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Armchair Generals  Dictators

Cartoon by Ali Ferzat
As usual,  every time I think that i am the first to think of something, I check Ali Ferzat cartoons. In this cartoon, he may not have intended arm-chair dictators, but the real ones. However, the image is suitable for both.

Anyone following the events of the Syrian revolution would notice repeated calls by some loyalists for the regime to go on the attack. These call may include bombastic violent posts on blogs, usually posted right after yet a new atrocious murder is committed by the regime, all the way to articles written by regime-loyal opposition advocating that the regime cracks on those the loyalists claim to be tearing Syria apart for daring to profess their faith, or for rising up after their natural rights. Sometime it gets really Kafkaesque, when someone you respect and like writes such a statement. Your first reaction would be to ask whether the much hyped Syrian Electronic Army has succeeded in hacking into their account and are now posting under their names. But these calls continue. Read the rest of this entry

In Memory of A Hero

Ghiath Matar, the 26 years old activist was murdered after three days of torture at the hands of Assad's goons. Orders for such inhumane murderous treatments could only come from the highest levels

Yesterday, and as the Secretary General of the Arab League was meeting with Syria’s chief tormentor, regime thugs visited the Matar family in Damascus Suburb with the body of their twenty six (26) year old son Ghiath. Along with the body, it was reported; the thugs handed the family their son’s larynx telling them, amidst their cries to make shawarma out of it.

I am a grown man, and I don’t believe that men should not cry, for I do cry, sometimes even in sad or romantic movie. But since yesterday, my tears are bitter. And as I write these words, heavy rain falls where I live, and while I wonder if nature is crying for the brave youths of Syria, my tears race with the drops of rain and Ghiath’s beautiful smile seemingly wanting to re-assure me, I hear a voice I never heard before … “common old man, don’t  cry….. I am but one of thousands and you will be free”.

Ghiath was a leader in the Syrian youth peaceful movement. He was among those who demonstrated unparalleled creativity in non-violent resistance as he and his friends tried to greet those charged with suppressing them with flowers and bottles of water in the heat of Syrian summer. He was waiting for his first daughter when the hyenas kidnapped him after luring him with a trap turning his generosity and chivalry against him as he answered an apparent SOS call from a friend.  Within three days of his arrest, this strong young man was dead because of torture inflicted by the Assad mafia hyenas. Read the rest of this entry

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