Just a Statistic- By Syrian Hamster

Yesterday, Bashar Al-Assad, or as I would call it  dog-poop athad to indicate my infinite contempt to this entity, was placed at the top of war criminals list that was handed to the International Criminal Court. While the dynamics on the ground in the region do not assure anyone that this “ass-hole”  will at any time soon face the court, it would be a great fantastic day when a judge would tell it to suck an egg, eat shit, or just simply go fuck itself and stop its blathering sophistry.

Two assholes together.

The dog and its evil master. Both have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of murders in the region and beyond.

Many Syrians dream of that day. Most, however, have much more than court on their mind, their plans for dog-poop include impaling and other forms of “reciprocation” they believe would be the minimum standard for punishing the asshole. I recall one hyper “assad is popular” menhebbakji who would use what I wrote above to masturbate its smart-ass (half truth here) brain, into a climatic tantrum of deceitful and ugly sophistry, mixed with and fake sectarian indignation about how hateful this rat is. But you know, I don’t give a rat’s ass about this kind of creatures any more. The Syrians waiting to see the asshole assad impaled re not psychopaths, nor are they merely hateful (they should be), they just recognize that with that son of a bitch being alive, there is no future, not for Syria and not for the region. But they also have at hundreds of thousands of far more serious reasons to want to see the asshole assad impaled. Here are some numbers as of the end of May 2014 that were published by the Democratic Republic Studies Center (DRSC).  Let us start by enumerating the duration of this sadist asshole crime against humanity


 38.5 Months
1,173 Days
28,152 Hour

Now the Numbers

Number of fully documented martyrs (I prefer the phrase assad victims at least from the legal point) 118,863 including 2,250 Palestinian, 12,130 child victims, 11,475 women, and 6,495 murdered under torture

Estimate number of martyrs 230,000 (80% civilians) including

  • 2,400 Palestinians
  • 15,000 child victims,
  • 14,000 women and
  • 18,500 murdered under torture (which include those whose emaciated photos were smuggled out)

Approximate number of wounded: More than 187,370
Approximate number of detainees: More than 258,2600 (including those few who were recently released)
Approximate number of missing: More than 99,4400
Number of refugees outside Syria : More than 3,566,740
Number of internally displaced refugees: More than 7,650,000

Total number of victims of violence (11,880,673) including murdered by weapons, wounded, detainees, disappeared, refugees and displaced.

Syrian families that have been affected amount up to 60% of the total population of Syria, the total number of family members affected is 15,627,402. These are the families of those murdered by weapons, wounded, detainees, disappeared, refugees and displaced.

The number of families who lost the main earner of the house hold is 125,000 families (nearly 868,000 people)

Some math

  • Every 4 minutes, the assad regime detains a citizen
  • Every 10 minutes, the assad regime wounds a citizen
  • Every 13 minutes, the assad regime disappears a citizen
  • Every 15 minutes, the assad regime murders a citizen
  • Every day, the assad regime murders 8 children
  • Every day, the assad regime expels as refugees 3,040 citizens and internally displaces 6,521 citizens.

ISIS is a major threat to the revolution, so is Al-Nusra, but the most significant enemy of humanity remains the asshole assad and its clan. Anytime someone tries to bring ISIS to equivocate for the asshole, my only answer would be similar to that of the imaginary Judge talking to the asshole assad “i,e. GFYS”.  ISIS is an historical issue that needs to be dealt with, but it can only be dealt with after we get rid of the criminal rulers, after we return their sectarian thugs in hizbulla to their rightful places in jail for their crimes, and after Iran is fully neutered as a source of evil and of terrorism in the region. If Obama does not understand this, then he is welcomed to meet my foul mouthed judge.

Some links (recent)

New UN report describes horrific and systematic torture of Syrian victims

Full report May 2014 in pdf (Arabic with figures) 

CNN links on torture in assad’s dungeons of murder 


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  1. An article written by a proud Syrian journalist and activist, Eiad Hererra: “As a Syrian Refugee, I Think Destroying ISIS Means Destroying Assad”

    After you finish reading, specially those who love to taint our Revolution, engrave in your hearts and minds:

    The war will end, however the Syrian revolution will never stop..with love, NZ

    The entire world is now looking at Syria due to beheadings carried out by the fanatics from ISIS and other extremist groups. Over the years, as the war in Syria waged on, Western interest began to fade. It is important to not let the shadow of ISIS allow us to forget the terror of Assad. Assad and ISIS have much in common: They both brutally kill innocent civilians without conscience, both believe that their world view is the only way and that they have the right to shape it at any cost, and both discriminate against minorities.

