapable of love. Everything you have said and done supports the worst regime ever known in its history. And when the people rose up, you had nothing but contempt for them because they did not wait for your enlightened and educated leadership. So you turned yourself into trumpets of oppression, speaking of peace while at the same time parroting, most thoughtlessly the propaganda of a regime you yourself know for what it is, but refuse to take a stand against it. And to cover your pathetic stand, you uncritically, and with a twist of your own insecurities and prejudice injected into every single relay, keep working yourself up into a fake sense of purity, shared only by the most devout nazi, white supremacist, and fascist thug. And with every single fascist post of yours, you diminish your opportunities for redemption into humanity and affirm your overpowering and easily detectable sense of impotence. Weaklings you were, weaklings you will remain despite of your bravados.

    Power to the people, and to you, a future of self loathing, missed opportunities, and sad memories of your path to ugly transfiguration. For now, you are ready to serve your tyrannical master. Keep doing it, for you will survive him, the good people of Syria will see to that.

    Don’t bother defend yourselves, simply push the dislike button, nothing is more befitting your impotence.


  46. Someone asked me if the regime can subdue Homs in the two weeks the AL have given it. First, the Qatari FM was very clear that prisoners had to be released and the army withdrawn “immediately”. He emphasized that strongly at the post meeting press conference. The two week part refers to starting a dialogue.

    But, let’s assume the worst, and say that the AL have given Besho two weeks. He will not subdue Homs in two weeks, nor in two months, nor in two years. It took the army one week to take over Rastan, a town of just 70,000, and that was when it could commit all its manpower to it. Now, the FSA has spread far and wide in classic guerrilla warfare fashion.

    Let me tell you about the pattern of the army attacks; they start with heavy bombardments in the morning, with incursions for a few hours. By afternoon the attack will have petered out due to heavy and highly coordinated resistance, not just from Baba Amr, but from other areas as well, and the army spends the late afternoon pulling back. At night, the army is limited to fending off counterattacks from the FSA. It’s a pattern we’ve seen for weeks now.

    The army is a paper tiger. It is a mess. Rastan was the first real battle they had to fight, and they let the FSA sip away. One heavy hammer blow will knock out the few divisions loyal to junior, and the rest will melt away, just like what happened in Iraq. But the political atmosphere to justify such a blow needs to be prepared beforehand.

    It is extremely painful to watch the increasing death toll, on either side. To the menhebaks, even their own Alawite foot soldiers are expendable resources, to be used up like ammunition or barrels of fuel. And don’t think that the Alawite rank and file don’t realize that. They are growing increasingly aware that they are pawns and cannon fodder to keep the Makhloufs and Assads in power.


  47. Hamster, why don’t you join us in our little group 😦 OTW can give you my email.


  48. @OTW.

    Yes of course. Focus must remain on Syria. I had to make those comments to get it off my chest (regret). It was intended as my last word on the issue.

    The article was for ‘reading only’ for those interested.


  49. Yeah Hamster we do have high pine trees for ya, ur fav taste.

    @ SGID

    You mentioned that all protests in Damascus are unarmed eh, so I would like to ask few questions.

    Why security thugs opened fire on people of Midan and killed the kid if there’s no threat for their life?
    Do you think people of Damascus are not armed at even inside their houses?
    Why do you think the FSA did not appear yet in Damascus yet?
    Did you go to Alawi places in Damascus like Tadamon (close to your neighborhood) or Mezha86? are they armed or fortified of some sort?


  50. @ CSI HAMA

    Thanks for sharing, very interesting article indeed, I’m amazed how things can be seen differently at least from my point of view.


  51. Aboud said :

    “But, let’s assume the worst, and say that the AL have given Besho two weeks. He will not subdue Homs in two weeks, nor in two months, nor in two years. It took the army one week to take over Rastan, a town of just 70,000, and that was when it could commit all its manpower to it. Now, the FSA has spread far and wide in classic guerrilla warfare fashion.

    Let me tell you about the pattern of the army attacks; they start with heavy bombardments in the morning, with incursions for a few hours. By afternoon the attack will have petered out due to heavy and highly coordinated resistance, not just from Baba Amr, but from other areas as well, and the army spends the late afternoon pulling back. At night, the army is limited to fending off counterattacks from the FSA. It’s a pattern we’ve seen for weeks now.

    The army is a paper tiger. It is a mess. Rastan was the first real battle they had to fight, and they let the FSA sip away. One heavy hammer blow will knock out the few divisions loyal to junior, and the rest will melt away, just like what happened in Iraq. But the political atmosphere to justify such a blow needs to be prepared beforehand.”

    Aboud, I really respect and love you a lot from what I’ve seen of you in the last 3months. So thats why I always go to you for comments.

    That little update you gave us about the pattern of army attacks in Homs and the ground situation, is all that I needed. Keep posting stuff like that, and I will remain happy and quiet.


  52. Dear CSI Hama,
    Very good article indeed. It is wrong on some facts, but that is really irrelevant. The basic tenet of the piece is to call Muslims to reject extremism, understand the core of their religion, and take what is good from the West not what is popular.
    Thanks for sharing.