    I started public school in Syria when I was six years old. On my first day of class, the teacher said, “All Christian students, raise your hands!” At my young age, I only discovered then and there that not all Syrians were Christians. The students who raised their hands went to the Christian “religious education class” while those who did not went to the Muslim class.

    Growing up in my impoverished Christian neighbourhood, I used to think of the late Syrian dictator Hafez al-Assad as a saint or a God. Everyone referred to him as “The Father.” His pictures were everywhere, even on the walls of the Church. So when I first started my religion classes, I mistakenly thought that Hafez al-Assad was a member of the Holy Trinity.

    With time, I came to realize my error. “Father” Hafez al-Assad was most definitely not a member of the Holy Trinity. In fact, he was the polar opposite. By the time I reached the end of secondary school, I became aware that many of my fellow Christian students had not seen their fathers in decades. I asked my mother why this was the case. She shushed me and whispered fearfully “They said something bad about the Leading Father, Hafez al-Assad.”

    Unlike the Loving God of the Trinity, we used to fear “Father” Hafez terribly. No one would dare criticize him. If we even mentioned his name, we would need to also add that he was the “Leading Father.” At the tender age of six, I and all my classmates were made to shout “Our leader forever, the great Hafez al-Assad!” as we marched through a schoolyard covered with his photos.

    I never realized how horrible my school was until I fled Syria for Canada a few months ago and encountered Canadian schools. There were no decorations anywhere in my school — just grey walls, huge posters of Assad family members, and strident slogans about how Syria was perfect under Assad and we hate the “Zionists” and “imperialists,” but Assad strikes fear in their hearts. This was an environment for brainwashing, not learning.

    Since coming to North America, I’ve also been shocked by how many people buy into the idea that Assad is “pro-Christian.” They seem to think that Christians had equality in Syria. I grew up under the Assad regime. Throughout my childhood and young adulthood, I had it inculcated into me that I must never, ever discuss politics because I was Christian. The adults in my neighborhood would tell me, “We are Christians. Politics is not for us. Be happy just that we can live.” For me, this was a slave mentality. People who spoke up spent years in the prison and some of them have died from torture. Bassel Shihade, a Syrian Christian filmmaker, was killed by regime snipers while documenting regime atrocities in Homs, his family and church were not allowed to give him a funeral.

    As a Christian under Assad, I never felt like I really belonged in Syria. I heard about the regime’s terrible crackdowns on Christians in Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War. I saw how members of my poor Christian neighborhood would suddenly disappear for good after speaking their minds. I was always fearful. Like most Christians I knew, I was always one step away from packing my bags and emigrating.

    In the year 2000, the “Great Father” Hafez died and his deification reached new heights. Now we were told that he was the “Eternal Father” who lived on after his death like some supernatural being. Since his eldest son Bassel died in a car crash, we were told that “Father” Hafez had passed his superhuman powers to his younger son Bashar from beyond the grave.

    Originally, I thought Bashar al-Assad would make things better because he was young, educated, and had a Western education. He turned out to be even more evil than his father. After I wised up to regime propaganda, I thought of “Father” Hafez as a mafiosi in an action movie. Bashar is more like a werewolf in a horror movie. By day, he smiles and dresses nicely alongside his glamorous wife who always wears Prada. By night, the mask comes off and the fangs come out. He mutilates women, gasses children, and severs body parts at a pace staggering enough to make Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi blush.

    Syria was intolerable long before ISIS existed. It was so intolerable that brainwashed Syrian schoolchildren like me — Christians, Muslims, and all other faiths — have grown up to free their minds and sacrifice their lives by the thousands for a free Syria. The international community ignored our cries.

    Now that the Islamic State is in the picture, the world is paying attention to Syria again. As the world fights the radical presence of ISIS, they must keep in mind that Assad and the Islamic State are two sides of the same coin. They are both brutal, bloodthirsty murderers. If we destroy ISIS now, another ISIS will quickly emerge. I believe that the only way to destroy ISIS is to destroy Assad too.


  2. Settlement endorsement should be put on a par with sexism, racism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism.


  3. US found out that Erdogan will not get involved, so US have no choice but to depend on FSA if they want to be successful against IS

  4. More Jews have joined Islamic State, French official says
    A handful of Jews, some converts to Islam, among 1,000 French citizens who have joined jihad, Channel 2 reports.


  5. To Our Countries

    عمل من إعداد وإنتاج وتنفيذ مجموعة شباب يقيمون في السويد وهم من سوريا و العراق و لبنان و فلسطين. على أمل السلام

  6. LOL, stands for:

    They’ve been referred to as “moderates” and even the “Axis of Reason”. Now, America’s friends in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates are in talks to form a joint military force to intervene throughout the Middle East and “deal with extremists in the region.”

    In addition to appropriating America’s post-9/11 rhetoric of anti-terrorism to justify their own foreign policies, these countries also happen to be following a very straightforward pattern of reactionary behavior in the face of popular upheaval. This motley alliance of monarchies and military dictatorships is in many ways replicating the same repressive actions taken by European states in the 19th century when they were confronted with populist movements seeking to upend the existing order. And just as then, the results are likely be both destructive and, ultimately, futile.


  7. Feeling of injustice was what spur this revolution, there will be more injustice if ISIS takes over , both Assad regime and ISIS will perpetuate injustice, both are supported by our enemies, Iran and US along with Israel

  8. Dividing Syria is not a permanent answer, it is not an acceptable solution to the Syrians ,

    Assad and the people who support him are as terrorists as ISIS, and the people who hate the Syrian rebels are terrorists too, they helped to prolong this fight, everyday over thirty persons are killed by Assad and his supporters,

    Assad regime kept on lying, even Russia knows that Assad regime is lying,

    I never understood why Russia is supporting Assad that much, but I believe it is the EGO of Putin, somehow he wants to give the impression that he is stronger than American president, he is a sick man

  9. If Russia agreed to remove Assad , and agree to form a government with both regime and opposition with democratic decisions then this is consistent with Geneve 1 , the important thing is removing Assad and democratic government.

    It seems that Russia has felt the pressure of low gas prices

  10. Iran has no interest in defeating ISIS, as long as Daesh there, Obama needs Iran, and he will give concessions to Iran

  11. How low the oil will get, low prices of oil will hurt Iran and Russia

  12. The number of refugees fleeing Syria has dropped dramatically — but that’s not good news. In fact, it’s terrible.

    Overall, only 7,000 refugees in total had been resettled worldwide through UNHCR-facilitated programs from the start of the war through August of this year.

    The United States is currently processing 4,000 refugees for resettlement, the IRC reports, yet it had only physically resettled 166 Syrians since the start of the war as of the end of September. Canada has only pledged to take in 200. And only 50 people have been formally resettled so far in the United Kingdom, according to BBC.


  13. The dollar worth more than 200 lira, partially reflecting a decrease in gulf money , and Russia refusing to lend Syria one billion dollar

  14. In the film, a young boy braves sniper fire and appears to be shot while rescuing a girl hiding behind a burned car in what seems to be war-torn Syria.

    The video, which had been seen more than six million times by Saturday amid an online debate about its authenticity, received funding from the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI).

    According to the BBC, the filmmakers never hid their intention of uploading the video without specifying whether it was real or fiction in their funding applications.

    The video went viral after the production team uploaded it on YouTube and sent it out on Twitter to generate a debate.

  15. RT:

    “A nation in which the majority don’t feel the pain of despotism is a nation that does not deserve freedom”- Abd Rahman Al-Kawakibi

  16. But there is a big difference between wanting what’s best for your kids, and wanting them to be the best.

    Wanting what’s best for your kids is all about the child. It’s about helping them find something they are passionate about so they are intrinsically driven to reveal the strengths that God gave them, whether in art, music, sports, writing, academics, or community service.

    Wanting them to be the best is all about me. My expectations. My fears. So I yell at them from the stands, correct them after lessons, and coax them into activities that suck the fun out of childhood. And in the process, I teach them that their worth is wrapped up in how they perform. I teach them that second place is losing. I teach them that judgment is more important than love and acceptance.

    And it is so wrong.


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