  53. Dear Hamster,
    Excellent scolding for a very deserving crowd. No one could have said it better.


  54. @ Annie

    Would you please take us through how your leftist friends in Europe see the revolution in Syria? and why so?



  55. I love the way Our Man In Damascus leaves the poignant coda to his report: How to prevent Syrian radicalization? By civil society and … more freedoms. Full stop.

    The Walls man in Damascus and beyond tells us things most Syrians know. Not for nothing has the Baathi system used schools, workplaces, youth groups, membership societies, party-affiliates, public servants, students, guild members and security and media professionals. Not for nothing has forty plus years of education, indoctrination, information control and herding expertise been honed. Our man gives the brief, telling witness to the cattle-show nature of the Potemkin rallies …

    I am a stranger to Syria no more, though I have never been to an Arabic speaking milieu. Over the months since the Tunisia military escorted Ben Ali and his squawking wife into retirement, my cynical eye has been on the events moving in ripples across North Africa and now reverberating inside Syria.

    Any longstanding authoritarian system has the benefit of entropy. One can burn oneself alive in protest at petty, soul-destroying injustice. One year later the same petty and/or grotesque injustices endure, in Sidi Bouazid, in Cairo, in Homs …

    … and now in Damascus the scramble to deceive the Arab League and crush opposition under cover of “agreement.”

    Will there be more freedom to come into the streets at the end of two weeks? Will the committee for the committee of National Dialogue pick up the phone to Syrians abroad? Will expatriate Syrians be able to return to the land of their births? Will faux-amnesties emerge, in “batches,” will Tal be released, will the missing be accounted for, will the murderers of Dera’a be put in the dock? Will we hear Najati Tayara on al-Jazeera next week? Will convicted criminals like Louay Hussein, Michel Kilo and all the rest be able to publish, to form political parties, to vote (at the moment, the octopus of the Syrian Penal Code continues to deprive them of civil rights)?

    Will the faux-media law and faux-demonstration laws and faux-parties law and faux-Dialogue be the only result of the two week killing binge? Will Burhan Ghalioun be escorted to his wounded home town near Homs under Arab League laissez-passer?

    Will the regime crack open its walls barring media, will Syrians be free to assemble in groups of more than six persons, to shout, to cry out, to hold placards, to march in the streets, to witness the reign of terror since March, push aside the walls that pen them in, the walls of the Penal Code, the walls of Shabiha, the walls and gates and cells and silences of fifty years of palace rule?

    More freedoms. Full stop.

    And now the real maneuvering, what I think will be the Two Weeks That Were in Syria this year. My heart is in my throat, thinking that Bashar al-Assad, the hereditary successor, the kingpin of a monstrous machine, will survive in office, that all the walls in Syria stay intact.

    The many walls preventing freedom are well-documented here. Kudos to all for passionate, incisive and wise reporting.

    Walls is the place!


  56. Hi Everyone,
    Please check the new feature from the ground in Syria. We now have news RSS feed from the Local Coordination Committees of the Syrian Revolution. Keep documentation please. For those interested. The site is


    The LCC have accepted the SNC as their legitimate representative.

    I have it on good sources (I can’t divulge) that change is coming in the SNC media approach. And comments from 7ee6an’s community have been relayed to someone who can further relay them.

    Here is the statement



  57. @ Annie

    Would you please take us through how your leftist friends in Europe see the revolution in Syria? and why so?


    Dear True, I cannot answer this question properly since I do not know that many leftists here ; but the main beef of the ones I know is the Usrael element. For us USA=Israel and they are the enemy. If the USA rejects Bashar it must be for a bad reason (of course I do not agree). The US track record in Iraq-Afghanistan is abysmal. The Nato intervention in Libya was supported by no one I know here (including me). We are against the Belgian participation in the Afghan war. The main fear is a Nato intervention in Syria. So when pple in Syria ask for outside help, one immediately thinks of Nato. And when the Revolution gets weapons, one thinks Israel. This is all more epidermic than documented.
    I wished the opposition had a firmer well publicised image.

    WSS I am copying your comment for my English blog; great piece. And good plug for Walls.
    Since I left Syria I don’t write any more (in French); Syria and Syrians were my inspiration for my modest diary. So I am reduced to choosing and pasting for now.


  58. Hamster (Transformation Complete), Aboud !

    Wow ! Listen people I should repost most of your comments; they are SO good !


  59. True ; I talked with a friend to have some more input about the left misgivings

    Going thru the Communist Party site http://www.pcf.fr; they support the Syrian Revolution

    Same with the Nouveau parti anticapitaliste : http://www.npa2009.org/

    The main fear is foreign intervention; Period. The rest is up to the Syrians themselves.

    OTW, I wish we had the possibility to correct our posts; impulsive people like me have often second thoughts or want to add sthg.


  60. Thanks Annie, I kinda understand where they’re coming from and hopefully very soon the world including India, South Africa and Brazil would be able to see the reality and stop buying Betho’s BS!!

    WSS, well done very comprehensive.


  61. Dear Annie
    I am really sorry that some functionality are missing. I am extremely busy for now, and adding such functionality will require some major investment in time, which for now is unfortunately unavailable.


  62. Gadfly No More

    For us USA=Israel and they are the enemy.


    Good to know who your enemy is. I wish you all the best of luck fighting them.

    Just FYI, our enemy is Arab and muslim despots and their regimes (by virtue of their statements and actions). Apparently, the Arab Street is in full agreement.


  63. Long awaited, but it is outstanding speech. From the heart, convincing, calm, yet determined and with the outline of a road map for the future that was withheld from Syria for 50 Years .


  64. Yes, I concur with your view OTW. But would have liked a few sentences as to the course of action to get us there from here, such as making it very clear that the SNC expects the AL to demand strict adherence to the terms of its initiative instead of continually playing the regime’s cat and mouse game.

    Let’s face it, the road to the UN is through the AL, and ignoring it might miff the inflated egos of the AL committee. (though I personally do not care much for the AL route)…


  65. And as usual with all those TV programs, Al-Jazeera’s group discussion after the speech just started to get interesting when they ran out of time. I mean, they should have held that on AJ Mubasher and given it at least 90 minutes instead of 45 or 50!

    But isn’t it amazing how dissidents of the caliber of Prof. Dalilah, even after all he’s gone through and all that has happened in the last 8 months, is still quite circumspect when talking about the regime and what it is doing. All those decades of fear have almost made it second nature.


  66. Sorry God!!!

    Everyone decided to have a good faith in the Syrian regime and stay positive hoping that the latest effort by the AL would pay back leading to MUTE all these annoying and disturbing S.O.S calls coming from Syria, for good that is.

    The main decision-making capitals, AL, Islamic league, and others were applauding and parsing the regime’s approval of AL initiative, and others went the extra mile already and considered (hoped) this file was handed into safe hands; the regime’s hands, what a safe hand!! To add to my misery, other individuals like Algeria’s foreign minister declared the “victory” and issued the needed Fatawa that the deal was 100% sealed and his mates of kings of oil could feel guilt-free from now on, and surely could go and enjoy their days of Eyid!! He did not specify where/how to enjoy these days but I’m sure Europe’s brothels and bars are quite handy for a one or two over our blood, Syrian blood that is.

    Call me pessimistic, accuse me of swimming against the current but surely I’m failing to see this rosy picture which everyone could see in the last few days. How could I see it? while the fresh blood is pouring in every part and corner of Syria. To be honest I can be really positive and see all these happy & delighted sheep instead. Surely they should be happy for not being slaughtered and sacrificed this year after the Arabs decided that the Syrian blood is enough and more to gain the blessing from up there!! Maybe that’s why they were waiting till days of Eyid to declare their victory, you know in AL dictionary “spill more blood and surely God will love you more” Syrian blood that it.

    Sorry for annoying you with my thoughts, I’m sure you had enough from those noisy trouble-makers inside Syria who’re trying their best to reach out and deliver their voice, ah sorry I meant their noise, but yeah I just thought to share my positiveness with you guys.

    Sorry God I’m not celebrating your Eyid this year and won’t accept any greetings.

    I’m SAD
    I’m ANGRY
    I’m ……..


  67. Dear True

    You have every right to be sad and angry, we all are, not just today during al-Eid, but since the first drop of innocent Syrian blood was spilled by Bashar’s saffa7in. I am sure I am not the only one who wakes up everyday and the first thing I do is turn on the computer and start the day by shedding tears at the horrible news from our wounded land. I don’t know about my other Syrian brothers and sisters, but after the inevitable tears I just scream at the top of my
    voice: يا بشار يامجرم يا حقير والله سنسقطك وسنحاكمك أنت وعصاباتك القذرة it somehow helps a little. يا اخوتي …اصبروا وصابروا ..والفرج قريب

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Here is the link to the AJ discussion I mentioned in my post above.

    There was also a very good short interview with Michel Kilo afterwards where he said something very important: The AL initiative is suspect and not the way to a true solution but we should take from it whatever can be used to our advantage, namely to totally expose once and for all the lies and crimes of the ruling gang and it’s unwillingness to abide by or honor any agreement. Even without the AL initiative the situation would not have been different anyway, and the killing and arrests would have gone on. At least now they are being highlighted for all the world to notice even more against the false promises made by the Assadist Mafiosi and Associates.


  68. Syria crackdown continues prompting urgent Arab League talks” (Julian Borger, guardian)

    Syria: Assad Opponents Still Split Over Tactics” (Salam Hafez, eurasiareview)

    France says clear Assad will not implement peace plan” (AFP, expatica)

    Turkey’s decisive about-face on Syria” (Joshua W. Walker, gulfnews)

    Syria Expects Record Olive Oil Production Amid Political Unrest” (Vikas Vij, oliveoiltimes)

    Syrian bodybuilder dies during tourney” (Hindustan Times)


  69. Dear SGID:

    It was a good blog.
    Sorry, I could not comment on it till now.


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